Friday, June 21, 2013

Anwar takes fight to be PM from Padang Merbok to Washington

Tomorrow's Padang Merbok "blackout 505" protest against the GE13 results is just a start of efforts by his friends and supporters to help realize Anwar Ibrahim's lifelong dream to be Prime Minister of Malaysia.
Din backs Anwar but admires Najib
Next week in Washington, The East West Center is organising an "aftermath" forum featuring two Malaysians including Din Merican and former US Ambassador to Malaysia John Malott. Both don't need much introduction, of course, but the East West Center failed to mention that Dato' Din and Malott are two of Anwar Ibrahim's tightest buddies. 
Info on the second speaker, Hui Hui Ooi, is originally from Malaysia and now attached with the Brent Scorcroft Centre on International Security. 


  1. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Rocky jealous ke tak dapat jadi speaker di Washington ?

  2. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Just a reminder of who Din Merican is .....
    Din Merican – For Sale To The Highest Bidder

    We haven’t heard from discredited blogger Din Merican for a while but he has surfaced again with his tirades against the government – after his offer to be a mole inside the Pakatan Rakyat was rejected.

    This scum traveled all the way to the US to get a brief appointment with the PM, who was then on an official trip. He told the PM’s aides that he was available to leak secrets of Pakatan. He desperately wanted to see the PM himself, he pleaded. But everyone who knows his background has had enough of his treacherous past.

    He was correctly snubbed. He was shown the door. Well, this scum, after having failed to get what he wanted, is now back to what he has been paid to do – blog against the BN.

    Stop The Lies urges the Pakatan leadership to do a thorough check on this Din Merican. He is the snake inside your party. If he can offer himself to be a mole, you guys better know who you are dealing with. Good luck to you guys.

    Who is this Din Merican, a blogger who claims of being among the top 5 in Malaysia and quite well-known abroad? Who gave him such a rating? He himself, that is.

    Din Merican is also known as Zeta Bar, after the club at KL Hilton, because of his drunken habit and not to mention he is also a regular customer of Season Tower, if you know what we meant. Like his boss, Anwar Ibrahim, he is a serial screwer.

    Incredibly, Din Merican once got rewarded with a fellowship in the government-run MIER, and now it seems that the MACC is breathing down his neck. A plain crook is what he is!

    His honour and integrity has long been lost when he was hustling money from a corporate personality and he then turned around and accused them of corruption when they stopped paying him.

    His lost his honour and integrity ever since he believed RPK’s statutory declaration accusing Rosmah of personally killing Altantunya. He also screwed himself up by defending ‘sodomiser’Anwar Ibrahim based on that non-existent fake Pusrawi medical report.

    His honour and integrity has long been lost since his days in Sime Darby. He sold Daim’s name as his classmate at Sultan Hamid College in order to get the ‘immunity’ from been taken to the court for stealing the company’s money while he was its Plantation Director.

    This Din ‘Temberang’ now works for anyone who pays him handsomely – irrespective of who the boss is, what the tasks are or what consequences the tasks may have on others.

    He is a man of no principle. Tun Mahathir was once Din’s idol (his late mother was once a nurse working at Tun M’s clinic) when he was at Sime Darby as its Corporate Affairs Director (CEO in-waiting it was said, but luckily the late Tun Ismail changed the succession plan) but shows despise at Tun Mahathir because his protege Tan Sri Nik Mohamed instead got the coveted seat.

    Din Merican, who is a long confidante of Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, is now trying to re-deem himself in the eyes of his Pakatan pay masters. Just months ago, he was talking about giving the PM “a chance” and the need for transformation!

    Eyeing a deal, which could enrich himself, he sang praises of the BN – which was noticed by many bloggers – but this venomous character is now back to his old self. Well, unless someone is prepared to pay him a price!

  3. Tun Daim one of elected Board of Governors of East West Center?

  4. Anonymous4:33 pm

    anon 2:45pm .... panjangnya hang punya cerita !!

  5. IT.Sheiss6:59 pm

    Why doesn't this Anwar guy speak to his Indonesian buddies about the haze?

  6. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Cakap kat nuaq ada satu cina doll cari dia, ada satu cewek indon pun cari dia, cowok indon pun cari dia juga. Jangan nak lari2........

  7. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Din Merican criticised someone when they stopped giving him money and praised them when they have money.

    Tajuddin may got his brunt for nt giiving anymore.

    Someone must see how the slip of hands between him and Ramli Yusof, Rosli Dahalan, Najib etc.

  8. Anonymous8:52 pm

    din merican is nonsense

  9. Anonymous11:16 pm

    ...I heard of Din Merican 'super adventures' long time since his Sime Darby days but never expected he could go so far and becoming a double heads snake....I think he needs to explain why becoming this messy in his life...worst after being elected as Kedah State Assemblyman...he did not contribute at to those people who had voted for him in GE 2008...what a great blunder he the issue of him being called as Din Temberang is making all his friends started to double all his antics for being Anwar's instruments and mechanisms or so called Balaci in damaging the unity of the country...what a waste...his mother must be crying hard in her grave seeing his beloved son becoming spoilt political brat...masyallah....

  10. Din is another pompous hypocritical garbage. He lacks the ability to retort and reply to contrarion views and thus censors and bans those who are against his thinking, Yet proudly claim he believes in freedom of speech and a fair press. Kepala otak betul dia. Ptuuiiii!!!

  11. Somebody in the US is lobbying for more funds to spring the Malaysian Spring. Just trying to get more people on board. Perhaps needed much more fund.
    As for huihui ooi, originally form Malaysia(what does that mean, is she Malaysian or not?), apa lagi cina mahu?

    No prize for guessing...

  12. Anonymous10:12 am

    Thank you, Anon 2:45pm!

    Yes, heard on the grapevine about Din Merican coming back from the US with muka tengi when PM bo layan his offer to "sell" PR [and AI!]. Vindictive opportunistic prostituting hack, this one. PR should watch its back. hehehe!

    As for that other loser, Malott who? Orang kat US, in particular current players in WDC, tak tahu dan tak kisah pun siapa mamat tua ini. Two-bits former US diplomats, career-diplos and/or CIA-plants, are a dime a dozen in the whole country lah. Those with more sterling records than him, who retired as Ambass from G-8 nations pun orang tak kisah. Inikan pulak this old kucing kurap who has been out of circulation for more than a decade. Kesian!

    Agree with IT.Sheiss... if he really wants to serve the country, why isn't Anwar talking to his buddies in indonesia abt the deadly annual polution coming from sumatra?

  13. Anonymous11:11 am

    Apa kelas Blackout 505? Jerebu 505 la!!!

  14. trifling-jester3:11 am

    IT.Sheiss, isnt it the prerogative of the govt of the day to speak to indonesia about the haze? aduhai

  15. Jasper Bloodstone3:18 pm

    Why act surprised, Bru?

    Look towards Europe and you see Angela Merkel taking on Erdogan.

    And it looks as if the EU, on German prompting, is prepared to "cold storage" Turkey's application for EU membership.

    Cue the large Turkish immigrant community in Germany mounting demonstrations in Cologne to support those who have been challenging Erdogan on the streets of Ankara.

    One of the slogans on a placard in Cologne says it all: "WIR WOLLEN keine FUNDERMENTALISCHE Staatin der Turkei" (translation: "We don't want a fundamentalist state in Turkey").

    I wonder what Anwar makes of it all, him being an Erdogan admirer/supporter?

  16. It.Sheiss - since we are on the subject of the haze, which is more cognisant of national interests and the safety of citizens and residents - Malaysia's lack of posturing against Singapore's aggressive diplomacy vis-a-vis Indonesia?

    Is it a case of being better served by adopting a "softlee, softlee, catchee monkey" philosophy in bilateral relations?

    Just asking, since you seem to have all the answers!

  17. Anonymous7:38 pm

    I'm ILHAM, remember me Din?

    Did 'nt know that are that filthy and a garbage....