Sunday, January 05, 2014

"Will you send your kids to SRK, SMK and Local U, YB?"

Over 46 thousand people on YB Khairy Jamaluddin's Facebook account "Like" his posting h e r e about his eldest boy's first day at a sekolah rendah kebangsaan (national primary school). The following few comments give you an idea of how much it means to ordinary people that a prominent politician like KJ would send his own kid to an SMK:

Mr Mak Chee Kin, the chairman of Malacca Action Group for Parents in Education, will be harder to please. "If policy makers want us to believe in their propaganda that we have one of the best education systems in the world, they should lead by example and send their kids to SRK, SMK and Local U," he told parents who gathered to protest the state of the national education system. 
Magpie's Mak Chee Kin
Mak says there are many politicians who send their children to primary school only to place them in private schools or international schools, here or abroad, after just a year or two. "Sending your children to SRK isn't enough. If our education system is as good as you said it is, you should send them to SRK, SMK (national secondary school) and the local universities!" 
Tall order, I'd say. 
Yesterday's gathering organised by ASPIRES (Association of Parents and Individuals towards Revising the Education Sytem) was attended by about a hundred people and representatives from Magpie, the Parent Action Group of Malaysia (PAGE), and CPS or Concerned Parents Selangor. I was the first time for me; won't be the last.

Some of the parents at the gathering

Mana Otak Engkau?
Sam Harris of ASPIRES is not happy with the MOE

Cool, familiar head: Azimah of PAGE Malaysia

"We are NOT anti-Government .."


  1. Anonymous2:57 pm

    F*** UMNO. You have make me no choice but to send my kids to SRJK, private int school and oversea U. ANd I have to work my butt out in order to do that.

  2. Anonymous3:09 pm

    46 k idiots... let see whather this big idiots will put his kid until form 5.

    Wanna a bet ?

  3. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Khairy's better deserve to represent rakyat Malaysia to be leader then internation school going khairy

  4. Anonymous3:49 pm

    The plea on the banner is heartfelt.

    Whether the gomen is far-sighted enough to take heed...well, I have my doubts. It would be a "loss of face" for them, and the whole issue (like too many others) is a political football. So rational thought takes a back seat.

    There's an irony that the banner reads "we want a progressive 1Malaysia" because the guy who coined the phrase hasn't walked the talk.

    In recent months, he hasn't even talked, in fact.

  5. Anonymous4:09 pm

    How can not learning in English be regressive?

    MOE already said they don't have enough and capable to teachers to teach in Science and Maths in English.

  6. Anonymous4:09 pm

    How can not learning in English be regressive?

    MOE already said they don't have enough and capable to teachers to teach in Science and Maths in English.

  7. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Ala Latuk,
    This is Sek Keb Bukit Damansara, nothing much to talk & shout about. How about a minister send his/her kid to Sek Keb Sg Penchala or Sek Keb Bukit Belacan (just abt 10 km fm iconic KLCC's Twin Tower)? Ada berani Kerr???
    FYI, Minister Hishamuddin sent his boy to Sek Menengah Sri Bintang Utara for Secondary Level & not long after this govt school obtained sekolah bestari status.

    @Mushi Abdullah

  8. Anonymous7:53 pm

    just wait and see for how long...
    BTW KJ went to an international school in Singapore.

  9. Makan duit Cina8:44 pm

    KJ makan duit Cina. Tak layak jadi pemimpin Melayu.

  10. Kj pal11:01 pm

    @Munshi Abdullah.

    Pl get your facts right. Kj resides in Damansara Heights. But he send Jibril to SK Taman Tun Dr Ismail 2. He can choose school 1 or Sekolah Kevangsaan Bukit Damansarsa.

  11. Anonymous8:39 am

    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    F*** UMNO. You have make me no choice but to send my kids to SRJK, private int school and oversea U. ANd I have to work my butt out in order to do that.

    2:57 pm

    Hope your kids don't turn up to be like you.

  12. Anonymous9:38 am

    looks like KJ is walking the talk. He could have sent his son to SK Bukit Damansara, nearer to his home.
    But in all probability, he will reduce the damage bu getting private tuition for the boy.

    sri hartamas

  13. Anonymous9:44 am

    Kalau budak tu dah pandai, sekolah kat mana-mana pun sama saja. Yang penting budak tu. Datuk Jimmy Choo tu dulu, dia bukan pergi sekolah yang hebat pun tapi tengok dimana dia berada sekarang. Dr. Mahathir pun begitu. Sekolah rendah kat dalam negara. Sekolah Menegah pun kat dalam negara pastu masuk universiti pun universiti tempatan tetapi tengoklah dimana dia berada sekarang. Diiktiraf among the world's best head of state. Kalau nak diikutkan merit, dia lebih daripada layak untuk ke luar negara tetapi disebabkan darah dia warna merah, bukan warna biru, kerajaan British tak bagi dia biasiswa untuk sambung belajar di England.
    You can send any kid to any prestigious school, prestigious college or renowned Uni but if the kid is not meant to be, he or she will always not meant to be.
    The bottom line is, it does not really matter which school your kids went to, the most important thing, above all else is they would do well in their studies.
    In order for them to do well, they need to have a habit; a learning habit, a reading habit.
    Make an effort by setting up a mini library at home. Spend all your free time in there. Once, the kids see you doing that, they will follow suit. Children learn by imitation. Once they pick up the habit, you don't have to push them to study and study, they will do it on your own. It will come naturally to them.
    With all the distraction modern day technologies have got to offer; with the smartphones, social media, social network, satellite tv, etc.,it gets even more challenging.

  14. That is politic ! Our politician can sent their children to the worse school of their choice (for their own political mileage) but they also can afford to engaged the best tuition teachers to teach their children at home after school.

  15. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Bro, Rocky,

    Since KJ's son going to be an UMNO Member eventually, you don't need brain to begin with; otherwise, you will be too conscious to cheat yourself and your masses!!!

  16. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Truth be told Datuk, KJ eventho he's in a cowboy party has all the brains to be the leader our country is crying for...intelligent,educated,sincere/fair,dare to speak up whats right rather than elegant silencers like all present leaders who talk A do Z,....but he wont get to it as so many old greedy warlords are blocking his rise to make him fall.Brains are not wanted here.Yg ikut perintah sje tanpa soal diperlukan.

  17. Bedul1:31 pm

    Kj pal is right. You know who send daughter to SKBD? Puteri Reformasi anak Anugerah Allah. If I'm not mistaken she's staying in Taman Tun. Maybe she uses Papa"s old home address.
    And maybe KJ dont want his boy to be schooling with the Keadilan royal family. Lol.

    Anon 7.53 pm.

    You are a stupido. When you are children of diplomat, you have to go to international schools. Even children of embassy minions go to similar schools.
    Dont be selective in condeming others. Now you will be quiet after this.

  18. Hi Datuk,

    Appreciate if you could link my blog to your blog. Thanks and appreciate it very much..

  19. Rumpeltsilskin10:12 pm


    It's a pity we can't learn from Singapore, which retained it's English-medium education system after gaining independence.

    And look at where the Singapore education system is now vis-a-vis Malaysia's.

    This misplaced nationalism is going to cost Malaysia big time in the competition for talent and investments.

    Of course, the language ultra nationalists don't see it this way, seeing as how they are blissfully unaware of competition and globalisation.

    Or, maybe, they believe that The Almighty will provide, given their piety, zeal and all!

  20. Anonymous1:07 am

    By the way do you know that Tun Abdullah is living in TTDI. Now we should understand the reason for sending his son to a school in TTDI. He is just another fraud.

  21. Anonymous3:13 am

    Hello Rumpeltsilskin. We know you're trying to 'angkat' Singapore, but in reality Singapore is becoming more and more Cheena and at the moment there are too many Chinese chauvinists on the island inspite of their 'English' medium education. Of course there are some true blue colour blind Chinese Singaporeans, but not many. Don't believe me, check the latest furore on the Countdown 2014. Just google lah! No need to follow Singapore blindly. Maybe M'sia should have SJKInggeris medium schools with M'sia's curriculum and aspirations. Make it first class. Sure hebat!

  22. Anonymous7:01 am


    All is well for the push for PPSMI to be retained but nothing has been said by the guy who can make it happen i.e TSMY.

    Why can't he just reverse the policy? It's not that he has anything to loose, PM material he is not, even if he becomes caretaker PM if the current PM gets the boot, he won't last the snap election, lembap sangat dia ni.

    So perhaps he could do one good thing at the end of his political career and that is to retain the PPSMI.

    Hope your advisers reading this can pursuade your master.


  23. Rumpeltsilskin3:04 pm

    Anon 3:13 am

    I dunno what planet you are from, but from where I stand, Singapore's education system seems to be doing just fine.

    Let's go through point by point, comparing against the Malaysian education system:

    - teachers' academic qualifications and salaries

    - per-school education

    - primary school education

    - secondary school education

    - junior colleges

    - Institutes of Technical Education

    - polytechnics

    - public universities

    - exam results (O and A levels, International Baccalaureate)

    - PISA rankings

    - education system and workforce rankings

    It seems to me that the Singapore government is doing pretty darn good as far as their education system is concerned.

    And foreign investors must be approving this, seeing as how the city-state is continuing to to attract talent and high-tech investments.

    Here is a conundrum for you. Why are so many parents in Johor putting their children in Singapore schools and paying "non resident" school fees?

    That, to me, is the single biggest indictment of the Malaysian education system.

    Not that the blinkered national language purists and zealots understand this.

    But given their comfortable sinecures and being insulated from competition, they feel free to foist their policies on the rest of Malaysians who enjoy no such luxuries and who have to work hard in order to ensure a better life for their children.

    Which, in this increasingly information-based and information-driven age, is becoming more and more difficult.

    Now, which part of the above don't you understand?

  24. funny haha12:38 am

    It is so funny to read the last banner.. Tolong kekalkan PPMSI untuk Bahasa! muahaha..

    I would have thougth that any banner would be in English..

  25. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Honestly, i dislike malaysia's education system. i am 13 years old now and as the years add, the more i dislike the education here. one, is because the primary schools learn in full malay now and MOST secondary schools started learning in malay too, except for english language of course...i can not find a good reason for us to learn in malay. yes, i know it is our language and we should embrace it as malaysians but think about it, when we go to college or universities outstation, will we learn in malay too? we will be confused as words would not be the same, example for science or something. its like learning a whole new language for every subject, really. second reason why i dislike the education here is because it doesnt catch up to most education systems in the world. in other words, the education here is slow. i would love to be in an international school to have better education and to learn either IGSCES or singapore's system but unfortunately, my parents cannot afford it. i am sure i am not the only student who feels this way. there are so many more. apologies if anything i said offended anyone. this is just my opinion towards our education.