Friday, April 12, 2013

Ah, The Posto (and Google launches micro site for 13th GE)

Updated: Google has launched a micro-site dedicated to our GE. Think of it as a non-partisan election hub, it says here. You can assess if that's so by accessing 

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Here's The Posto, a busy-looking news portal, probably run by a small group of ex-mainstream media journalists, pro-BN but not rabidly so; therefore, the stories make good, analytical reading and it fetches quite a bit from, also run by a group of ex-MSM journalists, so the people behind The Posto apparently know where to source reliable news. The best thing about it is it's available the three major languages. 


  1. Anonymous8:23 pm

    I ll stick to my malaysiakini thank you very much

  2. Anonymous10:05 pm

    The Posto???? what the fuck is that?? tak ada original creative mind. Always wanting to sound so foreign and so dumb, tak ada jati diri????

  3. Posto dapat nama dr cerita P Ramlee... Ahmad Albab.. hmm I guess our seniman agung also must be so dumb and tak ada jati diri bila buat filem ni. And I guess statement like 'what the fuck' is so beradab sopan... typical hypocrite guy yg ingat dirinya terlalu pandai dan org lain semua bodoh... malas nak sebut perkataan bloody arrogant and asshole... hmmm that sound foreign!

  4. Anonymous4:07 am

    youtube giving him due recognition to Najib for spending a lot of his own money on youtube for his advertisements.... >20milions RM

  5. Anonymous6:51 am

    boring macam berita harian beb

  6. Anonymous7:54 am

    Ha ahnyA... Apa x pernah tgk filem P Ramlee ke? Posto posto... Dont you simply made a conclusion lah!!

  7. Anonymous10:10 am

    Posto....what catchy name.....keep up the effort guys and congratulations.

    Just ignore those pakatan goons. The truth always prevail and most of the times hurt them and hurt them hard that they lost any sense of being.

  8. Anonymous11:47 am

    Anon 8.23 pm ...

    Yea stick to your Malaysiakini. Throw stone, hide hand. Very typical of a coward blog. If M'kini has got the balls, open up for a fair debate.

    1. Anonymous8:10 pm

      They can dream on. Asking malaysiakini to open up for debate is like asking Utusan not to fabricate news

  9. Anonymous2:56 pm

    count #pro bn vs pro pr news items on the home page..obvious leanings. partisan...therefore ada ulat. supporters will read what they like. these type of sites try to influence fence sitters. as one, i,can tell you when i see the ulat, i read no more. need objective analysis.

  10. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Do think still get paid after 5th of may by syed mokhtar. ? Must be quite stressful as we get closer to 5th of May.

  11. I get paid Syed Mokhtar also? Hehe.

    Btw, MO, Syed Mokhtar is contesting in your area, RON.

  12. Anonymous7:45 am


    You dont sound so humble yourself dicko :) Posto may be from some old movie - so everybody has to bow and agree with you on the so called *seniman*'s ? Talk about arrogance :)