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How to make a fool of an ex-army chief

Hashim to take on Shahril in JB
Read the above story at FMT.
After his comments on Lahad Datu (about how his ex colleagues in the Army had messed up), I thought the retired General would accept nothing less but a seat in Lahad Datu.
Or, at the very least, in Sempoerna where the terrorists killed, gorged, beheaded our commandos, where he could take on Shafie Afdal ...

Original piece
“We have purchased so many weapons, we have held so many Limas, but how could the enemy still land in our country without permission?” - Quoted at a press conference to announce the establishment of Pakatan's "shadow" NSC headed by former army chief Hashim Hussein 
Enemy can land in our country with permission, lor? Sure or not?

Typo error again, or just a plain stupid?

These politicians took all the trouble to lure one former army chief willing to dance to their tune and then they still messed things up!

The FMT report:
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Pakatan Rakyat forms its shadow National Security Council to be headed by a former army chief.
PETALING JAYA: Former army chief Hashim Hussein today questioned the deployment of soldiers from Peninsular Malaysia to deal with the Lahad Datu incursion by Sulu gunmen when the matter could have been handled by Sabah-based troops.
He asked if there had been any political reasoning for the marginalisation of Sabah-based troops as, according to him, the army personnel from two bases in Sabah were more than enough to handle the crisis.
“There is a commander stationed in Sabah, and there are two army bases there. They are the ones who are more well-versed in local geography and demographics. Why weren’t they deployed?
“The total number of the enemy was not so many, why did we have to send the highest-ranking officials from here? Why didn’t we leave it to the local commander?
“The Sabah troops were not given priority. Even when the gunfight broke out in Kampung Tanduo, it was the special police force which was deployed to the frontline.
“As a person with military background, I think there is an involvement of political elements in the Lahad Datu incident,” said the former army chief who retired in 2002.
Hashim raised these issues at a press conference called by Pakatan Rakyat today to announce the setting up of Pakatan’s People Security Advisory Council (MPKR).
Also present were PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, PKR’s Sungai Petani MP Johari Abdul, PAS’s Pokok Sena MP Mahfuz Omar and former deputy secretary-general of the Home Ministry Ismail Hamzah.
The MPKR will function as Pakatan’s shadow National Security Council to scrutinise the government’s defence and security policies, procurement of weapons and provide alternative plans.
Hashim is the interim chief of the council. He said the council would advise Pakatan on the assessment of threats, defence strategies, force capability and capacity-building.
He said the council also aimed to raise public awareness on the security issues, adding that the other members of MPKR would include lawyers, former civil servants and former army personnel.
Why weren’t we better prepared?
Mahfuz, meanwhile, said MPKR would equip the opposition pact with better defence and security knowledge in case it wins power in the coming general election.
He also criticised the National Security Council for deviating from its original functions, saying that it is now the guardian of BN political power.
He said the National Security Council’s weaknesses were clearly shown in the Lahad Datu incident as it failed to correctly analyse intelligence reports collected to prevent such incursions.
“We have purchased so many weapons, we have held so many Lima (Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition), but how could the enemy still land in our country without permission?”
“Is it because they [the authorities] only purchased weapons to get commissions?” he asked, adding that the Pakatan’s MPKR would ensure transparency on the matter.

In the first place, I don't think former army or police chiefs should allow themselves to get lured into partisan politics. Somehow, it does not do justice to the honorable uniform.

But if they insist, make sure they are not made to look like fools.

In the second place, this shallow NSC is such a pathetic afterthought, at best. The Government of Malaysia is way ahead of the curve: we have defeated the enemy and is proceeding with ESSCOM to ensure security in not just Lahad Datu but the entire coastline! Read TMI's report, Hisham: Inspection centres operational in ESSCOM from Tuesday 


  1. Anonymous7:26 am

    Dear General Hashim,

    You are to head a shadow Security force for the nation?

    Don't you know you have a bane in your existence, a skeleton in your closet? I won't say much, but I will just mention two "phrases" that will certainly rattle your old bones:

    (a) Babudin!
    (b) Military Police!

    The more you speak lies about the government, the more will we be pressured to talk about the truth about you!

    Enough said.

    Your infantry mate.

  2. Anonymous8:02 am

    how this moron was promoted and later pencen as a chief army? haha..

  3. ESSCOM headed by a civil service man named by KSN for security matters? If so, this is one of those things that got the generals (in service or retired) disgrunted.

  4. Anonymous8:29 am

    What an 'April's Fool' they are.

    Cannot even come-up with Shadow Cabinet, yet wants to set-up a bloody fool's of a Shadow NSC.
    And their members as a failed and bankrupt Tony, a dropout SRP Mahpus, an ex-army general and 'misuse of power' ex-convict cum sodomite.

    Foreign Terrorist needs permission to enter a country?

    What a joker, these dumb politician are. I had a good laugh for this April's Fool, indeed.


  5. Anonymous8:38 am

    Salam Datuk,
    This shadow NSC reports to which shadow cabinet & which shadow PM?

  6. Anonymous10:24 am

    The idiot Retired General did not understand the rule of engagement...some of the Suluan Terror group were locals..we have to deployed Para-military to flush them out first...


  7. Anonymous11:13 am

    Dear Rocky,

    The general is correct logically although could be worded better. But his logic and message is clear.

    Enemy or anyone can land if Malaysia so permit (although if it's an enemy, it will be highly irrational and exceptional to grant permission).

    BUT if heavily armed enemy troops can land on our shores without our permission or knowledge then it is a shocking breakdown in our security intelligence!

  8. Anonymous11:27 am

    first time in the world, a shadowy NSC is needed to fight terrorism? what after this?

  9. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Sungguh biadap Rocky hina former army chief Hashim Hussein !!

  10. I am surprised that is is even a soldier let alone a general. Maybe senility has set in.

    Would you expect a group of insurgents would ask for permission to come and conquer you territory. What a moron!

  11. Anonymous12:58 pm

    adalah lebih baik kalau X-jeneral duduk kat kitchen cabinet tolong bini buat kerja dapur, setidak-tidaknya dapat mengekalkan ketenteraman r/tangga..he he.

  12. Anonymous1:08 pm

    Can't help wondering how much Jack Palance was paid to be with Pakatoon. If Lajim was paid RM 20 million, Jack probably got the same amount, or more since he is such a valuable prize. Now, how would he keep the money. He can't just put it in his bank account, bcoz BNM would know immediately. Put in a Swiss bank, Cayman Is, Bermuda etc also dicey bcoz the US govt have tabs on these activities. Maybe put it in the new tax havens or even in Israeli banks. Susah juga ya Jack, dan Ghafir. Dah tua, duit banyak tapi tak boleh spend. Bini dan Anak-anak pun mungkin tak boleh claim sebagai pusaka bila mati kelak.

  13. Anonymous1:45 pm


    One thing really plain stupid is when a group of robbers stormed into your house and these fellas later cornered by a mighty balaclava clad security forces, somehow later half of those robbers manage to escape with loots; fortunately they are nabbed by two nepal guards armed with baton employed by your friendly neighborhood watch.

    Thats really sick enough!!!! malays are smarter now. thanks to DEB.

  14. Anonymous2:29 pm

    The big fool fooling the stupid fools who likes to be fooled by the big fool.

  15. Anonymous2:31 pm

    the ex army chief with a bad record not known to many.

  16. Anonymous3:20 pm


    I think our current Home minister and Defence minister is really a fool.
    We used our jet fighter to bomb the Sulu intruder but the laser guided is not working.The planes drop the bomb almost one kilometer away from target.When the reporter question our Army chief,he said they did not drop bomb on target with purpose,they just want to Gempar the enemy.

    If you want to gempar the Army they why you do ground assualt and kill 60 of them.

    We send our tanks but suddenly they found out they dont have the trailer to transport the tanks.They have to hire the trailers from a Chinaman in Kota Kinabalu.
    If we are facing the war,do you think we have Chinaman around to lease his low lader tralers.

    This is really security issue but we politicise them?

  17. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Your blog is bad and you should feel bad.

  18. Anonymous4:09 pm

    "The gahmen of Malaysia is way ahead of the curve...." (as per the Brumeister).

    How did 500,000+ Filipinos get to settle in Sabah during this gahmen's watch?

    Surely, that's a security blunder of the highest magnitude, given the rise of militant Islam in the southern Philippines and the porosity of Malaysia's borders with the Philippines and Thailand.

    The gahmen doesn't want to account for this, especially to native Sabahans.

    So, apologists like the Bru have to make front and centre and divert attention away from security lapses and failings.

    How is the gahmen's purchases of expensive military assets guaranteeing the sanctity of Malaysia's borders, when it's an open secret that there is porosity there?

    Do you mean to say that Scorpenes, OPVs, Mig-29s, Sukhoi 30-MKMs and FA-18s can solve the problem?

    At least, Bru - have the decency to admit that you are not an expert on military matters, defence procurements and national security. Or have you fooled all of us by concealing your expertise in these fields under the guise of an amiable blogger?

  19. Anonymous4:18 pm

    The promises of showing a great transparency at the time of vote fishing is not uncommon and understandable.

    But when these people are given the chance to practice what they preach such as in Penang, things that were promised mostly gone missing instead their actions were shrouded in secrecy

  20. Anonymous5:47 pm

    The extent this big hypocrite goes to use others for his own agenda.

  21. I agree. Any former something or other, when retired should stay retired. Err..can you tell you boss the same too please? You know la...the old man Tun!

  22. Anonymous7:08 pm


    Now Rocky Dah Jadi Military Expert.

    Rocky sejak dulu mengaku expert dalam beberapa hal!

    Tapi dia Lupa Anadain Jack of All Trades Master of None!


  23. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Quote; “There is a commander stationed in Sabah, and there are two army bases there. They are the ones who are more well-versed in local geography and demographics. Why weren’t they deployed?

    And why would we listen to an ex-army chief when we have an army chief in the service...... eat your own bullets

  24. Anonymous12:35 am

    They think it is easy to monitor a 1800 km long Coastline?.. even if you fly a plane from end to end it would take about 4 to 5 hour to complete the flight. in between of that oppurtunity window, a experience intruder can take advantage to enter Sabah.

    This people can only talk but given the responsibility, they cant even resolve water issues.

    Mister Zizou

  25. Anonymous2:30 am

    HASHIM n AI went to the same school.

  26. Anonymous9:51 am

    Bru - I am amazed that you are commenting on defence and security matters, when, based on publicly available knowledge, you appear to have no background or prior experience in either field.

    Why is that, I wonder?

  27. Aiya, Old Fart, get over the Old Man lah. He's not the PM anymore. I just got back from JB where he met some low-cost flat dwellers in Kempas. Only 10 thousand people or so turned up. ALmost 90 and forgetful. Why worry?

    Plus, he being around kinda serve as a comfort factor: makes it OK for your old folks Nik Aziz, Kit Siang, Karpal to NOT retire and be around 4 ever.

    Back to the ex Army chief, it is about the oath a soldier takes to serve King and Country, not politicians, not just when he is in uniform but until the day he dies.

  28. Anon 409 pm,

    Mat Selamat escaped from maximum security prison in Singapore and swam across the straits to Johor where he was captured. Did you know Mat Selamat was preparing to launch an attack against Singapore when Tan Sri Musa Hassan's men arrested him? You didn't? Now you do.

    Singapore is known for its security paranoia. Every healthy male citizen is subject to 30-month army training. The commandos who train them include those Israelis with the blood of innocent Palestinians in their hands.

    And yet this Mat Selamat escaped.

    The Cubans are pedaling across to Miami every day and the Mexicans are still entering the US illegally, in droves, for work (some of them commit crime for a living). The US has great security, defence, weapons of mass destruction or whatever you call it.

    And their twin towers still got whacked, unless you weren't born yet in 2001.

  29. Anonymous said...
    Bru - I am amazed that you are commenting on defence and security matters, when, based on publicly available knowledge, you appear to have no background or prior experience in either field.

    Why is that, I wonder?

    9:51 am



    As you can read from my posting, I wasn't writing about defence and security. I was commenting on the stupidity of the statement ... "the enemy land in our country without permission".

    If an ex Army chief - a retired General - tells us that actually the enemy should only attack our country if they have our permission, he's worse than you, RON.

    You don't need to be a defence expert to see the moron-ity of that statement!

  30. Anonymous11:07 am

    y this ex-army chief not to speak out about this during his tenure in gov?y now? or else?

  31. Anonymous12:14 pm

    How could the enemies of this state are so so stubborn??? How dare the outside intruders land unnoticed undetected in our poorly guarded coastal border.How could the traitors jinggeling so happily along with million supporters after all....

  32. Anonymous12:47 pm

    FYI Rocky,

    if an x-army head honcho happened to make that kind of stupid statement in a journal or defense bulletin, at least it won't appear that stupid...

    the thing is, the perception of stupidity in the statement was further compounded when he appeared in plain clothes and sitting next to the moron/oxymoronic political figures...LOL, whole world is laughing!

  33. Anonymous2:21 pm

    so hashim u want only local sabah comander to deal with the sulu, clearly u jusy dont care about sabah ppl, we show that sabah is our land.

  34. Anonymous3:01 pm

    Rtd General Hashim say,

    `the enemy land in our country without permission'


    the tongkang people also come to our land without our permission and how could the tongkang people give comment about sulu invasion in sabah???

    NO!!! we do not give permission, we definitely do not allow tongkang people landed on our shore.

    we fully support RCI for 1 million pendatang during tunku reign!

  35. Anonymous4:24 pm


    Too clever by half you are. I refer to your post of 10:07 am.

    In the case of Mas Selamat, let it be noted that he escaped to Johor. How did he land in Johor without going through Malaysian Customs and Immigration?

    And you might want to ask your contacts in the SB if they were told by Singapore agencies exactly where Mas was living in Johor. Or is that being obfuscated under the cloak of "national security"?

    And you are being too clever again about Cuban refugees landing up in Miami and Mexicans crossing the Rio Grande to cari makan in the US.

    These Cubans and Mexicans are not a threat to US national security. Are they fighting for, say, the southern US to be united with Mexico in a Catholic Hispanic homeland, or for Cuba to become a state within the US?

    Unlike the "separatists" in southern Thailand, or those elements in the southern Philippines who want "independence" in a Muslim state.

    Get your facts straight, Bru. And while you are about it, why not take a crash course in regional political realities?

    And since you have touched on 9/11 and the Twin Towers - yes, the US was caught unawares. But they did respond, and, boy, how they responded.

    And didn't a certain Osama get "whacked" too?

  36. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Heh, heh - anon 3:01 pm is venting his frustration over a fait accompli.

    "Fait accompli". Geddit?

    Now let's see who has the guts to rewrite history.

    And while you are about it, go Tongkang Navy just what the hell it was doing 80 km off the coast of Malaysia.

    Maybe the crews of the Tongkang ships were having a spot of R&R?

    Anyways, there's not been a peep about this from the Defence or Foreign Ministry honchos.

    Now, isn't that a potential security breach of some magnitude?

    What say you, Bru?

  37. Anonymous7:25 pm

    anon 4:09

    You seem to know better than our security forces. Why dont you volunteer to go to the front line in lahad datu? Sitting in the comfort of your home and not knowing the true situation and you want to talk big.

  38. Anonymous7:33 pm


    What rubbish are you talking about? You know better than the army? The chinamen does not mind, why should you? How many chinese in our army? Helping to transport some tanks also cannot? As though the army does not know about this? How are you helping ? If there are trailers in KK to transport the tanks than why is there a need to bring in army trailers? You really should not show how stupid you are.

  39. Anonymous10:26 pm


    How they responded? They lied to the world. No weapons of mass destruction. They killed hundreds of thousands. And before that they said they only wanted Saddam. But they stayed on and on destroying the country and awarded building contracts to americans back home. Not to mention the amount of oil they shipped back home.

  40. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Never a good word about our security forces from these pkr bastards. Always finding fault. Should send these bastards to lahad datu.

  41. Anonymous1:38 am

    Anon 4.04 pandai cakap based on reading books only...bullshit lah...these ppl dont want lower rank in prebet..Cibai

  42. bourne identity3:33 pm

    c'non hashim....please tell everyone why you were sent to Pakistan as a high commissioner...
    also....why dont you tell us what you did during your off days in bosnia in the company of lovely elizabeth taylor look-like women too...