Saturday, August 31, 2013

Merdeka, foolish GSC folks, and a Cina reviews Tanda Putera

1. Guan Eng backpedals after calls to screen Tanda Putera 
2. Annie on Dennis Chua's review
Original posting:
So, since Guan Eng's "directive" has suddenly become "only an advisory", the people at GSC, the largest cinema chain in the country, have decided OK-ah they'll screen Tanda Putera, the locally-produced movie the DAP hates and fears for reasons only known to the DAP. 
Ah, so we should all be so grateful to the GSC lah, eh? God works in mysterious ways, you see, and now we all know how eager you buggers were about the prospects of polishing Guan Eng's shoes ...
I hope the GSC pr people have learnt a lesson or two about their politicians from this episode.
BashesTanda Putra in his Merdeka message
Advisory to Lim Guan Eng, take a break from your extreme politics for one day today, go and take your family to watch Tanda Putera. Thousands of Malaysians have watched the movie and I don't hear of anyone starting a racial riot as you said they would  ... 
Advisory to the GSC people: go read this review by Dennis Chua, From A Page in History (NST, Cinema, 29/8/2013)
"... this film ought to be on every citizen's "must watch" list for its historical significance ... it remains a strong contender for the top prize at the next Malaysian Film Festival."
A Malaysian Down Under tweets: Celebrating 31st August without duress
Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka ke 56 kepada rakyat Malaysia, di mana jua anda bermastautin ..


  1. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Lepas menonton Tanda Putera...highly recommend utk setiap orang tak kira bangsa atau agama terutama warganegara malaysia. Yang rasa-rasa bukan warganegara Malaysia atau warganegara jelup..tak menonton pon tak pe. Myself ...baru sedar how significantnya Tun Dr Ismail. Tapi peliknya Dato Harun Idris tak diceritakan cerita yang sebenar. Mungkin penerbit film patut ceritakan hal Dato Harun pulak.

    Tapi pelik...kenapa DAP takut tak bertempat.?

  2. Anonymous11:12 pm

    its amazing. A small miracle really. Things like Rocky get a platform in msia and its 2013...amazing...One only wonder why...and for whom..that such despicable scum exist.....

  3. Anonymous9:27 am

    Well, it IS from NST...hehe...establishment paper mah.
    The Star's Tanda Putera 'review' via storify is breezier in format, IMHO.
    But I shall refrain from commenting about the movie itself...going to see it on Monday. MERDEKA!


  4. Anonymous9:47 am

    So what happens to your boycott of GSC? You spoke too soon?
    Very unbecoming of a senior media person.
    Hope you realize that you are indeed a batu api, or are you about to go around blaring that it was because of your POWERFUL 'boycott GSC' decision that made the theatre operator reverse the decision?

    You too need a break.


    1. No, dear Param ...

      The GSC decided to screen Tanda Putera because Guan Eng was about to leave them in a lurch by reversing his "directive" to an "advisory".

      I believe Guan Eng finally watched the movie and realised he was being an ass. Have you?

      P.s And since the GSC has got it's tail between its legs, I shall take it that they have learnt their lesson. That does not mean I'll be going there anytime soon.

  5. Anonymous10:16 am

    Yes it is indeed a must watch. The best comedy movie in the year:-D

  6. Anonymous11:03 am

    I want to suggest to Shumi to a historical piece on Bintang Tiga next.

  7. Rocky , I'm enraged with star belittling our merdeka. They put merdeka news not page one or two or three. They put at page 20. Kurang ajar. Worse they wrap around it with a merdeka ads. Without this add it would be a back needs for all. We must start a move against government buying anything of star. This is too much.

  8. Anonymous6:11 pm

    lge asked to boycott the movie u called him idiot...

    now u calls the same for gsc... what does that make u... a moron?

  9. Anonymous6:27 pm

    5 millions bucks to come out with a poorly edited nazi-like figment of imagination propaganda.

    Should just give her a smack on the head.

  10. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Sukarno’s anti-imperial ideology saw Indonesia increasingly dependent on the Soviet Union and China which was met with indignation from Western countries.The cash-strapped government had to scrap public sector subsidies, annual inflation rose to as high as 1,000%, export revenues were shrinking, infrastructure crumbling, and factories were operating at minimal capacity with negligible investment. Sukarno’s administration became increasingly ineffective in providing a viable economic system to lift its citizens out of poverty and hunger. Meanwhile, Sukarno led Indonesia into Konfrontasi, a military confrontation with Malaysia, removed Indonesia from the United Nations, and stepped up revolutionary and anti-Western rhetoric.[2]
    By 1965 at the height of the Cold War, the PKI penetrated all levels of government. With the support of Sukarno and the Air Force, the party gained increasing influence at the expense of the army, thus ensuring the army's enmity.[3] Muslim clerics, many of whom were landowners, felt threatened by the PKI's rural land confiscation actions. The army was alarmed at Sukarno’s support for the PKI’s wish to quickly establish a "fifth force" of armed peasants and labourers.[4] Adding to this desperate and fractious nature of Indonesia in the 1960s, a split within the military was fostered by Western countries backing a right-wing faction against a left-wing faction backed by the Parti Komunis Indonesia (PKI) After suppressing the coup in 1965, Suharto's Orde Baru regime outlawed Communism and all Chinese beliefs and customs in 1967.
    It was the peaceable traditional religious Chinese rural folks who were bullied and oppressed by the Min Yuen and the Chin Peng communist rebels in Malaysia during those troubled post-WWII decades
    while Lim Kit Siang and the DAPsters identified with the Maoist credo in their so-called struggle for Chinese solidarity in Malaysia. However as history has witnessed the divergence of political ethos and social pragmatics between Indonesia and Malaysia, Chinese people in Malaysia have never had anything whatsoever to worry about as concerns their lives, religion, familial lineage, property and possessions, or cultural heritage! The only people that had no place in Malaysian society were the cadres of the Malayan Communist Party and their supporters or all things ideologically atheistic, suppressive and violent for that matter!

    Experience of a Chinese traditionalist in Indonesia:

  11. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Yeah, let's boycott the STAR. Let's boycott GSC. Let's boycott all the bak kut teh stalls.....

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    Zheng Ho Abdullah

  12. Anonymous7:06 pm


    I am raising money for a new movie. It is fiction, of course, but I will say that it is inspired by true events.

    Senior minister of a country goes to buy fighter jets from Russia. While there, he was introduced to a blonde bombshell who was multilingual. After a few bonks, and unaware of being taped by the KGB, he makes her an official part of his entourage. He promises her a commission. He also shares her with his best friend. Fast forward 6 years, and this minister has become prime minister of his country. His handlers refuse to pass through the blonde girlfriend's calls. In exasperation, she goes to his country and rings the doorbell of PM's residence. Of course they could not meet, so he asks his handlers to take care of her. You know what his handlers did ? They erased her immigration records, and they used C4 to bomb her to bits.

    unfortunately for his handlers, there were witnesses to the initial abduction. these witnesses made police reports and the people who used the C4 were eventually traced, and her DNA recovered. The DNA also showed that the victim was pregnant, but subsequent tests somehow mysteriously disappeared from the lab.

    At the trial, the prosecution and the defence collaborated to ensure that the local killers are not found guilty.

    The victim's s spirit roamed the halls of the prime minister's residence. The PM's wife engaged in voodoo practices to try to get rid of the spirit, but to no avail.

    Looks like my script is too long....any suggestions to shorten it and make it more dramatic ?


  13. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Don't boikot STAR if you boikot STAR you are boikoting Suara Tunku Abdul Rahman-'STAR', memalukan melayu, suratkhabar MCA dan Universit TAR nama melayu tapi 'CINA' punya.Pemimpin Melayu tidoq dibuai mimpi

  14. Anonymous3:13 am

    Boycott The Star, GSC, AirAsia, Lee Chong Wei, Nicol David, anything made by a Chinaman, anything made by a company that has more than one Chinese staff, Pandelela Rinong, anything in the shape of a cross.

    Boycott your common sense.

    Boycott your country's future.

    Boycott your membership of the human race.

    Happy boycotting, boy.

  15. Anonymous12:00 pm

    That Forrest Grump character in UMNO is this person who calls himself or herself Ellese A.

    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.

  16. Anonymous1:03 pm

    boy boy @ 3.13 am, why you not happy ahh, consumer RIGHTS ma !!

  17. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Dei thambi...u all still layan this rocky fellow ah...waste time lah...better korek my hidung than reading his rubbish

    Abdullah Ching Maniam Joseph