Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The holiest of months, the best of intentions

Eat this: Bujai's insincere Ramadan wishes and the force-feeding of Muslim detainees in Guantanamo. Why does Obama hate Islam so?

"But  in this month of  Ramadan - while we fulfill the tenets of our faith which came from the Arabian Peninsula let us not forget our dreams and hopes as the people of the Malay Peninsula ..."" -  Lest we Forget by Anak si-Hamid, 1 Ramadan 1434

Wishing my Muslim readers Selamat Berpuasa, wherever you are. Don't let them turn Ramadan into an orgy of excesses and gluttony and waste ...


  1. Anonymous9:55 am


  2. charleskiwi10:05 am

    What about the rest of the year ?

  3. Anonymous10:59 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Might the contemplations of this teacher complement your Puasa Ramadan reminder to avoid the excesses and waste of our appetites? "The swaggering ego and the virtues of fasting":

    Earth, water, fire, wind: Re-tuning to the nature of our beings:

  4. Anon 10.59,
    Thanks for Yaani's soothing melodies and powerful message.

  5. Andrew Gopal1:16 pm

    Selamat Berpuasa Bro.

  6. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Yea Rocky, cut down on all your spinning

  7. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Salam Ramadhan al-mubarak and May Allah's(SWT) blessings be on you and the family in this holy month, insyaallah

    Warrior 231

  8. Dear charleskiwi,

    This I wrote in the last paragraph of my posting.

    "But please remember that generosity, kindness, courtesy, consideration and thankfulness for Allah's blessings are not only for Ramadan.

  9. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Sorry bru, it IS and forever will be a month (plus another month for Open Houses) of wasteful, gluttony and face-stuffing-orgy.

    Disgusting. Sickening.

    I say ban Ramadhan bazaars and buka puasa buffets.

    - Azlan.

  10. Anonymous9:41 am

    That 'Azlan' from 11.10 pm comment is a Red Bean Army operative - DAP sponsored communist outfit. Insolent and yet a real coward by using a Malay name to hide his/her real identity.

    The comment from 'Azlan' is condescending and racist. Typical kan?

  11. Aquavit12:49 pm

    Anon 9:41 am

    "Insolent"? "Condescending and racist"?

    My, my. What about the comments and editorials in Utusan Malaysia and the posts from pro-Umno bloggers like BigDog and Another Brick in the Wall?

    Aren't they also "condescending and racist"?

  12. Datuk,

    This is something that I’m cock-sure a manuevre where Khazanah got their dirty hands involved.

    It is not a conspiracy! It’s already a swiss-clock military styled manuevre.

    You see, Khazanah top management hv been rambling, bickering & even bitching about Bashir Ahmad as someone who is “Not professional”, “Hiding things from them” & worse still, “Fail to do proper progress report on KLIA2″. Removing him out of Malaysia Airport had always been many top ppl in Khazanah’s agenda.

    Esp those who are pro-Tony Fucker.

    Many of Khazanah top mgmt are pro-Tony Fucker. That’s why the MAS-AA ‘share swap’ was manuevred seamlessly two Ramadan ago.

    Of course, we shouldn’t never forget Nazir was the facilitator, who is also another Khazanah loyalist & disciple of Darkula.

    Remember Khazanah wanted to oust Bashir & place Kalimullah’s trusted man Syed Faisal as Malaysia Airports CEO?

    Izaddin Idris is Khazanah’s hand picked CEO, who is a Darkula trained dog especially in Iskandar Malaysia where some Khazanah top mgmt are doing their their best to facilitate for Singapore investors, esp Temasek. That’s why even though KLIA2 is delayed & its part of Malaysia Airports gem & where Khazanah hv substantial investment & control, NONE of Khazanah’s top mgmt ever said anything in the open.

    It is crystal clear bulk of the delivery failure rest with their UEM’s own subsidiary, UEM Builders. Khazanah never openly insisted that UEM or UEM Builders take ownership for the delay BUT instead willingly & consciously allowed Tony Fucker’s & Oppo’s guns to be trained at Bashir Ahmad’s head!

    Never to let any of these goons out of your sniper scope sight! Get one with infrared capability, if you hv too!

  13. Cormoran Strike8:16 pm


    You are way off-topic, mate.

    See comments in the KLIA2 thread.

    Still think that MAHB is blameless in the KLIA2 imbroglio (I hesitate to use the word "fiasco").

    If you go by the adage "the buck stops with me", then the buck should stop with Bashir.

    Why else is he being paid the big bucks?

    There's plenty of finger-pointing and racist shit. Where's the accountability?

  14. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Anon 12.49, what about the STAR, that back stabbing MCA newspaper but actually DAP's mouthpiece? I wonder what they gonna do this Ramadan to insult the intelligence of the Malay/Muslims of M'sia? The last time was that 'babi' advert....Then pretending they had made a mistake. As if all Malay Malaysians are damn stupid. Isn't putting that 'babi' advert condescending? No respect for Islam? Real bigots lah you all Dapsters! What else?

    Utusan racists? Big Dog? Brick? Haiya, why don't you check on your side too? DAPsters are great sinners..oops I mean spinners!