Monday, June 24, 2013

Attack on Parliament: Today with punches, tomorrow with guns

More pics at theunspinners
The NST reports more than 15 people arrested for trying to break into Parliament with anything-but-peaceful intent. A police officer was punched in the face in a scuffle where riot police had to use teargas to break up the mob. I'm all for peaceful walks but these people are dangerous and a menace to society. To the politicians involved - you know who you are (and we know who you are) - rein in your followers before it's too late.


  1. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Bru, I have enough of all these nonsense. Why don't our authority just nab these menace and make them dissapear. Sekarang ni dah memang terang-terang derhaka sebab SPR tu kan bawah kuasa Agung? Susah saya nak pergi kerja kat area situ. Saya ada banyak deadline untuk project baru ni. Staff saya pun ramai yg susah nak pergi buat kerja. Kita nak maju ke depan, bukan nak buang masa macam ni. If govt don't stop these nonsense once and for all, we're not going to support you anymore as we surely are not supporting the other morons as well.

  2. LAYMAN2:55 pm

    I am a layman and a peace loving one. I believe the law should catch up here because:
    1. we don't need chaos in our beloved country created by this group of people who doesn't have or want a proper job
    2. we need productive people to manage our already productive economy so that we can continue to prosper.

    These people are actually minorities who thinks that they can do whatever what they want. Either they earn a living by doing all these or they think that they are part of a history in the making. Both ways, many more Malaysians will suffer directly or indirectly.

  3. That group was Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM). As police arrested some of the more aggressive members, some others turned violent and hurled abusive language at the police to demand the release of their comrades.

    The incident lasted 40 minutes and only died down after Badrul Hisham Shahrin @CikguBard, Chairman of SAMM and student activist Adam Adli Abdul Halim surrendered to the police.

    What happened to the "See? We can hold peaceful rallies" boast?

  4. Serious Shepherd6:32 pm

    When reading the title of this article, the first thing I have in mind is the Pemuda Tahan Lasak who are infamous for their brutality.

  5. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Jangan bagi muka lagi. Kami dah tak larat nak face these bastards. They think they are doing favours to society but in reality they a nuisance. If they want to change the government, yes, you can, but wait for another election i.e.5 years from now. They are causing traffic jams and chaos in the city

  6. Anonymous8:38 pm

    tangkap pagi ini. esok keluar. POLIS JAMIN some more dan kemudian riot lagi.
    Tahniah Najib dan KDN.

  7. Anonymous9:32 pm

    Someone says, there are 27 million Malaysians watching these few hundred monkeys performing their circus tricks..

  8. Anonymous9:40 pm

    John Steinbeck, the American literary Nobel prize winner once said " Power does not's fear that corrupt...fear of loosing power"......If the elected MP was appointed to become Minister and is unwilling to let PDRM imposed law and order to curtail accessive civil anarchism due to afraid of being profiled as ultra....then lets put the PDRM under Council of Rulers...they are not afraid...

    Prof Awe Kecik

  9. Anonymous1:24 am

    they were burnt, earthly hell could not face em' but earthly heaven would, at least. The cry for justice ? They can't even justify who they are and why are they being that way in a reasonable way. Road users, pedestrians and even the policemen are being ridiculed, in a LOUD way........