Thursday, July 18, 2013

Malaysia's Richest

Updated, after buka puasa: Forbes Malaysia's 50 Richest: Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? by Hantulaut
Original piece:
Here's Forbes' usual Malaysian suspects, give and take one or two new names. If you think they ought to include some other names, especially from among our politicians, they'll be too happy to read your suggestions.

I attach the following tweeter one-two for some context.


  1. Anonymous6:44 am

    They forgot to put ROSMAH MANSOR in the list.

  2. Anonymous6:59 am


  3. Anonymous7:53 am

    Shahrizat Lembu Queen?
    Taib Mahmud?
    Ng Yen Yen?

  4. Anonymous8:02 am

    Tidak puas hati ke lagi Cinabeng. Jumlah mereka di Malaysia lebih kurang 20% sahaja. Cuba lihat dan kira dalam 50 orang terkaya di Malaysia berapa peratus golongan mereka.
    Tanya lagi soalan ini, "Apa lagi yang Cina mahu!"
    Kalau mahu SEMUA" NYA, sorrylah Malaysia negera Melayu. Tanah besar Cina, Hong Kong dan Taiwan, itu barulah Negara Cina!

  5. Anonymous8:38 am

    One thing for sure. It is manifestation of a group of people far reaching domination and control of every hook and corner of Malaysian economy.

  6. Anonymous10:07 am

    the funny thing is..

    orang melayu semua kutuk Syed mokhtar. katenye syed mokhtar makan duit, korup, conquer project. tapi, yang org2 cina yang lagi kaya daripada Syed mokhtar, kenape ko x kutuk? bodoh betul org melayu. dengki x habis2.

    b4 that,pasal dpt project besar, Syed mokhtar tu, bukan die yg cari org, tp orang yg mencari die. sape x nak buat bisnes dgn org hebat2. plus, projek besar2 itu juga ilham daripada Syed mokhtar sendiri. Contoh : tanjung pelepas. projek tu Syed mokhtar proposed to Tun M, Tun M sendiri x yakin about the project. now u see what happens tu Tanjung Pelepas? developed as hell.

    dah la org melayu. x payah nk kutuk2 syed mokhtar. sebelum ko kutuk syed mokhtar, ko kutuk dulu org2 kaya yang lagi kaya daripada syed mokhtar tu. patut kite bangga org melayu ade mcm syed mokhtar tuh.

  7. UnitedMamaksNationalOrganisation10:41 am

    Apa lagi Vincent dan Francis, Kawan-Kawan Baik Mahathir, mahu!???

  8. MAHARAJAthir10:43 am

    Daim Diam-Diam saje???

  9. Anonymous11:34 am

    Rocky here are some amendments.

    1. Rosmah Mansor and Najib Razak

    3. Khairy Jamaludin

    7. Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor

    13. Mamak Nor Mohd Yakop and three sons

    28. Mamak Reeza AB (Kemuncak Facility Mgmnt - Nor Mohd crony)

    29. Mamak Shaikh Akmal Shaikh Alauddin - crony Nor Mohd Yakop

    30. Mamak Abdul Azeez Rahim - Chairman Tabung Haji

    31. Mamak Reezal Merican

    32. Mamak Kalimullah Maseeeeerul Hassan - crony Nor Mohd Yakop

    45. Mamak Johan Merican (Talent Corp - Nor Mohd Yakop crony)

    48. Azman Mokhtar - MD Khazanah (Nor Mohd crony)

  10. Anonymous2:17 pm

    haha..ini offical list jer bro..yg tak official tu la yg patut dikemukakan...baru nampak siapa sebenarnya yg menerajui puncak kekayaan!...

  11. What the hell is going on???

    Even during this holy month, you are getting your priorities wrong! Your thoughts are obviously very screwed up!

    Listen here - How many rich chinese or malay or indian or whatever makes not a damn difference to many of us struggling folks.

    What are your hidden motives by saying "Msia has made many a chinese very rich"???

    A proper muslim should focus on identifying the poor and hard core poors with the aim of helping them.

    Let me ask you this Rocky - have you got a list of the poorest 1000 malaysians regardless of race and religion???? this way ngos, fellow malaysians or the govt can extend a hand to them?????

    If not, will you research or use your influence to get someone to do so and publish the list in your blog instead. The rich do not need help or additional publicity from you!

    Would not this list be more helpful to them in the immediate time of need???

    Stop being a political mule - be a good human for once!

  12. Missing from the list are Diam Diam, Maha Firaun and his children, the children of Sapura's founder, Halim Saad, Scomi owners, a certain CM of Sarawak and his family members, a Bumi Kota Damansara developer etc.

    How come? Malaysia bolih!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  13. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Caya lah..yang kaya kat malaysia ni rata2 ca ya nun alif...terbaik! !

  14. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Rocky,in your twitter,you seems to imply that the Chinese became rich because of the country.
    The fact of the matter is the Chinese can become rich in any country because of their inborn capability and shear hardwork.Their business empires are not just sprout suddenly but were built over time unlike some who suddenly become very rich bcos of some favourable treatment from the govt.

    1. Anonymous2:49 pm

      Haha what a joke. Obviously u never mix with other race... U c only thru ur small chinky world.

    2. Anonymous10:59 pm

      Is there any rich chinese in India ?

  15. Anonymous8:53 pm

    except perhaps of the Malays in the list almost majority are people who settled in this country but still believed and thinks that this country is oppressive ,it victimized harassed them. These tycoons esp the Chinese are also the main contributor to corruption in this country. They give to all the political divide to ascertain their business survival. Most don't have any moral standing whatsoever

  16. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Truth be told Mr Bru, behind most of these cina tycoon are the real bosses, amno politicians.Without these malay dealmakers,many would be just ordinary taukehs only. Only the elite malays with these cina tycoons are laughing loudly holding hands to the banks....while ordinary masses malays and struggling cina are made to fight one another for survival. You know this but yet keep silent.

  17. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Melayu nak rasuah dengan Melayu segan sebab sama-sama baca Quran. Melayu ambik dengan Cina dan bagi projek ok sebab Cina tak baca Quran..itu sebab Cina boleh kaya...

  18. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Wat about Tokong Lim anak beranak n sepupu sepepet seta Nuar Jubor anak beranak?

  19. Anonymous10:34 pm

    eh.. 322Billion RM of ANuwar asset, where?
    nurul izzah where?
    don't forget to put RM10Million land of nik aziz the wali ripped from the kelantan government
    azmin 10Billion asset when he is MOF sucking up to anuwar, where?
    rahim ghouse who almost destroy malaysian economy with abrari group where?

    came on rocky, you tak fair la. the chinese all rich, DAP knew already. that's how they pay the redbeanarmy.
    that's how chinese kill the malay economy. we all know that la rocky.

  20. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Do you believe without help from Racist Mahathir can the anak be that rich? corruption written all over.

    1. RBA - BASTARD

      Cinabeng DSPigs -BASTARD

  21. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Rocky i am sure you become rich also because of chinese not from malay , what la you bro sudah nyanyuk . What kind of journalist are you ?
    The actual question to be ask (APA LAGI ROCKY BRU DAN CRONY UMNO MAU ????????

  22. Anonymous11:33 pm

    One thing for sure , it will be not Chinese bankrupt the country . It will be 100% Malay that will bankrupt Malaysia

  23. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Rocky...I am sure you got the wrong list.How come the so called discriminated and marginalised race by the racist Malay government become dominant in their wealth?

  24. DPPis a twisted idiot1:00 am

    Missing from the list are 2,600 Chinese gangster released because DAP have been seeking abolishment of ISA and EO and the tiny cockle Najib lost his senses thus plate anything advised by RM300 million dollar consultant Omar Ong.

    All these gangsters are behind all these rampant murder and making DAP now feel safe about crime.

  25. trifling-jester1:07 am

    rocky, are you saying the rich chinese have no right to demand a better govt? doesnt make any sense.

    also a lot of these chinese in the list are rich because the malay politicians have sold their soul to the highest bidder. they know this and buy them easily.

    macam ko tak tahu.

  26. Anonymous8:17 am

    Ouch! Touchy-touchy...

  27. Anonymous9:08 am

    banyak red bean mabuk kat sini

  28. Malaysia Crooks Association9:13 am

    Malaysia Apeks apa Pun BOLEH cowtim one!

    Terima lah Ka$ih MAHAthir!!!

  29. trifling-jester5:53 am

    Anonymous 10:59 pm said..
    Is there any rich Chinese in India ?

    Chinese make up 0.016 % of the population in India. That could be why you find most Indian billionaires are of Indian ethnic origin.

    hope this information helps you - apparently the NEP hasnt helped you think about this too much.

    1. Anonymous8:38 pm

      good info but think a little bit more deeper.

  30. anyone remember Lat's cartoon depiction on an advise by a certain VIP, asking the Malays to learn from the Chinese?