Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Bungling NZ Minister says sorry

Updated: Malaysia to send wanted diplomatic aide back to NZ after McCully apology, read H E R E

Original article
While some of us were busy and quick in blaming our own people for the alleged assault-with-intent-of-rape-and-burglary case implicating a Malaysian diplomat in New Zealand, the NZ Minister in charge of the case has apologized to his PM for bungling. Read h e r e.

What does it mean? It means, unfortunately, that PM John Key had spoken on the case without really knowing the full details of what's involved. Neither do those people who were quick and busy blaming the Malaysian authorities of covering up. It means they owe our people and our country an apology. 
As for the case itself, FM Anifah Aman has said that a panel under the Defence Ministry is investigating it thoroughly. Both he and Hishammuddin Hussein, the Defence Minister, have said Malaysia has no problem in sending the diplomat back to NZ authorities to face the charges in NZ if they aren't happy with the way we deal with the case here. 
But like A Voice has suggested, the charges made against our diplomat look rather fantastic in the first place. Remember, we are dealing with the world of spies and espionage here. Read his fantastic Failed attempt to Murdoch Malaysia.


  1. Anonymous3:09 pm

    In other country,they will defend their diplomat like hell eventhough they make a mistake..even their opposition have same view.Latest incident is India diplomat case in USA..Malaysia Opposition party behave like stupid donkey in international relation.Common practise among western country that they will safeguard their military attache to the extent of cutting diplomatic relation if such case happen.

    1. Pengundi Sik9:56 pm

      It is because they are as stupid as a donkey that they behave in that way. It is not that they want to behave that way but they have been brainwashed to think and act that way. Instead of getting inputs from various sources, analysing and then deciding on the best outputs, they have been trained to accept whatever their leaders feed them even if it is clearly wrong.
      So I am not surprised at their actions and can only pray that they will one day realise what their leaders are doing and what is really happening to the nation today.

  2. Anonymous11:23 pm

    The Romanian embassy worker (can't remember who, maybe the ambassador himself) in Singapore left Singapore to escape prosecution due to an accident provoked by him. Until today no charge. Diplomatic immunity? The S'poreans think that it was done with the govt's blessings. Wallahuallam.