Friday, May 03, 2013

The Good Malaysian

"Is there any [hudud-oriented Islamic] state in the contemporary world that serves as a model worthy of emulation - Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Afghanistan? Why have the people in the world's largest Muslim country rejected hudud-oriented political parties over and over again?" - Chandra Muzaffar, on voting against catastrophe this Sunday, 5th May

Anas Zubedy has the full transcript h e r e


  1. Anonymous10:58 am

    Malaysian, Vote wisely for peace and harmony.

    Say no to Politics of hate.


  2. Anonymous11:05 am

    u must be a retard

  3. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Why fear Hudud Law, there are god's tenants to be implemented, as someone in the audeince during a political rally ask the politician, why fear Hudud law and he commented that all BN Ministers hand will be chopped off because they have put their hand in the till. Only corrupt and immoral fellows need to fear Hudud. The countries sited by this country are forever doomed even without Hudud or with Hudud.

  4. Anonymous6:46 pm


    why your good malaysians are all turncoats ahh...

    how to call them good malaysians when they hantam their old comrades after leaving their party?

    does this mean Mat Taib,Kadir sheikh and tamrin are also good malaysians?

    or your so called good malaysians are those that leave PR and support BN and not the other way round?..

    they are all 2 5 jais..whether from BN or PR


  5. Anonymous10:32 pm

    I don't deny that there are greedy and corrupt politician in BN. Politic is where power, therefore wealth, are for quick & easy pickings. Slogans such as Pendidikan Percuma, Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor, Demi Rakyat, Pakatan Harapan Rakyat, etc, are mere rhetoric to entice people into voting for them and their quest.

    When politicians shouted 'Change or Ubah', people must think what kind of change will that be. If BN politicians are bad, they probably have their own sets of relatives and cronies who might already be rich. With the more vocal electorates today, they might be afraid to indulge in more corrupt practices. Activist such as YB Wee Choo Keong could also keep an eye and 'check' on them. Pro-BN bloggers are known to have also lambasted the Government if what they did was wrong or shortchanged the rakyat.

    However, if Pakatan politician were to take over, they would also be tempted to enrich their own sets of relatives and cronies, who are most probably not yet rich. Imagine the amount of rakyat's money that would be lost to the large number of these 'new' would be crooks. Just look at Nga Ko Meng when Perak fell. In just 49 days, he already gave a tailoring contract to his wife. He and his cousin Ngeh, even got huge track of timberland in Kelantan. (My own mischievous brother-in-law was very affluent, when PR ruled Perak then. He still owes me RM60k, though.)

    Anyway, we seldom heard BN politician suing their critics. With Pakatan's gag orders, ban on journalist, threatening court order to silence dissidents and with their dictatorial leadership style of their own party, Malaysian must be aware on the danger of suppression on our freedom of speech, if Pakatan gets to rule. The way they run their party election is also undemocratic. The Ketua Umum, Secretary General and Chairman are self-elected. Nepotism is also rampant in the triumvirate Pakatan.

    Safe Malaysia from dictatorial politicians.
    Say no to Dynasty kind of rule which breeds dictatorship and cronyism.
    So help us God.