Friday, November 15, 2013

"Who are you to tell me what I don't deserve?"

Some music may be not too good to some ears but all music is good for the soul. LA-based Yuna's Nocturnal is so soothing, her melody and voice silky good that I couldn't blog for a whole day yesterday. Zee Avi the Sarawakian lass has been making her own little waves abroad  also, proving that we are not all just "jaguh kampung". I say, these two should be our ambassadors to the US and the UN. The government should support real talents like them, and not just when they do a namawee. And the PM should make Siti Nurhaliza a Senator ...
Back to Nocturnal, all the tracks on Yuna's latest album are better than good. The words for Colors got me. And no, she's not making a political statement.
Don't say that I don't have to stay here any longer
Who are you to tell me what I don't deserve?


  1. Anonymous12:58 pm

    The lyrics refect the pleas of the nons whenever they are told to leave Bolehland, no ?

  2. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Who are you to tell me what I don't deserve? UMNO told me that because of my skin colour, I don't deserve a lot things.

  3. if they have made it on their own, tak payahlah suruh gomen masuk campur. buat rosak aje.

    kita tumpang bangga aje pun dah cukup.

  4. Anonymous2:23 pm

    I'm not familiar with yuna's music. But last year when I heard her song, terukir di bintang or something that won best song, I was struck at how similar parts of it were to a famous Tin Pan Alley song "Ragtime Gal." The lyrics go "Hello my honey, hello my baby, hello my ragtime gal." You can Youtube it.
    The song is over a hundred years old which is why an old auntie like me recognised it.
    Nevertheless she and Zee should be congratulated for seeking greener pastures and trying to make it in the hardest place to crack.

  5. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Yeah, I agree we let you stay 50 yrs ago but now you want boleh land for yourself. We can share but yet you want more.Ungrateful oh yes you are.

  6. Loo Sam Seng3:19 pm

    CT a senator based on one tweet? Please-lah Rocky... Better for her to air her feelings on her own instead of doing it behind the cover of a policymaker. (Anyway, how good a policymaker would she be? Really!!) That way, it's open and honest. If anybody disagrees, she's open to hear those opinions.

  7. Anonymous3:30 pm

    It all started with Amy Winehouse Back to Black with 1960's jazz music. From that point, that kind of music and melody suddenly become 'in'. Duffy follow suit, and then Adele and here in Malaysia, it is led by Yuna.

  8. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Most appropriate lyrics and can be applied to anyone:

    Ramli Yusuff
    Ling Liong Sik
    All of UMNO
    All of Cinabengs

    But the song was originally sung by Rosmah during the hoo-ha about her diamond ring.

  9. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Don't say that I don't have to stay here any longer
    Who are you to tell me what I don't deserve?

    Some ministers need to listen to this song a bit more. Also, the ISMA asshole who told Sarawak Bumiputeras to migrate. Pundek betul. Give him the extended mix, pls.

  10. Meleis5:29 pm

    Anony 12.58 pm

    Everything has to be about you chinkies, no?

    1. Anonymous10:21 am

      Everything as to be about MALAISE. Paham tak ?

    2. Anonymous9:23 pm

      Everything as to be?.. what the f*&^k?

    3. Anonymous9:27 pm

      Alololi ini cinabeng pikir dia banyak bagus loor... bila lu mau mintak projek kasut sapa lu jilat?

  11. Anonymous7:57 pm

    She is more known for her English songs. I wish she could based in Tanah Melayu and sing more Bahasa Melayu songs for us Malaysians.

  12. Anonymous9:12 pm

    The Dapters r so sick. they look at spoon...they see Umno...they look at tomyam...they see najib....they look at moon...they see BN.....theylook at yuna.....

  13. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Some bastards commentators here are really bloody sickos lah. Everything must blame on Umno.....think you guys should have a brain check if only you have any.

    Understand the lyrics in its full context lah before associating any issue or racial sentiment to it. Really blardy fools lah you all by-product of vernacular schools and blind followers of dapsters evengelistas.

  14. Anonymous9:29 pm

    The chingkies are ungrateful lots. Diberi betis hendakkan peha. Tolonglah sedar sikit who are you actually. You are here on our gratuity. In other words, you are our guests, and we invite you to stay in our land Tanah Melayu. When you become biaDAP, automatically you cease to be our guests. So pergilah berambus, wahai pendatang tak sedar diri!

  15. Anonymous2:31 am

    NAMEWEE is a moron hungry for stardom who - unfortunately for Malaysia - is a stunted talent with lots of penchant for notorious clamour ........

  16. Anonymous10:19 am

    Yet you worship pendatangs like Mamakthir, Shahreezat, Azeez, Nor Yakcop. The latest pendatang that you worship is Ridhuan Tee. Are these people Malay ? You have them as your leaders ? Tak malu ke ?

    1. anon 10.19am, i think you use the word "pendatang" more often to describe yourselves more than the malays do. sebenarnya orang orang yamg disebut itu dengan rela hati menggunakan bahasa dan adat resam orang melayu. lain dengan kamu yang sehingga hari ini lebih senang menggunakan bahasa asing dan hidup dikalangan pendatang pendatang yang lain sambil menghina kaum yang secara baik menerima kaum kamu.

    2. Anonymous12:24 pm

      Whole heartedly... because they became malaysian... not chinkies living in malaysia postering to be malaysian.
      Conviniently forgot the foundation of which the nation was built.
      No respect for rukun negara, the rulers, the flag , the language etc..etc..
      Most cannot even speak proper BM.. yet claim to be malaysian.
      You maybe a citizen / born locally.. but your loyalty is not to the nation but to your self centerd greediness while secrectly longing for China mainland... which only welcome u if you have the mullah...
      Maybe that is why u want everything so that u can go back there .. afterall most of u are desendant from outcast, low class ,migrants( economic, outlaws etc ) ..
      respect the host ... stop being ingrates.. then you will be respected..

  17. Anonymous10:52 am

    Some bastards UMNO asslickers commentators here are really bloody sickos lah. Everything must blame on DAP.....think you guys should have a CT brain check if only you have any.

    Understand the lyrics in its full context lah before use it to promote your UMNO agenda. Really blardy fools lah you all by-product of failed national schools and blind followers of UMNO blood suckers.

    1. Anonymous4:13 pm

      Cannot understand England how to understand lyrics in full context ? Too lazy to learn cos everything is given on a plate. Ask Rocky to translate the lyrics into BM, maybe they will understand.

  18. Anonymous11:03 am

    " In other words, you are our guests, and we invite you to stay in our land Tanah Melayu."

    Your arrogance is truly laughable.

    Ask the Orang Asal, Penans and others whether their guests - i.e. arrogant pricks like you - are still welcome.

    What's that? You were here before them? If you ever learn to read, then look it up, bro.

    Next you'll be claiming that white Australians were already there to welcome Australian Aborigines to their shores.

    Lose your insecure superiority complex and grow up. Nobody "owns" a country.

    Nice song, BTW.

  19. Anonymous11:17 am

    went to the site and there is a section at the bottom to discuss the lyrics. dont know abt you guys but for dinosaurs like me......

    Poi pokan naik basika
    Tongah haghi tongah paneh
    Apo dayo motong gotah
    Apo nak dikato
    Kalau boleh nak jadi cikgu sekolah
    Kek Kolo Pilah

    Sawah leba kobau banyak
    Air pigi sojuk sekali
    Sunyi sopi takdo oghang
    Apo nak dikato
    Kalau boleh nak bising-bising
    Macam pokan Tampin

    Tanak nasik bogheh kampong
    Masak lomak cili (lado) api
    Mesen padi takdo lai
    Apo nak dikato
    Ramai oghang dah kojo kilang
    Kek pokan Seghomban


  20. Anonymous4:31 pm

    See how racist Malay can be ! Dont just blame us cinabengs bro .... Your PM screw u upside down with 7.2B consultant fees ... that fees if float to market will have compounding effect "dont know if u guys understand the theory " but he Malay bro not cinabengs .
    So Melayu screwing Melayu punya duit...

  21. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Those dead British colonialists were correct when they said Malaya was a time bomb. You see, Truly Asia is infact another name for a locally aassembled nuke bomb.

    I love Yuna and her songs.

  22. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Melayu boleh maa... even with the accusations that malayu is lacking in engrish, yet malay student is top 10 in accounting, melayu girl is making her name as a singer in US.. ko cina ade?.. xde kan?.. berlambak2 accountant tapi semua level pasar malam...

    1. Anonymous9:23 am

      Miester: malayu top 10, but first 9 semua non malayu. Apa cerita ?

  23. Brother Rocky,
    I am a new kid in the blog world. Can you kindly link my blog to your blog? Thank you.

  24. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Anonymous 12:24 pm,

    Big yawnnnnnnnnn, bro. Dah baca 15,000 kali, but with better spelling and grammar.

    Try to be original sikit, or even better, try to be human.