Thursday, January 02, 2014

Tell your CM to return the car, YB

Rafizi: "Bad timing to buy Merc but good investment,
people will accept in the end"
Rafizi Ramli's predicament as an ambitious newcomer in Pakatan is he couldn't have come down hard on Lim Guan Eng even if he had wanted to. That's because the Penang Chief Minister is way "up there" in the Pakatan hierarchy; in other words, well above the Pandan MP's pay grade 
So the best RR can do is gently criticize the DAP strongman while making sure his comments h e r e are couched with lines like "it's a good investment", "people will eventually accept the decision", "Lim is more than able to defend the purchase", "the Merc is a steal", etc etc. All of which only prove that Pakatan politicians are still politicians, they will bugger you if you allow them to. 
RR must tell Guan Eng to return the big Merc, as simple as that. Or else, it won't be "one or two weeks being whacked by the media". If the CM is a man of his words, he must to the right thing. It's not merely a matter of bad PR or bad timing, as Rafizi might want it downplayed - it's a matter of principles. If I may paraphrase LGE, "Pakatan must do the right thing ... the people are suffering." 
See Para 4 of the Bernama article and the Edge's report (sourced from RPK: LGE criticized Terengganu government for purchasing Merc in 2008)

The Edge Daily (Pub Date: July 25, 2008)
Lim: Unwise to spend RM3.42m on Mercs
PENANG: It is not wise of the Terengganu state government to spend RM3.42 million to buy 14 Mercedes Benz E200 Kompressor limousines, especially at a time when the people are reeling from rising living costs. Instead, moderation should have been exercised.
Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who expressed these views to the press yesterday, however, agreed that the quality of a Mercedes Benz was better than that of a Proton Perdana V6 Executive. The Benz’s maintenance costs were also lower. He said that the Penang state government had cancelled the order for five new Perdanas worth over RM600,000 and decided to use existing vehicles.
“We decided to make do with what we have to save cost as long as the car can move and reach the destination. Even the state secretary (Datuk Jamaludin Hassan) had complained that the Perdana has incessant gearbox problems and a leaking roof but that should not be an excuse to splurge.
“They could have even purchased Toyotas. They are the leading car brand in the world, overtaking even General Motors and are much cheaper than Mercedes Benz,” said Lim. He said Umno should practise what it preached. “Umno must do something about this. Its leaders are living luxuriously while the people are suffering,” he added.
The Mole has the story: Not good for the goose but good for the gander?
Agenda Daily's Manyak Syiiok maa ...


  1. Anonymous2:42 pm

    The question should been ask. Why a discount of 100k? Will it be pay through other means? I really dont understand of letting 100k go like that for a company.

  2. I agree 100% with you bro. Lim Guan Eng must walk the talk or be branded a bull-shitter and hypocrite.

    After justifiably bashing the Terengganu govt for its profligacy, LGE has no business buying a Merc, discount or no discount! After all Terengganu too would have enjoyed tax exemptions, and so that cannot be the issue.

    This is a slap in the face of the Rakyat. LGE must return the Merc; he can do with a Camry.

    Despite all the furore, including another slap in the face of Pakatan supporters by Selangor MB Khalid's startopheric pay hike for himself and cronies, my support for Pakatan as a whole is not diminished.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  3. Anonymous3:46 pm


    So many things can't be returned, huh?

    Can we get back the many billions the crappy gomen wastes every year, and then ignores every report made by the Auditor-General?

    Can I get back my little portion of the big money paid to gomen propaganda bloggers every month?

    I can???

    Where do I send the bill?

  4. Anonymous4:02 pm

    now it is proven that the Terengganu gov is much better and more advance than penang gov..they knew about the saving from the purchase of mercs 5 years earlier than penang gov..hehehe

  5. balik sini penyamun, balik sana perompak. politicians are all politicians, tak kira dari parti mana. sapa yg lebih pandai kelentong, dia menang.

  6. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Ooh, Bru - you don't let up, do you?

    Talk about flogging a spavined kuda!

    Could you please counsel the "bluebloods" to return the exotica in their garages and make do with Camrys, Protons and Nazas?

    As most of the less fortunate rakyat are doing anyway.

    What about the MBs, other CMs and assorted Menteris?

    How many of them use Proton's finest as their official and personal transportation?

    Or returning their private jets and travelling on MAS, Malindo and AirAsia?

    Gotta walk the talk, Bru.

    Unless you are an afioncado of "double standards".

    1. drMpower7:37 pm

      So it is absolutely allright for the CM to buy a 300k vehicle at the time people of penang barely meet the ends? and the mint condition camry, how about it?

      it was a very stupid decision. If he really who he is then he should return the car and distribute the money to all penang people.

      Anything short than that, i guess its time to rethink and get another DAP guy to head penang

  7. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Cakap nonsense as usual. Return a car of a few hundred thousand when he is fully entitled ? What about the billions spent when the DUMNO fellas were never entitled ? Just say sorry, the money has gone down the drain ? Or the money has been illegally transferred to cayman islands, BVI ?

    Shows the ultimate stupidity of BN bloggers.


    1. Anonymous7:01 pm

      Pity you Goatfather. You are probably the lowest ranked Red Bean Army and the least paid by Tokong. Hence, the stupid comment to divert issue.

    2. Anonymous10:01 am

      We don't need to divert issue. You created this issue to divert us from the Barang Naik excesses. Shame on you. Gajah didepan mata tak nampak ke ?

    3. Anonymous8:41 pm

      How about you? You nampak tak gajah2 depan mata you pon defend juga. Mengata org sendiri lagi byk daki. Little dajjals...hehe

  8. Anonymous5:46 pm


    This Pandan MP becomes a "Pondan" MP when it comes to the braggart LGE. I think it runs in the Pakatan family. LGE is also a pondan CM when he picks a grandmother for a fight in the Penang assembly.


  9. Anonymous9:40 pm


  10. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Geee , where is that Lion of Jelutong ?
    Has he turn into a cat ( yes the meaow2 ) ?.
    The Anak Ikan fellow RR , just look at his mouth .
    But then that ass lover in pakatat is so quiet . Doing homework ?
    What about that HA of PASrisite . He is as confuse as who to worship , to Allah or to the father or to the son or to holly ghost .


  11. Anonymous8:10 am

    PM enjoying new year in Australia and US using Private jet. Is there any comment ,how much he spend?

  12. shahrul4:31 pm

    Semua komen anonymous jek. Baling batu sembunyi tangan nampak

  13. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Syabas...keep it up. Mercedes here, production house there, sini ambik sana sorok. We should be top of the list of most corrupted country come next ranking...yeehaw!!

  14. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Huh...You put up updates to your original postings - providing a hyperlink to such articles , but for this one, you decided not to do so when the NST had an update?

    Look at this one -

    Or suddenly you cannot read and understand this one?