Thursday, October 24, 2013

Budget 2014: What Malaysians really want

GST. We want to see the government boldly announce the implementation of the GST in the Budget 2014 to be tabled by PM/MoF Najib Razak tomorrow. No flip-flopping.
We are one of the few remaining countries in the world that have not introduced GST. The system has benefitted ecoonomies and consumers in some 160 countries, including most of the developed economies like France, the UK, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland. In this region, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia have GST. Myanmar has not implemented it, perhaps because of the long-running junta rule, and Brunei will not because it has opted for Hudud instead. We have no excuses. 
Unless, of course, the Government tells us it is afraid of this ...


  1. fedupmalaysian11:20 am

    What else would one expect from an UNMO toady(not to be confused with toddy).
    The easier thing would be to plug all the leakages. No 1/2 billion commissions for subs,no 1/4 billion cow condos,no buying at inflated prices, no padding of contracts, no direct negotiations etc...

    Boleh buat ke. Why should the Rakyat be squeezed till the last drop of their ringgit to feed the FUC**ING FAT CORRUPT POLITICIANS.

    Those who support them must either be DUNGGUS or have joined their GRAVY TRAIN.

    So which are you??

  2. Anonymous12:51 pm

    As a small man compare to all the VVIPs, all I just humbly ask for is please allow us some rest from work like mad so that we can spend some time with family instead of sleeping whole day Sunday.Every day must work late sometime to 8-9pm for OT allowance to cover enough rising costs.No pay increase nevermind but bring down living costs!

  3. Mustapha Ong2:26 pm

    Hope BN government is not being intimidated by a bunch of ignorant PR politicians and their followers who are protesting against the GST implementation most likely to be announced by the PM in his Budget 2014 tomorrow. It's high time that Malaysia should take the bold step in implementing GST in the wider interest of the people as part of the healthy financial control of the government. GST is another positive economic stimulant that will benefit the people and country that should not be further postponed. However, the government should take remedial actions to reassure that prices of basic and essential consumer goods will not be increased due to the implementation of GST.

  4. Petronas 50 billions should be distributed to citizens1:09 am

    Rocky if Malaysia had done well so far without GST what does it means?
    It means GST is not useful hahaha..

    No country has Islamic banking except Malaysia but we survive and now its more widely accepted.

    So is GST is another western taxation system.

    The evil subsidy by Petronas to the tunes of 50 billions every year is the elephant in the room bro..

    This 50 billions should be distributed to every one above 21 years old.

    As it is those Malays and orang asli in the kampungs who own the oilfields as birthright dont get a cent unless they own big cars.