Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Christian convicts' Bibles never confiscated, say Malaysian authorities

Bru's comments: And some politicians were so quick to believe whatever they read, especially since it's politically expedient for them. What next, mo?


Jabatan Penjara Malaysia menafikan sekeras-kerasnya dakwaan bahawa berlakunya rampasan kitab-kitab injil di Penjara Sibu seperti yang dilaporkan dalam Free Malaysia Today (FMT) baru-baru ini.

Ingin ditegaskan juga bahawa pihak penjara tidak pernah melarang mana-mana banduan daripada mengamalkan kepercayaan agama masing-masing semasa berada di dalam penjara.

Oleh itu, pihak penjara menuntut agar FMT menarik balik laporan tersebut dengan segera bagi mengelak sebarang kekeliruan dan keresahan di kalangan penganut agama Kristian di negara ini.

Pihak Jabatan Penjara Malaysia, akan menjalankan siasatan rapi berhubung pembohongan ini.



  1. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Saya ingin "share" video ini yang mengesahkan niat jahat pihak Zionis terhadap kerajaan Malaysia. Harap sebarkan!

  2. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Prior to May 13, 1969, racial polarisation was very apparent. Chinese in towns and new villages, Indians in estates and the Malay majority stuck in backward kampungs. The chinese, by virtue of being located in high density areas, enjoys all thd public enemities and the economic benefit that comes with it.

    Fast forward to 2013. We are seeing another round of racial polarisation. This time along party line. The Chinese virtually all behind DAP and its allies. The Malays mostly behind UMNO/BN and the Indian somewhere in between.

    The stark difference between the two era is that expelled, disgruntled or opportunistic malays are playing traitor.

    The chinese have been planning and positioning this for a very long time. Material superiority no longer suffice. Theh want political might too, so as to perpetuate their wealth. This is their best opportunity, thanks to the "melayu yang masih tak sedar diri"

    Are we heading for another May13 tragedy?

    I pray to Allah that we are saved from another bloody encounter.

  3. Anonymous11:14 pm

    FMT? hmmm let check it out;

    Cheater? check.

    Liar? check

    Manipulator? check

    Communist? double check

    denial syndrome? double check

    born again evangelist chinkies christo because the simple way is to wash out past sin (its in the blood) ?

    triple check

  4. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Its your right to believe the Prisons department.

    Other have a right to believe FMT's report.

    Whats the problem here?


  5. Anonymous3:30 am

    What about the actual truth, PARAMESWARA?

    Does that matter to you?

  6. Anonymous9:41 am

    ahh yes, a simple denial is surely to be believed, no? What's wrong with you Christians??

    Has the Gov ever lied to you? Surely not!

    Haven't they been ever so accommodating with your places of worship albeit in obscure factories,shophouses and close to sewage areas? You should be thankful!

    And hey, hasn't Najib gotten down with the previous Pope? Forget the whole Allah appeal though, that's just for the masses.

    C'mon Christians, what's there to complain?

  7. Anonymous9:47 am

    saw the turnouts at PR ceramahs?
    If they lose, its only because you guys cheated.

  8. Anonymous10:01 am


    Sarawak and Sabah tarak main sama religion dey, they are united as Bumiputras and fluently use Bahasa Malaysia to bond and communicate.

    Problem with Semenanjung Apeks and Aneys whose ancestors just converted into Christianity when they landed their tongkang on this land is...

    ... many just cannot understand our National Language and Apek donno Tamil or other Indian dialects, Aney donno Mandarin or other Chinese dialects, so they try to unite by USING religion. Well, why not? TAPI dont use religion to instigate others ler!

    Masaalah le kamu semua ni!


  9. Anonymous11:41 am


    not all those who attend ceramahs are voters. not all are supporters and not all are from that area. so dont comment like an asshole who never had any education. not even all dap members support the leadership who cheated 700+ members of their voting rights. ubah your attitude before trying to ubah others.

  10. Anonymous11:45 am

    another 13 May and you will be finished. for good. so dont ask for it. where will you go? china dont want any more chinese. india dont want anymore indians.

  11. Anonymous11:51 am

    Who believed convicts, anyway?

    Or it is the insinuation of their lawyers and those of the politician?

    Can we trust lawyer and a politician, at the same time?

    Was Karpal Singh lying when he accused Anuwar of sodomy, in Parliament or was he lying when he defended him in Sodomy II?

    Anuwar was an ex-convict. He lied about Sept. 16th. He lied to the villagers of Kg, Buah Pala. He lied about his backache.

    MK, FMT, Suaram?
    How can we believe everything they write, when they insidiously try to hide the fact that they were funded by foreign agents.

    Param, my dear old friend.

    I would suggest that you stop befriends those what seems religious people in PAS. They are known liars, too.


  12. Anonymous6:53 pm

    The authorities must come down hard on rumour mongers.
    Clearly rumour thrives in an environment where society is segregated such as by race, religion and ideology. Instead of rationally weighing the credibility of an odd news, people are ready to point fingers toward those outside their group.
    I've said it before and I'll say it again to each and every person who have not supported the idea of one school for all anak Malaysia - your chickens have come to roost. Shame on all of you Malay, Chinese and Indian who are guilty of this.