Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Living with hardcore bakuteh fans in moderate Muslim Malaysia

Pakistani Christian Gets Life in Prison for Blasphemous Text Messages 
By Anugrah Kumar , Christian Post Contributor
July 15, 2013|6:22 am 
A court in Pakistan's Punjab province has sentenced a Christian man to life imprisonment and a fine of $2,000 for sending blasphemous text messages to Muslim clerics to seek revenge from his ex-fiancée. 
A court in Punjab's Toba Tek Singh district sentenced the Christian man, Sajjad Masih, for sending blasphemous text messages from a mobile phone to Muslim clerics and others in Gojra town in that district, according to Pakistan's Dawn newspaper.
Masih, a resident of Punjab's Pakpattan district, was arrested in December 2011. 
Police say Masih was engaged to Ruma Masih of Gojra town but she contracted marriage with another Christian man in the U.K. To teach her a lesson, Masih used her SIM to send blasphemous messages to clerics. 
Gojra is religiously sensitive, having witnessed massive attacks on Christians triggered by reports of desecration of the Quran in 2002. 
Police initially refrained from charging Masih under the blasphemy law, but added it to the complaint later on the demand of Muslim clerics. The clerics also pressured police to include his ex-fiancée in the case. 
Consequently, Pakistan's interior ministry sought a red corner notice from Interpol for Ruma's arrest in the U.K., but she could not be traced. 
The blasphemy law, embedded in Sections 295 and 298 of the Pakistan Penal Code, is frequently misused for personal revenge. It carries no provision to punish a false accuser or a false witness of blasphemy. 
The law is also used by Islamist extremists to target religious minorities – Christians, Shi'as, Ahmadiyyas and Hindus. The government of Canada recently helped a Christian girl, Rimsha Masih, who was falsely accused of burning the Quran last year and forced into hiding, to flee her country and settle with her parents in the North American nation due to concerns for her safety. 
Efforts by some of the country's prominent leaders to repeal or amend the law have gone in vain. 
A Pakistani Christian, Shahbaz Bhatti, who was elected member of the National Assembly, was assassinated in March 2011 for his efforts to repeal the law. Minister of Minority Affairs, Bhatti was killed two months after Punjab's Governor Salman Taseer was assassinated for his advocacy for Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi, who had been convicted by a trial court for blasphemy. - Ends

Duo who insulted Islam can be prosecuted

Monday, July 15, 2013

This Bakuteh couple (read story h e r e) would have been in hiding if they were in Pakistan or Indonesia or Saudi Arabia, where the Muslims and the authorities have little mercy on anyone - Muslims and non-Muslims - who deliberately insult Islam. Here in Malaysia, the Malay-Muslims are easy-going and have been so for centuries. Will the Alvins and Vivians of this land ever learn to appreciate this?


  1. Anonymous7:45 am

    don't prosecute or touch those chinese (alvin and vivian).
    you want DAP (read guan eng and kit siang) to instigate another race riot?

    you want to see the wrath of nik aziz?
    or you want anuwar to report to his master in US?

    just give them angpow.

  2. Anonymous8:23 am

    I bet nothing will happen to them as no political advantage will be gained by UMNO. See what happen to papagomo, absolutely nothing for calling Malay to kill Chinese. Now another blogger also publish the address of these 2 idiots and calling Malay to 'belasah' them. This is the image of Malaysian UMNO Malay, they belasah anyone who stand in their way. Non wonder Islam is perceived as a religion of violence because of these UMNO Muslim.

  3. Anonymous9:07 am

    Aren't they now openly inviting other youths to outrageous sex parties via the internet? These are the GEN Y misfits inspired by Si Berahi's untiring sexual escapades and political arrogance, over the last two decades. He "produced" them.

  4. Anonymous9:25 am

    Monyet macam itu tahu hendak bersyukur kerana tinggal di Malaysia yang mempunyai penduduk Islam yang amat bertoleransi, JANGAN HARAP!!!
    Elok diposkan ke Pakistan, Negara Negara Arab atau yang paling dekat ke Indonesia!
    Baru dia tahu langit itu tinggi atau rendah.
    Umat Islam di Malaysia patut tiru cara umat Islam Negara Negara tersebut 'melayan' monyet monyet yang tidak tahu menghormati agama kita!

  5. Anonymous10:31 am

    There is always a limit...the end is when a cleric, being a reputable one come up with his fatwa that this couple's blood is halal for any muslim or if there is anyone outthere who can kill this couple, they will get a syahid...

    shall we wait for that moment to happen or some chinese can advise others NOT TO insult Muslims in Malaysia who had been very kind all the time to them...

  6. Anonymous10:52 am

    err..what about guys like Zul Noordin, Ridhuan Tee, Ibrahim Ali and the cow-head/church burning gangs??

    Aren't the rest of us moderate too?? Or are u trying to say that your moderation is far worthy than the rest? Holier-than-thou huh?

  7. Anonymous11:28 am

    No, they won't. But they just did.

    However, as a Muslim, my first impression to what the duo did was 'tak ada kerja....lepas hilang populariti, nak cari publisiti murah guna sentimen macam ini...'
    in other words, they're just as significant as the dead skin cells on my body - only to be sloughed-off and forgotten.

  8. Anonymous11:30 am

    On no! The ugly looking couple news again! When are we going to be free of this attention seeker duo? Can we just throw them in jail and throw away the keys? *I'm joking ok! Dark humour* I'm sure it is not a great loss to Malaysia not to have them around.

    Besides throwing insults and posing naked, what else do they contribute to the society at large? So young and yet so vicious. I sure hope they are not the "hero" to the young Chinese. If yes, then the rest of us can expect further deterioration of the race relations in Malaysia.

    Kenapalah ramai Cina muda sekarang bodoh-bodoh belaka? Could it be because of vernacular schools? These young people are so out of touch with the other communities.

  9. Anonymous11:43 am

    Are u sure we Melayus are easy going with blasphemous agendas against Islam? Think again Rocky Bro! They have not and yet to see us running amok... Time will come...

  10. Sdr Rocky,Certainly the offence done is too serious.No matter what law to be applied,it would just serve certain specific purpose.
    The bigger question,how could some one who is born here,under going Malaysia school system still become so ignorence and insensitive.Don't this couple have friends of Muslim faith or they just mixed only with the same kind.I am indeed worried about our education system that produced a lot of A in academic but F in manners and courtesy.
    What about their parents,are they instilling bad values to their children.
    Wealth and fame should be the sole purpose in life?.Do they believe in god or at least minimum decency.
    Certainly there is flaw in our human capital development.
    Do they think other people will not react to what they do.
    I an glad some non Muslim leaders expressed their unhappiness regarding the couple's outrageous behavior.
    We still have hope to build a better Malaysia.
    I am pretty sure even the western country will imposed some kind of punishment on them.
    Viva Malaysia, May God bless Malaysia

  11. sirgalahad12:22 pm

    Bru, Bru - what, exactly, are you trying to say? Or to prove?

    Did you utter any shrill cries of outrage over the 2 Muslim reporters who desecrated (yup, that's the word) Holy Communion wafers in a church sometime ago and who cited ignorance as an excuse?

    Or condemn the demonstrations some years ago at a Catholic church in Ipoh over the alleged conversion of Muslims to the Catholic faith - an allegation that was discredited?

    Where were the apologies from the great and good then, eh?

    Are you saying that insults to Islam are punishable with the full force of the law, but insults to other religions are to be merely laughed off or dismissed as mere misguided acts?

    You cannot sit on the fence here, Bru. Or remain studiedly neutral.

  12. Shimano12:39 pm

    Yeah. Some hardcore Muslim countries go extra length to punish hate-mongers.

    Certain people in Malaysia take things lightly.

  13. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    Put them in jail for 60 days. They will learn. This couple is not exactly ignorant of the sensitivities. They are just attention seekers. Give them 60 days with prison food and they will learn.


  14. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Zul Nordin : Hina Agama Hindu

    Alvivi : Hina Muslim dgn BKT

    Let see how the authority deal in these two case.

  15. Anonymous1:30 pm

    As usual, no action will be taken against those 2 arseholes in the spirit of 1Malaysia.

  16. Anonymous3:35 pm

    the keyword "CAN" in the article title says quite a lot. in a liberal malaysia, and a government so scared of doing the right thing to protect feelings of rakyat practising Islam as their religion and very much protected in the constitution might as well be a released to do it again the next day... the only thing that the government or AGs office is really scared is when the opposition opens their mouth, then the government is in a hurry to abolish ISA, adopts black ink in polls and what have you... why is this happening? weak unprincipled politicians? the need to be safe? so stay away from unpopular remarks/decisions... weak laws? anybody can say and do anything without fear of NOT being taken to court... what a crying shame...

  17. Cormoran Strike4:36 pm

    Anon 10:31 am

    I am curious - just what is the "limit" you have mentioned?

    That sounds like very much like incitement.

    And since you have mentioned "limits", what are the "limits" for the other races and religions in this country? Are they supposed to have a boundless well of tolerance, regardless of what is directed against them?

    That's perilous waters you are fishing in.

    I am surprised that Bru allowed you to post this. Any port in a storm, eh, Bru

    As for Anon 11:43 am and his invocation of the "amok" word, I will say this - get real.

  18. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Let us be very HONEST that the majority of non-Muslim Malaysians except for a few, are peaceful and loyal citizens.

    If the reverse is a norm where the non-Muslim minority are actually Muslims being subjected to the same rampant discrimination and abuses, Malaysia will likely be burned to ground by now

  19. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Let's get this straight- these 2 dark celebrity wannabes DO NOT represent the majority Chinese, have you come across 1 similar incident before this for past 50 years? So please don't blame the Chinese wholesale again for this 2 bad apples'idiotic works. Majority Chinese are already working like mad dogs to stay alive, we simply don't have so much time to sip coffee, crack our heads how to best offend bangsa,agama dan Negara etc. Be fair and specific in your articles.We have more urgent things to do like bringing enough food to the struggling families and catch up in sleeping.

  20. Anonymous6:02 pm

    UMNO political leadership has lost their balls the moment Tun Mahathir step down.

    The cowardice act started by Pak Lah and then PM Najib just followed the way of a COWARD!

    UMNO was started by Onn Jaafar not by coward leaders like these two. I am all for a new malay party. But first UMNO must be defeated in the next election...let DAP and PAS rule for 5 years. Then with new leadership the malays will re-unite stonger than ever. That is the way to teach the leadership of UMNO. There is nothing better in politics than to start with a clean new slate.


  21. Anonymous6:03 pm

    I think they should be prosecuted. Just to send a strong message across. This is ridiculous. Even I feel offended looking at their so called greetings to the Muslims. And for your information I am Chinese. What they did is out of the line.

    Put both of them into jail for a couple of days. Especially in a cell with Muslims. I would love to see if they still see any dark humor.

    Prosecute these morons already. And spare us from their future stupidity.


  22. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Arrest these two publicity seekers and that archbishop too.

    Then continue with charging zul noordin, tee ridhuan just to prove that peace loving natives can be fair too.

    What say you Bru?

  23. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Man, not this two kasi-mati-pucuk fuck- face again! Busuk, tak sedap dan memuntahkan !!

  24. Anonymous6:57 pm

    First understand that Islam is this country religion. The others are not. Also understand that Muslims are the majority in this country, again the other are not. Yes, the muslim should respect other religion and we always have except in few incidence where islam was being ridiculed by the minority and its the right of Zul Nordin to uphold Islam as THIS Country religion! This two monkey is purposely moking muslim for what reasons?. the goverment should treat this seriously or i'm afraid there is some extremist out there will take law onto their own hands.

    Mister Zizou

  25. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Ex-pornstar on the devil's Porn Industry:


    Stay home and appreciate your parents

  26. Anonymous8:13 pm

    To all the anons who supports the two motherfu.......just wait till there is riot and u guys will shit in your pants.....just wait and see....consider this a threat from a malay bigot....you chinky does not know the word gratitude until it comes and bite you.....

  27. Anonymous8:21 pm

    I bet you after all the lengthy investigations by the authorities, the duo will get just a slap on the wrist. Sleeping in the classroom will get you a harsher punishment.

    Islam sudah jadi bahan permainan dn ejekan.

  28. Anonymous8:54 pm

    anon 8:23

    how would you react if your religion, temples and churches are ridiculed and vandalised, like pigs head thrown at? what are you? mother theresa incarnation?

    these two pigs to stirred the hornets nest.

  29. Anonymous8:57 pm

    9:25 - mereka bukan monyet. mereka adalah BABI.

  30. If they were posting something vile about the Catholics in Italy,the pope will probably forgive them like pope John Paul did with Mehmet Ali Agca for trying to kill him,and or wash and kiss their feet,like pope francis did with young muslim women prisoners...see the difference?

  31. Anonymous12:08 am

    As usual, no action has been taken against the likes of Zul Noordin for insulting other religions, except a chance to run in Shah Alam that he flubbed.

  32. Did somebody mention Zul Noordin? Well, he issued the hindu-related statement when he was a candidate for Pakatan but the DAPigs didn’t buat bising at that time. Then when he was already out of the Sodomy-Circle brotherhood, he issued an apology. Why do the DAPigs keep on harping at the wrong issue of the wrong time? Red-beans taught you all?

    Ridhuan Tee? I don’t know, guys. Here’s a chinese condemning a chinese. How about Jackie Chan condemning the chinese… boleh kaaa?

    Then there’s this sirgalahad 12:22: “Did you utter any shrill cries of outrage over the 2 Muslim reporters who desecrated …”

    Nope. The neo-redbeans at that time twisted the issue. Yes they were reporters, trying to do some investigative journalism about muslim girls being roped into the church through dubious means. Yes they had to act like one of them. But hey, (paraphrasing Bob Dylan), I only want to write a report: I hope you understand. But please don’t give me that wafer thing. If you insist, I have to spit it out. Neither do I believe I am crunching the body of Jesus the Prophet of God’s body in that wafer (or, if you prefer, the Body of God!) nor does it taste good. So I spit it out. I call it a normal gag reflex. They call it desecration.

    But what it actually WAS, was that they had to make loud noises, hoopla, and create havoc to cover up the REAL issue that could blow up as a result of these reporters’ expose: namely that yes! They found out that proselytization activities on unsuspecting malay girls, an illegal activity in Malaysia, WERE going on. So the DAP-backed neo red beans (in the form of Malaysiakini etc) in cohorts with the church issued statements about desecration lah, about respect la blah blah blah. They were doing full swing to turn the tables and make it appear that THEY were the ones on the side of hurt. The rest is history ...

    But perhaps the REALITY on the ground is one that is etched by anonymous 5:57 (second one) above. If you haven’t read it, please do. He disowns Alvivi’s actions as being representative of the entire Malaysian chinese mentality. And to be fair, many malays share the same view. After all apart from minor skirmishes brought to control by the government (thru the EO and ISA), the two races have coexisted quite well since the inception of the nation.

    But we see a growing trend and vehemence in the DAP’s efforts to provoke a clash of civilizations and cultures utilizing unsuspecting and uninformed youths of this nation, through usage of alternative media. The Red Beans army, equipped with 50 facebook accounts per soldier, penetrates blogs and forums with mono-singular ethnocentric conflict themes and influence young internetters of chinese origins, explaining the predicament of people like Alvivi and others. There’s a chinese girl who recently even cursed and condemned the agong, an action that would have been regarded as treasonous in any normal sovereign country. (After all Amin from the Maunah group was charged with treason to the King and hanged, though nowhere in his statement he intended to use firearms to harm any king or mentioned anything about the Agong in a derogatory manner).

    I am not surprised that despite all evidences (or lack, thereof) of the blackouts in the recent GE13, there are STILL some young chinese up to this day (and some unsuspecting old ones, for that matter) who think that the ruling government won in the recent polls due to massive blackouts that happened all over the country. The only ones who disbelieve but smiling, are the actual pakatan politicians because in reality they KNOW it didn’t happen. Can you now begin to comprehend the depth of damage done by the diabolical DAP red beans?

    And lastly bryan of 12:05---of course the pope had to act that way. He was just following the bible---turn the other cheek. What he SHOULD have done if he had wanted to follow it to the letter is, give Mehmet Ali another bullet and turn the other cheek, literally!

  33. Anonymous10:36 am


    Spot on. Muslim always response with violence unlike the Christian. UMNO Malay will try to show strength that they are defender of Islam on earth.

  34. Osamasama3:47 pm

    al-Assad killed thousand of muslim brothers, sisters and children in Syria... Ibrahim, Mahathir, and his troopers tarak kecoh pun!

  35. Jendral(B) yamaSHITa3:50 pm

    Put up 2 idiots to kacau the sarang tebuan... Hoorah, we're keeping the Sedition Act!!!

  36. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Cina perlekeh/hina melayu/Islam-->Kerajaan tak tegas/tak ambil tindakan-->Orang melayu Islam kecewa dan marah-->Cina terus menerus perlekeh/hina melayu/Islam-->Kerajaan terus juga tak tegas/tak ambil tindakan-->Orang melayu Islam semakin kecewa dan marah-->TIBALAH MASANYA MELAYU JUGA TOLAK UMNO.

    NOTE: Cina dah mmg tak sokong BN, bila melayu pon dah kecewa dgn UMNO...next PRU bye bye UMNO!!!

  37. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Blasphemy is nonsense. God does not exist, so it is impossible to insult him. Insulting Mickey Mouse (who also doesn't exist) is exactly the same.