Monday, October 28, 2013

Some countries some of you might like to migrate to

North Korea, where GST is unlikely to ever kick off
A world without GST. I count 38 countries and islands in this whole wide world which have not adopted the GST. The Chinese believe that's a lucky number, right? So if you really think Malaysia is beyond saving after April 2015, when the 6% GST kicks in, it's reasonable to expect you'd consider migrating to one of these destinations. If so, you have 17 months to get your  papers in order (don't forget to settle your taxes first). Good news is, the US of A is on the list but if you are, like Suaram, unhappy with President Barrack Obama for finding Malaysia to be so exemplary, you have Libya or North Korea to choose from. And China.
p.s. Met a war photographer from Eritrea when we attended this advanced journalism course in Cardiff in the summer of 93. His people had just come out of a civil war with Ethiopia (which now has GST, btw). This guy was having a tough time getting used to money. Back home, he told us, they were paid in kind -- food, clothes, living quarters, tobacco, etc. Things have not improved much since the. Some 2,000-3000 Eritreans flee their own country every month. Read UN rebukes Eritrea's "shoot to kill" policy.

1.  Brunei
2.  Myanmar 
3.  Andorra
4.  San Marino
5.  Vatican City 
6.  Comoros
7.  Cote d'Ivoire
8.  Djibouti
9.  Eritrea
10. Liberia
11. Libya
12. San Tome & Principle
13. Swaziland  
14. Bahrain
15. Bhutan
16. China
17. Iraq
18. North Korea
19. Kuwait
20. Maldives
21. Oman
22. Qatar
23. Saudi Arabia
24. Syria
25. UAE
26. Yemen 
North America
27. Bahamas
28. Cuba
29. Saint Lucia
30. USA 
31. Suriname 
32. Kiribati
33. Marshall Islands
34. Micronesia
35. Solomon Islands
36. Palau
37. Tuvalu 
38. Malaysia (until April 1, 2015) 
Sources: Google

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  1. Anonymous2:44 pm

    haha, good one. Who do you thin k will pay more tax. The MALAY will PAY the more tax. The stupid Chinese didn't know that they actually pay less because they will pay lower income tax. After subsidizing the non tax payers for so long, it is payback time from the non tax payers especially the Malay.

  2. Anonymous3:00 pm


    I think the argument that if everyone is doing it then we should also do it is wrong a a fallacy. If that is the case then we can also argue how many countries practice bumi quota so why dont we follow them? (just to qualify, I believe in the bumi quota. So bascially your whole premise is rubbish and not credible.

    However, YES I believe we should have GST as it is broad based. But the reasons behind us doing it is because the govt has wasted the money that they had receive from us, petronas, palm oil, tin, rubber, etc for all these years. How much has left the country from corruption? And will never come back? Look at our pathetic RM?

    Bro do you cringe when you write these kind of articles? Or does the payment makes it all worthwhile?

    1. Anonymous6:58 am

      That is a generalized statement. Petronas money is spent to finance the nation's spending. That's yours and my money which does not come from your pocket. Or do you prefer the spending to come from your own pocket?

  3. tebing tinggi4:16 pm

    I never heard that people migrate to China ,but always know that a lot of Chinese migrate elsewhere around the worlds and some of them even trying to kick out the locals ,because of their growing number and influence.
    Wounder if China is migrant friendly and if there is any possibilities would the migrant will be treated equally .

  4. I agree with you, Dear Rocky, that those who disagree with GST or have the same opinion with Suaram, " it's reasonable to expect they'd consider migrating to one of these destinations".

    These people are just a nuisance to other peace-loving Malaysian.

    These ingrates, are those who keeps wanting more and more for their own selfish greed, without caring for the wants of others. When they are rich, they look down on the poor. When they strike 'gold' in this land, they want to deny other poor people from neighboring countries, to join them.  They argue that almost all Malaysians are off-springs or descendants from former immigrants, albeit some from far-away foreign land. Yet they want to deny people from neighboring countries to become new citizens to this land.
    The last GE13, demonstrated this selfish creed.
    What a racist, they are, indeed.

  5. Anonymous5:04 pm

    nampaknya Rocky the brute dah kena penyakit Perkasa....kalau tak suka GST go migrate !

  6. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Are you sure there is no GST in US? The GST in US is imposed according to each individual state government. Very few states do not have GST and each state % is different. You can just wiki the info.

  7. Anonymous5:38 pm

    What makes U think that some people may want to leave the country because of GST? It is a pre matured statement. U have a narrow view of the citizens of this country. It is the right of citizens to criticize government policies and make comments. It is also the Government's right to either except such criticism or otherwise. Please don't fan the fire least you may get burnt in the process.

  8. Anonymous5:42 pm

    Wow, this is damn insulting man. Now the first man saying all bumis & melayu excluding meelayu are idiots. To be exact village idiots.....Watch Monty Python, the contribution of village idiots to society. How extremely true!

    Second Anon,
    Malaysia is plainly broke that's why need GST. If you ask rich bastards to pay, they will cabut to singapura. Of course, the chief village idiot aka rocky bru would remind us that singapore GST is higher. What make you think that GST will remain at 6%? Used to be 4%. Now 6%, During April's fool day, increase to 25%....aiscounc 214.

    I heard the bana besar called Madhater say that we should follow chinese communist system.

    I am also peace loving. Since you are fucking rich, please volanteer your money to gomen. Lay your fucking hand off my precious money.....Comprende!

  9. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Hey Rocky, do more research...

    How many of these countries successfully balanced their budget after implementing GST? And how many bankrupt?

    USA, UK, Greece, Portugal, Ireland etc etc....

    Some of their GST rates are >20%, yet still bankrupt?

    Why we follow blindly and become bankrupt too?

    1. Anonymous7:04 am

      I have been paying my income tax. I know I am the 1 million out of 10 million working population who pay tax. Why should I be subsidizing the non tax payers like the motorcycle riders or rich Taukey who can do creative accounting to hide their earnings?

  10. Anonymous6:57 pm


  11. Anonymous7:33 pm

    You are being impertinent. remove this article from your blog.

  12. Good one bro. No time to say sorry now. Time to spank ! Spams for sure.

    OR lately you have 20 mil. uv. Just shoot and kill... trigger happy..he..he..

  13. Anonymous10:02 pm

    No, the majority of Malaysia is not against GST but definitely is against giving UMNO more opportunity to siphon more money into their own pockets.

    Rocky obviously pretend not to know nor respect the wishes of majority of Malaysians.

    He can migrate to where he want for God damn sake.

  14. Just look at this greedy & selfish Looes74, spewing his vile heart in writing, for all to digest.

    He is angry and disappointed that majority of the rural folks voted BN by disparaging them in a racist and derogatory manner by ranting, "all bumis & melayu excluding meelayu are idiots. To be exact village idiots......"

    These are obvious traits of DAP politician and their supporters, CTs included, at its best.

    They talk about Malaysian Malaysia, colour blind, we want a fair government where all races are treated equals, yet they keep harping on Dr.M's Kerala origins, implying they hates Indians, especially Mamaks. One prominent Evangelist was known to have insisted that her daughter's ethnicity be endorsed as Malaysian. When it was denied, she opted for Chinese instead, although the father is Indian. This proves that they have no respect of other people's heritage, except their own.

    They painted Perkasa as racist and a threat to unity without mentioning DAP & Dong Zong which is the father of all racist + extremist, the real and definite threat to Malaysian Unity.
    Perkasa was even blamed by Gerakan for their miserable performance, oblivious to the fact that Perkasa does not even exist when they lose Penang to DAP in 2008 GE.

    The fact is:-
    Dong Zong was established in 1955.
    Hindraf was established in 2006.
    With the increase demand from racist Malaysian and when the rights of the Malays seems not being taken care-of by UMNO, after GE 12, Perkasa was borne, April 2008.

    Who is the oldest racist and a threat to Unity here, loose74?

    I’ll suggest you stay put in Din Merican’s blog and keep posting your comment there. I do not know how much the blog owner earns or who pays him, but he sure likes your comments, especially when you said, ‘we have chased out the melayus from Tumasek, lets do the same up north’, or so to that effect.

  15. Looes74,

    You still around? Thought you would have migrated to China by now. Over there, they shoot you if you try to bribe a government official,y'know. They also shoot the government officer ...

    Anyway, you remind me of Monsterball, who used to crap in my comment box a lot. I havent seen him around for many moons now. Maybe he has migrated. You should follow suit.

    But if you are sticking around, good for you. Next time you come here in my comment box, try not to spit so many four-letter words on your host lah. Be angry and get your message across. Itu pun nak kena ajar ke?

    ps By the way, they fine you $500 for spitting in Singapore, so try not to migrate to that country ..

  16. RD,

    Did the bugger really wrote ‘we have chased out the melayus from Tumasek, lets do the same up north’?

  17. Anonymous1:45 pm


    for your info, a great number of chinese do not support Dong Zhong. So please do not generalize. Thanks

  18. Anonymous2:28 pm

    if GST is good for the country, why didn't the government implement it earlier?

  19. Dear Bru.

    Yes, he did, but I can't really remember the exact words. The message that I get; he is very proud bragging about of it.

    I replied to him then, that we lost the island to the British due to greed of our rulers and fore-fathers.

    I was no longer welcome at Din Merican's since 4~5 month ago.

  20. Anon 1:45.

    I am sorry if I have offended you in anyway. I don't mean to generalize.
    The fact that Dong Zong's president, once got a bloody nose, have gave me the impression, he was not fully supported all Chinese.
    Perkasa was also not supported by many Malays, too.

    This few days, if you have been reading Life of Annie's comment section, you'd know I'm a moderate kind.

    Sorry, again.

  21. Off topic

    Immigrants are here are just for the sake of making monies. They came here for fortune seeker. Not because Malaya was a peaceful state. They don't bother about the sultanate or whatsoever. So they can leave anytime they want once they realised no more fortune can be made. So off you go somewhere. Stop complaining about everything..

  22. Anonymous7:50 am

    USA does charge GST

  23. Anonymous11:17 am


    No prob bro. Just wanted to clarify...

  24. Dear Bru.
    I have checked what Loose74 said in Din's. It's in March 2013.

    He does not mention, melayus.
    It's, UMNOites, that he wants to chase..

    I'm sorry Loose74, for misquoting you.

  25. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Why don't you read OutSyed The Box's article "Policy Making & The GST". A very interesting & indepth article. Believe even ball carrying moron like you too would be able to understand it.

  26. Anonymous7:22 pm


    OUtside the Box "latest blog claims that "PM cum MOF says Congo, Burundi and MYanmar have GST". PM did not mention Congo and Myanmar..,
    Perhaps Outside the Box should check the speech.