Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Varsity in JB rejects visit by PM Najib?

Got am SMS from a friend who heard that the Southern College University in Skudai, Johor Bahru had turned down Najib Razak during the PM's visit to Johor Bahru yesterday. Not true, I told the friend. Najib's event went smoothly. During the visit, he announced the setting up of a Chinese school in the Iskandar region. No Malaysian PM has done so much for Chinese education in the country as Najib has in a very short time, so why should the varsity reject his visit.

But I double checked, all the same, and found that the rumors would have something to do with an article in Nanyang Siangpau published today. Read it h e r e. It's safe to conclude that more such talk would be spread until polling day on May 5. The fact is, Najib's the first PM to have visited the Southern U. 

But another Prime Minister has an significant place in the history of the university's formation. He is none other than Tun Dr Mahathir Moahamad, whom the DAP is trying very hard today to paint as an anti-Chinese ex-Prime Minister. As history has it, nothing could be further from the truth ...
On the eve of Johor Bahru Parliamentary district by-election, Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir attended the joint Chinese New Year Celebration of Johor Bahru's Chinese societies. Dato’ Low Nam Hui, the Chairman of Persekutuan Tiong-hua Johor Bahru proposed to Dr. Mahathir for approving the application of setting up Foon Yew College and the proposal was taken into consideration; Read more here.
[Despite BN losing that by-election in 1988, Dr Mahathir approved the setting up of the college, which was renamed Southern College and later Southern College University. It was set up in 1990 as the first non-profit private higher institute of learning in the country]. 


  1. Anonymous9:19 pm

    In times of desperation,desperate measures are needed.The ship is sinking fast so what is there to lose?Afterall it is election time.If not forget about it.

  2. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Rocky : " No Malaysian PM has done so much for Chinese education in the country as Najib has in a very short time"

    don't talk shit x3, Rocky !!!

    .....very soon Najib will be charge in court for from corruption to murder cases involved him !!

  3. Anonymous11:32 pm

    There are too much. In the era of BN One Malayisa or DAP Malaysian Malaysian or Keadilan untuk semua, why still harp for colleague or university by race? Why not harp for a REAL 'MALAYSIAN EDUCATION' or NATIONAL EDUCATION. Why when melayu ask or get something other race question but when they got something melayu says tak apa , itu hak dia? This show Racist is alive even after 56 years of Independence. Look at Gelang Patah that will confirm racist is alive. If LKS get all or 90% chinese votes and Ghani gets all or 90% Malays votes what does it tell us? Look at the statement made by BN, DAP, PKR and PAS. The common statement for DAP is we just have to woo the chinese voters and BN-Umno, PAS or PKR we just have too woo the Malays voters for a win.For MCA or MIC or SUPP is the same. We just have to woo the Chinese or Indians or Kadazan etc. What does it tell us? Why not Malaysian will votes the best of all? No race card nothing. The problem with Malaysia is education. The pondok students only want to go to Heaven, The chinese educated interested in business ie $$ and the Indian a 'race' that lagged behind (why not a malaysian community that lag behind?) interest is?, GE 13 is not about Malaysia, it all about race.

  4. Anonymous11:40 pm

    Sure! Najib brought Mat Rempit with him and the rest is now widely reported in the alternative media!!!

    Oh but, you would say that these students are controlled by DAP who instigated the reported incident at the campus.

  5. Anonymous12:06 am

    And still very ungrateful.

  6. Anonymous6:15 am

    No Chinese vote for BN meaning we going to close down all Chinese university and school no more UTAR etc but they still can go and study at AIMST university or TAFE college. No problem there...

  7. Anonymous6:41 am

    So you Are Saying to be grateful our girls have to allow themselves to be Molested and Raped!?

    Sounds like the BN Manifesto!


  8. Do you really don't know or delibrately trying to fool the rest?
    THERE IS NO PRIME MINISTER in Malaysia now. The ELECTED government ceased to exist after the disolution of our parliment last month.
    Najib is not our PM no matter how you may want to spin it. and it is illegal to go around calling himself PM of Malaysia.
    get it?

  9. ...and still spewing vile lies like the liars we know they are and will always be..

  10. Anonymous10:01 am

    your readers are very cynical rocky....poor fella!

  11. Anonymous10:17 am

    soon you will be licking your wounds in prison

  12. Anonymous10:26 am

    Mr Rocky, it's time to repent and abandon ship....I heard those chinese-indian guys are gunning for a TOTAL WIPEOUT of MCA-MIC, save a few places for Umno !

  13. Anonymous10:43 am

    Kuburkan politik chauvinist, extremist dan pelampau. Kuburkan dap.

  14. Anonymous11:50 am


    what more do you want? stop listening to gossip, nonsense and use your brain b4 showing how stupid you are. ask the big homo who is paying for his lavish lifestyle.

  15. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Trouble is, people can be easily conned. Didn't they notice they're always repeating the same pattern in their 55 years' rule? They will only "listen" and be hyper-active in solving the people's problems during the last few months when their five-year mandate comes to an end. For the rest of the four and half year they will be busy working out projects to be given to whose families or cronies. An honest and strong government will not need to beg or bribe the people for votes. They will give automatically.

  16. charleskiwi2:04 pm

    If Najib has done so much for the more than 5 Chinese,why are there so few of them in the civil services ? Is it because the Chinese are not Malaysian born and most of all do not need to eat ?
    Or is it because the Chinese do not need to be in the civil services or is it because they are not so lazy and corrupt as the Malays ?

    1. oblong9:37 pm

      Bro, how many chinese apply for civil service? Go chck SPA annual report first. Very pathetic la this 'tentera kacang merah'

  17. Precisely said - those student are controlled by DAPig and everyone in the politic know how the the DAPig controlled "Red Bean" cyber troopers are doing their job to spread lies and to create racial tension in the country - This country is still very far from uniting every race to became One Malaysia

  18. straff3:07 pm

    Well, Bru....seeing as what some Mat Rempits allegedly did in that university (alleged molestations of Chinese female students), it's hardly surprising that Umno (and, by extension, the PM) has minuscule support in that campus.

    Not helped, of course, by Ghani's oddly dismissive attitude towards the alleged molestations.

    If the allegations are true, then they mark a new low for the BN-friendly stormtroopers.

    This is not India, where molestations and rapes are commonplace.

    But the Mat Rempits are a law unto themselves.

    Now, why is that?

  19. Anonymous3:19 pm


    I will be voting for opposition pact this time. So will all my family members, relatives & colleagues.

    I had thought over this decision many times. I believe my decision is right. Where a vote for BN equivalent to vote for Perkasa
    as BN directly fielding Zul Nordin & technically fielding Ibrahim Ali. Sorry for Najib.

    Waiting for evening of 5th May 2013 for results.

    1. oblong9:45 pm

      Polling centre will be open at 8am, see you there mate. "LAIN KALI LAH"

  20. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Ge13 is all about race! Especially the chinese. Too lan onli. As malaysian first chinese second im pissed off. The chinese support DAP becos of what? The country? Dont give me that shit man. They support becos we think we can have malaysia for our own. Who are we kidding woi. And chinese like me.. They call us traitors! Traitor to who? The country? You DAP racists are traitors lar. U are the one that cause disunity and racism. You think the malay support PAS becos of what? They wanna islamise the whole nation. Malaynise everyone. Everyone who are not PAS to the PAS malay are infidels lar.. Waiting for them to be in power so that they can convert all of us bit by bit into fundementals. Im sure that will make nik aziz so happy! So you DAP chinese are the traitors. You sell us chinese out thinking you will rule. Eh.. PAS are not as stupid as you think lar. It is like allying with al qaeda. What u think you get at the end? Look at egypt lar. They remove mubarak thinking they will have moderation and democracy. They ally wuth al qaeda. Means to an end. What happen? Now it is a fundamental islamic country rule by the islamic brotherhood! Is that what u want?? Malaysia be like pakistan afghanistan iran and bangladesh???!

  21. Be honest with yourself Rocky.

    If 308 did not happened, do you seriously think that this will occur??? "No Malaysian PM has done so much for Chinese education in the country as Najib has in a very short time, so why should the varsity reject his visit."

    Do you still remember what one chief minister said during ppp agm which happened b4 308??? Would you ask him to repeat that now?

    pls la rocky, told you already to go make an hoest living. don't you feel malu, tak ada maruah ke selling your soul like this? regardless of who you support, why shame yourself by spewing such nonsense????

  22. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Dont comment like a bastard. Anyone made any police report?

  23. Anonymous4:56 pm

    hello charleskiwi

    again you talking like a retard. how come the chinese dont want to join the armed forces? how many malays in the singapore civil service and their security forces?

    you must be a retard. no doubt about it.

  24. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Red Bean detected

  25. Anonymous5:00 pm

    At least the residents in JB, and those Malaysians who study and work in Singapore, can get a more "fair and balanced" coverage of the run up to Malaysia's elections in the Singapore media (Channel NewsAsia and the Singapore Straits Times, Business Times and TODAY papers) than they can in what passes for the Malaysian mainstream media.

    Admit it, Bru. The Singapore media's journalists, reporters and analysts are a class act and head and shoulders above their Malaysian counterparts in the MSM.

    I dare say that a fair number of Malaysian politicians, analysts and think tank types are more comfortable talking to the Singapore media because they don't "spin" their reports.

  26. Anonymous5:02 pm

    ---sorry for YOU and your family. having a good life here and yet so ungrateful. the malays cannot protect their rights but dap can step on malay rights! GO MIGRATE. and take your family members and colleagues with you. see which country will give you automatic citizenship. nothing is ever enough for people like you.

  27. Anonymous5:29 pm


    You reject BN for protecting the rights of all races but accept dap who will fight for the rights of the chinese only. Under dap, pkr and pas 'can go to hell'.You really want a war at your doorstep, dont you?

  28. Anonymous8:17 pm

    anwar tu kasi kapan

  29. Anonymous9:00 pm

    malaysia is OURS..4ALL..i really support it..
    solila..NONE..ther's NONE..ZERO..NOT EVEN in US..INDIA..CHINA..TAIWAN..closest e.g. INDONESIA..
    ada sekolah minoriti using their own mother tounge as the medium..watmor UNIVERSITY..my MALAYSIA..only in tis 1NATION tht i'm free2go out&buy sin chew jit po..or nanyang siang pau or tamil naban or harakah..wat ever..
    BN..is not 100% malay..or chinese..or indian..or melanau..or iban..or sakai..or murut..or kadazan..my gudness..it's fully OFFICIALLY REGISTERED wit all the components..mor thn 10 of thm..lost count..thy r not 100% perfect..who is..watmor being such abig FAMILY fr every etnics&races background..even the existing opposition arent perfect thmself..
    but thn again..wher r we now..after being independant4mor thn50yrs..???
    an honest answer shudb gud enuf2pik the rite choice.

  30. Anonymous9:05 pm

    charleskiwi said...

    You are ignorant and a dump ass. You accused Malays are corrupts? What the heck is in your dump mind? Chinese , Indian are not corrupt. Your statment acussed all Malays are corrupt. You are the one who is corrupted. You have a corrupted mind. Be carefull what you wish for. The malay have been very lenient even when they are label as CORRUPT. Do you know that a number of chinesee like to offer money and when hari raya will sent load of gifts or ang pau's to certain individual. Why? So that they will get projects. Who the corrupt here.

    Why label Perkasa? racist? is Dong Zhou not racist? What the different between them. Perkasa protect Malay rights and Dong Zhou protect Chinese rights. If Perkasa to be abandon and abolished then Dong Zhou too have to follow suit. Malays are like the Chinese who'r not happy with Perkasa, the Malays are also not happy with Dong Zhou.

  31. Anonymous11:16 pm

    me family and relative will vote for BN this time around because PAS going to implement hudud.

    sorry DAP!

  32. Anonymous11:18 pm


  33. Anonymous11:28 pm

    BN is the best.

  34. charleskiwi8:21 am

    If what you have stated are true and accurate, can you please tell the readers as to why Najib is doing 'so much' for the chinese education now ? Why ?
    Is it only now when he needs the votes and support of the Chinese before the election, he is doing so much more ?

    Umno has 56 years to implement what Najib is doing now, don't you think it is a little bit late ? Stop blaming the Chinese for the eventual downfall of Umno, Chinese have never been a threat to the Malays and they will never pose any threat to the Malays. Jus look who are the real people who are threatening the Malays, it is the Malay opposing politicians who are awaken to all the deceits and lies of the Umno members.
    The Chinese politicians are and will always be minority in this country, who are marginalized in every field in Malaysia. There is no Chinese regiment or are there enough Chinese in both the police or the military forces to impede another May 13.
    Just look at all the protests and the dissatisfactions raised, you don't see very many Chinese amongst the crowds.
    Therefore stop blaming the Chinese for all the woes in Malaysia faced by Umno. So many millions of the Chinese professionals have chosen to immigrate rather than protests in the streets. That is why Talent Corp. was formed to urge them to return to serve the country and if they are a threat to the country why are they being urged with incentives to return to serve. Therefore stop blaming the Chinese for all the woes Malaysia is facing.
    It is your own kind that is threatening Umno existences, it is your kind who are aspiring ti be the new P.M. !

  35. charleskiwi said...
    If what you have stated are true and accurate, can you please tell the readers as to why Najib is doing 'so much' for the chinese education now ? Why ?
    Is it only now when he needs the votes and support of the Chinese before the election, he is doing so much more ?


    Mr Charleswiki,

    Mr Najib is not doing it only now and one knows that unless one has just come out of a shithole, mate. In fact, Mr Najib even sent Najib Jr to learn the Mandarin language and Chinese culture. On the other hand, where do you you Lim Kit Siang sent his son to school? Chinese school? And where does Kit Siang's son send his own son, a Chinese school? No, right. They sent their sons to English school meh.

    Think before you spew it next time.

    As for this government doing stuff for Chinese education, the record speaks for itself. Only in Malaysia do Chinese schools survive and thrive. Got Chinese schools in Singapore, meh? No, right. They even destroyed Nanyang. Of course, Lee Kuan Yew also abolished Malay and Tamil schools.

    In Malaysia, there are no Malay schools. Only sekolah pondok and agama.

    And as my posting clearly pointed out, Dr Mahathir had a hand in promoting Chinese education to a higher level.

    Next please ...

  36. Anonymous11:57 am


    I support anon@3.09,

    me , my friends and family wont be voting for non-BN candidates even a bebas candidate.

    Reason is to vote against corruption.
    If an royal army jet engine can go missing with only 1 low ranked officer charged for eye-wash, what else can happen in this country..

    People living in fear at home and in streets due to high crime rate and yet data showing crime rate went down?

    I'm not voting for opposition but I'm voting against BN. If new government take charge-even BN wins again but problems not fixed I will vote against government again until there is a change & improvement.DOT.

    God save Malaysia.

  37. Anonymous12:31 pm

    PKR = convict lifestyle ala mafia, demos, explosions, character assasinations

    PAS = hudud ala Afghanistan Taliban, chop hands and stone to death

    DAP = literate and legally trained communists whose mantra is chinese supremacy via suppression and spin - just study the kiasu island

  38. Anonymous1:27 pm

    charleskiwi---'chinese have never been a threat to the malays '

    go for a brain scan. read the history of 13 May. was'nt it the chinese who threatened to kill the malays? and did kill the malays. so dont push the malays again. you wont like it.

  39. kupudan pasha5:15 pm

    Anon 12:31 pm

    Seems to me that the "kiasu island" is doing pretty damn good, pardon my language.

    After all, it's not everyone who can host US Navy littoral combat ships, actively contemplate the acquisition of F-35 aircraft, attract multi-billion dollar investments from ExxonMobil and Shell and have a few thousand companies from China, India, Europe and the US set up shop there to service the region.

    They must be doing a few things right after all.

    Which is why a frustrated Dr Mahathir is reduced to taking another round of potshots (as exemplified by his recent commentary in the NST) at a country that he tried to marginalise and sideline, to no avail.

    Anon 1:27 pm

    You are awfully free with the language of violence and intimidation, aren't you?

    Guess what? The world has changed. Bullies are confronted and faced down. Tough titty, dude, but there's enough muscle and political will out there that will ensure that your nasty little musings will remain just that.

  40. Anonymous8:09 am

    DAP had proven as a racist and chauvinist party, only good on whipping the chinese community emotion.

    show us what DAP had achieved? any constructive objective toward the community welfare?

    but still they vote for DAP.

  41. bourne identity11:14 am

    they have yet to be married...only paired and also not sure if theyre engaged or not. and IF they do get married officially....do you think theyd stay together for the next 5 years when theyre already bickering and stabbing NOW.
    BN...different parties with different racial and opinions have been married together since 1957 and yes...there has been hiccups here and there but they havent quarreled. BN discusses together if there are disagreements and yet they remain married together...different race based parties as well as different opinioned parties too.
    Would I risk my family's future the next 5 years to a bunch of fanatics....racists and slaves to the west in the form of PAS, DAP and PKR?
    Would I want to see the country turn into chaos after giving my 15 years of active service in vat69 ridding of chinese communist guerillas in the late 70s to late 80s?
    Since 1957...Malaysia has only been developing itself slowly...physically, economically and politically...and we are not America or some western countries that has been around a far more longer time than ours too.
    PAS & PKR wants an Arab styled uprising while DAP wants a totalitarian chinese styled ruling.
    To these bastards and their families running these parties - I say FUCK OFF.
    Malaysia's future cannot and never will be in the hands of radicals, racists and western slaves...

  42. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Ah Moi clad in cheongsam with slits at the side....yummy....mat rempit nampak mesti mahu raba lah....cannot make police report to shame BN ma .....after all who in BN would admit that raba-raba is BN culture ?