Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Siti to KJ: No need to be impertinent

Bi-a-DAP. The Malay word biadap basically means rude and has nothing to do with a certain political party in Malaysia even though a lot of leaders from that party are known for their biadap-ness. Not is the lack of good manners and basic courtesy confined to just politicians. Kurang ajar is another strong Malay word to describe impertinence but in this case it also suggests poor upbringing (kurang means not enough and ajar means to teach). If you accuse someone of being kurang ajar, you'd better be ready for a serious (and sometimes physical) backlash as you are not just insulting the person but his/her parents as well. 
For Malaysian diva Siti Nurhaliza to publicly (via tweet to some 1.2 million followers) tell an up-and-coming politician Khairy Jamaluddin that there was no need for the "young Minister" (Siti is younger than KJ, actually) to be biadap when dealing with someone older is something we don't see or hear every day. It's amazing that she chooses biadap and not kurang ajar; it  shows that she means well. It also reflects her excellent upbringing, or excellent command of the language, or both.
In any case, I'm officially a follower of @CTNurhaliza11 now.

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How was KJ biadap? Read The Mole's A Siti-rebuke


  1. Anonymous5:08 pm

    The real biadap people are in UMNO lah...look at Zahid, Tengku Nan, semua kaki lawan.

  2. Anonymous5:42 pm

    siapa lagi yg boleh diharap untuk menegur si KJ yg naik junjung tu.? Nak harapkan pemuda UMNO, dah jadi pondan.
    Siti for Ketua Pemuda Umno!!!!!

  3. Saya pun rasa KJ agak biadap apabila menegur orang dan bertindak. Setelah dilantik Mentei penuh, nampaknya beliau menjadi bertambah angkuh. Beliau juga seolah-olah tidak ada belas kasihan dan bertimbang-rasa terhadap rakyat yang menjadikan ahli politik tempat berlindung dan mengharapkan belaan. Lihat saja tindakan gila glamour beliau sehingga sanggup bersaing dengan rakyat marhean dengan mencalonkan diri untuk merebut anugerah 'Shout Award'. Tergamak seorang Menteri, ahli politik yang berpengaruh, sudah terkenal, yang sudah kaya-raya, tanpa segan-silu merampas 'tiket' dan menutup peluang menambah rezeki pengiat-seni yang bertungkus-lumus berlakon dan menyanyi. Jika ini bukan menganiaya rakyat, apa lagi?

  4. Rakyat Kerayong8:55 pm

    This KJ is very kureng ajau.

  5. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Orang Kedah kata Kurang Jag.....KJ HA..HA

  6. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Siti says something about a person not on list of liked personality, and you terus become her follower? Why so rash? I wonder whether you will actually read what she tweets.

    sri hartamas

    1. Sri Hartamas,
      Don't fret la. I have been following KJ's tweets for a while now, tak dapat rashes pon.

  7. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Kurang ajar betoi, Rocky ni. Apasal kutuk orang DAP walaupon cerita ni ttg Siti dan KJ. Sengaja kutuk org yang tak berkenaan baru bukti sikap biadap.

  8. Anonymous11:28 pm

    "Bi-a-DAP. The Malay word biadap basically means rude and has nothing to do with a certain political party in Malaysia even though a lot of leaders from that party are known for their biadap-ness, blah blah blah blah...etc etc etc...for Malaysian diva Siti Nurhaliza to publicly (via tweet to some 1.2 million followers) tell an up-and-coming politician Khairy Jamaluddin..."

    Excellent, added value to the anti-KJ post that's been cut and pasted across the board.

    Nobody can accuse this blog of not working hard for the money.

    1. Datuk, just ignore those Anonymous comments. Those who respond anonymously are in my view cowards. They emotionally and psychologically inadequate individuals who hide behind anonimity to say their piece. Out in the open these scared individuals are like the four legged creatutes with their tails in between their legs.

  9. Cyber troopers who think I would allow kurang ajar comments about other people's moms, go get a bit more lebih ajar ...

  10. Anonymous3:19 am

    Siti tak kata tak boleh tegur. Cuma kalau nak tegur, tak perlu biadap. Itu saja.
    Cara KJ membalas kenyataan Jamal Nasir memang biadap dan yg ini sebenarnya di tegur oleh siti.

  11. Anonymous4:38 am

    About time somebody hantam FAM... Apa FAM tu Pahang punye ke Negara Malaysia punya???

    If we need Mr Goody to shoes ultra polite as a Minister, maybe Cik CT boleh apply jadi Menteri Wanita yaa.

    The critical issue here is the quality of the National Football team... other than that is trivial... kurang ajar? lebih ajar? Kurang latihan? Kurang kasut? All secondary.

    Why are we so focussed on the trivial part??!

    CT should stick to Showbiz laa pls.

    1. Anonymous10:12 am

      CT rakyat Malaysia. Dia berhak menegur sesuatu yang dirasanya kurang ajar. Tengok perkataan saya lebih keras dari CT. Begitu juga orang kain berhak menegur dan mengkritik CT. Apa masalahnya dengan teguran CT kepada KJ. Dia bukan membela FAM cuma minta jangan biadap terhadap orang yang lebih tua! Apa KJ bukan Melayu kah? Orang Melayu memang tidak diajar menjadi biadap sejak dilahirkan!

    2. Anonymous1:11 pm

      being biadap or kurang ajar a trivial part? hey u ni ada mak ker??
      ct was not even commenting on football or fam.. she just tegur kj on how he shus tegur others.. faham ke tidak??

    3. Anonymous3:02 pm

      Aloo..check your fact to bro. Siti tegur pasal KJ sound dato jamal dgn cara yang biadap. Bukan pasal FAM. Kiss ass betul la lu

  12. Anonymous4:45 am

    KJ is really biaDAP dan angkuh. Dia juga Gila glamour sampai anugerah hiburan pun nak dibolotnya. His press secretary is that Vagina Lee, who is a biaDAP staunch supporter.

  13. Anonymous5:22 am

    Just take care of the old man at home la CT - soon u'll be changing his nappies n feeding him. U need a younger dude sis. Missing out on the real action. Brapa lama wanna waste your precious youth on that bende tua and his misai potong stim. U only live once.

  14. wonder who KJ was really biadap to, that got her worked up n prompted tweeting bout it...hopefully not the mustache dude, Mr. Siti..

  15. Anonymous7:13 am

    I am a follower of Siti but dont admire much for KJ. However, in this FAM matter, I fully support what KJ is doing. FAM and the country football standard is on the table for Malaysian to judge. We still want to keep the office bearers? Come on.

  16. drMpower7:22 am

    he likes attention, this guy. if anyone care to check the archieves, then hes been FAM toes since day 1 appointed. and he did that without being wise.

    power corrupts? or he is just like that, arrogant like and arrogant sound?

    why he got to use the language he used? those words are not befitting of a minister, a office bearer? he say this is about football.

    for gods sake this is NOT about football. this is because u used somekind of street language. by calling someone 'budak', u wont change football

    najib, give him another 2-3 months, PLUS the apology. its been a 'tradition' that a minister apologise. whats make him so special for not apologizing? ask him to say sorry DIRECTLY to the one he offended. not like LKY style 'sorry to anyone who offended'.

    say sorry to that person. directly.

    if this KBS guy doesnt do that, then please give him some other porfolio - pertanian, or perdagangan. or even if we still got perhutanan, give him.

    belia dan sukan, anyone can hold that portfolio. what makes him so special that him and only him can have KBS?

  17. Anonymous8:29 am

    Brace yourself for KJ bashing..

  18. Anonymous8:47 am

    IMHO I think there's nothing rude about his action. He's just doing his job. Different minister, different style. He's a minister bequeath with power for YOUTH AND SPORTS. What he does under his purview and jurisdiction. It is still within his limit. He didn't step outside his line. It is not like he' poking his nose in other minister affairs. FAM and other sport bodies are under him. They are answerable to him. There's no associations and sport bodies in the whole world which is bigger than ministry.
    Nobody say bad things to minister in charge of tourism though everyone knows how he goes about doing his job but when it comes to KJ, everyone seized an opportunity to cut him down to size. For me that is hypocrite.
    It just a question of style and approach. Live with it.

    1. Anonymous10:06 am

      Include call that guy, a former player ‘budak’?
      is that under his jurisdiction and purview of a kbs minister of malaysia? or it just him being incapable of controlling his emotion? and its because he is very lacking in well manner as in personal?

      the problem is not about his jurisdiction or purview. This is about not being wise. And worse is, he thinks this is totally okay

  19. Anonymous9:31 am

    Apa yang biadapnya Kj tu? Aku sebagai orang tua sokong tindakan Kj.

    1. Anonymous10:23 am

      Anon 8.47 dan anpn 9.31.
      Faham betul betul kritikan yang dilemparkan pada KJ. Kita tidak mempertikaikan tegurannya pada FAM tetapi CARA dia menegur. Patutkan seorang menteri yang berwibawa panggil orang BUDAK SURUHAN. Gembirakah anda berdua kalau digelar BUDAK SURUHAN ? Ada 'class' ke seorang menteri menggunakan bahasa ala Mat Rempit dan.?Mat Sempang

  20. Anonymous10:01 am

    bro anon 9.31,
    lu tak follow news ke?
    lu tak tahu issue , pi baca paper dulu.
    KJ punya biadap baru ni technically nothing to do with football. Ada ke patut minister sound Jamal Nasir macam tu? Dia panggil Jamal Nasir "budak suruhan". masa Jamal tgh top KJ ni belum tgk dunia lagi....baru jadi minister muda dah celupar mulutnya menghina orang tua. Ini bukan issue menegur FAM. Aku pun sokong kalau dia tegur FAM. Tapi ini isdue dia gunakan ungkapan biadap dalam paper atas seseorang. Cuba kena kat ko? merah telinga tak? mau rasa nsk bagi penampau sje kat KJ tu.

    1. Anonymous5:57 pm

      Dah jamal nasir tu jadi budah suruhan nak marah apa? Kalau budak suruhan tu sayanh sangat bolasepak malaysia kenapa dia tak tegur fam? Ini bukan soal tua muda, dia masuk campur tegur tak tentu pasal kena la. Terima ajela. Jangan nak tunjuk hero dengan jadi pengampu. Ct pun sama juga, tegur laki tu dulu......

  21. Anonymous11:25 am

    Malaysia's football is in the doldrums and we need people like KJ to stand up and take action to remedy the malaise that is plaguing our national sport.

    Good work KJ, Malaysians are fully behind you. Don't be ball carriers like Rocky.

    And by the way, the real biadap and kurang ajar fellas are those shameless bullies from UMNO and Perkasa

  22. Anonymous11:35 am

    "Those who respond anonymously are in my view cowards. They emotionally and psychologically inadequate individuals who hide behind anonimity to say their piece.."


    This is what Wikileaks founder has to say about Mr./Mrs. anonymous. He was quoting Oscar Wilde in the film The Fifth Estate.

    "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.."

  23. Anonymous11:36 am

    wahai abang rocky ni, nak kiatkan dap atau salahkan cina lagi kali ni?!tak ada benda lain ke???

    1. Anon 1136am,

      Aiyah, DAP tu Cainis kah? If it is so, thank you for saying. I thought DAP tu Malaysian lor ...

  24. Anonymous11:36 am

    As a Minister and being paid from taxpayers monies, it is imperative that KJ do what is best for the country's footballing interest. On this note, I agree that he is just doing his job and not necessarily rude. Siti Nurhaliza has the right to comment but it would have carried more weight if her comments were related to showbiz or singing.

  25. Anonymous11:45 am

    Apa lagi hamtam la balik Siti tu.
    Lawan, jangan tak lawan.

    Takkan KJ yg terkenal dgn kejantanan tu jadi lembik dgn kritik Siti?

    Lawan balik la Siti tu. Lepas tu kita tengok sapa lebih popular.

    Award popularity yg KJ dapat dari SHOUT tu tk boleh pakai la. Sengaja kaki2 buddy dia di Media prima cipta award takda makna tu nak bodek KJ aja.

    KJ tu menteri kan? Sama la macam Nazri Aziz tu dulu cakap "Saya menteri, awak siapa? Jangan lawan cakap menteri!"

    ......entah la!

  26. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Syabas KJ, this is what Malay should do. They should start questioning the old people and practice. Don't just be pak turut. Jujur secara buta bukan caranya untuk maju. The Malay must be critical and don't afraid to ask for change. UMNO have been making the Malay stupid and poor enough so that they don't object on whatever crap UMNO did.

    1. Anonymous5:18 pm

      Mmg boleh question tapi dgn budi bahasa. Habih tu ingin maju kena jadi biadap kah?

  27. Anonymous1:00 pm

    anak mummy....tanya rahmah.

  28. Anonymous2:28 pm

    He is just doing his job. Makes one wonder what Siti's motivation is. Unlike her to have an opinion on anything. Maybe just kissing up to her Sultan. Go figure.

  29. Quiet2:32 pm

    Think there's a simpler reason why she used "biadap" instead of "kurang ajar" bro, it's the 140 characters limit in twitter, remember?

    Try replacing "biadap" with "kurang ajar" and it just won't fit, hence can't be twitted

    Sometimes the simplest reasons make the most sense :)

  30. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Her England needs work

  31. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Siti Nurhaliza best stick to her Tari Gelek on Stage and not try to meddle in the Rough and Tumble of Sport!

    And Rocky..Stick to your Arm Swinging The Pint Sport and not buat kacau!

  32. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Rocky is bashing KJ at every chance he can. Maklumlah Rocky is a Mahathir stooge and we all know how much Mahathir despises KJ. You can see Rocky at all the functions attended by Mahathir enjoying the free food, etc.

    So everytime you read what Rocky has to say, he is just putting forth the views of Mahathir.

  33. Anonymous6:41 pm

    I sokong KJ. I rasakan dato ct ada sikit emotional kut. Pahang dah menang la ari tu, kira ok la. Tapi apa yang our KJ cakap ada banyak betul tau. Susah lah kalau cam ni ..... Mr. KJ kena cari ayat sepoi - sepoi bahasa ke nak tegur orang kat FAM tu ..... Nak our sukan maju boleh ke cam ni ....

  34. Anonymous7:17 pm

    alahai...artis... mekap tebal, bulu mata palsu ..pakai contact lenses biru...bra size sumbat 3X besar dari original, pakaian tudung di atas sendat di bawah....i.o.w.= A FAKE!! Last2 famous sbg PERAMPAS lagi dari penyanyi -> the cheek to tegur org.

  35. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Sama biadap jugak macam DAtuk Bandar DBKL - Visit Malaysia Year 2014 dimulakan pada Januari depan oleh program syarikat Singapura OCBC di tanah kita sendiri di Dataran Merdeka!

  36. yummy9:45 pm

    Wah, Rocky, pot calling the kettle black, kah?

    I distinctly remember you being quite biadap, too, when you went on your war-path against Tun Dollah some years back, no?

    Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

  37. Bodoh si KJ ni9:58 pm

    Bukan tugas Menteri asyik kutuk govt department atau pun badan sukan.
    Itu bukan tugas Menteri.
    Ini teringat kita pada Pemuda UMNO sorang lagi yang sombong ingat pandai buat musuh dengan kakitangan Kerajaan. Akhirnya Selangor kalah.
    Mcm tu juga Khairy. Pemuda UMNO bukan untuk jadikan badan sukan atau jabatan kerajaan musuh.
    Pemuda UMNO patut cari benda lebih besar. Benda remeh jangan sentuh..bodoh si KJ ni rupanya.
    Bukan sekali dia cakap pasal FAM.
    Cakap memang senang tapi tu bukan kerja Menteri.

  38. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Saya sokong KJ. CT go focus on making babies.

  39. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Org muda memang bgitu..gelojoh tk tentu pasal. Konon nk tiru style omputeh..ckp tnpa selindung..gen.x

  40. Anonymous1:11 am

    Whatever it is, KJ is right, I support him. Being professional at work, respect the level of ranking. If so touchy and sensitive, don’t work.

  41. Definitely uncalled for kj to write like that. The issue has never been on whether he acts in the interest of football, but in doing so does he need to be rude. Kj supporters better not push this into being personal with Siti because to many the biadap may just turn to kurang ajar. Just apologise and move on.

  42. Anonymous12:32 pm


    Does that mean that KJ cannot speak his mind?

    I wonder why Ms Siti did not attach the "biadap" label to people like Ibrahim Ali, "Awang Selamat" or the Bung guy from Sabah?

    Perhaps she is being selective in her labelling, as there are some applecarts she does not want to over-turn.

    After all, a "boycott" of her concerts by certain parties would hit her wallet, would it not?

    So, it's much safer to mouth off at people like KJ who won't/can't hit back or retaliate.

    Oh, yah - our Ms Siti is one smart cookie all right!

  43. Anonymous12:52 pm

    If you read FB, and follow the current setup in Malaysia, you will know how hated is FAM people right now

  44. Anonymous2:59 pm

    siti is a biadap for ruining marriages

  45. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Bru at 2.13pm,

    Rocky ini kurang IQ sikit lah. Anon 1136 said blame DAP atau Chinese again? Dia tak kata DAP dan Chinese. The operative word is "atau" or "or".

    1. Anonymous10:25 am

      You expect a washed up journalist to understand proper England ?

  46. Meleis5:23 pm

    All i see is KJ's is doing a good job. He is a minister for youth and sport. Kalau bukan dia, siapa lagi nak tegur?

    After all, u guys forget he used to be a VP for FAM for many years. The current wave of success by our National Football Team and the revival of our football industry can be directly attributed to his contribution when he was a VP with FAM.

    I guaranteed he has tried so many "cara lembut" when it comes to FAM and for me it is about time someone stands up against the untouchable FAM's.

    KJ is the right candidate to do it.

    I know where all you season bloggers come from, you guys punya grudge since Badawi's time, the 4th floor boys and what not.

    But, trust me KJ got his way with the young one like us, he speak our mind, uphold our aspiration and understand our concerns..

    So far no old generations and seasons politicians ever did that.

  47. Anonymous6:50 am

    I fully support KJ too.A brave new breed. Betul la apa yg dia cakap tu.Nak cakap berlapik camana lagi,duhhhh?!

  48. Anonymous7:47 am

    Kj ni buat myteam hancur..ada 3 tahun?? Jd vp FAM pun xde pencapaian yg dibanggakan. Tumpang hasil usaha org lain, adalah. Tp cara tegur org lain memang kurang ajar d biadap. Dia bukan Melayu ni. Saya ni Melayu yg dah hilang sabar dgn budak biadap bernama kj ni. Siapa yg tak dengar d ikut dia dilabel budak suruhan..habis budak2 suruhankj mcm izwan tu apa? Balaci ?
    Telunjuk lurus kelingking berkait. Sebelum ttuduh org mcm2 cermin2 le diri dulu. I really hate this jerk!

  49. Anonymous4:54 pm

    I support KJ! Siti tau apa pasal bola? 'sopan' sgt ke dia tu pun?

  50. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Siti and kj are the same la. Both want popularity thats all.

  51. Anonymous9:20 pm

    KJ have his way with younger generation?.. which young generation? .. I've never impressed nor believed his bullock... why are KJ arse licker like to reiterate that KJ speaks for the youth? .. he is not.. he is only speaking for his bloody greedy self..

  52. Datuk,

    Saya bukan penyokong KJ, bukan peminat Siti jauh sekali peminat bolasepak.

    Saya memperjuangkan kebenaran.

    Hakikatnya memanglah orang-orang dalam FAM tu "sucks" (kecuali Ong Kim Swee).
    Mutu permainan pasukan bola sepak kita pun tidaklah begitu membanggakan.

    Pada lazimnya manusia tidak dapat menerima kebenaran bila ditegur. Kebenaran itu sememangnya menyakitkan hati.

    Teguran KJ mengenai prestasi FAM memang kena pada batang hidung masing-masing dalam FAM.

    Yang buat saya terkejut ialah kenapa pula terkena kepada batang hidung Siti. Adakah sebab beliau penerima Datuk Pahang dan Presiden FAM adalah Sultan Pahang.

    Kalau saya Siti tak perlu nak masuk campur dalam hal orang-orang FAM.
    Atau pun munkin Siti menyampah melihatkan KJ disenaraikan dalam pencalonan Shout Awards yang lazimnya untuk artis-artis saja.
    Waullah hu'alam.

  53. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Hey Fool, yg biadap tu UMNO lah. KJ dari mana?

  54. Anonymous8:22 am

    KJ is anwar reincarnation!!! nuff said