Saturday, June 22, 2013

Yet another theme park in Malaysia

Only 2-3 hours needed to know Malaysia and love Malaysia when park's completed.
Now is that good or bad?
Read with some degree of depression the latest posting by Apanama, Khazanah wants the National Monument too? 
I love theme parks but the blogger's right to woe: why is there so little they're telling us about this so-called Malaysia Truly Asia attraction? If it's going to take away one of the last precious pockets of green lung in the city, we want to know what they're planning to build, how the park/parks will benefit the KLites and Malaysians in general, what the project does to the environment, and how much $$? Will there be just parks and ponds or are they going to build clusters of 5-star hotels, yet another convention hall, and super high-end condos? I'm told the occupants of the colonial structures around the Tugu Negara have been given eviction orders since last year, so presumably a lot of quiet planning has been done  ... 
Google, and you get a site linked to the Hettema Group which says it has been picked as the designer for a Malaysian Truly Asia Centre. 
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