Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Did this Professor blame the NEP for "soaring" crime?

Malay gangsters only in movies; NEP "cronies" in real life 
In Policies favouring the Malays have something to do with "soaring" crime? (3540 Jalan Sudin, Oct 18), blogger Nuraina Samad draws us to The New York Times's audacity of suggesting that the NEP was partly to blame for Malaysia's crime rate.   
I agree with her: "What a load of bull!"
Exceprts from the NYT:
"Critics of the government’s approach say that amid what they call an obfuscation of crime statistics and the sudden crackdown, any real discussion of the roots of Malaysia’s crime problem is being lost. 
They blame not only a police force that they view as corrupt and ineffectual, but also income inequality and the alienation of ethnic Indians who represent 7 percent of the country’s population, yet, according to the police, make up two-thirds of gang members. 
Some suggest the government needs to modify the country’s seemingly inviolable preferential policies for Malays, who receive scholarships, cheaper housing and government contracts as part of a policy dating from the 1970s. 
Ahmad Ghazali Abu Hassan, a professor at the National Defense University of Malaysia, says the system of preferences for Malays “should be modified to address inequality within our society, without identifying race.” 
Particularly in need of help, he said, were ethnic Indians. “I still believe that poverty is the root cause of this,” he said." - 
Read full article  Wave of high-profile crimes has put Malaysians on the defensive

Someone ought to interview the Universiti Pertahanan Nasional professor, though. I don't see him blaming the NEP at all. On the contrary, Prof Ahmad Ghazali may actually be suggesting that because the NEP has been successful in reducing poverty, the policy should be expanded to include non-Bumiputera poor, especially the Indians, in order to help Malaysia bring down crime .. 


  1. charleskiwi4:22 pm

    Whatever your believe is, one thing for sure is, as a result of NEP (Never Enough Policy) the Malays have not been able to learn how to be independent even after 44 years.
    Even the late Tun Razak was of the believe that 30 years should be sufficient for the poor Malays to be alleviated. One thing he never factored in his calculation was that the policy would have been hijacked for the egregious Mahathir to enrich himself to become the richest man in Asia plus making his schlub son to become a billionaire. All that was in the name of the Malay when the truth is he is not a Malay, not a Malay. A good example, why is Gandhi who married an Italian but his descendants remain as Indians ? I can list thousands of them here as examples but if Allah wanted the egregious Mahathir to be a Malay he would have been born a Malay. For Allah is Almighty !
    As I said this many times before and I will say it again if the egregious Mahathir disputes that just have his DNA tested to prove that he is a Malay, simple as that.
    I am even willing to pay for the test with a bank guarantee if he is willing to do so if the test shows he is a Malay. He in recent year said that everything is possible, how come as P.M.for 22 years he was unable to get the 30% allocated by law for the Malays. Especially when he was able to make himself to become the richest man in Asia and his son as a billionaire in the name of being Malay. Or was it because he had no time to help the poor Malays as NEP was set up to ?
    In fact when he was the Lord of all he surveyed, there was no a single soul who would have dared to even question anything and everything he did and implemented ! Therefore why he never did anything for the poor Malays was reflected in the results of his numerous calls for the Umno candidates and also in all the by-elections and in the 12th election !
    In other words the poor Malays are no idiots or fools any more !

    1. Anonymous10:29 pm

      Why the need to keep harping on Dr.M's ethnicity or his descendants? I thought DAP is about Malaysian First, i.e colour blind. Do you hate people of Indian ancestry? What about Mamak? You hate them too, because they can join UMNO?
      Your names sounds Anglo, though. You must be caucasian or you extremely adore anything MatSalleh.

      His son, the "richest in Asia""?
      Don,t write cock, Charles. His name is not among the top 10 richest man, even in Malaysia.
      What about your Rear Admiral? Mat Sabu named him Al-Juburi when he was DPM + Finance Minister. As MP & opposition leader he lived in a 7Million home. He also spend most of his free time in foreign land. Can we name him a millionaire too?


  2. Anonymous4:22 pm

    I propose Rocky Bru to go for a check up on his head. While Malaysia was developing materialistically it was not developing people mentally. With special provisions for a group of people, sooner or later it will invite international interference just like he tAparthied issue of South Africa. Today unfortunately the ANC had totally squandered the nation which the whites built.

  3. Anonymous5:13 pm


    Org Melayu sudah malas kerja dan tak competitif. Pandai snatch bag jer la. The truth is bitter

  4. Ajibgor5:39 pm

    Mat&Minah Rempits, Mat Raguts dan Jaguh Kampung...
    Apa Lagi ummNO Mahu bikin sejak 1981!???

  5. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Xpe le rocky dia org nk ckp apa pun bkn ada sakit pun kta rsa. Apa2 umno still king kt msia ni. Yg org lain bole buat ialah menyalak je x berenti renti. Sian dia org.

    rockybru's shoulder to cry on

  6. Anonymous6:14 pm

    charleskiwi said...
    What a crap comment.

    Non bumi got the start first to become sucessfulll since the British and followed by the kind hearted Tunku Abd Rahman who gave monopolies to them. Not many non bumi's sincerly want to help bumi infact they use the Ali Baba scheme by dupping the Bumi to become more richier. Recall the day when ASN to be floated how out of sudden there a jump in purchasin the unit solely for Bumi and it another Ali Baba. How do you expect BUMI will make it in 30 years or so when the heart is not sincere in helping each others. OK just tell me how many NON BUMIs are in the ARMY and POLICE force or even BOMBA?.

  7. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Bru, most of us know the truth but we just don't wish to talk about it due to political en$lavement or it's best blame others to cover the NEP weaknesses. No government in the world todate had succeeded in turning around any disadvantaged society by just giving fish without teaching them how to fish for 30-50 years. Most local Indians are undenialbly poor, left with no work/biz opportunity but turned to gangsterism to survive.Screening Indian fight movies are not helping situation.Stop picking and blaming the local Chinese for every thing not right - these people have alienated themselves from mainstream govt bcoz they already accepted the hard fact no help whatsoever will be given to them, they must work crazy hard to survive -VCD seller, chow kyow tiau,pasar malam traders, SME biz,hawkers,etc

  8. Anonymous6:31 pm

    I agree wholeheartedly with you Rocky. NEP should include the Indians poor. I feel sorry whenever I met and passed them, especially the unfortunate ones. In the lift,in the washroom, by the the roadside, in the building basements doing odd jobs. I felt that these guys deserve better. They don't have forever to do those kind of thing. I understand their sense of hopelessness and shame of having to do all of those jobs. You can see that on their faces. I can feel their pain.
    We should help these guys. There should be more ladders created so that they could climb out from poverty. With the right formula of opportunities and assistance, their children and the future generation of poor Indians can do better and can do well. We should stop all these vicious cycle. There are only 7 percent of them. They won't be a threat to the Malays. Even if all of them vote en-bloc to the opposition by the next GE, they won't be able to bring down the Malay-led government. We give them help, why would they do such a thing? Why bite the hand that feed you? Though I know those who did but that's another story saved for another day.
    After all, we're only helping the poor. It won't cost the government that much. I rest my case.

  9. Anonymous8:32 pm


    I think your brain is full of shit. Do you know the meaning of 'otak udang'? Tun Dr Mahathir is more Malay than Indian. His father is half Malay and half Indian whilst his mother is a Malay. That makes him 3/4 Malay and only 1/4 Indian.

    We Malays don't really care about a person's DNA as long as he is a Muslim and has a Malay soul. In other words we prefer a leader who is an ultra- Malay and Tun Dr Mahathir is a fine example.

    As your name suggests, why don't you just stay put in Kiwi and don't interfere in Malaysian politics especially with regards to Malay special rights. My guess is you must be a Chinese and by that definition you are a mere pendatang and nothing more. Ptui!!

  10. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Professor seumpama ini adalah ibarat kangkung yang hidup melata di tepi longkang. Hasil akademik tidak seberapa malah lebih bercupak dari bergantang dan sekali-kali tidak mampu merubah paradigma masyarakat tempatan maupun antarabangsa. Maka apalah yang hendak dibanggakan sangat jika ilmu di dada tidak mebawa manfaat kecuali sekadar isi perut,berkereta mewah, beristeri muda, ramping lagi seksi.

    Seperti saya kata, profesor ini ibarat kangkung sesuai untuk sajian kambing. Cuba lihat beruk-beruk bergelar professor yang berdegar-degar mengutuk tetapi terpinga-pinga apabila ditanya tentang kredebiliti akademik masing-masing. Ada tak sesiapa melihat hatta mendengar Aziz Bari, Azmi Shahrom atau Mohd Asri dijulang dipersada akademik dunia sebagai ilmuwan, atau cendiakawan tersohor. Periksa CV mereka, ada berapa ratus citation karya mereka oleh ilmuwan luar negara, pernah nama mereka di nobatkan untuk gelaran bertaraf dunia, ada tak mereka merobah paradigma ilmu dalam bidang yang diterokai dengan idea bernas, teori yang hebat maupun inovasi yang canggih. Tentu jawapannya tidak, jadi tidak perlu membuang masa memberi publisiti murahan kepada manusia picisan ini, Mereka tiada nilai disisi marhaen, tiada jatidiri keintelektualan untuk dipertahankan maupun keupayaan akademik untuk di julang. Yang mereka pandai adalah kutuk mengutuk, jatuh menjatuh sesama sendiri ibarat kanak-kanak hingusan berebut gula.

    CharlesKiwi adalah percisan masyarakat bodoh. Manusia ini adalah bagaikan pepatung yang terperangkap dalam lubang/lengkongan masa( time warp). Manusia yang tidak lekang dari amarah nafsu dan hasad dengki terhadap insan yang berjaya. Justeru,kebenciannya yang membuak terhadap Tun Dr Mahathir adalah terbit dari jiwanya yang kotor yang dibelenggu seribu satu hasad, yang dirantai seribu satu nawaitu jahat. CK adalah manusia kerdil yang obses menyalahkan orang lain untuk nasib sendiri. Manusia bongkak berotak dangkal yang hanya layak menghentam tetapi mendedahkan kebodohan diri dengan setiap ungkapan yang terpercik dari dirinya. Apa kata kalau Tun dengan mudah menyita kesemua harta Cina pada tahun 1981(bila beliau mula menerajui tampuk pentadbiran)dan mengagihkan terus 30% kepada golongan Bumiputera? Adakah Charleskiwi dan sewaktu dengannya akan puas hati? Sudah tentu tidak kerana bahlol bernama Charleskiwi akan tetap menyalahkan Tun sebagai diktator atau gelaran hodoh yang lain. Itu sahaja tahap pemikiran dan jatidiri manusia seperti CK. Hanya mampu berseronok menggilap ego kerdilnya di laman maya ibarat penggilap kasut jenama Kiwi.

    Yang menyayatkan hati pemerhati ini ialah hakikat bahawa seperti juga professor kangkung, sampah masyarakat seperti CK bertaburan merata diatas pentas masyarakat. Bergolek kesana kemari tanpa keharuan sehingga ditiup angin peredaran zaman kedalam longkang buat peneman professor kangkung yang bercangkung dibibir longkang. Macam professor jua, manusia macam CK tiada nilai disisi masyarakat. Pemikiran dan tingkah lakunya persis beruk yang dibela buat memanjat pohon kelapa. Bila disuruh panjat, ia panjat, di suruh baling ia baling, disuruh petik ia petik, di suruh minum ia muntah....hahahahaha.

    Kejahilan diri CK bukanlah fenomena yang menakjubkan. Ia mewarnai pemikiran umum yang di dokong setiap individu yang berperasan intelektual tetapi berjiwa bodoh sombong berotak lompang. Perasaan bangga diri ini melingkari setiap insan yang merasakan diri gagah walhal kerdil.Fikiran mereka di belenggu dengan tanggapan diri yang 'hyper ego', yang mereka hebat kerana di-didik di Oxford atau London ataupun Melbourne maupun Boston.


    Warrior 231

  11. Anonymous9:03 pm

    ya lah nep patut di panjangkan kepada gangster cina :-) along cina dan pejudi dan pelacur cina juga. pegedar dvd cetak rompak :-) penyeludup haram :-) semua nya

  12. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Every year about 300,000 new Malays are born. Now tell me how can you discontinue NEP.

  13. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Bahagian 2

    Kalau disergah dari igauan itu, mereka pasti melenting. Fenomena ini bertali arus dari pembudayaan songsang serta gaya hidup kepura-puraan. Bila budaya yang mendasari pendidikan wal dan asuhan mereka lompang atau camping atau lebih buruk lagi bersendikan 'low culture', apakah akan wujud manusia yang bersifat objektif maupun rasional yang mampu berhujah beralaskan fakta, bersalutkan kebenaran. tentu sekali tidak.

    Kita ambil dua contoh terkini.

    1.Kes kalimah 'Allah". Isunya mudah: a)mengapa hendak digunakan ungkapan ARAB dalam Terjemahan MELAYU. Apakah rasionalnya mengaitkan kalimah yang memiliki ontologi monotheisma dengan suatu yang epistomolginya berteraskan 3 in 1 (bagaikan bancuhan kopi segera)!! adakah mereka menyedari asal usul kalimah Allah itu sendiri dalam terjemahan Bible Arab yang pertama hampr separauh abad selepas kewafatan Nabi (SAW) (Pehatikan TIADA terjemahan Bible kedalam Bahasa Arab sebelum atau semasa zaman Nabi(SAW) satu kejaiaban memandangkan selang masa 1300 tahun antara Jesus dan Nabi (SAW). Pernahkah mereka merujuk kepada 'The Bible in Arabic' oleh Sidney Griffith tentang mengapa dan bagaimana kalimah itu wujud dalam Bible Arab? Adakah mereka mengetahui hakikat konsep 'cultural/lingusitic displacement', konsep discourse hegemony' dsbnya. Dan adakah mereka pernah menyusuri sejarah bagaimana kalimah Allah itu diserapkan oleh Belanda untuk tujuan pendakwahan mazhab Protestant di Ambon khususnya walhal Portugis yang bermazhab Katholik (sama seperti Murphy Pakiam) menggunakan kalimah 'Deus'. Bukankah lebih aula bagi golongan Protestan yang bawa kes ini dari golongan Katholik? Nah gamplang sudah, nawaitu jahat meraka.

    Malangnya, kebodohan menegakkan yang bathil ini menjadi misi "The Malaysian Insider" yang pengarangnya seorang yang bernama Muslim tetapi entahlah..... Sudah seminggu lebih TMI berkokok tentang isu ini (sehinggakan pada satu hari bilangan berita tentang isu ini adalah 50% dari seluruh berita dalam BI). Bukaknkah lebih elok portal berita ini menyebarkan kebenaran akan isu ini dari saban hari menjemput pelbagai orang gila, kafir dan dayus memberi pendapat picisan bodoh mereka. Bukankah lebih afdhal dan berhemah dalam menyebarkan kebenaran dari meniupkan prasangka yang terbit dari kebatilan yang jelas. Tepuk dada tanya keikhlasan diri, wahai TMI.

    Saya tidak berhasrat mengungkit isu ini secara panjang lebar.Cuma saya hendak sajikan sedikit bagi mematahkan salah satu hujah licik gereja Katholik. Sila lihat perenggan pertama pada mukasurat 15:


    Anda dipersilakan membuat andaian sendiri mengenai niat sebenar gereja Katholik. Sebenarnya saya ada banyak lagi bahan rujukan ditangan tapi saya tidak ingin meredah kedalam kancah kebodohan ini demi menghormati keputusan mahkamah yang arif. Cuma saya terkialan apabila keputusan rasional itu kini di 'belah dua' atas sebab politik... (bersambung)

    Warrior 231

  14. Anonymous11:22 pm

    NEP will never be successful because of anti Malays trying their best to put down the Malays at everything. Lies and half truths are their weapons along with other things.

    It's the Malays own fault for giving free citizenship to these people during independence and allowing them to retain hold over the economic foundations of this country from even then.

  15. Anonymous11:51 pm

    How we the Malays should help the Indians when the rich Indians and those who are Christians are ashamed to claim they are Indians?

    The Malays are proud to be called 'Melayu' no matter whatever names the cHINA pukimaks label us as lazy and stupid. The Indians should do the same and the rich Indians should help their own brethren.

    Hannah Yeoh's husband is Indian named Ram but he says his Tamil is non-functional. And his children are classified as Chinese, not Indians! WTF?

  16. Anonymous2:57 am

    Anon 11.22pm

    You are just stupid, that's all. For 50 years, you and your UMNO pirates have been pillaging the country without fail and yet you chose to blame non-Malays for your own failure to uplift the poor Malaysians out of poverty

    It's time you quit and let the majority of Malaysians who voted for Pakatan, to govern the country.

    Please get lost, idiot.

  17. Mat Bon8:37 am

    Bro, the article was about a suggestion - to include those POOR Indians in the NEP-based programs. Focus on that sudah lah. Whether we agree or do not agree. Apa kena mengena dengan keturunan Dr M, orang Cina dan sebagainya.
    Accidently this was also what Pakatan has been talking. Extend help to all POORs, regardless of ethnicity. I agree with them on this score.

  18. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Some people are so greedy and stupid that a policy targeting 30% equity for the 60% natives riles them so much and they accuse UMNO of pillaging when the policy's failure to reach the target obviously meant that non Malays still hold a major slice of the pie. So who's the pillaging ones?

    These people wants to hold Malays heads under water so much and they have the cheek to call Malays stupid as well. Bunch of shameless racist greedy people.

    And they think voting for Pakatan is so intelligent. You have an UMNO reject as the Pakatan leader yourself, you idiots.

  19. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Gangsterism is a universal phenomenon. There are more gangsters in the G7 than the P7 (P=poor). It is a known fact that they live in bungalows, apartments and condos. If anyone come across a bunch of gangsters who live in a wooden hut, they are by definition shouldn't be identified as ones. This is because Gangsters=luxury. Period.

  20. Meleis2:01 pm

    Let's include the Indian in NEP, its evidential that the participation in Indian community in crime activities is caused by hardcore proverty and lack of opportunity.

    Include the Indian, exclude the ungrateful, corrupted motherfucking chinese. Isolate the fucking chinkies.

    They are the one that bribed people.. and later very much claimed everyone else are corrupted except them. A classic case of pot calling kettle black.

    I was a civil servant once during my time in civil service and was posted in East Malaysia. The first thing happened when i arrived at my rumah sewa was, i was really suprised as a chinese towkay already fitted my house with living room set, bed room set, kitchen set and even leave me a 4x4and a greeting note. I was soo pissed off, so I called him to remove eveything from my house and get rid of the ugly 4x4 from my porch.

  21. Anonymous3:14 pm

    If billions after billions of funds are being channeled for the last 50 years, to favor one 'race' over the rest and if it still failed, please don't blame others just to cover up your ass. There is no doubt that the 'race' refers to the elite UMNOputras who are enriching themselves and their families to be filthy rich.

    Only the rejects remained in UMNO, MCA and MIC. The majority of Malaysians irregardless of race, creed and gender, have left to join Pakatan. Please open your eyes big enough to see the reality.

  22. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Anon 12:28 PM


    What about "inability to compete", "relying on quotas, protection and handouts", "screwed-up education system" etc etc?

    Ah, we don't see these aired, do we?

    Let's ask the MNCs who have invested in Malaysia what exactly their hiring and employment preferences are, shall we?

    And let's ask why the government is reluctant to wield the "big stick" and force the said MNCs "kow tow" to affirmative action and quotas?

    Dreams versus hard economic realities?

  23. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Somewhere in all these cultural cross-firing the radical propaganda of Saudi Wahhabism must be the culprit that has gradually been stripping down the Malay religious mentality of its critical thinking faculties, and depriving it of its native spiritual chivalry.

    Any wonder that so-called puritan Saudis buy the most American-made military weapons in the whole wide world? Hand it to Anwar for tying up the Sauds with Malaysia.

  24. Petronas vouchers for citizens5:03 pm

    CharesKiwi good analysis. At least you got the analysis right. 22 years of the Malays independence were wasted under Mahathir. He wrote Tunku a letter asking Tunku to resign saying the "Cina menunjukkan kemaluan dan Tunku mungkin biasa ditunjukan kemaluan".
    But when the Malays gave him power he suck the Cina kemaluan himself so that his sons and daugther own billions while the Malays remain poor and beggar in their own country.
    The Malays have awakened to his trickery. Petronas revenue more than 2 trillion where are they? 30% or 750 billions have been given to the government where is the other 70%?
    Petronas should distribute its income to every citizens above 21 and not only to those who own cars or factories.
    The Chinese and Indians have enriched themselves by Mahathir policies. Its time to reclaim what is ours.

  25. charleskiwi9:32 am

    To all the so called Malays,

    There never was a country call Malaya, just like Australia or America, they were named by the Brits. Please research these facts carefully.

    By calling yourselves as sons of the soil, are you calling the whites from Europe as sons of the soil of Australia and North America ? When in actual fact the Brits sailed around the world looking for a penal colony just to house their hard core prisoners far away from Britain. They found Port Arthur in Hobart, there is no further place on earth than Hobart from Britain.
    You can't dispute the truth facts that the real sons of these places are the Aborigenes in Australia and the Red Indians in North America. So are the real son of Malaya are the Orang Asli (Original People) and appropriately named and by your ancestors from Indonesia, Who came to this country as refugees. Amongst them were also the chief of wanted pirates, who became the Sultans of Malaya, again a fact that cannot be denied and can be verified.

    Likewise the fortune hunters from England and France were all flocking to America in search of their fortunes and the Irish were leaving Ireland from the potatoes famine
    In Ireland.
    In the course of their endeavours they even went to war amongst before U.S. was found. All the above are historical facts and can be verified.
    If your explanation that because the egregious Mahathir's father was a half Malay and he too married a Malay and as a result he is 3/4 Malay. If that is your logic his grand children is more Chinese than Malay or Indian because his son is now married to a Chinese. Tell me by your logic what will the great grand children if the grand children marry Chinese ? This is going to be a fact soon, very soon !

    We can dispute and argue these for thy kingdom come, the only and simple solution and answer to this is have his DNA tested to prove the egregious Mahathir is indeed a Malay. Please don't buried your head in the sand on these facts.

    Not that this matters now especially when the question or the dispute here is what has this so called Malay done for the poor Malays in his 22 years rule as P.M. of Malaysia ? Again even the late Tun Razak was of the believe that 30 years would have been sufficient to alleviate the poor Malays. The non Malays have no qualms of that but now after 44 years, especially with more than half of that period under the egregious Mahathir. He has now become the richest man and his son has become a billionaire. What is happening to the million of poor Malays that NEP was set up for and the very people I am talking about ? How much has he done for the poor Malays and how come there are always still millions of them in the country ? Stop burying your head in the sands and I may not be seen as fighting for the poor Malays. But I am trying to wake up all the poor Malays that are still left in poverty and at these rates they will forever remain poor. That leaves me to wonder are you one of them that will remain a poor Malay amongst the millions ? Finally why did Umno do so badly in the last GE ?
    You can't blane the Chinese for that, after all they are only the minority especially after you take away those Chinese who elected 8 MCA MPs. Plus with so many of these small minority living abroad how many Chinese are there to make a Chinese tsunami as claimed by the keris waving Najib ?
    I told you before and I am saying this again the minority Chinese are never a threat in this country, millions of them have already left this country that you are now trying to bring them back with incentives and added incentives. At the rates the Chinese are leaving this country very soon there will be very few of them left to fight with you or threaten your illegitimate claim to be sons of the soil. You are better off to be part of Indonesia.

    Your real enemy and threat are your own kind !

  26. to charleskiwi

    Indeed there never was a country call Malaya.
    Then who coined the word 'Malaya' in the first place and for what reasons?
    Obviously the Malays were the dominant people occupying the land.
    The British did not ever deny the land they belong to the Malays and
    it was the British who recognized and guaranteed the special rights of the Malays before loads of Chinese and Indians came in to work as laborers for the British.The facts is right here and you don't need to dig deep into research and embroiled in a maze of dark past.

    And what is it so difficult to understand Mahathir being a Malay? Dr Mahathir name never even entered into the list of top billionaires in Malaysia. Instead the Chinese tycoons benefited the wealth during Mahathir premiership.

    The Malays had benefited from NEP. Malay share of wealth had risen from 5% to 23% since the
    implementation of NEP. It is still below the target of 30%.So do not try to champion the hardship of the Malays.That percentage increase itself translate into billions.

    Umno do so badly in the last GE? Did you do your homework? Umno secured 9 more seats than the previous election.Did you know that? PKR lost 1 seat and PAS lost 2 seats...and defector Anwar Ibrahim scored even lesser majority votes than the previous election. His daughter, Nurul Izzah almost lost. Why are u so dumb.