Tuesday, December 24, 2013

When YB means Yang Bohong

yang berhormat
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  1. (Y.B.) (literally "The Honourable") is the style of Members of Parliament and state Legislative Assemblymen ...

Yang Berbohong means "The Liar". Sounds like the title of a movie but, I assure you, not to the people who run the Ulu Kelang Recreational Club and residents in the area whose only football field were seized form them by the local council on the directive of the Selangor state government, almost right after the general election. My heart is with the UKRC folks who for decades have kept and maintained the field and fought against developers and politicians who tried to take over in the name of development.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year guys, and may the force be with you always.

Santa probably left the following clipping in the letterbox of the blogger Apanama:


  1. Anonymous1:18 pm

    YAB means Yang Amat Bohong.

    You figure that out, a lot of Malaysians have already.

    It's painful on the pocket.

  2. Steven Lee1:27 pm

    This PAS assemblyman has betrayed UKRC and the sports loving people of Ulu Klang. A disgrace to PAS. My heart goes to UKRC.

  3. Aziz, Gombak1:52 pm

    Wakil Rakyat PAS pun boleh bohong ya??? Malu lah !!

  4. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Hey Rocky, so what do you call Najib when he promised "no toll increase" before GE13 and now it looks like there will be an increase? Yang Amat Berbohong? Surely not?

  5. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Let's cool down the temperature. Merry Christmas everyone..

  6. Anonymous7:58 pm

    YANG BERBOHONG - has damaged the identity of a clean political party called PAS by going around lying to voters. I just can't believe a RELIGIOUS MAN who has completed his HAJ can go on lying and breaking promises. Hope our PAS leader takes stern actions against this LIAR. Guess, people will be loosing interest in PAS if they have this sort of representatives in their party.

  7. Anonymous8:51 pm

    They all learn from Najib.


  8. Anonymous8:54 pm

    What is a football field as compare to the historical value of Bujang Valley?


  9. Anonymous9:00 pm

    Anon 5.17, the problem with you and your kind, you'd like people to believe that politicians from your party are angels, people's leader, fight for the wellbeing of rakyat at all cost, but the fact is they fcuk peoples' asses, the very people who voted them in. Please la, politician sama saja. Pakatan Rakyat are worse, liar through snd through. Remember you godfucker BABI, what was his promised to the people of Kg Buah Pala before PR won in Penang, and finally, what did the get, cow dung and shit.

  10. Anonymous10:26 pm

    YB = Yang Bahlul

  11. Patrick, KA11:29 pm

    Time for MB Selangor and the Yang Bohong to be replaced. Clear evidence of cheating UKRC and the Ulu Klang folks. Good that UKRC is suing MPAJ and the Ulu Klang folks should sue the Yang Bohong as well. Not all PAS politicians can be trusted.

  12. AU 2, Keramat7:10 pm

    Kami tak akan undi Pakatan Rakyat di PRU ke 14. Malu, tengok video, Wakil Rakyat PAS tipu UKRC.

  13. Osman, Bkt. Jobina.12:28 pm

    Yang Berdosa (YB), itulah Saari Sungib. Lebih-lebih lagi dari parti PAS. Janji tinggal janji sahaja untuk UKRC. Entah berapa banyak orang lagi yang ditipunya. Pakatan Rakayat, penipu rakyat.

  14. Amin, HK1:01 pm

    Saari Sungib pembohong, Azmin Ali, cam mana pulak ya? Keluar hanya masa pilihanraya aja!!! Memang Pakatan Rakayat, pembohong.

  15. Rahim Aziz, W/Maju.10:30 pm

    Rocky, pasukan saya pernah bermain bolasepak di UKRC dan saya pernah menghadiri beberapa majlis di UKRC. Memang kelab UKRC hebat didalam menyediakan aktiviti sukan untuk ahlinya dan orang awam. Saari Sungib pernah hadir di UKRC dan merasmikan beberapa acara sukan yang pernah saya hadir. Apa yang mengekujutkan saya adalah, wakil rakyat PAS, Saari Sungib, tiba-tiba mengalih sokongan kepada aktivit-aktiviti haram di Kampung Kuala Ampang dimana UKRC terletak, semata-mata untuk meraih sokongan daripada ketua-ketua yang menjalankan kegiatan haram di kampung dengan harapan beliau akan terus menjadi calon pihan untuk pihanraya umum ke 14 dan agar ketua-ketua ini akan mengpengaruhi penduduk Kampung Kuala Ampang untuk mengundi beliau. Tidakkah amat berdosa untuk seorang Islam untuk menyokong aktiviti haram disisi agama Islam demi kepentingan sendiri? Harap pimpinan PAS tidak mencalon Wakil Rakyat sebegini.

  16. A Resident of Kuala Ampang4:14 pm

    I stayed just a few hundred feet from the field. I know that the club collects money for rental of the hall and the field. The club also accept donations from the public and corporations. Yet, the club consistently refused to allow external audit to be carried out on its accounts.
    Some children were chased away by the committee members when they try to play on the basketball court, cycle in, play on the field etc. I am happy that MPAJ has taken over the field and that the residents, children can really enter and use the basketball court and public field. I hope MPAJ can finally return the community hall back to the Kuala Ampang residents!