Thursday, January 02, 2014

Deleting a Bru

Lubok Melayu

Blogs come and blogs go. During the seven-odd years that I've been blogging at Rocky's Bru, I've opened a few more blogs to, er, dabble in other realms and offbeat issues. There was Lubok Melayu (June 11, 2006), an attempt at Malay puisi and other writings; 84 Jalan Tangsi May 2, 2009), which deals with Press freedom and other media matters; and Brewed (Dec 28, 2006), a collection of impromptu pictures and short, random thoughts. 
I opened Little Chinese Bru (Aug 2, 2011) to share with readers "the views of the Chinese communities in Malaysia on various issues affecting them, as told by the editorials in the many Chinese newspapers in this country, with the hope that we can live happily ever after as we have lived happily till now." 
Little Chinese Bru
Ninety-six postings (last entry Oct 26, 2013) and over 150,000 page views during that period, the time has come to shut it down. Main reason: the volunteers who have been doing the translating of those articles in Bahasa Malaysia and English and sending them to me (and some other quarters) are no longer able to continue with the great work. Maybe because there's not much interest in the views of the Chinese communities any more, especially after the so-called tsunami, or maybe because they could no longer pay the bills, or they are too busy with other stuff ... I'm not so sure. One thing I am sure about is: it's a great shame to have to let it go. 
But a new blog is born every minute. Today I discovered Sensible Malaysian, a new socio-political offering that promises to help you make sense of issues around us. For example, the blogger comes right at you and say that Shia is not Islam and the Shias are not Muslims. and I think that makes perfect sense. I disagree, though, that the new Proton Accord Perdana is just plain BAD
Check out Sam Sensible h e r e. 

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