Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vatican envoy does the right thing, apologizes to Malaysian Muslims for "Allah" comment

Updates: A Muslim in Sarawak, where Christians are allowed to use Bahasa Indonesia bibles which refer to god as "Allah", explains why the same "privilege" should not be extended to Semenanjung Malaysia. Read Let Me Rest, Let Me Rest, Let Me Rest 

Swift and sweet end. The next time Archbishop Joseph Marino gives an interview, he'd be more careful - not just with what he says but to which media he says it too. The Vatican's ambassador to Malaysia would have learned that a remark not intended to hurt anyone's feelings can, in the hands of the wrong news portal, be spun to do more than that. Credit to the Nuncio, he has apologized to Muslims in this country for his remarks. The apology was conveyed to Foreign Minister Anifah Aman during a closed-door meeting yesterday. 
The Archbishop's 3-para statement: 
At noon today (16 July 2013), the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Joseph Marino, had the opportunity to speak directly with the Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs Datuk Seri Anifah Aman, who had called him to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the comments recently reported in the local media.He was grateful to the Minister for the meeting during which he assured him the comments were never intended as an attempt to intrude into the internal affairs of the country. In that context, he asked him to convey apologies for any misunderstandings and inconveniences that it may have caused.In fact the Apostolic Nuncio happily told the Honorable Minister, that as the former Holy See's Apostolic Nuncio to Bangladesh, a country whose majority population is Muslim, he firmly believes that inter-religious dialogue is the means to promote good relations among peoples of different faiths, who can discover the beauty of each others' belief. Consequently, he assured the Minister of the commitment of this Mission to promote closer relations among all religions. 
In the spirit of Ramadan, the Muslims in this country will be just too happy to forgive Marino, just wait and see. But let's not forget that it will take some effort and time one everyone's part to repair the damage. Allah bless Anifah Aman, our Foreign Minister, for his swift and sweet diplomacy, may he have the strength to continue to lead us in forging a peaceful interfaith co-existence, even though he's not the Minister in charge of religious matters. Kudos to Khairy Jamaluddin also, who is not the Minister in charge of religious matters, either, but has played a role in echoing and supporting Anifah in dealing with crisis. Read After Vatican envoy's contration, (Khairy) urges end to rumpus.  


  1. Anonymous2:55 am

    1. That was no apology, it was mockery. He dint even mention apologies in there! A sincere apology would mean complete retraction and sober reflection. Nothing of the kind, here, enuff said.

    He has said his piece in support of the kaffirs. What follows is immaterial, whether it is a couched apology or otherwise. The original statement remains unretracted, period. As long as that remains, everything else is pure sandiwara. Tell him to go burn in hell for trying to fool Muslims like me. I am not buying.

    2. Alvivi anyone? Any surprises there. Jeepers, I am even surprised people especially Muslims are shocked! What would you expect if umpteen times before, the relevant authorities acted like pondans, hiding behind amarans.


    Namewee and the azan mockery and later the hijab jibe. What happened to him? Nothing. Why we even had the hero, Nazri Aziz meeting him up in Parliament! and rationalizing that the pig was a misunderstood creative wunderkind!

    b. 3 years ago, some idiots from a certain race threw some pig's head into a surau. What
    happened to them? Nothing!

    c. Kalimah Allah has been stirred shit dry by Lim Guan Eng. what happens to him?

    d. The Star puts a pork dish on its Ramadan supplement. What happens to it? Nothing.

    e. Teo Nie Ching walks improperly attired and probably in menses, into a surau and
    stands on the place where male Muslims sujud. What happens to her? Nothing

    f. Some idiot bitch calls for the azan to be piped down in Selangor while her munafikun
    friends builds a Hindu temple in a Muslim majority area? What happens to them?

    I can cite many more but the point is too much face has been given while the law has been silenced. Padan muka lah sekarang! You expect people not to be emboldened by pondanism? So reap what you sow, you deserve it and more for neutering public order via the ISA, EO etc abolishment.

    Next, tell the idiots to throw away the Sedition Act (like what a certain ugly looking botak headed caterwauling BN monkey is demanding) after the ISA, the EO, and the Restricted Restricted Act. Better still, throw away the whole CPC, decriminalize crime, and disband the PDRM. Saves money what. Then we can all have a street party with Psy as cheerleader, of course.........hahahaha

    P/s : waiting for our hero Nazri to come riding into the fray like a white knight in shining armor. Sweep Alvivi off their feet and declare them as Anak Watan for promoting Malaysia as a bah kut teh tourist destination. Bet he will organise a free bah kut teh chow session on Jonker Walk. Dont be surprised, folks!

    Moral: if one is ill equipped or do not know how to govern, don't govern, period! Rather than trying to make a pretence of governing and showing how stupid one can be even in make believe! Malulah wei.

    Warrior 231

  2. Apology must come with press statement. Or otherwise the absolute power doesn't belong to the government of Malaysia.

  3. Anonymous6:42 am

    Which Judge will now dare to rule in favour of the Christians in the ALLAH case? Will they have to apologise too?

  4. Anonymous7:30 am

    "the malay gov is now pondan to its best"... no doubt all of us need to ponder.

    "guan eng eyeing best shots by having this moron marino by his side" ... another good buddy for guan eng to fight his war to win the country to be placed under christianity control.

    I believed, if this morons staying in somalia, egypt, syria I bet they wont standing alive as they would today.
    Another point is what really happening to muslims leaders nowdays? are they still muslims and have the sensitivity? or have they been hijacked by another teachings and beliefs or are they part of that community that they wont mind to see all this things happening with non-stopped? we are talking about the muslims leaders, and not the non-muslims which we understood their ignorant behaviour. But to see the muslims leader to remain ignorant is questionable? malaysia is very lucky since no anarchist element engulfed the population's minds or actions as we can see in iraq, syria, egypt etc.. not yet as we see today.

  5. Anonymous7:33 am

    Tak cukup ke? Apa lagi Warrior 231 mahu?

    Please show some humility too, like Marino has done.

  6. Anonymous8:17 am

    Warrior, don't try to be stupid and looks like idiot. Our allegation all of tem are not proven right. Even the pig head throwing incident is proven to be done by Malay for provocation. Your allegation on neo is totally unfounded and saying that she was having menses is the fact allegation added by you. You are an idiotic Muslim bringing shame to Islam religion.

  7. Anonymous8:20 am

    Nah.They can ban all they like.we are just going to do as usual.Come to my house and take if you want. Only people who has never understand their religion will be confused.Since small I never get confused even when I know both using the same (scratch head) or everyone else. Tell me, if you hold a bible in your say that it is a Quran instead? come one...don't bring yourselves down.Don't they get it that when the end of the world comes,God is judging us..not humans?So by telling others to change their Father's name just because it is the same as my Father's name is the right thing to do?I will just check hati sendiri dulu daripada tunding jari cakap hati awak salah.

  8. Anonymous8:39 am

    Allah! Thou art One and Absolute;
    Most Compassionate Most Merciful;
    Sovereign of the Day of Judgement;
    Thee do we worship and Thine aid do we seek; Guide us on the straight way; The way of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace, not those upon whom is your wrath, nor those gone astray . . .

  9. Anonymous8:51 am

    One down, 23 more to go.

  10. Anonymous9:18 am

    To warrior 231..
    Well done for the list.Our simple response, what if that Anwar Ibrahim guy is Malaysia's PM..would you think he will actually do something???
    from a warrior too...

    1. Anonymous7:20 pm

      Ai is a pig himself.

  11. Even though I tend to agree with no 1 comment,but I sincerly felt that God will accept the apology. I cannot say it is taubat since it has other religious elements to be included.
    But I think lets us go forward and build the better Malaysia,and the Muslim must long as the Muslim is left behind,in poverty,poorly educated,involved in sinful activities,such as corruption,adultary,they will be insulted by others.
    Our school must teach the true substance of Islam and not just other less importance stuff.RTM or other main stream medias must continously explain Islamic teaching,the role of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)especially during importance month of Muslim calendar.People will definitely will appreciate it.Then only misunderstanding would not occur.
    I think all of us should play our role in dessiminating Islamic Knowledge to our non Muslim friends.That is how Muslim empire grow during Prophet and his Sahabat times.Please do not detach yourself from this responsibility.

  12. Anonymous9:44 am

    there is no such thing as beauty of each others' belief... agama kamu adalah agama kamu, agama aku adalah agama aku... and Warrior 231, i like ur style... :) /Spinx

  13. Anonymous9:53 am

    663it's a classic non-apology apology... i'm sorry about the public reaction on this matter rather than my own action.

  14. Anonymous10:00 am

    do our ministers that believe in the faith of Islam is as principled as the religion calls for... do i hear a whisper of courage from our Islamic leaders to voice against the enemies of Islam? Hey Guys don't forget, u ministers are currently at the epitome of power, you will be answerable to Allah on how you have governed on Earth...

  15. Don't get easily fooled. This is not the thing we should easily forgive & forget. Be firm when it comes to religion. I hate it when people manipulating the Arab Christians are also using the kalimah Arab for their hidden agenda. Might as well they use Arabic Bible. Be honest, truthful & reasonable without labeling us the Muslims as shallow-minded, paranoids, racists, or fearing the ascendancy of other religions.

  16. Anonymous10:10 am

    He apologies? I thought many people out there had been fooled by this bastard but i never thought Rocky Bru eat it as well. Dear Rocky, open your eyes wider, he didnt apologies at all. Why on earth do we need a Vatican Diplomat here. Our PM should send him back within 24 hours and close their office here for good. if not, there will be another envoy saying the same thing and then throw the same words like this and we say he apologize...

    I am with warrior 231 above.

  17. Anonymous10:50 am

    wow! some very selective examples cited by some misguided perwira..I suppose you could point the finger in the other direction for misdeeds committed against other religions which have gone unpunished as what now? Chicken and egg story?

    If it's just a question of wanting to look much more holier and superior, by all means, revel in that apology and all of the bending backwards.

    Form over substance is the crux of the matter.

  18. Anonymous10:54 am

    Aah! It is good to see you, Anon, getting stirred and sprouting shit.
    While the rest of the world is busy getting on the with the business of living, you see insults, plots and attempts to besmirch Islam. At least Rocky does not.

    So get a life. Get ahead by working hard and getting along. Nobody really cares if an idiot or two has bad manners. Bad manners are bad manners.

    There are no plots to belittle anyone except in our brains. That's why some call non-Malays born and bred in our land "pendatang" even though some of their ancestors sneaked into the country by row boat in the middle of the night.

    Surely Islam is strong enough and worthy enough to survive a couple of idiots. How do I know? Because the "pendatangs" are getting along and getting by inspite of all they face. Like Rocky said it is also time to forgive as it is Ramadan.

  19. Anonymous11:19 am

    Rocky, by the same token did the Mufti of Perak apologise to the Christians for forwarding a false and malicious SMS alleging that the Muslims are going to be baptised by the Malaysian sailor at the Silibin Catholic church and which caused hundred of Muslinms to gather outside the church. For your information, In Catholism, only the priest can perform the conversion rites which must be done in open.

    Remember the case about the two al-Islam Muslim journalist who entered a Catholic church and participated in the religious ritual by receiving the communion and then spat and stepped on the wafer, no action was taken.

    In fact we should respect the court's decision and until the court finds otherwise the decision of the court as it is remain. Hope Christian sensitivities and the law will be respect ted.

  20. Anonymous11:30 am

    RCI in Sabah has revealed that the police knew in advance about the half starving (rockys words)sulu terrorist who killed our men. if true then heads should roll starting from the bungling cousins. They have our men's blood on their hands.

  21. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Warrior 231,

    You're The Man!!!!

    Completely with you bro.

    It's obvious he donno how to govern, better don't govern ah jib gor. Stop being a smart aleck. Kemonlah ah jib n geng...nuff with the nonsensical moronic derelict behaviour already. Stop being a non compos mentis laa ...

  22. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    It looks like your blog's comments are getting out of hand,so much hatred are being posted by the 2 divides.It ain't gonna do any good for nation building,unless that's not your agenda.Honestly, it would benefit all if you take trouble to censure out all those angry birds who pen hatred, if your pre-advice on hatred comments unwelcomed is not respected.Only comments which can help resolve an issue fairly or with hinting intelligence shd be posted, angry birds comments are making issue worse.

    1. Anonymous7:27 pm

      Yeah yeah yeah when it comes to the muslims it is hatred what he did was awesome ye?
      . Sabar ada limit ye.

  23. Anonymous2:26 pm

    This is a wake up call to fellow muslims. We need to take a hard look at ourselves and address our shortcomings first.
    Our collective iman is shaky. That's why we get these snipes against our religion.

  24. Anonymous3:48 pm

    A response to all the hypocrites out there.

    1. Sikamat incident : no action

    I even took one from an opposition blogspot, just to prove the fact.

    Note: a couple of Malay Muslim boys threw a Molotov cocktail at some effing church and they are now languishing in prison, 5 years no less. Some justice there.

    2. Nga mocking the Quran : no action

    Ngeh mocks Muslims with his twit over the Sam Bacile blockbuster : no action

    3. The DUMC openly proselytized to Muslims at Maghrib during Ramadan : no action

    4. Patrick Teoh unleashes his foul rant against Islam : no action

    5. Nik Aziz calls fellow Muslims kafir and yaps about holding the keys to heaven's door :
    No action.

    6. Anwar lies about the Prophet on the parent conversion issue: no action

    The hypocrites here want more? I can give more plus extra. Someone, please keep the score.

    7. Who said I am making up unfounded allegations:

    Teo Nie Ching, a menses capable bitch, transgressed the surau and entered the male prayer zone in a body hugging kebaya sans a proper tudung, just to yap about some garbagey loan! You think we are all stupid and forget easily.

    I loved this from AK47. Wonder if he is a Melayu Muslim bangsat now as he was mocking others then?

    So bring your filth elsewhere and leave Allah's religion alone for it is for ALL Muslims, not effing politicians and their ilk only. Simply put, they can go fly kites elsewhere instead of meddling with my religion!

    8. About the Nuncio. To me its simple. If you want to apologize, show your sincerity by RETRACTING your damned statement. No ifs and buts and diplomatic trash talk and tai chi pussyfooting. Just withdraw and say sorry, period.

    After all, it should be simple for people talking about the other cheek if an enemy slaps them. Unless of course, they have changed their teachings to accommodate their new god.....hahaha

    Anon 9.18am

    9. No Anwar Ibrahim, no PAS turban or DAP pseudo-Malay is going to do any better than the ruling UMNO nincompoops. All current Malay leaders are compromised, period. They are more interested with their rice pots, belly buttons, crotches and butts while their tramps are more into Birkins, weirdo hairdos, gangnam or mouthing liberal inanities about Islam.

    There is total disillusionment in this corner as are amongst many other Malay Muslims. The Malay Muslims are better off setting up a new party that genuinely fights for the race and religion. Perkasa sans a few shady characters and opportunists offers hope. Time to winnow the chaff in it, strengthen it at grassroots so that it will take root and flourish. And come 2018, we will reap the harvest.

    Warrior 231

  25. Anonymous9:18 pm

    Would Prophet Muhammad reacted like some of us Muslims are doing here. Remember how Prophet Muhammad reacted to the daily abuse by a Jewish lady against him. Did he retaliate against her or ever abused her. No. Yet, we call ourselves Muslims and in this holy month of Ramadan instead of being magnimous and showing the true face of Islam of accepting the apology and be forgiving, we show the face of extremism.

    We Muslims may gloat over a hollow victory but we do more damage to our own religion.

    As one commentator ask, is it not the decision of the court as it stands that the word Allah can be used by Christians. So should we Muslims until the Appeal's court make a decision not respect the present decision of the court or prove to the Non Muslims that we do not respect the court and the rule of law.

  26. Anonymous12:15 am

    Now is Ramadhan time. It doesnt mean that you can forgive and forget for everything that happening in month of Ramadhan. You just cannot give up and politely show your neck to your enemies.
    Like prophet Muhammad saw who has to fight with the enemies in Perang Badar during Ramadhan, and yes you need to fight the enemies when the enemies attacking you. My view is, when it is the time to fight you have to fight bro. Otherwise the kafirun will wipe out all of you guys. Prophet Muhammad saw has to defend and protect the religion and he has to fight with the enemies/kafirun who attacking the muslims even in the fasting month of Ramdhan.

  27. kebayan12:20 am

    Warior 231, I am with you!

    The minister literally begged him to apologise and he DID NOT!

    Deport this idiot immediately!

  28. Anonymous12:25 am


  29. Anonymous3:09 am

    In walks the archetypal kaffir apologist. The type who will allow slurs on Islam but at the same time whip up a storm if a Muslim slurs a kaffir.

    Not that Muslims indulge in that game. How many slurs have the Muslims thrown at the kaffir in Malaysia?

    A. Cowhead? Calling that a slur would be scrapping the barrel. Even the organizers said that it was directed at Lembu thinking amongst the Pakatan rather than anything against Hindus. Even a small boy can understand that, if not ban all the Raya haji korbans where you can find bloodied petrified cow heads galore.

    B. Perkasa bible burning rhetoric. Wrong that it be, the question is who rekindled the fire just when the kalimah Allah issue was a dying ember in the back burner. Ask a certain kaffir chief minister that. Patience has a limit. Keep provoking and dont squirm when you get response like that from the likes of Perkasa. After all you asked for it.

    So a paltry two and that too reflexive responses at that. Problem is idiots dont get the message. No Muslims asked morons to serenade pigs on their FB or their newspaper pull outs. No muslim ever deigned of stealing Jesus Christ. No Muslim asked for a temple in their midst.

    Your religion is your religion and mine is butt off and mind your business. Unless of course, if you have some itchy agenda to run. For 38 years or so that was more or less the case until the kaffirs got a second wind in 2008. The first one was natrah, the scores of which was settled in 1969.

    We Muslims don't give a damn about politics nowadays. The feel on the ground is apathy for we know now for sure that both sets of Malay Muslim pollys are just effing useless eunuch monkeys sitting on either side of the fence, all chatter no action.

    But we care if some idiot touches our religion, our culture...that goes beyond cheapskate politics. It is a direct attack on our person . That is why I and many other Malay Muslims have given back in kind for all the slurs in Malaysiakini, MT and what have you Malaysia. Simply put, if you wanna criticize policy, politics whatever go ahead and bark your heads off but DON'T ever touch culture, religion for culture and religion have nothing to do with the whole damn political shit. Get that into yer brains, you kaffirs and your apologists.

    P/s I laughed when PAS talked crap in MI today.

    Clear that they are playing politics in tandem with their mates. Their kaffir friends scold the idiot duo while the PAS turban and burqa brigade scold Muslims to show off to their kaffir friends. Keep it up but you ain't foxing me like what fat Rafizi is trying to do with the TITAS thingy. Won't be surprised too if Botak Nazri bails the alvivis tomorrow.

    In the end apologist like Pas and their ilk dont question who are the guys languishing in jail now over the Molotov thingy. For that matter, which race got charged over the Shah Alam cowhead thingy? And which religion was on the wrong end of the Kalimah Allah decision?

    As I said apologists are dime a dozen. And they will even dredge up unrelated stuff from the Holy Prophet's time to justify their sick rationales or carp about the forgiving nature of the season to show off thier oh so "soft, moderate sensitive" side. Show off how "liberal and tolerant" they are and what ingratiating dogs they can be to their kaffir friends........

    Well here is news? The Prophet had a term for these types, he called them munafikun aka hypocrites.

    And in the holy month of Ramadan, it would be good to check whether that term fits oneself to the t.

    Warrior 231