Sunday, February 02, 2014

Muhyiddin to call it a day?

With some amendments

The DPM does seem rather distant and lethargic lately ...
Any conspiracy to drive a wedge between the PM and his ex boss [The people who want a Najib-Mahathir clash, Jan 30} won't be fun without throwing in the Muhyiddin factor (or spectre, some would prefer calling it). In this context, talk about the DPM quitting has begun in earnest. According to the Buletin Rakyat (Feb 1 edition), there's a certain discontent within Abang Din's camp, hence the No 2's eloquent silence in the face of relentless attacks against the No 1 by people unhappy with the PM and/or the consultants. 
I was shaking my head reading the article Desas-desus Muhyiddin letak jawatan kencang? but Muhyiddin's consultants and advisers mustn't continue shaking their legs after reading this, I hope. TIme to get cracking before this talk gets viral, especially in the face of the Kajang by-election. They would be wise to take note there's been greater frequency in terms of pot shots being take at their boss lately, and you can't blame those usual suspects entirely for doing it. 
For eg, this one about the worst dressed Umno politician posted by a former aide of Ghani Othman, the man who replaced Muhyiddin as Johor MB. Things like this tend to take a life of its own ...

This piece drew over 60 comments as of this morning, not all against the DPM


  1. I remember Muhyiddin as one who introduce 5k coupon to exchange old proton with new one. failed scheme. not that genius.

  2. just one day without political bullshit....
    Nope not possible.
    Just put Najib and Anwar in one room and let rest of us get on with our lives..

    1. Anonymous11:40 pm

      And let anwar sodomised najib?

  3. charleskiwi7:31 am

    He has thus far proven his ability nor has he contributed anything to NMalaysia. He is what he is just because of the colour of his skin and nothing else. Just see what he has done to the standard of education in this country, especially when he is of the opinion that the education standard in Malaysia is higher than the western countries.
    Yet he still keeps sending the NEM (Never Enough Money) students abroad to study. Under his watch the already poorly rated standard are getting even worse.
    May be it is time he be sent back to where his parents were born, Indonesia and have someone else with better policies to upgrade the standard of education in Malaysia !

  4. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Ini Joe Gila kan?


  5. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Charleskiwi go fuck yourself.

    I promise you hell.

    Let the Malays judge you fucking smelly arse and stinking mouth.

  6. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Maybe he shud send charleskiwi back to tongsan. Ungrateful pendatang basta-d ......

  7. Abu samad6:56 pm

    Mahathir comment on An Sri Mahayuddin.A well dress Ghafar Baba.
    Tun Mahathir knew about Mahayuddin after Tun become closer with Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar.

    Ha ha ha

  8. charleskiwi7:21 am

    To Anon 2.36 p,m & 4.16 p.m,

    As expected you are only displaying what you are, you have nothing acceptable to debate except threats and vulgar language. Don't make empty promises like Najib just show demonstrate your muscles if you have what all men have in between their legs ! I am waiting for you at all times therefore please come.
    As for you don't you have the audacity to demand anyone one to go back to China. You are even worse than the non Malays, at least they don't pretend to be sons of the soil and fence the Orang Asli up like cows or animals.
    This real sons of the soil are the Orang Asli, period. Your forefathers were honest enough to call and named them appropriately that they are the original people. Do you know the interpretation of the words Orang Asli ?

  9. Anonymous9:09 am

    Tunku making a huge mistake by giving Charleskiwi forefathers citizenship. Tunku thought the next generation would integrate into the mainstream or at least aware of their humble origin. Instead of showing some kind of gratitude, his descendent turns out become thankless wretch.
    There must be something wrong somewhere when someone who used to be visitors in your house now telling you where to sit and sleep.

  10. Anonymous9:12 am

    Cheapkiwi, stop talking nonsensense. Chinese are, well chinese, from china.

    Malays, are Malays, from Tanah Melayu.

    So when chinese come to Tanah Melayu, chinese are pendatang.

    Stop spinning your head, will you?

  11. charleskiwi1:28 pm

    Why don't you go back to school and learn the meaning of the word original.
    Also how do you know I have taken up Malaysian citizenship ? Strangely how come Talent Corp is going round the world BEGGING us to return to serve Malaysia ?
    Without the immigrated non Malays, you know what will happen to Malaya ? It is already on the blink of total vanishing into thin air.
    Therefore, please stop talking like you are the true sons Malaysia.
    To settle this dispute once and for all times, just take your DNA to test if you are a descendant of Indonesian. I will even give an undertaking with a Bank Guarantee that if you can prove that you are not a descendant of Indonesia I will pay for the test.. How about that, innate scaramouches ?
    Finally please remember at least Tunku offered the non Malays the non Malays the choice to take up the citizenship or otherwise.
    Whereas you forcefully took the Malaya from the Orang Asli and who gave this country the name Malaya.
    Stop having the illusion that just because to justify the force you used on the Orang Asli and calling the land Malaya and yourself Malay you are the sons of the soil.
    There never was a country call Malaya, period.
    Just like the whites in Australia and America, are they really the sons of the soil and also were these countries known as Australia and America ? The whites forcefully took them from the natives of these countries.
    Whatever it is, my dare to you, just have your DNA tested to see if you are not a descendant of Indonesian.
    Don't be of being a descendant of Indonesians, it is a greater nation than Malaya. Don't forget, you have to use their love song to be your national anthem among many other things.
    No ifs or buts or either shout your mouth forever, once again you scaramouches !

  12. Anonymous3:44 am


    hello wannabe gwailoh!! malay will always be leading malaysia whether you like or not. you can make all the noise till the cow comes home but fact is chinky will forever be pendatang here!!!

  13. Anonymous6:30 am

    Indonesia, Malaysia still largely Malays and the likes within Malay archepelago.

    We dont need butt fuck like you around. Really we dont need modernisation. Life was good back then. And safe. And healthy. We have our own resources to survive.

    Charleskiwi - you stinking crap don't ever come back to Malaysia. Just stay away bcoz you havent wash your butt and your mouth smells shit. Go to hell instead, suits your kind.

  14. charleskiwi8:52 am

    165 3885965You guys haven't responded to my challenge to have your DNA tested to prove who you are not descendants of Indonesians ?
    Typical of you good at foul languages, threats and names calling, are these all you have or shall I say you can't expect to find mangoes from a langsat tree ? The more you argue the more your primitive natures and manners are being reviewed ? Once again you are a bunch of innate scaramouches.
    Just go and stop the Talent Corp from going round the world begging the MILLION of skillful professionals to return to salvage Malaysia out of the shambles they are in. I might even add with incentives and more added incentives.
    Have you or anyone ever wonder why so many million of these skillful professionals including a very small percentage of well educated Malays who have immigrated to begin with ? Not one, not a thousand but millions and counting are leaving Malaysia. For people like you who can't and not accepted by any country and above all so dependent on tongkats and wheelchairs will continue to stay in the country at least for the welfare of the state, for now.
    Soon very soon Malaysia will be left with mostly people non tax payers like you. According to the tax department there are only more than 1 million taxpayers in the country. How many of these 1 million tax payers are from the majority people who are supposed to be 15 million of you ?

    lBetter pray hard, very hard, that the blank cheques you are demanding will be bounced.
    You know what will happen when you stop living on the taxes from Genting, Four digits, Lotte and the turf clubs just to name a few. The monies from these gambling establishments are not halal just like pork ! The whole country will come to a complete stop no more tongats and wheelchairs and then austerity will begin when the black gold has run dry.

    Also can you come up with a more civilised and educated arguments ? Or was I wrong to have the illusion that you are civilised and educated ? And stop side stepping the questions and show that you have got what it takes to be a debater ? Stop lying and deluging yourself that you are sons of the soil because the real sons of the soil are the Orang Asli, period. Just like the egregious Mahathir calling himself as a Malay when he is not, not even by a long long hot. He is a descendant of an Indian and I might even add he is more than way to transform his descendants into Chinese.

    Your kind may the good fortune to have the political control of the country and to name the country Malaya and calling yourself Malays. But the entire world knows the truth is the Orang Asli are really the natives of this country in the West and the Head Hunters in the East Malaysia. You may try to fence them up like animals or try to twist and distort history, or try to genocide them but the truth is they are the sons of the soil no matter how and what you can come up with as excuses !
    Just remember at least the whites in Australia and America don't fence the natives up like they do to the cattle.
    You call for the non Malays to go back to their mother land or now calling them to immigrate is not helping you, for your information already millions have already left and millions will therefore stop wasting your time and energy. Millions are just waiting to do that including some well educated and skillful Malays ! Why I winder ! Finally take up my offer to have your DNA tested to prove you are not descendants of Indonesians ! Come on.

  15. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Okay, kiwi you wanted to have the last say, then you gonna have that. You have been around for quite sometime with your version 'the history of the Malay people' with nothing substantive of scholarly research to back them up. You have made up your mind that way and no matter how much we have given you historical facts and figures, you still came out here with pile after pile of your faecal matters.
    Okay, We would love to see some books, papers, historical works or evidences to substantiated your claims. Give us some citations if you could provide them. Named those books and the authors. List it all here.

  16. Anonymous5:02 pm

    I actually feel sorry for this character who calls him/herself charleskiwi. His constant smearing of Tun M sounds at best sourgraping at what he didn't get, or worse gesturing jealousy at what others did get. The 'stories' he puts forward as facts are but mere distorted opinions only his hyper-critical way of thinking can contrive. I find his missives very crude and excrutiatingly biased. So much so that whenever I come across this charleskiwi name I tend to skip reading what he has to say. This time I thought of giving this person a few minutes of my reading time with the hope that he/she might have something new to add, or something more intelligent to digest. But alas, I wasted my time again with this self-proclaimed intelligentsia. Have something new and intelligent to write, why don't you charleskiwi, because you have failed miserably on both counts.

  17. charleskiwi9:08 am


    Whatever your arguments, if any, I am not taking the matter any further than I have provided. Whatever arguments I have or present is not going to the issue any further especially with nut heads like you.
    You may used or cited books written and funded by Umno by as I have said times and times again a simple way out of all this is to have your DNA tested. To show you are the sons of the soil and NOT the Orang Asli in West Malaysia or the Head Hunters in the East.
    Yet all you did and do and will keep doing is to keep avoiding my offer to have your DNA tested to prove you are indeed the real sons of the soil. The results of the test will no doubt prove of what you really are no matter how many arguments you may give. All these In spite of the umpteen times I keep offering you the chance to prove the truth of what you keep saying. Forget what man has to say or write, especially those who are funded by Umno to do so.That is the real reason behind all these right The real reason behind all this is the end results will show you are not the sons of the soil ! I repeat if you have what a real man has, in between his legs, have your DNA tested to show what you really are ? How can your manhood, if you know what a manhood means be challenged without even a struggle. Of course that is if you are a man at all.
    How many more times do I have to do that , remember I will keep repeating this call until pirates like you cease calling yourself as sons of the soil. Just have your DNA tested to show you are the sons of the soil and not the Orang Asli in West Malaysia and the Head hunters in East Malaysia ! Once more keep avoiding my dare and accept my challenge ! Come on for Allah sake.

  18. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Lol, charleskiwi, stop it, you're butthurting many people who cannot accept the fact that chinese and indians are also rightful passport wielding citizens of this great country. Its hilarious how much hurt you are causing them. Lol.

  19. Anonymous3:33 am

    orang asli also from the nusantara archipelago. they're termed as proto malay in sociology, but why care. it's of no importance. just as migratory birds do, keep moving where the food is. but do avoid japan and fiji. although the food is bountiful, the cross-wind and terrain is less welcoming compared to the nusantara archipelago ;)