Monday, April 29, 2013

PAS the big bro in Pakatan, not DAP ...

... So it's DAP that will lose out as a result of its outburst against hudud, not PAS. Or so says the PAS ulama chief Harun Taib (pic) in response to estranged Johor DAP deputy chairman. Kluang-born Norman Fernandez. DAP has been trying hard to downplay the issue but if PAS pushes it with polling day just around the corner, the Chinese-based party might have to kow-tow to the ulamas or take action against Fernandez.
"Pas has the biggest number of support and it is increasing by days. I fear that the DAP will suffer from the effect of his (Fernandez) statement and not us. DAP may lose out on Pas' votes for such remarks.” - Harun Taib
For context, read Syed Akbar Ali's Johor cannot gamble and risk its future with PAS


  1. Anonymous3:44 am

    Kawan, apa pasal mahu sedih? Tak payah bagi keliru, sebenarnya DAP control PAS. PAS tak ada itu koteh. DAP sudah pegang kuat. HUDUD tak boleh, perlembagaan mesti sebut tak ada agama rasmi lagi, mahkamah Syariah semua bagi tutup, Azan tak boleh main sama itu budak perempuannya pigi sekolah tak boleh pakai tudung. Ini sudah agreement sama DAP dan PKR. Saya tahu sebab saya ada masa negotitiation. Itu baru first 100 hari. Lepas itu Cina boleh ajar kristian pada Melayu. Kalau Melayu tak mahu, pigi mati, tak ada tolong apa2.

    Sebab itu 2 Harun mula bising, itu Harun Taib dan itu Harun Din. Mereka sudah tahu rancangan Cina. Ini bangsa gila punya bangsa. Dia kiasu. Itu 1990 sama 1998 dia tak ada sokong Razaleigh atau Anwar. Kenapa itu jam Melayu suruh ikut Cina tak mahu?
    Sebab itu jam dia risau pasal business, dia mahu aman, buat duit, bagi BN perintah dulu dan buat semua itu jalan, AirPort, investment.....semua bagi siap baru dia ambil. Macam Penanglah 2008, semua BN sudah buat, sudah approve, Cina ambil dan dia kelentong dia buatlah. Ini cara Cina, u pigi mana2 pun ini macam. Dia ambik lepas semua siap, Melayu India pigi mati.

    Sekarang, dia tengok Malaysia semua sudah mahu siap, dia suruh Melayu ikut dia sebab mahu undi Melayu untuk sap Melayu balik.. Itu Melayu bodoh tak pikir ini semua. Melayu bodoh tak pandai tanya '

    : eh apek, itu 1990, 1998 kenapa you tak ikut kita undi antiBN, itu jam pun sudah ada korupsi mah, hakim kena kunci ( ingat Salleh abas), stockmarket sudah jatuh, itu Bentong kali ada mah.....kenapa apek undi BN jugak? Bukan apek dulu pegang undi macam sekarang, kenapa itu time tak mahu ikut, sekarang mahu suruh kita ikut you? '

    Ah, itu Melayu bodoh tak dah fikir itu semua sebab dia bodoh. Dia malas fikir, Cina pun ambik chan lah. Kawan, u tak percaya tengok itu Johor. Dulu tak ada Iskandar, tak ada investment, Cina mahukah? Sekarang dia tengok wah banyak duit masuk, sudah banyak pembangunan..dia sudah syok lah. Itu sebab dia panggil itu babi tua Kit Siang turunkan sana, itu sebab gangster2 DAP besar turunkan sana dengan Kit Siang. Ah..tengok..siapa buat Johor, Ghani bukan? Ghani itu Melayu bukan? Ah sekarang tengok apa Cina mahu buat bila Ghani sudah tolong dia? U sendiri pikir lah.

    Itu sebab saya kata Melayu bodoh...macam PAS lah, bagi tolong Cina menang dankemudian kena sap belakang mari sampai pantat koyak! .

    Kalau Melayu pandai, dia mesti tanya 1990, 1998, kenapa tak mahu ikut Melayu dulu sekarang mahu Melayu ikut Cina?

  2. Anonymous5:40 am

    Two things evident:

    1: Your gang of writers (including you) are more for money when sourcing for stories and writing such stuff. This has been clarified by Dato Zaini as in the video on the link:

    2:Next - you guys are capitalising on the fragile Malaysian Indian population to seek out the vulnerable ones and instigate them to cook up and express controversial matters against the Pakatan.

    Nice to know that you buggers have snared Fernandez/DAP in Johor, Sivarajan/PSM in Selangor, and from Negeri Sembilan the likes of David Dass Aseerpatham, Desa Dahlia branch chairman Richard Francis, vice-head Jesu Dason and secretary S Karthiyaini; Ladang Regent vice-chairman M Subramaniam and secretary K Chelvam; and Ladang Paroi branch secretary K Mahendran.

    I have mentioned many times before - you never bothered about the Indian component of Malaysia and only use this aspect if it is something to do with 'bad mouthing' the Pakatan. Even that too because you and your gang (including Indians who have become Melayus) go for the element that Dato Zaini mentioned in the video. You 'invest' in these kind of buggers as well.

    It is highly possible that you fellows will easily switch, if another side lavishes you all with double the amount you fellows are relishing now.

    You forgot that when the coffers dry up, you all are going to be left to fend for yourselves. Or maybe queue up in the other side for such perks - which you can never get, anyway.


  3. Anonymous6:19 am

    How do you want to run a country when you can't agree on anything. Just like Selangor where nobody can decide anything and ends up with the rakyat suffering of water shortage. Having an opposition for BN is good but are we really serious supporting 3 different ideology in PR. Malaysia will suffer.

    The reason why is very simple because none of the 3 parties will be the dominant then there will be a lot of negotiations will be done to please everybody and when running a country this is disastrous.

    Remember US when they negotiate with each other to get approval for more lending. It took months to resolve the issue yet non of the parties are pleased with the budget cuts and all.

    With BN they have a single goal and that is Vision 2020 and that is enough at the moment as we Malaysians are not Koreans or Japanese as they are proud of their local products and bigger populations so it is easy to grow their industry unlike us well we can't blame Proton for everything.

    Now as I myself a taxpayer with a salary of 5k a month with an income tax of 3k, how much do we really contribute individually, As my petrol subsidy itself for myself alone is around 1k not to include other subsidies. So I believe the current government has transformed and guide Malaysia to a better growth.

    Now the oppositions alliance is a joke and I do not want this country run by these jokers. The problem I see is that PAS was there for 20 years without any improvement and yet the Chinese willing to support this party it is incredible and irresponsible as this can be our future and if you think we still can get investments with PAS around when they cant even run a state mind you a state that has 90% Malay so do they know how to run a country with Chinese, Indians and others in it. Plus what makes the Chinese so sure that PAS which is the biggest party in PR will let go important ministerial post in the government.

  4. Anonymous7:38 am

    That's a fact one cannot deny.

    But both are devilish.

    Party Ajaran Setan and Devil Against PAS both are devils in disguise.


  5. Anonymous7:48 am

    There is nothing to fear In PAS. In 2008 when PR won the majority in selangor, UMNO propose to gov the state wih PAS and even offer PAS the post of CM. MCA at that time dot have any objection against this idea. This showed that MCA can accept PAS gov. This also show that PAS is a loyal partner and would not betray heir friend unlike UMNO who will do anything in order to gain power regardless their objection in BN other parties.

  6. Anonymous9:04 am

    shouldn't good muslims celebrate because PAS will be the dominant party in the next government?

    why are you against that, rocky?

  7. Anonymous10:13 am

    That's All that UMNO Bloggers can Say now that they have Run Out of Modal.

    Who is Big Bro and Who is Not....

    Its Like Rocky is Big Bro and Not Big Dog..But Then Again Maybe F**k*ng Magpie may be the Real Bro and Not Rocky Bro...


  8. Anonymous10:14 am

    If you bother to understand, the word coalition means the component parties within the coalition are willing to share, to compromise, and agree to respect the decisions made by the supreme leader i.e. the chairman. There are disagreements, disillusions, disappointments along the way, yes it does happen, I don't deny it but once the chairman made the decision, each and everyone within the component parties have to accept it. Once it is final, it's final. Everyone has to accept it. The decisions being made were based on the interest of each component parties. Even there is a conflict, there is trust among them. There is no suspicion of dishonesty. No one can dispute it. It is friendship born out of trust. It's like a feud within a family. In the end, it's always Daddy with a big stick whom have a final say. That's the spirit of a coalition. A formula used by the BN.
    Now, on the other side of the fence, they claim they too have a coalition. But they don't seem to be on the same page apparently. Do they?
    The leaders of the component parties have a penchant to shoot their mouth off at any time and at any place. They don't seem to care if what the say would jeopardize the other parties within the 'coalition'. Their leaders were always in competition hogging the limelight in championing their cause and ideologies. Even the supreme leader, the chairman within the coalition seems can't control the smaller leaders under his purview. Let alone the members at large. There are rebukes once in a while but after that it's business as usual. This kind of scenario shows that these people have no respect to the highest authority within the pact and have no respect to the decisions being made. Most of them are rebels without a cause. They are the chieftains whom refused to listen to anyone and have an agenda on their own. Hell bent to safeguarding them by refusing to compromise. If these people form a government, we're all will be in trouble.
    The pact just loosely cobbled together in order to look big enough so that they will look like they are in a position to govern. Nobody knows what lies behind this facade. They are not really interested in the well-being of Malaysian people. If they do, then there must be a lot of people-centric policies within the opposition-rule states in the last five years. They are actually only lusting for power.
    They don't seem to have respect for the poor either. If they do, their leader wouldn't likened the Brim recipients to livestock. With all due respect Sir, these 'livestock' were the people who put you to power the last time around.

  9. Anonymous10:19 am

    UBAH + ABU
    Dont care who is big bro or small bro, Just abu + UBAH.
    Period !

  10. Anonymous11:20 am

    Anon 7:48 am. I agree cmpletely with u.
    Pas is a stupid loyal partner who can't differentiate between the trees and the forests.

    Is this the type of Malays who are going to lead the Melayu? Pls get real. Pas's politis is all for the destruction of the Malays as planned by the racists Dap

    Pas members are not only stupid, they are a waste of life

  11. Anonymous11:27 am

    I may not love BN, but comparing it with DAP, PAS and PKR, my vote will most certainly goes to BN. Why? BN pledges are more realistic and doable. The opposition's manifesto are too mere words not intended to be fulfilled. I am still waiting for a party that is better than BN. And until then, I will still cast my vote for BN. BN must be wary too, my support for it is not permanent. I give my benefit of the doubt to Najib. If he fails to deliver, trust me my vote for PRU14 will not be for BN anymore.


  12. Anonymous11:54 am

    I dont want to gamble our future on a party which hv proven ruining a small country- Kelantan. What hv they achieved? Nothing ! All they know is hoodwinking ppl wt hoodood & more hoodood. Vote them at your peril. I dont want to watch my favourite movies wt the lights on or hvg separate queues at supermarts. These brainless talibans are good for nothing. They hv killed old beautiful culture of the malays like makyong, wayang kulit etc

  13. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Anon 3.44am

    Tepat sekali apa yang di tulis. Memang Cina berhasrat untuk menguasai Malaysia dengan apa cara sekali pun. Mereka berhasrat menggunakan Melayu boneka macam Anwar dan Melayu bodoh macam golongan PAS untuk tujuan tersebut.

    Cina tahu kedudukan mereka sebagai pengemudi ekonomi tempatan kian tercabar dan terhakis dengan kebangkitan Melayu. Apa lagi Republik Singapura yang rata-ratanya dikuasai Cina antiMelayu gentar akan kehilangan upaya mempergunakan Malaysia untuk kepentingan sendiri. Maka kedua-dua pihak yakni Cina malaysia dan Cina Singapura telah berkomplot untuk memastikan kelangsungan kuasa Cina ke atas politik Malaysia.

    Betul juga telahan saudara berhubung tahun 1990 dan 1998. Kenapa Cina tidak mengikut anjakan paradigma Melayu waktu itu? Jawapannya mudah, kalau diikut Melayu, Cina terpaksa akur dan ikut senantiasa kepimpinan Melayu walhal Cina dambakan kuasa dan kepimpinan untuk bangsanya sendiri.

    Sebab itu dalam PRU 13 mereka seolah-olah memaksa Melayu mengikut mereka walhal isu-isu yang mereka sandiwarakan telah pun wujud pada tahun 1990 dan 1998. Siapa tidak ingat akan korupsi, kronisma, jenayah, dan kepincangan kehakiman yang wujud ketika itu. Tetapi Cina diam membisu waktu itu. apa yang memeranjatkan ialah lebih kurang 15 tahun kemudian rata-rata pengundi Cina yang sama (ditambah dengan yang muda) akan mengundi sekali lagi tetapi kali ini mendesak perubahan berasaskan isu-isu yang lapuk tadi! Bukankah ini sesuatu yang anih dan harus difikirkan oleh bangsa Melayu?

    Jelas walaupun senario hampir mirip, bangsa Cina membuat sandiwara sendiri demi kepentingan politik bangsa mereka. Kalau pada 1990 dan 1998, bangsa Cina tidak mahu diikut dan diarah Melayu, pada PRU 13 2013, mereka hendak mengarah Melayu kerana dengan mempergunakan Melayu bodoh, Cina boleh menguasai politik Malaysia 100% dan berbekalkan kuasa itu mereka boleh buat apa saja. Contohnya, menghancurkan hak Melayu dalam perlembagaan, melupuskan Islam sebagai agama rasmi malah hingga menulis kembali sejarah bahawa merekalah bangsa yang membangunkan Malaysia. Pulau Pinang dan Selangor telah pun menjadi bukti sikap talam dua muka bangsa Cina. Adakah Johor dan Malaysia bakal menyusul?

    Saya rasa tidak kerana kesedaran yang saudara anon telah cetuskan telah mula meresap dalam kalangan Melayu yang cerdik lagi celik. Insyaallah, Melayu akan bersatu untuk mempertahankan kedaulatan Malaysia dan maruah bangsa. Saya sendiri dab ramai pengundi Melayu yang membaca tulisan saudara telah sedar dan beralih arah. Terima kasih saudara kerana mencetuskan kesedaran itu. Mudah-mudahan usaha saudara di berkati. Ayuh, Melayu mari bersatu demi Malaysia bumi tercinta. Tiada lagi tanah yang menjadi tumpah darah daripada tanah melayu bernama Malaysia ini.

  14. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Saudara Melayu Islam. Sedarlah bangsa dan agama kita sedang dihina. Akibat asakan cina dengan sokongan melayu bodoh, kini wudhu untuk solat kita telah ternoda:

    The indelible ink lasts for one week.

    Bukankah ini mengisyaratkan yang air wudhu tidak samapai kesemua bahagian anggota wajib selama BUKAN satu hari malah SATU MINGGU? Celakalah golongan Melayu Islam bodoh PAS dan PKR yang dipimpin kaffir Ambiga mendesak kerajaan melaksanakan penghinaan ini.Ayuh. kita ajar keparat2 ini!

  15. Anonymous1:23 pm


    PU-13's most EXPLOSIVE video!!

    Why is this guy not contesting?

  16. Koh Neck Khuat1:28 pm


    Apa gila kau cakap ni beb, dah mabuk todi ke? Yang bercakap tu PAS & DAP... bad-mouthing Pakatan my smelly foot! They did it to themselves la.

    Btw, what brand do you drink? Can have some ka?

  17. Anonymous2:33 pm

    The problem with PR is that it is all rhetoric and what is this Malaysian Malaysia, I mean do the Chinese want to forgo their Chinese schools. I mean do they really believe in Malaysian Malaysia or 1 Malaysia. Anyway don't you think that if Malaysian Malaysia to exist it means that all culture needs to embrace and assimilate the Malay culture. Or are we selfishly only thinking about economics only.

  18. Anonymous3:07 pm

    ......yg penting sekarang adalah UMNO/BN tumbang !!


  19. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Anon 1:23

    Thank for the posting.

    History had shown many examples of the fall of ketuanan Islam sejak kewafatan Rasulullah SAW lagi.

    Let us not join the long list of defendants who will questioned in the hereafter about their contribution to the fall.

    Time for us to wake up and do something.


  20. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Saudara Koh Neck Khuat
    Kalau tak faham apa ku cakap sila melapangkan masa untuk:

    a. Baca -

    b. Baca -

    c. Baca -

    d. Tonton -

    Tak paham lagi?
    Sila panggil Loo Kong Kheck.
    Saya dengar dia boleh brew kau kau dan mungkin boleh bantu awak


  21. Kenny4:52 pm

    Cina hanya cuma hamba PAS,
    Cina lemah memang takda kelas,
    DAP mahu Cina lemah bagai lipas,
    PAS akan buat Cina mati tak nafas.

    Dulu kini besok cakap Hudud,
    Ini dah pasti hudud akan wujud,
    DAP tipu Cina suruh jangan bergelut,
    Bila PR menang Cina tukar menganut.

    Undi PAS Cina pasti akan mati,
    Budaya, nama, agama pasti diganti,
    Tak ada konsert tak boleh berjudi,
    Bak Kut Teh pun sukar nak dicari.

    Cina bodoh baru suka sokong bulan,
    Sia-sia atuk cabut dari Tong San,
    Cina rela gadai agama & kebudayaan,
    Asal PAS boleh jadi boss kerajaan.

    Saya pasti akan sokong parti Barisan,
    Jamin budaya Cina dapat dikekalkan,
    Sokong DAP maksud agama budaya digadaikan,
    Bagaimana nak sokong DAP sebagai pilihan?

  22. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Now Latok has downgraded himself to be a just a shit stirrer. Can't blame him when he has friends like papagomo and a prick in the wall and others.

  23. Anonymous5:39 pm

    6 hari saja lagi kita akan sambut kemerdekaan dari belenggu penjajahan UMNO ....

    6 hari saja lagi ramai pemimpin UMNO akan masuk hospital kerana diserang sakit jantung dan mengalami penyakit AMNESIA, lup tentang-tentang dosa dulu;

    6 hari saja lagi Pengerusi SPR, Ketua Peguam Negara, Ketua Setiausaha Negara akan terkencing-kencing dalam seluar;

    6 hari saja lagi Ketua Pengarang UTUSAN, BERITA HARIAN, TV3, BENAMA akan terjun dari tingkat atas kerana tidak sanggup mengahadapi kebohongan dan fitanh yang sudah sekeian lama mereka tabur,

    6 hari saja lagi ROSMAH MANSOR kan diserang penyakit meroyan dan berlari TELANJANG BOGEL kerana tak sanggup menghadapi kenyataan akan DILOKAP bersama NAJOB di Penjara ORANG-ORANG BESAR UMNO di Kamunting,

    6 hari lagi SELURUH RAKYAT MALAYSIA yang sudah sekian lama menderita dibawah pemerintahan KUKU BESI UMNO akan menyambut hari kegumbiraan dan hari kemenangan, benar-benar MERDEKA dari penindasan UMNO,

    Ramai Ketua BAHAGIAN UMNO akan menjadi BANGKRAP apabila dituntut HUTANG dari BANK-BANK perdagangan yang selama ini dijadikan LUBOK MAS UMNO;

    6 hari saja lagi kita akan dapat lihat bertapa KECEWA nya barisan pemimpin UMNO yang kalah dan baru sedar akan menghadapi PENJARA sebagai hukuman RASUAH yang menjadi GAYA hidup 7 keturunan mereka,


    Hanya 6 hari lagi .... angkara mereka akan berakhir,


  24. Koh Neck Khuat7:15 pm


    Itu Loo Khong Keck, adik beradik sama itu Stopa Spenda & Nuar Berahi! Dah main tak ngaku pulak.

    Lagi sekali kalau tak paham, yang cakap Harun Taib sama itu Fernandez la! Ok, sekarang pegi minum todi!

  25. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Yang paling lawak, kerjasama PAS-DAP ini adalah kedua-dua belah parti cuba meyakinkan penyokong mereka bahawa parti merekalah yang menguasai hala tuju.

    Di sebelah PAS, mereka mendakwa bahawa DAP telah dapat menerima ketuanan Islam.

    Di sebelah DAP, mereka mendakwa PAS bersedia menghapuskan keistimewaan yang dinikmati bumiputera.

    Sebenarnya masing-masing cuba meperkudakan pihak yang satu lagi. Mereka sedar ini bukan tindakan yang bijak. Semuanya disebabkan tiada alternatif yang sesuai untuk menjatuhkan kerajaan melalui proses pilihanraya, melainkan dengan membentuk satu pakatan parti-parti politik walaupun berlawanan prinsip dan ideologi.

  26. Anonymous9:38 pm

    There is a lot of islam's law that ALLAH SWT command the muslim to follow. Muamalat(business), munakahat(marriage),jenayat(crime) and others.. under jenayat itself there are 4 way of punishment..hudud, qisas,diyat dan ta'zir.... When PAS only fight for HUDUD ONLY.. meaning they STILL don't complete all the syariah law... PAS you should go back and study...

  27. Anonymous9:54 pm

    PARAMESWARA@5:40 am

    zaini who?/

  28. Anonymous9:58 pm

    BigBrotherWatching@10:13 am

    heh heh peeping more likely

  29. PAS masih tak sedar diri dipermainkan DAP. Kalau lihat manifesto PR, Hadi bersetuju bahawa sekolah cina India dan juga mubaligh diperkukuhkan. Tapi sekolah agama islam langsung tak diiktiraf.

    Lebih teruk adalah kedudukan Islam. PAS bersetuju hanya menjadi Islam agama rasmi sahaja. Aik!!! Apa jadi dengan Negara Islam.

  30. Anonymous9:59 am

    Kawan, ini berita baru gua terima dari dalam PAS. Lepas Norman buat hal semalam, dua orang kuat DAP ada jumpa dua orang kuat PAS sama satu orang PKR di coffee house Mandarin Oriental KL( fuyoh hotel mahal , sekarang tahu mana itu duit ceramah pigi) pada tengahari Ahad. Itu jam ditop secret meeting itu, agreement sudah capai.

    DAP sudah ok sama itu hudud tapi untuk Muslim saja. Non Muslim tak kena. Quid pro quo, PAS setuju NEP mansuh, Bahasa Inggeris sama taraf Bahasa Melayu sama itu Islam tak pakai lagi agama rasmi sama Azan tak boleh main. Itu tudung untuk budak sekolah, DAP kata ok tapi ada choice. Quid pro quo, kristian mesti ajar dalam kelas dan siapa2 boleh ikut atas pilihan sendiri dan kalimah suci Allah siapa2 boleh pakai tak kira kristian kah, hindu kah, Buddha kah. Lagi satu kawan, PAS setuju tanah reseb Melayu mansuh, kecuali Kelantan, sama kaji cadangan DAP/PKR civil service bagi potong 5% pekerja mula2 sampai tiga tahun lagi 15% macam di Greece itu.

    Balik pada itu hudud, itu simple majoriti cukup tak payah 2/3, undang2 kata boleh no problem. Kelab malam, arak, judi semua buka macam biasa, siapa2 boleh masuk. Tapi kalau Islam masuk, ada raid, nasib lah kalau kena hudud. Lagi satu confirm, kalau laki2 Islam boleh kahwin sampai 4, semua negeri tak payah apply dan siapa tak sembahyang Jumaat kah tak puasa kah kena itu rotan di public, hudud stylelah. Kalau u Islam, U mau divorce pun bagi senang, cakap saja lepas itu pigi daftar, tak payah pigi itu mahkamah.

    Kawan saya bilang, Hudud itu ikut tafsiran PAS. Jadi kalau u mazhab bukan macam PAS, u susah oh. Dia orang ikut itu stlyle Arab Saudi punya, banyak strict punya. Kalau Islam sama non-Islam kena tangkap curi, orang Islam itu kena potong tangan, non- muslim tak kena, jail saja sebab dia pilih bicara bawah itu common law bukan hudud. Samalah kalau Muslim kena tangkap dengan girlfriend non-muslim, Muslim kena sebat ( atau sudah kahwin, itu baling batu), non muslim tak kena.

    Lepas ini, tak dah lagi bagi bising pasal Hudud. Election mau dekat mah. Cuma lepas election, itu Norman, itu Haruns kena sap mah sebab banyak bising!

  31. Anonymous10:47 am

    I wouldn't trust mat sabo, stopa ali, anuar berahi, hadi awang to sit over ANY system of civil jurisdiction, let alone a juridical committee bound by the Shariah principles of sanctity and rationality. Those guys have gone terribly astray in their mad quest for POWER and made a laughing stock of the commandments of our All-Wise Creator Lord. May they themselves face judgement soon even as they love throwing biased judgements all around. Enough of fornicating and treasonous "big shots" parading as champions of the common people.

  32. Anonymous1:04 pm

    pencacai @ 5:39 pm

    6 hari lagi rakyat akan BEBAS drp fitnah bikinan pakatan

    6 hari lagi pengkhianat negara akan masuk penjara seumur hidup

    6 hari lagi UMNO/BN akan menang besar

    6 hari lagi bapak rasi konumis akan beperkuburkan

    6 hari lagi tokong singh kursi roda, nelayan hadi, wali slipar terpaksa bersara selamanya

    6 hari lagi, Malaysia akan damai kerana ABU haris akan ditaburkan diatas kubur cina


  33. Anonymous6:34 am

    Fully support hudud !!!

    the time will come when we will witnessed which individual of a community most had their tounge decapitated and maimed.