Monday, October 28, 2013

Don't ban Ke$ha, Ban Suaram!

Blow our speakers, KJ. That's who the blogger OutSyed the Box has in mind when he asks, with regards to the banning of Ke$ha from holding a concert in Malaysia, "Where are the Melayu liberal?" Read Let's just ban all Western artistes from Malaysia. 
"This is addressed to the Melayu liberal. Where are all the Melayu liberal? The liberals said the conservatives have been defeated in the recent UMNO elections. OK - so where are the Melayu liberals? Another American pop singer has been banned from Malaysia - just one day before her concert. What do the liberals say?"
I'd like to see YB Khairy take up this cause. I won't guarantee OutSyed the Box will be an overnight fan of his, but ... who knows?
YB Nazri Aziz, the Tourism Minister, can also say something. In view of Malaysia Visit Year 2014 and Year of Festivals 2015, the government might want to get the moral police to sober up a bit. Otherwise, who wants to come here? Especially with the likes of people at Suaram telling the world how corrupt, violent and and full of religious extremists this country called Malaysia is. Read the NGO's letter to Barrack Obama in Suaram is a national threat.  


  1. Anonymous4:02 pm

    As we all know Malaysia has one 'confused' bangsa.

  2. Anonymous4:47 pm

    No worries, Bru. Young and not - so young affluent Malaysians can go and party in Singapore where they can catch all the shows and concerts banned in Malaysia.

    What more when the proposed high-speed rail link kicks in.

    Talk about shooting oneself in one's foot.

  3. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Soiree in Sri Perdana during Tun Dol can what, who says the liberals aren't at work, they have been busy since then lah.Siap Jazz and what nots lagi lah wei. Its deep rooted, now only cannot, just menang the KP cannot show first lah, later pole dancing its only natural lah wei.Soiree without beer and liquor.? Then what, in Sri Perdana lagi, baik dengar nasyid, pahala banyak tu.!