Sunday, May 05, 2013

A 13th GE Prediction

"All level-headed Malaysians are hoping that voting will go smoothly and incident-free. But there are quite a number of not so level-headed people out there who seems to think that only a victory is acceptable. Any results other than that is threatened with street demonstrations." - It's Polling Day, 5 May 2012. Follow the Mole's GE coverage h e r e

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A twitter conversation the day before the day

118 and counting ... You can make your own prediction if you like. Mine, like told to ex fellow blogger Aisehman, is for all to see. Just as his is. As of midnight, my reading is that the Barisan Nasional coalition led by Najib Razak would start PRU13 today with 118 parliamentary seats in the bag. That's just 30 shy of a two-thirds majority. 
BUT, of course, that's if the voters they are counting on to give them the votes actually come out to vote today. 
Me, I will be going back to Simpang Pulai, Perak, to cast my vote. Or, as I'd been telling friends, to correct the mistake I made during the 12th General Election. Nga & Ngeh and their puppet Nizar really messed up things when the DAP won Perak. No more, not for another 999 years! 
If you have the time before going out to vote or after that, read Johan Jaafar's BN will win mother of all elections in the New Straits Times yesterday. Not many journos would dare to be so open about their faith in Najib Razak and the BN, but Johan is not an ordinary journalist.


  1. Wan Lebor10:15 am

    Laa mamat ni ngundi di Simpang Pulai ropenye... lepas mengundi, kopi sechewen le jawabnyeeee....

  2. Anonymous10:36 am

    voting in seri setia and kelana for bn....come get back the 2/3.....

  3. Anonymous10:36 am

    Sori, lari dari topik . Dato Harun Din kata dakwat kekal tidak kekal. Beliau membuktikan dgn gambar2 ... Tetapi sebenarnya, kalau diperhatikan betul2, masih terlihat kesannya ... TOK GURU, TOK GURU ... ini semacam fitnah ni

  4. Anonymous10:43 am

    yes im rooting for bn

  5. dakwat kekal sebenarnya tak kekal. saya baru sahaja selesai mengundi. balik ke rumah saya basuh jari saya yang disapu dengan dakwat itu dengan shampoo mandi. dalam masa lima minit jari saya bersih dari dakwat itu. anda pun boleh mencubanya dan lihat jari anda yang bersih selepas itu.

  6. On the right path to achieve #BetterNation and #AkuJanji...

  7. On the right path achieving #BetterNation and #AkuJanji...
    Memastikan TRANSFORMASI bukannya reformasi

  8. Anonymous12:16 pm

    And you have the EC's explanation why:
    a. There was no demo on the indelible ink
    b. The indelible ink is now easily removed in a few minutes after voting
    c. So much money spent on buying the ink (was it in 2008 for PRU12 and recycled now, or bought this year only) and it is not to our expectaions. Hence EC going to get a refund of the payments?


  9. Anonymous1:02 pm

    SPR didapati tidak menyediakan tempat mengundi yg mencukupi!
    Sbg contoh, di Sek Convent, Batu Gajah barisan utk org2 tua di saluran 2 adalah sangat panjang. Maka telah berlaku orang2 tua terpaksa berdiri, beratur sangat lama sehingga tiga jam lebih! Sampai ada yg pengsan2.
    SPR sepatutnya tahu bilangan pengundi yg akan ke saluran ini adalah ramai, adakanlah lebih dari satu bilik darjah utk warga emas ini.
    Saluran 7 iaitu utk remaja2 muda cuma adalah 4, 5 orang pd satu2 masa.
    SPR sungguh tak bijak melayan pengundi2 warga emas spt ini. Ada mungkinkah SPR ni bersubahat dgn Pakatan Rakyat utk membuat orang2 tua berasa marah dan mengundi Pakatan Rakyat dan bukan BN!
    Ini bukan kali pertama SPR menjalankan PRU, tak kan tak belajar dpd masalah2 pengundi dari dahulu.
    SPR patut UBAH!

  10. Anonymous1:08 pm

    kah..kah..kah... Rocky tolong kasi predict numbor ekor..kasi kayakan rakyat boleh ???

  11. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Our future is determined by Bangla!

  12. Anonymous2:19 pm

    undi pos 70% to PR

  13. Anonymous2:22 pm

    BN 127 seats in total. Don't expect an increase when it is known that MCA/MIC/Gerakan/SUPP/SPDP are all in trouble. Too many people looking only at UMNO and not BN. Today will be a black day for Govt but it will still win a majority.

  14. dergahgrill2:26 pm

    Bru - all your predictions will amount to diddly squat in the harsh light of economic, regional and global realities.

    Far too many Malaysiams still think that it's a free lunch out there. And that the "gimme" mentality will convince investors to bring funds and jobs to Malaysia.

    Maybe people like you and Ms Nuraina are "privileged" in that you have comfortable "iron-clad" rice bowls, and that you are securely ensconced behind a wall of privileges and quotas.

    Why don't you tell like it is, Bru? That we have to compete for every buck, job and contract? That no one hands us goodies on a silver platter?

    I have listened to Dr Mahathir's rhetoric with dismay. What does he know of competition in the real world out there?

    So, regardless of the outcome of GE13, the big challenges are still out there.

    I think that Najib, when he puts on his economist hat, realises this. So, too, does Khairy, Mustapa Mohamad and the saner realists within Umno.

    For the rest, they are still fondly hoping that it's going to be business as usual, with subsidies and contracts dropping like manna from the skies.

    And just how deluded is that?

  15. Anonymous2:45 pm

    I returned by vote to BN for Wangsa Maju. Will vote for PKR if Wee Choo Keong were contesting. The new PKR guy is Dr Tan an Ex Gerakan minister. You conveniently left BN when they are at the lowest point. I just hate hypocrite more than I hate umno. So, BN it is this year!

  16. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Read the this a joke?

  17. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Army and police intelligence showed parliment seat PR 145 BN 77, no 2/3 but PR will take over Putrajaya. Rock, you and your friend will rock and will be having mother of all nightmare tonite! kah kah kah.

  18. Anonymous6:25 pm

    It was level headed.
    With so many Banglas and Nepalis ushered in with the help of the establishment's agencies, with some getting intercepted (imahes/videos posted on FB) but many getting away with it.

    And they were level headed to vote for the party they were asked to, after being flown in by Friends of BN as mentioned by Tengku Adnan.

    But some odd fellows asked for money from PKR folks (in Pandan especially) and thats when they let their cats (or pussies) out of the bag.

    Overall - this is the 'cleanest' polls with on the PR fellows crying foul and the BN pretending that nothing was wrong. (How can anything be wrong if it was done by BN and its connections in the so called 'neutral' enforcement agencies.


  19. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Now! You are really one hell of a Clown!!

  20. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Early trends suggest that the crutch mentality prevails....

  21. Anonymous10:11 pm

    Johan Jaafar is right. Najib Razak and Barisan National is going to win this elections. Everybody is going to vote for him.

    Najib Razak. Did he study Adolf Hitler? He sure learned a lot from him. He sure is tankful to Adolf Hitler for the wise words he wrote.

    In his book “Mein Kampf” Adolf Hitler was talking about propaganda. This is what he said:

    - All propaganda must fix its intellectual level so as not to be above the heads of the least intellectual of those to whom it is directed.

    - The broad masses of the people are not made up of diplomats or professors, nor persons who are able to form reasoned judgment in given cases.

    - The art of propaganda consists precisely in being able to awaken the imagination of the public through an appeal to their feelings.

    Najib Razak did exactly what Adolf Hitler has said as he was talking about turning Malaysia into a high income country.

    He was making the people think that they would get a higher salary. And that is exactly what everybody wants. So he was scoring points.

    That is the intellectual level of the people. Most of them are not too smart. If they were, they would be thinking of the future.

    But the future. What is the future for the majority of the people. Think of their intellectual level. The future is tomorrow for them.

    But let's look at the future when Malaysia is a high income country. This is how it is going to be. And that is not very good.

    - The prices will go up with factor five. At least. The companies have to pay higher salaries. They can only do it if they raise their prices.

    - Unemployment will go up. Malaysian companies have to raise their prices. For being able to pay higher salaries to their staff.

    - But their customers go away. They go to China or Vietnam. There they can get the same low quality goods for far less money.

    Pity. Anwar and his allies were not saying that. Are they as stupid as the average Malaysian citizen? Can't they think?

    Anwar and his allies should have appealed to the feelings of the Malaysian citizen. I know what they could have said.

    But I'm not going to say that. Let Najib Razak and Barisan National destroy Malaysia. Let the Malay see how stupid they were.

    Najib Razak was talking about 2020. He says he wants Malaysia to be a high income country in 2020. Well. In 2020 he is no longer prime minister.

    I don't know. He could very well be in Australia. Living on his ranch that he bought with money from corruption.

    Jos van Doorn

  22. Anonymous1:26 am


    BN sudah menang mudah!!!!!!!!!


  23. Anonymous1:39 am

    10.11pm (not worth mentioning his name) is the apt representation of moronic intellect trying to dabble in things he is not attuned with.

    His is the condescending take of the superiority conditioned Ching who thinks via his arse and thinks the Malays are his beggars and alms seekers. Arent the populist appeals of PR, the fabled cheaper cars, lower fuel prices, free tertiary education etc etc that will almost bankrupt the national coffers if they ever came to fruition,the same type of cant that Hitler would have been adept at and peddled to the suffering Germans of post Weimar. Isnt the chauvinistic rhetoric of Kit Siang and the DAP a classic hallmark of Hitlerism? It is cocktalkers like 10.11pm and his ilk who seduced the already superiority programmed Chingkie brain to act the way it did with their airy fairy cock talk and blatant instigation.

    You made the bed yourselves despite many pleadings for moderation. Now get into it with your legendary hardheadedness (both heads, I mean...hahahahahahaha) and fuck yourselves to sleep. In short, shut the fuck up and get lost if you cannot take the new paradigm you lot asked for. Padan muka, arseholes! Enough said for tonight.

  24. Anonymous7:34 am

    Jus ban doom sounds like sour grapes. BN will analyse the details and it will be Malays, Orang Asli and Indians versus the ungrateful chinese.

    Their racism transcends national boundaries - obvious the singkies have an interest in taking Johor.

  25. Anonymous7:36 am

    param sounds like asam

  26. Anonymous7:37 am

    Yeahhhhhhh BN rules and Najib will have to remove his sino-tinted glasses

  27. Anonymous8:52 am

    I'm competing to cast my vote with Banglas and Nepalese...

    BN should be ashamed for winning with fraud voters. Coming GE 14 and many more elections I wont vote for BN at all. They have Bangls and nepalese and indons to vote for them.

    Vote out BN FOREVER.Good bye BN & UMNO.

  28. Anonymous4:51 pm

    hullo 8:52 am, today is 2 days after pru13 results

    you so disappointed huh?

    Banglas and Nepalese and Indons speak the national language Bahasa Melayu better you

    they deserve Mykads

    the sepet population will decrease