Friday, July 12, 2013

Is the Vatican headed for a collision course with Malaysia on the Allah issue?

There's a Malay saying they should have taught the Vatican man so he might have understood us Muslim natives better:  Terlajak perahu boleh diundur ...
Or, perhaps, he meant to provoke; in which case, he has succeeded, as these and many more comments show:
1. Hassan Ali and Muslim NGOs tell Marino to retract comments on Allah, or else ... by Zakhir Mohd
2. Boleh Allah? by Anas Zubedy
3. Pas crucifies Nuncio for insensitive remarks, by The Mole

Original posting:
Supports the stand of the Catholic Church of Malaysia
It's only the second day of Ramadan but the Vatican "ambassador" to Malaysia has left Muslims in this country ample food for thought. In his very first interview with the Malaysian media today, Archbishop Joseph Marino openly backs Malaysian Catholics' wish to replace the Christian God with Allah in the texts of Bahasa Malaysia bibles.
It's going to be hard for Muslims here to swallow Marino's declaration, especially so since the dispute is an on-going court case. While the Vatican's first Apostolic Nuncio to Kuala Lumpur may not care too much about such trivial, surely he'd like to make sure that his statement does not divide Muslims and Catholics in Malaysia further. And surely he'd be concerned about putting the Vatican and the Government of Malaysia at loggerheads!
You may read Marino's full interview h e r e but if you must leave a comment, please remain respectful of Ramadan and one another's faith. 
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  1. Datuk,

    Kita pusingkan meja ke arah bertentangan.

    Barang kiranya wakil kerajaan Malaysia ke Vatican, berada ditengah tengah St Peter Square tu dan buat kenyataan,

    “Hak semua orang Islam untuk lantang mempertahankan sesungguhnya Roman Katholik itu ciptaan manusia kerana Isa itu bukan anak Allah kerana keesaan Allah itu tidak beranak dan diperanakan”

    Sila rujuk kepada Surah al Ikhlas ayat 1 – 4:

    بِسۡمِ اللّٰہِ الرَّحۡمٰنِ الرَّحِیۡمِ
    قُلۡ هُوَ اللّٰہُ اَحَدٌ
    اَللّٰہُ الصَّمَدُ
    لَمۡ یَلِدۡۙ وَ لَمۡ یُوۡلَدۡ
    وَ لَمۡ یَکُنۡ لَّهّ کُفُوًا اَحَدٌ


  2. Anonymous12:41 am

    The US should change their motto to "In Allah We Trust" too..

  3. Datuk,

    Kita pusingkan meja ke arah bertentangan.

    Barang kiranya wakil kerajaan Malaysia ke Vatican, berada ditengah tengah St Peter Square tu dan buat kenyataan,

    “Hak semua orang Islam untuk lantang mempertahankan sesungguhnya Roman Katholik itu ciptaan manusia kerana Isa itu bukan anak Allah kerana keesaan Allah itu tidak beranak dan diperanakan”

    Sila rujuk kepada Surah al Ikhlas ayat 1 – 4:

    بِسۡمِ اللّٰہِ الرَّحۡمٰنِ الرَّحِیۡمِ
    قُلۡ هُوَ اللّٰہُ اَحَدٌ
    اَللّٰہُ الصَّمَدُ
    لَمۡ یَلِدۡۙ وَ لَمۡ یُوۡلَدۡ
    وَ لَمۡ یَکُنۡ لَّهّ کُفُوًا اَحَدٌ


  4. Anonymous5:40 am

    cuba try test tengok boleh ke mereka sebut dengan betul perkataan "Allah" itu?

    - Hantu Siber -

  5. Anonymous6:03 am

    I watched on TV a live telecast of Pope John Paul when he visited the Middle East a long time ago and the word ALLAH was used many times during a Mass service. There were many Muslim VIPs in attendance. It was no issue to the Middle Easterns then but for some reason it is an issue in Malaysia. Some of our Muslim politicians will not step into church or be seen with a cross. I really wonder why.

  6. charleskiwi7:44 am

    What do you propose the english dictionary to interpret God as ? At the moment God is interpreted as Allah , nowhere else, including the arab world, has Islam has monopolized the word Allah. Why must Malaysia be so different ? Allowing, the use in east Malaysia of Allah in the Christian bible is allowed and not so in west Malaysia. Why is it so in one country ?
    Are you suggesting that the west Malaysian Christians have to go to east Malaysia when they want to pray ?

    1. Go east. Go west if you like. In Malaysia, sebutan the name of Allah must be right. Right now and right then, none of you can even pronounced our God name correctly.

      I'm puzzled why Najib established a link with the vatican. For whatever reason he might have, it is of no good to MALAYsia

  7. TMI is inciting religious fuel. They want this issue to burn and divide the people. We must utterly condemn jahabar sidek for again and again pushing our country to the left. Otak dia dah tak betul.

    Ps. Every time I point this out dia censor my comments. Jahabar is the Malaysian dajal.

    1. Dear Ellese,

      I think by now Marino would have realised that TMI has made an absolute ass of him.

  8. Anonymous8:42 am

    Face the fact lah brother bukan semua penganut Christian faham bahasa Inggeris terutama Sabah/Sarawak. tak salah Bible dalam Bahasa . Kalau takut sangat jadikan lah it restricted item atau control item dan sebagai nya. Kejatuhan Islam adalah disebabkan kemunduran pemikiran mereka. Allah telah menjamin kesucian Alquran.

  9. Anonymous9:00 am

    Najib Razak's Flirting with the Vatican has its consequences.

    Muslims and Malays and not him bears the Consequences.

    Does UMNO want to keep this kind of Leader?


    1. You are spot on. Amat tepat sekali

  10. Anonymous9:27 am

    The Apostolic Nuncio should take a course in diplomacy.

    Whatever his personal misgivings may be, he should be mindful of sensitivities of the country he's assigned to. As the matter is still pending adjudication in the courts, he should have respectfully declined to comment on the matter.

    As for Catholics, I have learned that being priests don't make them more learned or holy. Instead, for a minority, it makes them feel they're entitled to judge others. We have a bishop here in Malaysia saying that "the hottest places in hell" are reserved for the racists prior to the GE. We also have a biggie in Vatican City saying that those who curse others "deserve hell". And I thought Christian faith is built around love & forgiveness.

    I'm a 3rd generation practising Catholic if you have to ask. Church service is compulsory & an important part of my faith, as are the sacramentals. Everything else, included homilies laced with bitter hatred, I shut out. If it is their wish to be adulated by men & condemned by the Almighty, the choice is theirs.

  11. Anonymous10:35 am

    In West Msia,as you know hardly any Christians use this word, ONLY in East Msia.....strangely why until today no govt leaders want to try go over there and instruct those natives kadasuns,ibans,penans,etc to stop using it? Keep barking on this issue over here for what?!

  12. Anonymous10:54 am

    This is total spin by UMNO Malay. Muslim Allah and Christian or Jews God is actually the same. They came from the same source. UMNO is just trying to be a denfender of Islam on earth and trying to make Allah belongs to Malay muslim only. When these UMNO Malay muslim see their makers I wonder what they will say to God for bullying their fellow Christian brothers and sisters.

    1. You are infidel if you are a non believer. No question we have to answer to Allah.

    2. Anonymous9:46 pm

      Your are ignorant! Decendant of Abraham bashing and bullying decendant of Jacob for the name of the same God. I wonder what got will do seeing that Muslim are bullying their own brothers.

  13. Anonymous11:24 am

    ahh yes, pls be sensitive, even though sensitivity in this country is a one way street.

    They've been at loggerheads for eons mate...what's the big deal?

  14. Anonymous1:05 pm

    How different is this statement when we have our own folks from the other siade also passing comments/making claims that the word is exclusively for those of a particular faith?

    When others were saying things contrary to a court decision, you kept quiet. Was it not subjudice then and hence all should stay calm? You reminded the folks about it then?

    Kenapa pulak bising bila that Vatican rep makes an observation on this?


  15. "East is east and west is west, but never the twain shall meet".

    It looks like the much hyped "clash of civilisations" may start playing out here.

    Pity, really. What happened to "peace on earth and goodwill to all men"?

    As for the anon Catholic, is the practice of your faith limited to Mass on Sundays and Days of Obligation and participation in the Sacraments? What happened to the call to evangelise? An inconvenience to be ignored or swept under the carpet?

    1. Anonymous2:38 pm

      Is faith limited to evangelization then? Is it not a relationship between one with God & one with fellow men?

      If only the Catholic is saved, then what of the rest? What good is a Christian whose attendance in church is perfect but is blind to the suffering of his fellow me? Did Jesus not say that it is more important to feed the hungry, comfort those who mourn, visit those in prison? Is evangelization more important than acts of charity?

      What good is it to evangelize when you do so for the sake of it? Did the bible not say build your house upon a rock so when the storm hits, it does not fall?

      Do we need to be martyrs to enter God's kingdom? Do we need to die for our faith before our passage to paradise is secured? Or do we need to be flayed, cursed, spat upon, crucified or thrown to the lions to earn God's favor? Is the act of charity towards others not a display & reflection of God's ways & teachings in itself that evangelization in every sense necessary to earn that one way ticket to the Pearly Gates of the afterlife?

  16. In a way, Marino insulted HRH Rulers’ position and role as absolute heads of Islam. Fact is, early this year Sultan Selangor specifically mentioned about ‘Kalimah Allah’ in his titah.

    Published: Wednesday January 9, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
    Updated: Monday April 22, 2013 MYT 5:06:38 PM

    Non-Muslims can’t use ‘Allah’

    SHAH ALAM: The Sultan of Selangor has decreed that non-Muslims in the state have been barred from using “Allah”, saying it is a sacred word exclusive to Muslims.

    A statement yesterday from Selangor Islamic Affairs Council (Mais) secretary Datuk Mohd Misri Idris said Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah had expressed shock and regret over DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng's recent statement urging the Government to allow the word “Allah” to be used in the Malay version of the Bible.

    Lim, who is the Penang Chief Minister, had stated this in his New Year message.

    The Ruler had called for an emergency meeting with officials of Mais, the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) and the Selangor mufti on Sunday.

    “The Sultan made a decision and decreed that the word Allah' is a sacred word specific to Muslims and it is prohibited to be used by any non-Muslim in Selangor, as stated in a fatwa and gazetted on Feb 18, 2010,” Mohd Misri said.

    “Tuanku is disappointed that the decree had been taken lightly by some parties until the issue was brought up again,” he said, adding that the Sultan also stated that Mais and Jais could take stern action against anyone who questions the fatwa that was issued according to state laws.

    To know in detail these state laws and fatwa over the word “Allah”, visit

    The Ruler's decree came ahead of a Pakatan Rakyat meeting at which the word “Allah” had been allowed to be used by even non-Muslims.

    PAS ulama chief Datuk Harun Taib expressed shock that Pakatan leaders, including party chief Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, had reached that consensus.

    He said the matter was never discussed, not even in the Syura council - the party's supreme body.

    “As far as I can remember, we never reached a decision on the matter,'' he said, adding that it was wrong to misuse the kalimah “Allah” for any politically-motivated agenda.

    In SEREMBAN, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said that Sultan Sharafuddin had every right, as head of the state's Islamic affairs, to issue the decree.


    This is outrageous!

    If Vatican does not recall this Apostolic Nuncio back, then Wisma Putra should ask him to leave.

    No two ways about that!

    1. Anonymous10:40 am

      Well my answer to that when it comes to the matter concerning god all humans are equal in voicing their opinion and none should think they have a 'higher and binding' opinion than other. Especially when it runs across other religion practices too.

  17. Anonymous2:28 pm

    there are billions of muslim have no problem the word 'Allah' being used by christian...but only about 15 miliions of Malay muslim (Rocky included) have problem !!

  18. It seems that Christians can named thier god by any name they like. Don't tell me in future that they will adopt popular pop star name as their god's name. but anyway they forget or do not know to thanks Munsyi Abdullah (the famous author of Hikayat Abdullah) who give their god name as Allah when he translated bible.

  19. Anonymous4:39 pm

    High time for PM Najib to go....

  20. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Anonymous said...
    In West Msia,as you know hardly any Christians use this word, ONLY in East Msia.....strangely why until today no govt leaders want to try go over there and instruct those natives kadasuns,ibans,penans,etc to stop using it?
    My understanding is that the word Allah is banned for use in Malay version of Bible in west Malaysia, specifically for the reason that no Christian in west Malaysia uses it. Usage is not banned in East malaysia, neither is usage banned in non-Malay versions of the Bible.

    if English Bibles and Chinese Bibles want to use the word Allah, feel free to do so.

    Ramadan Mubarak

  21. Anonymous5:41 pm

    We have no problem with God. But our problems are with the priest.

  22. Rocky,

    Now why is this an issue? Who is the Pope's wakil? I mean who IS he that we should be batting an eyelid to consider about? As far as I am concerned, he is a non-issue in regards to the sovereignty of the nation of Malaysia.

    Heck, to be more general, who is the Pope to us anyway? He is also a non-issue to us too. Nothing of what he says matter to any of us here especially the muslims.

    Hell what am I talking about. The pope is a non-issue to MORE THAN HALF of all Christians in the world. It is only the Catholics who think that he is God's representative on earth.

    The Baptists, the First day Adventists, the Methodists, the Church of the Latter Day Saints, the Greek Orthodox, The Coptics, the Presbyterians, the Lutherans etc etc etc .... none of them give a hoot about what the Pope says. To them, the Pope is a persona-non-grata. Please read more to understand that according to some of these protestants, the papacy is nothing more than the instrument of the Devil and the Pope himself the vicar of the Antichrist.

    So let's get this straight: the representative of the Pope would like to tell the muslims in Malaysia what to do, when he himself ( I mean the pope ) are not listened to by more than half of all christians the world over? Is this Marino guy on weeds?

    But be that as it may, this thing crops up again, reminiscent of and not very far-fetched from that of World-War Zombie: An issue which has been dead been refuses to lie down!

    Perhaps, just perhaps, we may be reminded again of wirtings of old? Like

    1. Najib Meeting the Pope or

    2. Dead lawyers discuss the name of Allah or

    3. Kak Eton wants to meet Jesus.

    What say you, or you Joseph of the Marino breed?

    Suman Sumbing,

  23. Anonymous10:11 pm

    Allah is the One and Only God. Now, does this apply to the Christian's God? If it does, then by all means please use Allah in your bible!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  24. 1. Our leaders, past and present, took pride in being seen with the Pope.

    2. Now they got what he wished for - the Pope had sent an Ambassador to Malaysia.

    3. Now the big task - who is to teach whom and who is to listen to whom?

    4. Do we teach the Pope's Ambassador about our time tested multi-religious and multicultural background or we allow him to dictate terms to us.

    5. Can our Muslim PM and his Muslim religious affairs minister defend Islam and the Muslims against the edict of Vatican? Their silence is deafening.

    6. I think best that we don't fool around with the sensitivity of the Muslims who form the majority of the people of Malaysia.

    7. A Muslim sinner, who had just came out of a Jalan Alor house of assignation, would die for his religion if insulted.

    8. So let us not fool around with religious sensitivity for the sake of being macho.

    9. Has Christianity suffered without using the term "Allah?" (I attended a Roman Catholic Mission School for 8 years).

    10. In the Peninsula, leave Allah to the Muslim, PLEASE!


  25. Anonymous6:00 am

    Anon 603:

    Because you are ignorant and dont understand the samcity of Islam.

    I'm a Muslim and has been in churches in England attending mass for many times. Never had i heard the word Allah been mentioned. I never seen a foreign language Bible using the word Allah either.

    Not using Allah should not bother your fundamentals and affect your Christian faith. Instead, using it bothers the Muslims in Malaysia a great deal.

  26. Anonymous6:11 am

    Yes well written.
    Who are Catholics anyway.

    We use English law, christians should follow Protestants and not insult other religions anyway.

    Who says billions of other muslims accept Allah as translation of God in the bible?

  27. can see clearly now6:21 am

    A diplomat who does not know what is diplomacy . Kurang ajar in this case means no proper up-bringing from his parents, his church, his religion. The bigger the CROSS he wear, the more he tries to impress, but we know behind the closed doors they all become animals

  28. Questions for A Kadir Jasin

    1. Is it not the duty of an Ambassador, High Commissioner or Nuncio to represent his or her country's interests in the country to which he or she is accredited to?

    2. To put it simply, would you expect the US Ambassador to Malaysia to tailor his views to accommodate the policies or sensitivities of the Malaysian government or will he give priority to protecting and promoting his own country's interests and objectives?

    3. So why should a Papal Nuncio be constrained by a different set of rules?

    4. Why can Muslims and Christians convert to each other's faiths in secular countries, without any vilification or blowback? It also happens in neighboring countries too.

    5. Are you saying that these countries which allow "freedom of religion" in it's truest and broadest sense have got it wrong? Are they, to borrow an adage, going to hell in a handbasket?

    6. Does Islam have a monopoly on "truth"? That would be viewed as provocatively controversial by followers of other religions, who according to the best estimates, outnumber Muslims by a substantial percentage.

    7. Can the Malaysian government defend Muslims in, say, Myanmar, China, Sri Lanka and in certain European countries? The government's silence in this regard is, as you have posted, "deafening".

    8. Fooling around with religious sensitivities is a 2-way street, wouldn't you say?

    9. And what's the difference between "being macho" and "standing up for one's rights and faith"? Including the right to worship The Almighty in any way I choose?

  29. Anonymous10:50 am

    The Vatican rep was cornered with this question and seriously what else could he have said? That Allah was indeed exclusive to Muslims?
    If he had said he might as well resign and go into a JV with a GLC on a multi billion contract.
    Accept it people, he gave the only answer that he could have just like the only opposite answer a Malay Muslim would have given.
    Let's be civilised and learn to agree to disagree.

    And to those asking if the Christians know how to pronounce Allah correctly, are you sure that's how the Muslims in China, Russia, India, North America, Africa are saying it. They would make up at least a billion of Muslims compared to the tiny group in Malaysia.

  30. Anon 1050am,

    The Vatican rep "cornered" by the question? You mean that response was the best he could come up with when cornered by the reporter?

    Since the "Allah" matter was already a court case, what Marino could have naturally said was, "Let's leave it to the Court to decide."

    Or, since this is Ramadan, Marino could have wished all Muslims in Malaysia "Selamat Berpuasa" on behalf of the Pope and the Vatican, no?

    1. Anonymous1:25 pm

      The court already decided that Allah can be used. So till the appeal by gov is successful the word allah should be allowed

  31. Aquavit12:19 pm

    Well, Bru - the Nuncio can always wish Muslim Malaysians "Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri" when the time comes!

    After all, we don't wish Catholics and Anglicans "Happy Lent", do we?

  32. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Apa nak dihairankan apa yg duta vatican tu kata, anwar ibrahim dan hadi awang pun sokong supaya kalimah Allah boleh digunakan dalam bible. Fasal itulah orang christian berani kata begitu kerana pemimpin politik yg berugama Islam yg bagi sokongan. Bila jadi masalah begini semua salah najib, sedangkan yg sibok2 sokong tindakan orang christian tak dipersalahkan. Hai untungnya anwar ibrahim..buat apa pun tak jadi hal, semua ok saja.

  33. Answer to CGK:-

    1. No. Any ambassador’s country’s interest pales in comparison or will be superseded by the interest of his host country if ever there is a conflict of priorities.

    2. Yes, we would.

    3. It’s not. And for the record, to prove that the Nuncio Nun has diabolical conversion-trickeries as its main agenda and not merely a “country’s interest”, do this: ask Pope to send each and every Nuncio-like ambassadors to each Christian country the world over, and not just Malaysia, and demand that all references of “God” in the bibles be changed to Allah. Mau ka?

    4. Bingo! Don’t we love it when Malaysia is one notch over when it comes to loving Islam? We have rules to protect its sanctity. I am trying hard not to weep here.

    5. No you don’t have to use the handbasket. You are doing fine already. Let me reiterate here: The Qur’an says specifically that the only religion that is pleased by Allah is Islam. Yes, and that means that thing about going to hellfire also. Sorry. Am not mincing words---just reading straight from the book. And you, CGK, if you yourself think that your own religion is the one that provides TRUE salvation, whatever it is, you are welcome to do so. The Government of Malaysia has no problem in you thinking that way.

    6. Yes. (I know, call me bigot but hey! It’s in the Quran. What can I do).

    7. No we can’t because the infidels won’t let us to. But it is not true that the silence is deafening. Part of your tax money goes to the stomach of the poor in Myanmar or the Sri Lanka beggars. Now I am weeping already. Of happiness.

    8. Yup. I let you build churches here and in return you want to spread blasphemy in my country by attributing sons and wives by asking us permission to let use the name of that very Deity who unflinchingly tells in the Quran that “Verily those are in error whomever attributes to Allah a wife and Son?” Does that sound like 2-way to you?

    9. Heheheh. I think, CGK, before you even speak on behalf of one who would like to worship in any way you do, why don’t you find yourself a religion first. Hell yes… go and be converted to Christianity first for all I care. It is interesting to note that in this minor conflict of deity monikers that exist in Malaysia between the Christians and the Muslims, the loudest voices come from those who are adherents of neither religion but jumps in the bandwagon because here is a chance to “get back” at what they perceive as a “Malay” issue. He may believe in neither Allah nor Jesus nor Mohammed, and thinks his salvation is purely dependent on the amount of paper money he buries together with their dead in Nilai Memorial Park, but hey: here’s the Malay-Muslim issue versus “others” so whatever it is, let’s shout for the “others”.


  34. Anonymous3:13 pm

    This country is still govern by sultan who has issue decree allah is for muslim only and it is not for discussion. Heed the sultan decree u moron

    Why dun u go back in time and refuse the citizenship offered to your grandparents in the 50s and row row your boat back to whichever corner corner u came

  35. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Distraction: Should we be concerned about this?

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)

  36. Anonymous6:54 pm

    the present gomen is the worst since 57.

  37. Anonymous9:39 pm

    En. Salahuddin Al Ayubi

    Boleh. Orang di Itali dn Vatican sekurang-kurangnya ada hormat kpd kebebasan bersuara.

    Adalah pilihan anda utk percaya anutan org lain ialah ciptaan manusia. Dan tidak perlulah campur masuk kepercayaan orang lain... misalnya org Kristian di Sabah/Sarawak yg guna kalimah tu.

  38. Anonymous6:20 am


    We don't need people like you here.

    Find yourself a religion and stop thinking that your mind can explain everything in this world by logic.

    Yes the brain is for us to use but it has certain limit and this has been proven over time that not all that was thought by mankind carried on theoughout our civilisations.

    Rukunegara says "kepercayaan kepada Tuhan".

    Life in this world is short and this opportunity knocks only once. If you screw up you can end up in a very very bad place for infinite years.

  39. Pathetic

    We can argue till the cows come home, or till hell freezes over, about which religion has the monopoly over "truth" and which offers the best insights into the thoughts of The Almighty.

    You say that is Islam. Christians say that it is Christianity (of which Catholicism is a major component). My Jewish friends will say that it's Judaicism and some of my Indian friends believe that it's Hinduism.

    You may be a Muslim and believe that the Quran is the absolute way, truth and life. That is your right.

    Just as Christians believe that the Bible is the Word of God.

    To each his own.

    But you cannot tell me that Muslims can convert others to their faith, but the vice-versa is not allowed as it encourages apostasy and blasphemy.

    Where is the fairness, justice and Divine Love (because The Almighty is Love) in that?

    Oh, yes - your interpretation of a diplomat's duties and priorities shows an abysmal ignorance of what diplomacy is all about.

    Tell me - does the Malaysian Ambassador to the US have the duty and responsibility to present and defend the Malaysian government's laws and policies to the US government, businesses, media and other parties? Or should he or she just shut up and kowtow to the US positions on various issues (like, for example, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, LGBT rights, intellectual property rights, human rights etc)?

    And if the Malaysian government is sympathetic to the problems faced by Muslims in Myanmar (Rohingyas), China (Uighurs), Russia (Chechens), Israel (Palestinians) or in the West, then what exactly is it doing about them?

    Secret donations? Come on, you can do better than that!

  40. What a stupid rebuttal this Goo Cheng Keong gives. Or is that George Cheng Keong?

    Here I mentioned in my point number (5) above and here he keeps parroting the same thing, as if his capability in reading comprehension is suspect. Deyyy! I said oredi maa… if you wanna think your own religion --- be that ancestor worshipping or be that stone worshipping---has a monopoly to the truth, go ahead and believe whatever you want. No one gives a hoot and no one is stopping you. And eh --- why do I get the feeling that you now sound a bit of bible freak somewhere there. What’s the matter. paper money burning credence too embarrassing for you? Gotten a Christian name yet? (You know--- the kind that makes you sound like you are in the same league as Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?). And perchance you are not a christian, whatchoo doing? Trying to outdo the Catholics kaaa?

    And since you mentioned about “Where is the fairness, justice and Divine Love (because The Almighty is Love) in that?” --- this one is a giveaway that you are absolutely non Christian. Because about fairness, justice and love, you would find tons of scripture materials --- you know, about turning the other cheek once you get hit on one?

    “Oh, yes - your interpretation of a diplomat's duties and priorities shows an abysmal ignorance of what diplomacy is all about.”

    Abysmal Dismal Gimmel. Now I am sure your phrenic state is questionable. Deyy! Diplomat work can give free rein to touch on any subject kaa? Especially if it is sacrosanct to a nation’s sovereignty? O yes incidentally, since we are on the subject of diplomats. How about that Pope sending diplomats the world over and ask each bible to replace each occurrence of the word “God” to “Allah”?

    Alaaa no need la….. Just send a video clipping of the pope saying mass in Vatican City (yes, and not in some poor African muslim country whose very next shipment of wheat and meat is dependent on how agreeable those hungry destitutes are) whereby he implores the name of Allah as his Lord creator and send it to us. Can ‘aaa?

    And since you ask “And if the Malaysian government is sympathetic to the problems faced by Muslims in Myanmar (Rohingyas), China (Uighurs), Russia (Chechens), Israel (Palestinians) or in the West, then what exactly is it doing about them? Secret donations? Come on, you can do better than that!”

    You haven’t known already? No? We get some of your China-Doll-Volcano-Eruption-Massage tax and levy and visa fees and send them to them needy ones in Middle East maaa…. That one oso not smart to think about ‘aaa? And don't let get me started on where we sent the money obtained from the Botak Chin and Gang proceeds before.

    I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying. - Oscar Wilde

    1. Anonymous7:11 pm

      An idiotic answer no doubt. That's why Islam always perceived as religion of violence. Not blame others.

  41. Anonymous1:27 am

    Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi,

    Kita orang mukmin Melayu pegang kepada akidah sahih Asya'irah. Allah ia kekal azali dan kekal abadi dan ia Maha Esa atas segala suatu daripada segi zat, sifat, asma, dan afaal Nya.
    Quran berkata: Tidak ada perumpamaan pada Zat Allah di alam kejadian Nya.

    Hadi Awang Wahhabi:
    Ustaz ini menafikan bahwa Allah itu qidam dan baqa' - iaitu Allah tidak kekal azali dan tidak kekal abadi dan lagi ia bersifat "turun" (maka past mesti "naik")! Kalau begitu maka bermaksud Allah "ada permulaan" dan "ada kesudahan" dan Dia ada "tempat". Audzubillahi min dzalik!

    Jadi jangan hairan jika ustaz PAS ini senang-senang berkelompok dengan perjuangan DAP untuk istiharkan "ALLAH" sebagai Tuhan dalam bible mereka yang bersifat tiga-dalam-satu, mahupun dengan percaya bahwa Jesus, seorang Nabi namun tetap makhluk yang pernah lahir dan mati (tidak kekal azali dan abadi), sebagai Tuhan semesta alam!!
    Adakah hairannya kalau padre Marino mahu melibatkan "ALLAH" dalam ajaran Kristian dia orang? Apanya amanat Hadi pula sekarang? untuk "Pakatan" mereka?

    Menyaksikanlah akidahnya:

  42. Anonymous2:02 am

    This is for padre Marino and Trinitarian christians who challenge our religious conviction in the Unique Oneness of God on High (for whom is no associate of any kind) and we who hope in the great intercession of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. on the Day of Judgement:

  43. bourne identity12:47 am

    2 words to describe this so called ambassador - KURANG AJAR.

  44. Anon 12:47 pm has chosen not to answer any of my questions substantively. That's par for the course for those who flame without logic.

    Tell me - has the Malaysian government explicitly condemned the treatment of Rohingyas in Myanmar, Muslims in Sri Lanka, Uighurs in China or Chechens in Russia?

    Point me to the relevant statements from Wisma Putra.

    Or to reports that the respective High Commissioner and Ambassadors to Malaysia have been summoned to Wisma Putra to receive such condemnations.

    Nope, what has been done is to bleat about the treatment of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. And bleating is all that can be done (welcome to realpolitik and the realities of who has power and who hasn't), because Malaysia can't hope to call the shots here.

    Nor the GCC, OIC or any other multi-hyphenated organisation.

    So, if you and your ilk want to gang up and bash the adherents of different faiths, and the representatives thereof, it's simply the game as usual.

    It must be tough realising that your bleats don't amount to anything much in the corridors of power.

    Of course, if you want to invite the Chinese or Russian Ambassadors to Malaysia for roti canai and the tarek and discuss matters of mutual interest......

    I am sure that such invitations will be warmly appreciated and, maybe, even reciprocated.

    And, maybe, the Wisma Putra guys (and gals) could tag along and take notes?