Saturday, May 04, 2013

A huge lead, a comfortable win, a changed (not chained) Malaysia


Post script at 2.50 am on Polling Day, 5/5/13: The faked article below notwithstanding, I stand by the comments at the end of it, which reflects my cautious optimism of the outcome of this GE. Those of you still whining about the fact that I posted this faked article, grow up. Who believes in Merdeka Center, in the first place, anyway? Like my always elegant commenter Charles F. Moreira puts it, "Only the results of the 13th GE will really tell which way the vote will go, rather than all these polls and speculation."

Original posting:
My comments after this article ...
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Najib's rating up to 73%, leads Anwar by 32% as M’sians top choice for PM

By Clara Chooi and Amin Iskandar, The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, May 02 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s approval rating is now at all time high of 73 per cent, the highest point since last May, fuelled by rising concerns amongst voters over Pakatan’s ability to maintain economic stability as well as serious internal problems over Hudud, a new poll released today showed.
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GE13 promised to be the most hotly contested General Election in Malaysia. However, a recent poll released today indicates that a win is all but out of reach for Pakatan Rakyat, spelling the end of Anwar Ibrahim’s long and illustrious career as a politician.

Local pollster Merdeka Center reported the results in its latest survey conducted between April 30 and May 1, revealing that the Najib (picture) brand notched up significant gains in public perception following several significant events over the course of the 2 week campaign, centering on the Pakatan Hudud fiasco.

Of the 1,027 respondents polled, 73 per cent said they were satisfied with the prime minister’s performance, up a significant 12 percentage points from 61 per cent in January 2013.

Since hitting a record high last year, Najib’s rating has been on a decline; from 72 per cent in May 2010 to 69 per cent in November 2010, 67 per cent in March 2012, 65 per cent in May 2012, 61 per cent in January 2013. However, this new polls result showing Najib at 73% in April 2013 indicates that the reliance of the BN campaign on Najib’s personal popularity and the massive dissemination of information relating to the achievements of Najib’s administration for the people since 2009 has had a clear effect on voters.

When Najib first took over the country’s reins in April 2009, his administration’s rating improved quickly on his predecessor Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s flailing legacy from a bleak 34 per cent in March 2009, soaring by 31 percentage points to 65 per cent within just three months.

According to the pollster’s report released today, Najib’s scored the poorest with the Chinese community, with his rating dipping from an all-time high of 58 per cent in May 2011 to 48 per cent this month.

The Indian community grew more confident in the prime minister, climbing by six  points from 69 per cent 75 per cent now. Malay community support marginally increased, from 73 per cent in January 2013 to 75 per cent in today.

The survey included respondents aged 21 and above across the peninsula who were elected through random stratified sampling method along the lines of ethnicity, gender, age and state. Of the 1,027 polled, 59 per cent were Malays, 32 per cent Chinese and nine per cent Indians.

Inline images 3 (right) Ibrahim Suffian, Managing Director of the Merdeka Center.

“From the survey, we note that the significantly improved approval rating may be due to the increased concerns over Anwar’s ability to lead the economy and the country as ordinary citizens begin to feel the reality of voting sinking in. Najib scored 63% versus Anwar’s
31% as the voter’s no.1 choice for PM. Besides trust issues, the poll result also suggests some linkage with adverse public perception of how the Pakatan is handling the Hudud matter as well as the lack of clear consensus on their Prime Ministerial candidate,” the research house reported.

Politicians from the ruling BN and opposition PR will be fighting tooth and nail to wrest majority control over 222 parliamentary seats and 505 state seats in the coming polls, which analysts have said will a toss-up between both pacts.

Bru's comments:

If you listen only to one side, you'd be convinced by now that Pakatan Rakyat will win tomorrow's 13th general elections and Anwar will be PM and Hadi and Kit Siang will be his deputies. But on the ground, you hear different. In 2008, the people revolted against an incompetent government and arrogant leaders; they voted for change. The last five years, however, have taught us that not all changes are for the better. While most Malaysians will admit that Prime Minister Najib Razak has done well and worked very, very hard for the people and nation, the same can't be said for the bulk of his Cabinet and the leaders in the Opposition. Anwar Ibrahim has been a major disappointment most of the times and his deputy PM wannabes Hadi Awang and Lim Kit Siang have been proving to us one thing - that there is such a thing as an expiry date for politicians no matter how great they once were.

 What I hear on the ground and my reliable sources is Najib's BN will win a comfortable win, with more parliamentary seats than in the last general election of 2008, and with at least one State - Kedah - back in its fold. Khalid Ibrahim's Selangor is shaky like hell and there is a possibility it will fall to BN, too. Lim Guan Eng will get a drubbing in Penang but survives and in Kelantan, it will be real close. Sabah, Sarawak and Johor - BN's fixed deposits - remain so. 

If Ghani Othman beats Lim Kit Siang in Gelang Patah, and I am confident he will, we will have a truly changed nation this Monday.


  1. Anonymous10:32 am

    With all due respect Dato, I beg to differ. In my office (KL), almost all that I have chatted with indicated they will be voting PR. Among neighbours, including those retired govt servants - also PR. Yesterday I attended a kenduri at an uncle's house (Selangor) - the mood is PR.
    I have a friend in Putrajaya - he said he went to both BN and PR rallies/ceramahs. He said the mood is lifelier in PR site. The crowd is biiger on PR side (granted, that does not mean all of them are from Putrajaya), but that scene set the mood for voters. People want to associate theselves with the winners. No body wants to be a loser.
    I asked many of my friend whether they are affiliated to any of the PR parties and almost 90% said no. They are just fed-up with BN - change and reform are taking toooo loooong a time. Price of house and basic necessities are too high. When people want change and they want it NOW. Promising them change is on the way is like telling a crying lad " Ok, OK, Mama will buy you a car tomorrow"...
    Anyway Dato, if BN did win and form the government after GE13, the changes they promised have to be implemented ASAP. There is a need for Najib to really get down to business and start listening to the people. Serve the rakyat.

    1. Anonymous10:00 pm

      all my family and wife family (17 voters) undi bn. last pru 12 all of us undi pr. also my friend 95% undi bn. you can fool people for first time but not second time

      lain kalilah..

  2. dear dato rocky, where do u get this article. X jumpe pun? ke TMI dah delete?

  3. tebing tinggi10:36 am


    your vote is your choice ,but please be advice ,never, never, never go for the party and personality who build their political reputation on slander and lies.
    Nation cannot be build on slander and lies.

  4. Anonymous10:55 am

    Trying to turn the Polls Results o its head to make yourself feel good is OK as long as you Alone Continue to remain in denial.

    The Rest of us watch the foreign correspondents especially Al Jazeera and BBC interview all the pollsters who is speaking the truth.

    Stay in your delusional state for you will wake up on Monday Morning with an incurable hangover!!


  5. Anonymous10:59 am

    apa yang awak tinggi atas, rocky?
    (read in english)

  6. Anonymous11:02 am

    Opposition used this tactic in 2008.
    Appealing for sympathy as an underdog. Worked wonders for them then.

  7. Anonymous11:07 am

    Its about listening and acting on it for the rakyat.
    As a rakyat, calls for PPSMI were unheeded. What goes around, comes around.

  8. Anonymous11:26 am

    Whatever it is, let the voters and Bangla decide. Whatever outcome, Malaysia will have to change. In 2008, BN said the same thing that they are very confident of 2/3 majority. This time BN sung the same tune again and let's see will the result be different?

  9. Anonymous11:41 am

    It's fake article la.

    TMI denied authorship, think was edited from previous published article.

  10. Anonymous11:55 am

    alamak rocky..

    MI say this is a fake article..

    u kena tipu lah..

    Your bosses machias really know how to fake things..from sex videos to fake reports..even u pun kena con..hahaha

    U guys very tokong...


  11. Anonymous12:26 pm


    'change and reform taking too long..'

    go ahead and vote for pakatan. you will be given a sackful of gold every weekend. within a month you can buy a bungalow at a golf course. and an oil well too. you can also have your own private runway. pkr will give you all these without working at all. pas will give you an unlimited amount of underwears and pkr will give you free condoms and backsides.


  12. Anonymous12:32 pm

    anon@10:32 -- name me one country with cheaper oil and basic necessity prices? look at prices in singapore. how much more cheaper do you want? sudah murah sekarang mau free. obviously you are not the thinking type. typical pr supporter.

  13. Anonymous12:35 pm


    You must really like the white backside. BBC. They cant even write the truth about its own country.

  14. Anonymous12:39 pm

    a superimposed article dato.....

  15. Anonymous12:40 pm

    tebing tinggi

    right thinking people know that anwar is the biggest liar in town. only the stupid and the foolish will believe him. 16 sept? what 16 sept? and you nuts still believe him.

  16. Anonymous12:42 pm

    This survey is from a fake article.
    MI has clarified please remove it

  17. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Ini kalilah. All my family members are voting for PAS. We are of chinese descent.

    ABU !!!!

  18. Anonymous12:43 pm

    On idiot wants instant reform. He should vote for a jin.

  19. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Only a fool who cannot think will allow his friends, neighbours, uncles and retired govt servants (pencen sapu, br1m sapu) to do the thinking for him.

  20. Anonymous12:47 pm

    In slightly more than 36 hours from now, BN akan di kuburkan. Rocky will get a job writing nice things about PR. He is flexible and that's why we will keep him.

  21. Anonymous12:48 pm

    sebelum GE dap kata orang melayu kawan. lepas GE orang melayu hamba. masa itu baru tau. Melayu bodoh.

  22. Anonymous12:59 pm

    come voting day my conscience is loud and clear,

    im not going to vote based on emotion alone but based on the candidate, proven track record, capabilities, stability and me,my family future.

    forget about corruption, cronism or oppression because between BN and PR, Pakatan Rakyat is far more worse.

    if they ask us to cheer them,support them or even ask wear their shirt we do it.

    Forget about Pakatan Rakyat large gathering crowd because it is nothing new, like playing an old broken record, by INSTRUCTING other branch, district, for show of support.

    the red bean army can attack or shut down other people website.

    they can spread unfounded claims

    but we look back, our question is what you had done and deservingly our vote?


    my mind and heart happily say and happily say, it is definitely and absolutely clear. is BN

    yes sir our vote is for BARISAN NASIONAL.

  23. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Given that TMI has already published that the article is a fake, I'll also give my completely unsupported election guess. BN to win by 27 seats. I also predict that we'll have to go back to work next week and life will carry on, so enjoy the day tomorrow and be nice to your fellow citizens because we need to live together even after we vote.

  24. Anonymous1:03 pm




  25. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Go BN. Hidup BN, hidup UMNO! Yeaaa....

  26. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Oppos r good at spinning esp when they are made up of extremes. Never will they agree on anything bt a common hatred for BN. Just like DAP moving north, PAS screaming south & PKR sideways. Good for their egos bt not for the nation. Hope everyone uses their brain more than their emo. At the end of day u hv got urself to blame should it turn out to be not to ur expectation. Think of Kedah & Ktan-What hv PAS done?

  27. Anonymous2:03 pm

    ... do you know the one most interesting fact on tsunami is not the incoming wave that is notoriously devastating -- it's the pulling out that is notoriously devastating. That is when the sea swallow up everything. The pulling back will then create a bigger wave coming in again. Don't we all learn something everyday, and happy surfing the tsunami wave ...

  28. Norhisham2:17 pm

    Your desperation reeks Rocky. Is this the example you want to set to the next generation?

    And whatever happened to all that brouhaha of facts over fiction? You should be ashamed.

    "Fake TMI article circulated via email

    KUALA LUMPUR, May 4 — A fake story claiming that Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s approval rating has soared to an “all-time high” of 73 per cent is being circulated via email, using the bylines of two The Malaysian Insider journalists plus the news portal’s masthead."

  29. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Well done rocky. Youve now established yourself as the worst of the umno gang of clowns.the article is fake you ass wipe..TMI has denied it....bodoh la hang......

    1. Anonymous7:56 pm

      En hang la bodoh..hang dgn anwar boleh dapat title clown of the year..

  30. Anonymous2:28 pm

    I think the story is fake

    I think there are some people who are getting very scared.

  31. Anonymous2:52 pm


    I am glad to know that BN will continue to rule.

    Are the 45,000 BN supporters from Sabah and Sarawak all settled down and ready to vote? I hope there are more coming. Let's bury Pakatan!!!

  32. Anonymous3:05 pm

    LOL, guna article palsu. Kantoi....

  33. Charles F. Moreira3:07 pm

    I got a rather interesting SMS from a UK mobile number. It read:-

    "Wikileaks-Latest finding in Selangor GE13: BN getting 63% approval, PR 21%. Fence Sitter 16%. Chances are BN will take over Selangor this 5 May."

    Now this Merdeka Centre report, reported in the pro-Pakatan The Malaysian Insider reads.

    “From the survey, we note that the significantly improved approval rating may be due to the increased concerns over Anwar’s ability to lead the economy and the country as ordinary citizens begin to feel the reality of voting sinking in. Najib scored 63% versus Anwar’s 31% as the voter’s no.1 choice for PM...."

    Anyway, The Malaysian Insider's report based upon the Merdeka Centre's report and mostly cites Najib's rising popularity, rather than that of the BN's.

    On another note, there was a Pakatan Rakyat ceramah on 2 May night at "Padang Magnolia," Jalan 14/35, Petaling Jaya - a lower middle-class neighbourhood where I live.

    A notice of this ceramah had been shoved into our ketter boxes that afternoon and speaking were Dato' Tamrin Abdul Ghafar, Puan Haniza Talha (N.33 Taman Median), Rajiv Rishyakaran (N.34 Bukit Gasing) and Hee Loy Sian (P.105 PJ Selatan).

    It began at 9.30pm and I turned up about an hour later and found only about 100 people were in attendance.

    Most people there seemed to be Pakatan supporters, since they went along with the cheers on queue with the speaker but not always enthusiastically.

    Only the results of the 13th GE will really tell which way the vote will go, rather than all these polls and speculation.

    However, compared to the previous GE where Pakatan made significant gains and won five states, this time round, it seems like the most lackluster elections of all, and I can feel a sense of disinterest or a certain weariness with politics among the people around me. The enthusiasm just isn't there anymore.

  34. Anonymous3:07 pm

    The reproduced article is a fake, and has been publicly identified as such by Mkini and Merdeka centre.

  35. Wow ramainya bangla masuk blog ni, red bean bsnglas

  36. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Najib rating up is supported by bangla, myammar, Indon and the filipino and co-sponsor by Air-asia and MAS !!

    1. Anonymous8:00 pm

      Hehehe joke of the day....yg import dari dlm negeri sendiri dgn bas double decker lepas tu kalah tergolek dog tgh jalan hehehe

  37. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Welldone Rocky - this is why I love your blog.

  38. Anonymous4:14 pm

    Everyone talking about change but no one has mentioned about Anwar as PM , my question is , are people ready for or willing to accept Anwar as PM?

  39. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Oh dear! If you have to resort to posting a fake report on your blog, that means you are really desperate.

  40. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Nampaknya gitu le Rocky,

    Just r'cd sms fm my friend, the Pakatan brought jentera tolak dan ROBOHkan pintu gerbang masuk ke Kpg Melayu Bt16 where Najib visited few days back!!

    Ini kubu kuat BN, see how dirty they are, afterall esok aje nak undi tak sabar2 nak juga tinggal kesan samseng depa..

    hehehe kesian benar dgn puak Pakatan ni.


  41. Anonymous4:46 pm

    hot new! PAS kelantan collapsing!!!

    go here;

  42. Anonymous4:46 pm

    bro you quoting fake article la

  43. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Let's hope common sense prevails.

    This is a battle between disgruntled rejects and a time tested incumbent.

    One side is using hatred to win, the other is presenting logic.

    But no one is looking at the future, say 10 years ahead. All they see is yesterday and tomorrow's yesterday.

    Once again, good luck and please respect the Government of the day.


  44.! we need help here bro

  45. Anonymous6:47 pm

    True change can come only when rumourmongers like you get smacked for irresponsible journalism. You have no ethics so we can still make use of you. Have no fear. No need to run to singapore after voting day.

  46. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Oops! The article is a fake. Must be the work of supersecret PAS agent provocatuers, the red bean army, the pinto bean army, and PKR double agents.

    Ini semua salah Anwar! : )

  47. Dear Dato

    You got that right at least for my family. There will not be a protest vote this time around. Last time it was due to Tun AAB. This time with Tun M solidly backing UMNO/BN everyone in the family will be voting BN.

  48. Anonymous9:23 pm

    sy memilih kepada dari maner dtg kekuatan bn utk menang..besok mlm jwpn ini akan dipersoal oleh ramai tapi rmi pr leader dah tahu kekuatan ini..waktu magrib adalah waktu berpeluh kepada mereka selain result dari selatan tanah air..

  49. Merdeka Centre says it is a fake report. Anybody can check at

  50. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Anon (10:32 am),

    I think you're making the mistake of projecting your own experiences and assuming that's how everyone sees things. BN has always done poorly in the urban areas. The election is won not in KL or the middle classes of Selangor, but in the kampungs. Do you know how they will vote?

    And in case you haven't noticed, BN supporters have always tended to be less "noisy" than opposition ones. UMNO ceramahs have always been less lively and less well attended compared to PAS ones. It has always been like this. Yet when it comes to the actual vote, they trounce them every time.

    My whole family, in-laws, my siblings' in-laws will all be voting for BN. But you know what, I've never heard any one of them say they support BN in public. The younger ones are as connected to the social media as anyone else, and yet I've not seen a single tweet or Facebook post in support of BN from any of them.

    I myself don't remember having ever let on to any of my colleagues that I support BN. In fact when my Chinese friends complain about "racist BN policies", I find myself just smiling, even pretending to agree.

    BN supporters are content and they don't want to rock the boat. They will not go up to people and say you have got to vote BN or try to convince them that Anwar is an immoral sodomite. Many opposition supporters, on the other hand, feel they're on a mission and need to spread their gospel to anyone who would listen.

    Needless to say I feel your are woefully mistaken. Just don't go blaming SPR or Banglas when results don't go your way tomorrow.

  51. Anonymous10:04 pm

    All my three children attended government schools where BAHASA MALAYSIA was/is the language of instruction. One is now a consultant ophthalmic surgeon in London, another an engineer with a a multinational IT company and the third a web designer in Australia. None of them went through PPSMI.

    How come ah? I suppose those who despise others for heir "tongkat mentality" are really the ones who need the tongkat!

    Sorry Dato, I digress but I get sick of this PPSMI thing la. Tak habis habis.

  52. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Vote for bn....come on let us hope bn is retained with 2/3 majority....

  53. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Anon 10.32am, it is crap like your ilk who give democracy a bad rap. Why do you care if others don't see the world as you do? That doesn't make them deluded.

    Those of us not supporting your side have a very valid reason. It's not personalities, corruption or any of your usual garbage. It's the economy, stupid! Even the Merdeka Centre poll put it at the top of the list, the only one issue to get double figures. And for all the opposition claptrap, corruption only garnered a measly 6%.

    A strong economy is vital for nation building and Najib seems to have got that right as these two nonpartisan bodies attest:

    Now tell me the above two are Brooking's lies and IMF's media spin!!!

    He has already proven himself on an important electoral issue and correction to other issues will follow, given time and patience. Remember, it takes time to undo Bodohwi's follies. If say the impossible happens, all that is gained thus far is outta the window and the downhill slide starts, u like that idiot?

    In your pathetic scheme of things, the gov is to blame for everything. Where is personal responsibility?where is self reliance? Don't tell me you want to hold the gov responsible if you pollute the environment, spend beyond your means, whack your wife or don't bother about your personal safety. For Allah's sake there are no nanny states to chaperone your every move, so grow up!

    Warrior 231

  54. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Part 2

    Seems to me this blame culture is an extension of the manja culture at home. You know the type where kids are mollycoddled and their every tantrum fulfilled come what may. No wonder, they grow up spoilt and the gov has to to act pseudo-parents and carry their every baggage, if not all hell breaks loose. No wonder, this country has become a nation of Chingk parasites, pseudoMalay whine bags and upper class/caste Indian blame addicts.

    And worse, people like you come on here and spin grandma tales about sky high support as if everyone will be so awed as to jump on the bandwagon. Go fly a kite for I ain't buying for I will vote according to facts and my conscience for the sake of this nation. And if the side I choose lose, so be it, at least my conscience is clear. Even Islam forbids mutiny against rulers unless they slaughter or compel their folks to apostate. There are hadiths on that and history tells us the great Saidina Ali( as) kept his peace even when Uthman al-affan, the third caliph did some really weird stuff. Go look up Islamic History, if you dare.

    There is no reason for me to oppose Najib simply based on slander, calumny and garbage. He has handled the economy well though he can improve on other things. But for the time being,he is the best out there for us Malaysians. I swear I don't get anything saying all this but I sure hope people like you shut the fuck up and quit calling people names for not being on the same side.

    And if the impossible does happen, wau nauzubillah, rest assured we are mature and adult enough to accept that and move on. And if the nation goes into a funk as it surely will, I like many others, are prepared to consider the once unimaginable. Quit Malaysia for places elsewhere. There are many Malays like me on the same wavelength. After all, we have the qualifications and the work experience plus the track record to survive elsewhere. And I am pretty sure our going away is no big loss to you lot, after all you people have already signed up for mediocrity with your support for PR, plus we are bad Malay Muslims anyway (LOL) who ain't gonna take mindless crap lying down. So quit gobbing shit and get real for a change. This is a democracy, period.

    P/s : now read this, (hot off the stove) and call it a conspiracy

    For methodology, go here

    Warrior 231

  55. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Are you egyptian? Because you seem to be sailing up the river of denial...

  56. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Vote BN to ensure progress.

    Vote PR in and you get:-

    1. A sodomite
    2. An adulterer
    3. A chinese chauvinist pig

    as your leaders.

    Therefore, to be safe vote BN in.

    To PR u can go " fly kite " with anuwar and setopa spenda size xxxL. Tak bleh pakai punya orang

  57. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Rioh sekampung bukan kepalang apabila Prof KANGKUNG BIN KAILAN buat ramalanyang PR MENANG 10 negeri. Mungkin ramalan dibuat setelah menilik lurah punggung kot.

    Tapi apa jua pun, sama2lah kita tertawakan ramalan itu bila rekod si peramal pun sangat cemerlang

    1.Pemulihan MT UMNO 2009. Muhyiddin kalah!

    2. PRK Hulu Selangor dan Sibu tepat sekali ramalan

    3. Dan yang paling hebat, SARAWAK 2011, BN KALAH dengan PAS pun boleh MENANG 3 Kerusi DUN, fuyoh!

    Saya rasa elok jugak si Professor terus di beri lesen buat ramalan gila. Inilah agaknya PROFESSOR KANGKUNG SEJATI yang mana perlu Najib tangani segera selepas PRU 13 kalau kita nak jadikan universiti2 kita world class. Kadang2 saya geleng kepala senyum kambing pikir nasib bangsa dan negara saya


  58. Anonymous2:02 am

    Today, 5 votes from my house in P.Titiwangsa for BN.

    Pru12, 2 votes from me and wife for Pas. Sorry this time. Lets ubah and tukar kedah, kelantan and titiwangsa to BN.


  59. Anonymous2:32 am

    Anon 9:52 pm

    When you talk to BN supporters,they are with "THE POWER OF INCUMBENCY" simple anology:

    PR Supporter = Orang belum kawin (belum dapatla katakan), hari-hari naik motor 100km jumpa awek takde masalah,tel tiap-tiap jam habis kredit beratus sehari pun takpe

    BN Supporters = Orang dah kawin (sudah dapatla katakan),so takle bising2,tel isteri pun sekali sehari dari pejabat je,isteri suruh gi kedai pun lambat je gerak.

    So don't worry these silent majority (with POWER OF INCUMBENCY) will show their true power today 5th MAY 2013.Long live BN.

  60. Anonymous2:55 am

    i come here for the jokes

  61. Anonymous7:13 am

    Dear pakatoons

    When your thinking faculties ain't working, just use your myopic vision.

    The sodomite's face tells you his acrobatic health won't last. That expired dinosaur's face will kill your appetite as it's full of toxic bitterness. His tokong crybaby son will always be whining and blaming excel and typo.

    The paspispus duo will depend on the moon while their followers will showcase white spenders merrily.

    So if your vision still functions, go vote BN as Najib's face foretells a bright, fair and cheerful future. For the chinese it means prosperity.

    Yahoo ...... google ......

  62. Anonymous7:34 am

    At least he has got the guts to admit it was a fabricated article..rather than those PR ppl also never want to admit they doctored those bangla pics etc...

  63. Anonymous7:39 am

    Kawan, betul kah saya cukup itu hudud isu sudah settle? Betul kan, itu sebab PAS tak dah bising lagi sama itu Norman sudah tarik balik. Sebab itu hari meeting di Mandarin Oriental, DAP sudah ok Hudud boleh buat tapi atas Muslim saja.

    Kawan, betul tak saya kat itu hari civil service mahu potong 150000 orang dalam tiga tahun. Betul kan. Itu sebab Nik Aziz semalam jamin tak dah punya sebab orang sudah banyak takut. Tapi saya cakap mesti jadi, Nik Aziz bohong. Lagi pun dia janji mulut saja tak ada surat apa2. Sebenarnya DAP mau slash, 50k tahun pertama, dua Dan tiga. Habis 150000 buang dia mahu streamline beberapa department tahun empat, bagi kurang lagi. Itu plan sudah ok, u tengok saja, saya tak ada tipu. Dia buat itu macam sebab itu Cina marah kena bayar tax tinggi sokong pekerja Melayu..nombor dua, dia kan sudah bilang mahu save 28billion. Sekarang saya tanya u dari mana dia mahu dapat save 28 bilion, itu civil service nombor satu target mah. U sendiri pikir lah

    Lagi satu, itu kampung baru KL mahu bagi pecah. Itu sudah agreement. Itu penduduk bagi pindah pigi rumah teres lowcost di Serdang, Selayang dan Rawang. Siapa tak mahu, pigi mati. Dan itu harga kereta barujatuh punya tapi second hand value pigi mati. Kalau u beli kereta semalam, 6 haribulan value jatuh 35%, tarak tolong sama itu bank, dia kena absorb sendiri.

    Itu harga kereta baru tak jatuh terus itu macam. Kata itu kereta sekarang 150k, harga baru lebih kurang 120k, tapi itu downpayment mesti 15% sama loan tak boleh lebih 7 tahun, sama itu interest tinggi lagi lebih kurang 4.0% atas.Itu harga turunkan lagi nanti tapi interest, downpayment sama repayment period bagi kurang sampai 5 tahun. Ha,you seronok mahu kereta baru kan, bolehlah tapi itu poket kopak lah.

    Lagi satu itu air sama eletrik mahu bagi naik sama itu cukai pintu. U tengoklah, saya cakap betul punya, dia orang bagi sini mesti tarik sana punya. Ok kawan, u pikir dan selamat undi.

  64. Anonymous8:31 am

    memang bangla, myanmar & Thai what??? But they cannot vote la bodoh!!!!


  66. sazed8:37 pm

    Wow, warrior - it seems as if you are praising what's been done in Singapore - strength of economy, sound education system, no mollycoddling of students, low taxes, first class infrastructure.....well, you get my drift.

    And they did all of that without oil and gas, palm oil and rubber.

    Seems to me that Mahathir and Badawi could have learned a thing or two from Lee Kuan Yew.

    Including how to keep the US, China, India and Europe "on side".

    I think it's something that Najib has realised. More credit to him.

    If only he had the courage to face down the right wing racists in his own party and acknowledge that the world isn't waiting for Malaysia to get it's act together.

    Btw, I am glad that Malaysian Malays, such as the warrior, have the wherewithal and the nous to be able to make it anywhere in the world.

    Just one question, though: what's been stopping you from doing so up to now?