Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The photo that spoils it for the conspirators

Basking in the sun
Najib's Running Mate? The Sun's Page 2 pic yesterday of the PM and Mukhriz Mahathir in Langkawi is such a spoiler for those who are trying so hard to pit Najib Razak and his ex-boss Mahathir Mohamad. The conspiracy theory is that Dr M wants the Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yasin, to help him bring down Najib so that his son Mukhriz can move up to the No 2 spot while Muhyddin warms up the No 1 position ...  

The actual selfie taken by Mukhriz of him and the PM (courtesy of Mukhriz)

Bollocks. I've said it and I will say it again: if Dr M had wanted one of his sons to succeed him as PM, he would have done a Lee Kuan Yew (guess who is the Prime Minister of Singapore today, eh?). What did Mahathir do, instead? When he was PM and Umno President, he barred his sons from contesting any of the top posts within the party.  
In any case, the picture in the Sun and the selfie sent to me by a close aide of Mukhriz remind me of an old article I wrote for a Lee Kuan Yew newspaper days before the 12th General Election in 2008. You remember this?

March 4, 2008: Najib was not yet PM


  1. Anonymous12:40 pm

    It's really that bad...that level. Pleaselah Datuk. I'm not pro or against any particular party nor person. I'm just after an objective piece from people. And you. I can't look into people's heart or mind. But I can read.. As much as you're trying to do what you think its morally & ethically right I can't help to question myself for trying to like you still, objectively. Cheers. Nobody.

  2. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Bro Bru,
    The Bollocks should not be confine to Harry Lee but Bang Nuar and Unk LKS too!

  3. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Why Shouldn't the Menteri Besar of Kedah entertain the Prime Minister when he Visits Kedah without having some halfwit casting assertions that they are now loving partners?!

  4. Anonymous2:46 pm


    My! my! You are such a brilliant fellow.

  5. Anonymous3:23 pm

    both Najib and Mukhriz are playing silat, senyum selalu, last-last Najib yg akan dijatuhkan, just wait and see the drama unfold.

    1. Anonymous6:48 pm

      Mayb like ai n gaffar baba but I doa for them both coz they are bro in islam.

    2. Anonymous9:03 pm

      Mmg patut pm d jatohkan mmg bangang 2nd to pak lahhh...

  6. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Ambik selfie je kot.

  7. Anonymous5:14 pm

    ask your self dato, najib, abg din, zahid, hisham shafie, are they fit to become PM?

  8. Mustapha Ong6:23 pm


    Hope u are in the right frame of mind! Personally, I don't see this scenario happening in the next 10 years. I don't think Najib is a half fool to be trapped by all those misinformed and over confident bloggers. I have said it before, we need to abide by the spirit of our constitution and essense of democracy. If we think that it's time for Najib to go, do it in accordance with the law and respect our democracy. However, never in the political history of this country, where a serving prime minister has been forced to resign from his office under any circumstances. If UMNO/BN is not thinking in the same wave length, then I suggest DAP, PAS and PKR should have the guts to pass the resolution of "No Confidence" against PM Najib in the coming parliamentary session. No more debate on this hypothetical issue but to face the reality of our political system whether you like it or not.

  9. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Please stop insinuating that Kit Siang practices cronysm.
    I know that your thinly veiled reference to Kuan Uew is actually to attack LKS/LGE.
    We the Bangsa Malaysia is not easily fooled.

    BTW once Anuar Ibrahim wins Kajang, we in Kuantan will be safe from Lynas.
    Hidup Himpunan Hijau!

    1. Anonymous7:21 pm

      it is very clear for all to see that kit siang is practicing croynism

  10. Rocky
    You tak ada brain la.
    Planning untok turun Najib sudah berjalan .
    Tahun ini Najib akan turun.

    Najib dah kena makan nasi best yang di buat khas oleh Isteri.
    Takut bini macam mana hendak menjadi PM.Sebab iru negara jadi kuchar.

  11. Anonymous12:50 am

    I'm all for Mukhriz to be the next PM. Najib is too soft to counter attack the opposition lies and propaganda. Even slander after slandar by the opposition are heaped upon his wife, he is not able to defend, senyap terkebil-kebil. It's high time for him to go.

  12. Anonymous7:07 am

    gambar saja tu......pm najib Nampak tak selesa aja

  13. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Your article not helping. It make things seems that you are trying tooooo hard. It just a selfie, and you used it to make your point. huh?

  14. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Your article not helping. It make things seems that you are trying tooooo hard. It just a selfie, and you used it to make your point. huh?

  15. Anonymous11:14 pm

    We are all for Khairy to be our next PM of Malaysia. Mukhriz? He cant even win the UMNO VP.

  16. Nothing in it4:38 pm

    Things are not always within your control with malay politics.
    Beside Mukhriz and other Malay politicians are never confident or sure of what the malays want.
    Just see Azmin and Anwar and Khalid. They just dont know how thing s turn out but if you are int eh same party why not be friends with everyone?


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