Friday, November 01, 2013

In Malaysia, a tiny Club to sue a state government for broken promise


For decades, the Ulu Kelang Recreation Club waged a battle against the BN government over a football field that the club developed on a former mining land. In 2008, when Pakatan took over the state government, the Club thought they'd get to stop fighting, finally. Promises were made. Motions were tabled and adopted. What could have gone wrong, right? Wrong.

Happeir times: YB Saari and UKRC president Andrew Gopal
Last week, the Club started proceedings against the MPAJ, the council concerned, for snatching the field away from it. Battle-scarred club members are so sick and tired of the politicians they may sue the Saari Sungib, the people's rep for Ulu Kelang, for breaking his promise. That would be a first, I think. 

Usul dah diluluskan .. but on Oct 1, UKRC field was taken from UKRC


  1. Razali, Ampang Jaya5:50 pm

    Politicians can just lie to the people to be in power. UKRC is doing the right thing to sue the local council for stealing their field. They should even sue the assemblyman for the big lie to UKRC to resolve the issue. More so he is from a Islamic party, where promise and principals must be up held and betrayal.

  2. Mat Bon6:37 pm

    It is good as well for the matters to go to Court. As it is now, there are too many allegations were made, which depending on which side you heard it from; made the other side looked very bad. Let the matters be heard in court then, so that all the allegations be fairly weigh and adjudicated.

  3. Fuad NS.11:04 am

    Even a small club that serves the community well cannot be left alone. Well done UKRC, for going to Court. For sure later, if UKRC do not fight, Khalid will turn the UKRC field into condominium with Saari Sungib. Than, he can tell the rakyat, Selangor is doing well under his leadership. Azmin Ali can forget about his MB post and later his MP post for Gombak also will be gone. No vote for Pakatan in GE 14 for victimising UKRC and the broken promise.

  4. Vincent Lai1:32 pm

    Bad administration of Khalid Ibrahim. Motion passed got to honour it. It seems that all Selangor State Reps promise and support is as good as a lie. UKRC should take Saari Sungib to court for lying to UKRC and the people of Ulu Klang. Time for BN leaders to gain support from the UKRC issue. UKRC serves well for the Community.

  5. Burn Datuk Keramat7:23 pm

    To Sungai Limau voters reading this story, do not vote for PAS, the PAS leaders can do the same thing to you like UKRC, stealing away your land using the Local Council. Berhati-hati, manis di bibir sahaja, Saari Sungib, ADUN Pas Hulu Kelang.

  6. Some of the broken promises....

    1. In the interest of transparency and accountability, the Ulu Kelang Recreation Club (UKRC) should uphold the agreement of an external audit.
    Club patron Saari Sungib said president Andrew Gopal should not have backtracked on his pledge at a meeting between the two factions, mediated by Saari, last year.

    “UKRC had initially agreed to do the audit, but later I was informed that their executive committee met and decided to not do it; HE (Gopal) SHOULD KEEP HIS PROMISE,” said Saari. "

    see more at

    2. In YB's appeal on behalf of UKRC - 'Menteri Besar Selangor has approved..... for the purpose of club cum COMMUNITY HALL......'

    It would appear that UKRC had rescind any pact it has with the State Govt. when they amended its constitution in 2002, such that it is no longer obliged to serve the residents with the community hall.