Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The picture DAP must be proud of

DAP's Hew Kuan Yau has become a legend with a capital F:
A kurang akar DAP leader

I think Hew ought to use this pic as his official poster for PRU13. No, I am not going high moral on him for showing us his stubby middle finger. I'm just a little concerned, as a voter, because this guy is not an ordinary DAP supporter. He is the DAP's Election Publicity Chief. If this photograph of their Election Publicity Chief is anything to go by, we can guess how low they are willing to go in the publicity war for the coming General Election.

Well, I don't know about you guys but come polling day, I should give them my middle finger, too!


  1. Anonymous12:54 pm

    we should give middle finger to Rocky first. haha as he is the front of UMNO, totally a scum, not fit even to be called malay as he approve all the ill doings of UMNO against Malay.

  2. Anonymous1:26 pm

    From Mesian Mesia to Middle Mesian and now end up with Middle Finger? What a nice upbringing for Mesian Dapigies!

  3. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Whose middle finger is bigger - yours or his ? I show my middle finger too to your boss whenever I come across his picture. And also to the de facto umno leader for the past 50 years, the mamakthir.

  4. Anonymous2:17 pm

    just vecause Bersih rallies are mostly about Pas and PKR affairs, any Dapman have every right to point middle finger and at the same time ridicule the efforts? wow, what a frienshit!

  5. Anonymous2:26 pm


    is that a new thumb up symbol for PR success in Selangor and Penang?

  6. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Hahah they deserve not my vote for sure.

  7. Anonymous2:36 pm

    That guy in the picture should be hang by his balls!!

  8. your middle finger is nothing compare to your triple fork venomous toungue.


  9. Anonymous3:15 pm

    that is all you have.....stating the obvious. this guy's action is obvious and you are speaking for your obvious self. despite this picture we know how obvious your vote is going. what else is new?

    sudah terang nak berlampu lagi...

  10. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Dato Rocks,

    WOWWWW!!! have you seen


    but thats not all,

    have you seen malaysian born again top Evangelist christian `pedophile priest' IN ACTION????


  11. Kenny3:55 pm

    LIM GUAN ENG pandai cakap MENGARUT,
    Boleh lawan sini sana tak TAKUT,
    Bila TENG CHANG YEOW cabar dia nak MENGELUT,
    Tapi mengelut macam seorang si BADUT.

    Kini LIM GUAN ENG nangis bagai diTIPU,
    Nangis bagai ditipu main DADU,
    Kalau takut kenapa cabar DAHULU?,
    Sekarang bola mengecut tertinggal BULU.

    Siapakah badut ini bernama Hew Kuan YAU?,
    Nama ini macam kutu sesat yang MERAYAU,
    Kalau lu tak cakap mana saya TAU?,
    Tapi rupa dia memang macam BANGAU.

    Saya terkejut tengok bangau ini ada JARI,
    Jari bangau ini suka tunjuk sana dan SINI,
    Bahkan juga bangau ini suka makan BABI,
    Inilah tanda Komunis kalau ditadbir suatu hari.

    Cina ingat DAP boleh tolong kaum CINA,
    Kenapa Cina bodoh sangat boleh ditipu JENAKA?,
    DAP tak berupaya nak majukan apa-APA,
    Mari sokonglah MCA yang lebih BERGUNA.

  12. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Bodohlah Rocky !!

    UMNO/BN kuat rasuah, duit lembu pon makan, masih nak cium tangan UMNO/BN ke ?

    Rakyat patut kasi UNO/BN the'middle finger' in PRU13 nanti.

    tak kisahlah kalau Rocky nak terus cium tangan UMNO/BN....

  13. Trivia Questions4:04 pm

    1) What do you call a so-called MULTIRACIAL party leader of whom dare NOT contest in a multiracial constituency???

    2) What do you call a so-called MULTIRACIAL party leader of whom challenge his rival to a contest but only to BACK OUT from it citing "being tricked"???

    3) What do you call a so-called MULTIRACIAL party leader of whom speaks loads of rubbish pretending to be a brave hero but only to cowardly back-out from challenges by giving all sorts of excuses???
    ANSWER: Chinese call it "TAI SOR HAI"!!!

  14. Anonymous4:55 pm

    What a brave man giving the middle finger to BN lies and propaganda
    I see in the Tindak kit given out by BN doesnt everybody in the montage look like they are raising the middle finger? upwards

  15. Anonymous5:04 pm

    What this Dapster bloke is trying to tell the islamit jokers is that:"we believe in one good?" he he

    The question is: "when are they going to "potong" they fore***?"

    if they do, please keep the excess skin for the pasters bloke will ya?

  16. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Dear Rocky.
    I'll give the Pakatan loose coalition a middle finger too. Of-course on the left hand. Tangan basuh berak.


  17. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Rocky you're expectations are too high - dont hold your breath -good manners, basic hygiene, politeness are not synonymous to these Cina Bukits. Look at the Apeks/Ceebais face and what it reminds one of????.....yeah. you are right, is more in line with that animal's traits :)

  18. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Middle to all the Mat Rampit and Lutuk Locky.

  19. Anonymous6:17 pm

    I think Hew ought to use this pic as his official poster for PRU13. No, I am not going high moral on him for showing us his stubby middle finger. I'm just a little concerned, as a voter,

    wow rocky admits he is ummo, by saying "showing us his miiddle finger"

  20. Anonymous6:21 pm

    And Rocky must also be proud of BN, Taib Sarawak and all the corruption and abuse of power.

  21. Anonymous6:22 pm

    The violent protestors in the billboard are UMNO supporters and deserve the middle finger. ABU!

    1. Anonymous8:43 pm

      Don miss use my father's name plz..u deserve the broom end in every holes u have...tehee..

  22. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Those who steal in broad daylight must be given the middle finger, especially since the police and the AG's chambers close their eyes to such thievery.

  23. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    Some of us get orgasms from shoving our middle finger up Umno's ass......

    1. Anonymous8:40 pm

      Ooooo feels gud hows the smell from the shoving?. Anwar knowss oooo

  24. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Congrats rocky for being more partisan. I think u should moderate your comments closer. Those hating assholes can kiss dap's yellow ass goodbye.

  25. Kenny7:42 pm

    Anwar Ibrahim ketua parti si pembangkang,
    Masuk penjara adu macam jatuh dalam longkang,
    Perbuatan salah dulu tolonglah tanya diri sekarang,
    Jangan asyik adu nangis bagai si banggang.

    Anwar adu dianiayai Tun Mahathir,
    Adu fitnah bagai disembar petir,
    Tak guna kalau saja pandai cakap di bibir,
    Bahkan ingat boleh jampi rakyat dengan kuasa sihir.

    Kalau tak salah siapa nak penjara kamu?,
    Bila buat salah masuk penjara jangan mengadu,
    Bila senang renungkan perbuatan kamu dahulu.
    Anwar dipenjara kerana perbuatan salah yang tertentu.

    Bila masuk penjara Anwar cipta Reformasi,
    Lagak berani bagai nak lawan tak takut mati,
    Dia nak balas dendam tak puas hati,
    Perjaungan Anwar memang sesuatu ilusi.

    Kit Siang, Nik Aziz, Karpal musuh Anwar dahulu,
    Sekarang sudah jadi 'brada' berganding bahu,
    Sudahkah ini jelas satu gambaran yang menipu?,
    Pelik betul bila tengok musuh kini boleh bersatu.

    Anwar bukan saja benggang tak puas hati,
    Dia gila berhasrat nak jadi Perdana Menteri,
    Anwar sanggup gadai nyawa rakyat & musuh sendiri,
    Binatang macam ini mana boleh dipercayai.

    Dulu Anwar asyik cakap UMNO adalah kawan,
    Tapi kawan lama dia sekarang nak lawan,
    Kini menyerang guna nama Pakatan,
    Inilah sandiwara dia suka tayangkan.

    Ada orang cakap Anwar suka main belakang,
    Bila nampak Anwar jangan berdiri kangkang,
    Kalau nampak jantan dia mungkin menyerang,
    Menyerang sampai boleh terajang.

    Saya respect Anwar pasal dia berani,
    Berani sampai rela menipu isteri,
    Jelaskan diri kamu dengan perempuan misteri?,
    Jam OMEGA hilang sebagai bayaran servis yang tertinggi.

    Anwar asyik cakap lawan tetap lawan,
    Tapi lawan adalah untuk pahlawan,
    Lawan bukan sesuai untuk si pondan,
    Lebih baik Anwar pergi main jantan.

  26. Rdingur10:55 pm

    Showin lewd gesture on public... That will surely land the offender in jail, just like what happened to the boy who middle-fingered the Queen.

    DAP carries their brand of street politics. This kind of behavior wouldn't last a single day in Singapore. PAP will teach them a bloody good lesson, just like what they did to Singapore oppositions. Most of them ended up in prison or being sued the living daylight out of them.

    Sometimes I just hope people from government side teach these people a lesson. No need to be gentleman, or elegant silent, like Musa Hitam said about Badawi.

  27. Anonymous11:14 pm

    thanks for pointing that out rocky. DAP is a group of samseng anyway. Im quite sure Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng are another one of those scums.

  28. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Middle effing finger is DAP's trademark?

  29. Anonymous12:15 am

    yea.. stick the middle finger up those UMNO & BN asses kaw kaw...they deserved it. As for rocky, his ass belongs to his paymaster Mahathir.

  30. Anonymous12:22 am

    Rocky, Apanama & Big Dog, the axis of EVIL. Middle finger up their arses.

  31. Anonymous1:27 am

    Some of the people making comments are stupid. If you Pakatoons believe this particular DAPshit is your type of leader, then you belong to each other. Idiots.


  32. Anonymous1:30 am

    Wow, u call this an issue?

    You are a tool

  33. Anonymous7:25 am

    looks like the statesman mahathir whom rocky pays homage to is too chicken to accept lim kit siang challenge. the former dictator is all talk no action.

  34. Anonymous7:27 am

    For some balanced reporting, how about putting up a picture of Adnan Yaakob, the Menteri Besar of Pahang with his famous open palm hitting on top of the closed fist of the other hand. ?

  35. Anonymous7:35 am

    Say no to dap

  36. Here is my middle finger to you Rocky.
    People Power salutes brave politicians like Hew.
    It seems that by exposing Umno b gangsters...all may get middle fingers from Rocky.
    This piece of shit blogger has gone overboard many times.

  37. Anonymous9:12 am

    Haiya Latuck,

    no wonder under the watchful eye the PRkingpin even good time dolls, gangmasters, pushers and bookmarkers are booming and mushrooming like never before. now we know the leason ahh!

  38. Anonymous9:33 am

    Thx Rocky for promoting the picture - the middle finger best describes our politics

  39. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Actually, I am pro Government mainly because I do not see the Opposition is really a choice today but in no way I endorse the current Govt actions acceptable to any Malaysian...Di telan mati emak di luah mati bapa...I hope in the next PRU we have a race free religion free opposition who is not driven by hate, anger, foul words, foul actions, filled with bitterness and revenge but calm, composed and intellectually driven.
    I dislike the posters that we have today because really having posters flaunting about the contry success is a big lie, billboards showing BN as people choice is not ethical and is really not principled.
    I dislike posters with the PM faces, the MBs faces and everybody in the Cabinet face. Why do we need those posters...how did the posters and billboard change my life.

    Take the above poster for instance...what good did it do to us..nothing except they paid at a minimum RM50k to get that up...

    I have travelled to many countries and never see this affair. We should not have posters and billboards like this...It cost money, peoples money and it really is an eye sore, better the green pastures.

  40. Anonymous2:21 pm

    See my middle finger, umnoputras ? No? It's up yours...

  41. if you say dap is proud of this fella who is only a small fry, then you and your paymasters must be really really proud of your pahang mb who was recorded on video to display an equally crude sign.

    pls la rocky, you are setting lower and lower std with each passing day!

  42. Anonymous4:52 pm

    We do not want the likes of Hew to govern us - they are no better than BN whom they accuse!

    Ngeh and Nga and their Kelantan loot is testimony to what will come if they are in power..........

  43. Anonymous7:44 pm

    another ungrateful bastard. do such act in china you'll be shot dead within the hour - by soldiers of your own race.

  44. Anonymous9:58 am

    anon 7:25

    ...all talk no action...

    what are you? a blind bastard? the whole world can see but not you. another jealous pkr dumb supporter of the great homo.

  45. Anonymous8:30 pm

    If PR flops big time at GE 13, most likely LKS would use that middle finger on Hew, we can't wait to see that happening! don't we? he he

  46. Anonymous8:35 pm

    this is another living proof about how dirty Dapigs can be...after poking the Bersih butt then lollypop-ed it? yuck!

  47. Anonymous9:44 am

    You want to give them the middle finger too? why? because they're doing it to those billboards? come on, let's not stoop so low because you ned to show you're better than them.
    i think najib administradion did a lot of good things though there are some bad ones but that's normal...theres room for improvement. i'd vote BN not because najib promises money, but its because i can see that he really want msia to improve under BN. a middle finger to a billboard won't change anything...none of this stupid partisanism, please.