Friday, May 03, 2013

"Not one Indian vote for Kit Siang!"

Hindraf burns its bridges with DAP
Hindraf 4 Ghani. The last time I spoke to P. Waythamoorthy, he was in Singapore traveling on a United Nations passport from London. He was visiting his little girl who had entered the republic from Malaysia. Waytha could not come back to Malaysia then as he would have been arrest upon entry. His comrades from Hindraf, including P. Uthayakumar, had been arrested and detained under the ISA by Abdullah Badawi for their role in a Nov 2007 demonstration in Kuala Lumpur. Waytha had avoided arrest by fleeing to the UK in xxx where he formally applied for asylum.

Listening to him speak at a public rally in Taman Teratai, JB last night brought back some sort of nostalgia, for the days when blogging was a foolish past time in Malaysia because it could get you arrested, detained, or sued. Waytha and Uthaya's Hindraf were strong, blinded supporters of the Pakatan Rakyat and, like almost everyone else back then, were frantic about bringing down the Abdullah administration. It's been widely acknowledged that the Indian votes and Hindraf's open support for Pakatan Rakyat, especially DAP, contributed to Barisan Nasional's worst general election showing in March 2008.

Ghani & Hindraf vs DAP
Now, five years later, a Hindraf's love affair with DAP/Pakatan is over and Waytha has pledged loyalty, instead, to Najib Razak and BN. Pakatan Rakyat had gone back on its words to help the Indians, Waytha said, citing Kampung Buah Pala and the tearing down of Hindu temples.

"Remember," Waytha told the midnight crowd at Taman Teratai, in front of Ghani and the media from both Malaysia and Singapore, "make sure not one Indian vote in Gelang Patah goes to Lim Kit Siang. 

"Kit Siang does not deserve even one Indian vote because he has granted not even one right to the Indians."

There are 106,726 registered voters in Gelang Patah, of which a significant 12.2 per cent are Indians. DAP's Kit Siang will face BN's Ghani Othman in the battle for GP this Sunday.


  1. Anonymous4:50 am

    How eacy people can praise someone who they have been cursing for demanding for speacil rights accorded to Malays. Why the change?

    May be Mr Rocky can answer this question

  2. Anonymous5:52 am

    Hindraf really broken up to so many fiction.Most of the Indian didnot respect him and will not listen to him.Dont waste time with his guy.

  3. Anonymous7:00 am

    Latok, I know you are paid to spin but please do it intelligently. Indians may not be supporting Kit Siang 100% but a large numbers will still give him their supports. You may be blinded by money but many are not. Just like you, can this Waytha guy be trusted? Even his brother and his former party are comdeming him for his betrayer and yet you are heaping praises on him when most Indians are cursing him. Come Sunday, let's see how right you are.

  4. Anonymous7:53 am

    to all centric chinese minded community, vote DAP mean you choose a destructive path.

    think carefully, even hindraf dont support DAP anymore.

  5. charleskiwi8:12 am

    Sure this mad dig LKS has not granted even one right to the Indians, but has he got any right to grant to anybody, let alone to the Indians or anybody else ?
    Whereas the rapscallions in Umno have all the rights but have they ? All of a sudden, just before the election promises or should I say empty promises are made to give them heaven and earth. When in reality some of these Indians and pendatangs are made for decades for their applications for citizenships to be given their approval. I know of families who have applied for their citizenships for the last two decades. To date they not only have not heard from the authorities not to mention their approval. They have yet to hear from the home ministry what have happened nor the reasons why their applications are in limbo.
    Yet millions of foreigners are imported into Malaysia and granted instant citizenships as long as they give them their votes.
    This is just an example of what have happened to the Indians and also all the pendatangs.
    I am no supporter of this mad dog LKS but in the present circumstances that we are in. do all the pendatangs have any other alternatives ? Surely you have heard of 'half a loaf is better than none' ? To be exact any body, at present, is surely better than the present watchdog, Umno, Malaysia have !

  6. dergahgrill8:30 am

    Ahem, Bru - so what was Ghani doing yesterday in Singapore, as reported in the Singapore Straits Times today?

    Apparently he took a bus across the Second Link, breakfasted at a Wendy's restaurant in Tuas and mingled with Malaysians who trek across to work in Singapore daily.

    Campaigning? No wonder the Singapore MFA was mystified, saying they knew nothing about this beforehand.

    So, Ghani doesn't share Mahathir's antipathy towards Singapore?

    That should be food for thought for those idiots who label the DAP as surrogates and Trojan Horses for you-know-who!

  7. Anonymous8:41 am

    Im an indian and a proud one.
    The vote of my family and friends are for PR close eyes.
    We dont need the likes of wathya to tell us whom to vote.
    He has collected his cash and now works for it just like you roco.
    He talks about the protestors at his ceramah as THUGS but look around and see who he has hired, they too are thugs as i know that the two beside him are ex-jailbirds.
    How people change upon the sight of cash. Just like a pros.
    "not one indian vote for kit siang" konon !

  8. Anonymous9:02 am

    Last time I heard he got kicked out of HIndraf...maybe you dunno cos not reported in still got influence ahhh rocky...



  9. Anonymous9:23 am

    Not One Vote?

    Eh my Indian Friend said he will votr for Kit Siang, so are 10 other Indians I Know!

    Maybe there are 100s of others who will vote for Kit Siang....

    Not One Vote You Say!!

  10. Anonymous9:32 am

    Apparently the traders and customers at a food court in JB agree with the sentiments...they highly doubt that LKS will ever help the malays too. Check out this interesting link

  11. Anonymous9:53 am

    doesn't look like anyone is listening other than rocky......given the response after his speech......

  12. Anonymous10:43 am

    Yes, DAP's promises are not for keeps. Vote Ghani for BN. Lets boot Kit Siang's politics of hate, out of Malaysian scene. We would be more harmonious if he is out of Malaysian politics.

    Say no to Dynastic Lims.


  13. Anonymous11:08 am

    Check waytha's bank account...should be similar amount to whats in yours...maybe

  14. Anonymous11:57 am

    Not one Bangala vote for DAP! They will all vote BN.


  15. Anonymous1:39 pm

    This porki is a traiter to the Indian cause and we will know how will he be remembered when he gets egg in his face by Najib and his gang after the elections.

  16. Anonymous3:10 pm

    "Kit Siang does not deserve even one Indian vote because he has granted not even one right to the Indians."

    uhmmm, Kit Siang is not in the position to grant you any right. Sorta inane argument you are proffering.

    By the same token, Najib also cannot do the same. Your right is already enshrined in the Constitution.

    What the masses are fighting for is for these rights to be recognised and adhered to.

    Not A Red Bean Soldier.

  17. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Waytha speaks for Hindraf? Waytha speaks for indians ? Have you been smoking dope again, Rocky ?

  18. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Anonymous 7.12pm

    He may not be an elected official of the Indians but he REFLECTS the Indian sentiment. Enough of the TOKENISTIC GESTURES of the DAP towards the Indians.

    FYI, there are differences and disatisfaction between the Malays and the Indians BUT there are many features that are akin to both communities which at least the Indians recognise and appreciate. Unlike the Indians and the Chinese there is virtually NOTHING that binds these two races.So you go and figure that one out

    Dear brothers vote BN