Monday, December 23, 2013

Done deal: Syed Mokhtar to take over the Reserve

After months of talk, I hear that reserved tycoon Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary has finally struck a deal with owners of the Malaysian Reserve, which will see him control 91% in the only local business daily affiliated with the International New York Times.
I didn't hear how much SMAB paid for the stake but he's not known for making bad investments. The newspaper industry in Malaysia is death-defying; while dailies in most other countries suffer from dwindling sales (many have had to close shop, citing the Internet challenge), the local industry has actually grown in spite (or because) of the new/social media. This year alone, several new titles have debuted, including the Weekend Runner, business weekly Focus, and of course The Heat, which was last week suspended indefinitely for offending the conditions attached to its KDN (publishing permit).  
Net worth US$2.7 b as of March 2013, says Forbes
Knowing Syed Mokhtar, I don't think he will stop with the Reserve. And why should he? 


  1. Anonymous2:07 pm

    I think he should rope you in to head reserve. Maximize return investment. 2 in 1. Blogger and editor for price of one. By the way outsyed the box has an article showing how your paymaster is laughing to the bank with his rice business.

  2. I'm looking at these two options;

    a) The Star
    b) Utusan Malaysia
    c) NST

    but my craziest and wild guess will be

    d) Harakah

    Heheh.. Then again, anything is possible in Malaya.. I mean Malaysia.

  3. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Doesn't the New York Times support the LGBT agenda in the US?

    And aren't many of it's op-ed columnists vociferously pro-Israel?

    And isn't it one of the favourite newspapers of the "liberal" US East Coast intelligentsia?

    Are Syed Mokh's editors going to pick and choose from what is published in the International NYT?

    Will the owners and editors of the parent NYT allow such censorship?

    It looks like one uncomfortable situation, unless Syed Mokh is also eyeing the NST stable.

  4. Bedul6:42 pm

    Good. Way to go Tuan Syed.
    I see many Ah Peks having green eyes. They are jealous of this sole Malay tycoon.

  5. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Not only Ah Peks, but Ahmads are also envious of SMAB. How can tehy not be when this pseudo Arab has sapu everything (almost),

  6. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Dia bayar cash lah? Mana ada duit forced to lend lah!
    Any bumi can do lah! Why must be him? Please lah ...check how much he owes the banks and what not....
    If no hutang then have that malay pride .ok? Nothing great if he is also a proxy idiot!

  7. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Hello bedul, you must be joking the apek are jealous. I dont think the apek the like to be bu**f**k on the rice price. You must love syed mokhtar so much that you like to be screwed by him.

  8. Now to balance the psychopaths...

    Hope to see SMABukhary in the hypermarket sectors and raw food chain businesses. MyDin already in Seremban 2, Felda, Sime Darby might be the best partners. Ramli's burger already established and needs to go worldwide....

  9. malayVoice9:29 pm

    Dear Datuk allow me some space to make a comment on Kua Kee Soong latest book.

    Kua Ku Siong
    Mr Kua Please do not turn your anger and frustrations into on writing intensity. Do not allow your emotions to take-over the better part of you, if there is any!

    Kua is a stickler for genre
    “Malay Special Rights” Yes there is no such mention in our constitution.
    Article 153 states, ‘That the Agong will safe-guard the “SPECIAL POSITION OF THE MALAYS.’

    1. This translated means the Constitution of Malaysia will make safe-guard the reservation of quotas in respect of Services, Permits, Public Service, Scholarships, similar educational or training privileges, Permit or License for the operation of trade or Business.

    2. The Agong will oversee that general directions are given to any authority to grant permits and license to the Malays.

    In simple language that I presume most Malaysians would understand maybe except One, that the Malays by law are entitled to some Special Rights.

    Just for his information, why did this special rights come about:

    a. His kind in particular, keep the Malays out of business and allow no opportunity for them to proper
    b. His kind would not involve in fair play when it comes to business.
    c. His kind had the best of both worlds as they inhabited the towns where educational opportunities were ample. The Malays mainly from the rural areas were deprived.

    Kua states that the special rights is to rectify the weakness of the Malays.
    Wrong, Mr Kua, the special rights is to gain their place in the sun!

    They have to be allowed into the mainstream outside politics!

  10. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Tuan Syed is Malay?

  11. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Syabas melayu

  12. Anonymous4:47 am

    Malays are also those who are willing to intergrate and to acknowledge the malay values,culture and religion unlike others who are arrogant to aknowledge the positive aspects of anything native, coz they are not.

  13. Anonymous12:06 pm

    syed mokhtar is not malay..zairil khir johari definitely malay

  14. Syed Benggali Lembu12:49 am

    What worry me is that syed mokhtar ni anak bengali jual lembu tak ada SPM pun.
    who is he working with?
    Why is he stealing all the malay licenses and monopolies?
    Who is behind this benggali lembu?
    Sharizat lembu hehe?

  15. Anonymous8:13 pm

    dear 12.49 I am surprised of your anger and you are not open minded to look around at history. Check your facts before you jump to conclusion. I am sorry for you, very sorry for you indeed. I have never seen such anger. there are so many who are qualified but they are hopeless, I believe you are a graduate and most probably from a very good and prestigious school, but your envious attitude to those who make it into business irrespective of having a qualification is look down by you. I don't know if you were eyeing those businesses that SMAB is doing that you are going after too. You have a sick mind.

  16. Yanti1:37 pm

    It is very sad to read emotional/full of anger/envious comments made by some blog readers. Don't know how much the matter had really affect them directly.

  17. tanti4:54 am

    yanti of course this smab affected everyone who eat rice. Lpn given to this Bengali jual lembu..and that is just one example