Thursday, July 11, 2013

The debate for a new Simpang Rengam

Updated: The Scribe mentions the EO in his latest posting h e r e:
"... I salute Ahmad Zahid for admitting that most of the criminals detained by police were former Emergency Ordinance (EO) detainees (read here) released when Mohd Najib repealed the law along side the ISA and the Banishment Act. Clever.
Hard to miss the sarcasm...

Original posting
The news: Zahid: Most criminals nabbed are ex-EO detainees, The Star, 11 July 2013
A town so synonymous with the EO
Ah, YB Tony Pua has done it again! Rising crime, he says, has nothing to do with the repeal of the Emergency Ordinance two years ago (which effectively took away police authority to detain criminal suspects without trial), but all to do with PDRM's "lack of professionalism", "incompetence". That must hurt but our men and women in blue must regard the scorn as part of Ramadan's trials; if it's any consolation, Tony Pua has said a lot worse of our people at Malaysia Airports.   
Zahid: EO2 draft with A-G
Poor upbringing aside, the parliamentary debate on the relations between rising crime and the now-defunct Emergeny Ordinance presents us with a great irony in which our politicians from the Opposition, who have all along insisted that crime is on the rise, are unhappy that Zahid Hamidi doesn't disagree with them.  
Worse still, the Home Minister is planning to do something about it. Zahid plans to introduce a new law resembling the EO because, as he told Dewan Rakyat yesterday, not only have serious crimes gone up, many of them involved former EO detainees. The draft of the new EO has been submitted to the Attorney-General. 
I can understand Tony Pua's predicament: the DAP was, after all, responsible for putting pressure on the Government to repeal the EO in the first place and if it's true - and it's probably true - that crime has gone up partly because we have freed those crooks and scoundrels, including crime bosses, to commit those crimes, it won't look good on the DAP and the Opposition. 
Pua: Of late, does not mince words
But most people agree with Zahid and public perception is such that we believe that the repeal of the EO has emboldened the criminals. It was probably one of the biggest mistakes of a Government in which both Tony Pua and Zahid Hamidi were part of and which the current Government must rectify immediately. To the MPs debating this issue in the current session of Parliament, please save your politics for another occasion which does not concern our safety and well-being. 
If you ask me, the only matter that requires debate, as far a new EO is concerned, is whether or not those "suspects" should be held at the old detention centre in Simpang Renggam, the town in Johor made famous by the old EO. 
Tony Pua should fight for a new detention centre to be built in his constituency. That way it'd be more convenient for him to defend those suspects ...


  1. Anonymous7:05 am

    I totally agree with you Rocky especially the last line of your piece !

  2. Anonymous10:11 am

    The police is lack of quality people and thus usually incompetence. So they really need such law to detain without trial as they often unable to get enough evidence to bring these criminal to court. I just hope that they dont abuse it and use them on political opponent but judging from their pass record, police is likely to be tool for UMNO.

  3. simple....made sure all are charged in court & sent away for long time.

    why bothering with EO.

  4. Anonymous10:34 am

    yeah bugs pua the failed businessmen supported by kiasu island has done it again

    he's always shouting aloud before engaging his brains

    maybe because the only organ really functioning is just his rabbit lips

  5. Anonymous12:26 pm

    I am not that much concern about the abuse part regarding the proposed law. Only crook politicians concern about that as they could go both ways.

  6. Cormoran Strike12:59 pm

    Ah, ha - so we should build the Malaysian equivalent of Guantanamo Bay in Simpang Rengam?

    That's passing strange since Bru and other assorted worthies have long condemned the excesses in Guantanamo Bay and called for it's closure.

    So, aren't we advocating the same for Malaysia? Detention without trial? Chuck the "innocent until proven guilty" concept out the window because investigatory techniques and legal expertise can't prove guilt?

    What about tightening control of our borders? Stopping the flow of guns and ammo across the border from Thailand? Enforcing existing laws to go after the alleged crime lords and drugs king pins?

    It seems to me that the mantra is to opt for simplistic knee-jerk solutions and worry about the consequences later.

  7. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Can anyone name any politician ever detained under EO?

  8. Anonymous4:23 pm

    "Tony Pua should fight for a new detention centre to be built in his constituency. That way it'd be more convenient for him to defend those suspects ..."

    Good one Rocky! Fully supported.

    To the Opposition MPs, the criminals have more rights than the law abiding citizens. Who knows maybe because those same crooks that fill up their party's coffer(?) that's why they mati-mati want to protect the suspects and accuse police of this and that.

  9. Anonymous4:31 pm

    I am not wishing for those who do not agree with the new ordinance, to be robbed.I just want to see their reaction if it were to happen to them. They can blame the police, the law, and everything else but not themselves.

  10. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Yes, dump the runners and small timers in Simpang Rengam using EO while big timers who are in UMNO, MCA & MIC are covered and given Tan Sri, Dato seri, & datuk titles.

  11. Anonymous5:26 pm

    As Cormoran Strike said, How come Guantanamo cannot but Simpang Rengam can? Is this belacan justice or camel jockeys justice?

  12. charleskiwi6:41 pm

    Can we please have the statics that the release of those detained by EO and ISA are responsible for the rising crime in the country ? Stop being blather strike but talk sense !

  13. Anonymous6:56 pm

    dulu gatal mansuhkan EO.

  14. Anonymous7:29 pm

    have they or can they serve better?

    any solutions?

    using the 3 C
    criticising , complain , championing others mistake except their own are easy, but really doing it is another.

    actually, what track record do they really have after 5 years?

  15. Anonymous8:05 pm

    This is UMNO's turf war played out in the open. No prize for guessing whose corner rocky's in

  16. Cadre Masin8:40 pm

    Rocky, Zahid Hamidi is a hero. Kadir Jasin is an idiot. He should stick to carrying TDZ's balls and leave the politics to real men like TDM.

  17. trifling-jester10:45 pm

    rocky, quit your childish potshots and show us hard facts that prove the MAJORITY of crime is committed by ex-EO detainees. thanks

  18. Anonymous2:04 am

    tony should look south and ask his sifu why kiasu island still keep their ISA

    PR hypocrites, hopefully the ex-detainees rob and assault him

  19. Salam Datuk,

    Here's a video which shows that most Malaysians don't have a clue about the EO. However that didn't stop them from giving their opinion on it - on TV, no less! Who needs the facts nowadays?

  20. Ah, yes - the Singapore angle surfaces. Again.

    Bru - you were in Singapore recently, were you not?

    Did you and your friends feel safer in Singapore than in KL?

    Don't be bashful now......

  21. I just wish somebody knocked pua's loves one...wisely (without trail) and let see how pua will react to that...

  22. Dear Pakyrh Adam,

    Saya faham tapi Tak perlu doa tak baik ... Let's hope common sense prevail.

  23. BigBang12:52 pm

    Let's see now - preventive detention without trial or going back to the basics of policing and getting it right.

    What's the use of preventive detention when there is a veritable conveyor belt of Malaysians and foreigners who embark on a life of crime here?

    What about the inability to get to grips with and solve the problem of drugs - smuggling, processing and consumption?

    What about building trust and rapport between the community and the police?

    Surely it's not an accident that the latest Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer Survey 2013 indicated that in Malaysia "the police and political parties were perceived to be the two most corrupt public institutions in the country with a reading of 4.0 and 3.8,respectively" (Singapore Business Times, July 10).

    And isn't it typically Malaysian that over-the-top knee jerk measures are favoured over thoughtful analyses and a back-to-basics philosophy?

    Or, maybe, we should follow the Yanks and give all Malaysians the right to bear arms. So that we can tell the would-be rapist, carjacker, robber or snatch thief - "make my day"!

  24. MAT KAMPAU4:45 pm

    Ingredients of an offence must be proved in court for a conviction. There are situations where evidence cannot be adduced in court because the witnesses fear reprisals.The perpetrators are identified.

    In such situations the Police is justified in using the preventive laws such as the EO to keep away the criminals in order to ensure public safety.

    There must be sufficient and effective safeguards in the law to ensure that the Police do not abuse the law.

    One way to prove that crimes are committed by the hardcore criminals is their confessions/intelligence statements which are not good enough for prosecution purposes.


  25. Anonymous9:46 pm

    'I just wish somebody knocked pua's loves one...wisely (without trail) and let see how pua will react to that...'

    I just wish somebody indefinetely detain pakteh adam's loved one... without trial. And lets see how pakteh adam will react to that...



  26. Anonymous1:34 am

    i should have shoot this pua long ago before i resigned from mafia.

    rakan cop