Wednesday, April 03, 2013

A long campaign after the longest one

The Prime Minister, who is at this moment having an audience with the Yang diPertuan Agong, will have a live telecast at 11.30 this morning.

He is expected to announce the dissolution of Parliament to make way for the 13th general election in May.

This will be one of the longest, if not the longest, campaign periods in Malaysia's election history.

Not to mention the most fair and free.


  1. Anonymous10:23 am

    Salam perjuangan, sila pautkan Rezab ke blog tuan, Bilarentap sudah dipautkan. TQ

  2. Anonymous10:26 am

    If we are to follow the opposition way of brainwashing the people...that the current leader has not received the mandate...we by right should just be happy to see the current term dissolves by itself.

  3. Anonymous10:32 am last...boring lama tunggu...let we crash the party...


  4. Anonymous11:36 am

    ready to see your friends in prison my friend?

  5. Wave3311:54 am

    Latuk Locky cakap: "Not to mention the most fair and free."

    Apa betui kah?

    Berani sumpah?

  6. Anonymous11:59 am

    Let's give the UMNO crooks the boot. This is one last time to save Malaysia. If you love UMNO, kick them out this time so that they can clean themselves and come back next GE better and stronger.

  7. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Ini Kali la...


  8. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Rocky: "Not to mention the most fair and free" ..... so sebelum tu semua PRU tak fair and free ?????

    woi Rocky..pagi-pagi dah buat cerita lawak !!

    Rocky sudah tempah air-ticket ke belum ?? Madey punya private jet dah sampai ke belum ??


  9. MyMesraNoMore!12:19 pm

    Not to mention the most fair and free...
    RM1000 to 4000 Petronas staff, where's my fair share???


  10. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Australia's PM announced this year's election 6 months in advance.

    Our PM is too chicken to announce earlier.

  11. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Did Rocky just say "most free and fair" election"?

    I almost puked when I read that...

    Rocky is indeed the mother of all liars and someone who can tell lies in a straight face!

  12. Anonymous12:46 pm

    Longest campaign period my foot!

    BN and UMNO have been campaigning all these while on a daily basis with all the propaganda stuff in the mainstream media, TV, etc.

  13. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Ho! Ho! Ho!

    The Most Fair You Say?!

    You must be both Blind and Deaf!

    Look at the mainstream Newspapers and Television? You call that Fair? Coverage!

    The onlything fair is when Najib and your sorts lose the elections they deserve for being unfair!


  14. By saying "the most fair and free" election by Rocky is actually admitting by Rocky ...knowing..past elections are not fair and free.
    Most fair and free is out of no millions of voters are watching Najib like hawks.

  15. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Ini Semua Angkara Najib.

    Mula Mula Nak Bagi Surprise!

    Sekarang dah tak ada Surprise Lagi!


  16. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Phew..our PM has finally mustered the courage to dissolve Parliament to pave way for elections.

    This PM will be remembered as the most fearful of losing PM in history.

  17. Anonymous3:54 pm

    About bloody time I would say.

    Nothing to shout about, the announcement should have come much earlier.

  18. Anonymous3:57 pm

    When Rocky says "most fair and free" election, what he really means is the opposite.

    His paymasters BN UMNO will make sure this will be the dirtiest election of all in order to satisfy their lust to stay in power

  19. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Why did he choose this date? Cos 3/4/13 = 3+4+1+3= 11. His favourite number. I choose to vote. Whoever wins is God's will.

  20. Kenny4:57 pm

    Hari ini sudah lama ditunggu,
    Ramai duga salah cakap tak tentu,
    Najib bukan suka menipu,
    Dia tunggu nak tepati janji dahulu.

    Keputusan PRU-13 amatlah hangat,
    Masa depan negara mesti di ingat,
    Malaysia negara yang berdaulat,
    Kerajaan baru mungkin membawa kiamat.

    Najib sudah bertungkus lumus,
    Membawa kemajuan dengan tulus,
    BR1M dah agih secara lurus,
    Kini rakyat maju tak lagi kurus.

    Pembangkang saja tahu mengutuk,
    Kutuk dengan fitnah yang busuk,
    Perangai ini memang semacam beruk,
    Bagai Anwar nampak jantan nak cucuk.

    BN bantu rakyat dengan seikhlas hati,
    Wang BR1M diagih tak henti-henti,
    Pembangkang tak tahu jangan cakap tak erti,
    BN boleh beri ajaran sedia menanti.

    Rakyat mesti undi guna otak,
    Jangan cuai undi sebodoh katak,
    Anwar janji boleh tukar katak kepada cicak,
    Janjinya kosong saja macam taukeh balak.

    Inilah Barisan kita,
    Negara yang bersatu dibina,
    Janganlah kami percaya cerita jenaka,
    Nanti kami kesal negara masuk neraka.

  21. Anonymous6:41 pm

    berta dari sri perdana.....Rosmah sudah mula packing, dikatakan 10 buah container 40' sudah di hantar ke Sri Perdana semalam !!

  22. Anonymous7:18 pm


    You must still be dreaming and very blind. "The most free and fair".

    Have you not heard about the loud complaints (with hard evidence) of phantom voters and illegals given right to vote? Or have you just decide to turn your blind eyes and deaf ears to this?

  23. Anonymous8:33 pm

    all the best bn, let's regain back 2/3rds majority....

  24. Anonymous8:59 pm

    And now the end is near
    And so I face the final curtain......

    Ode to Bijan

  25. Anonymous10:11 pm

    You mean before this it was neither fair nor free?

  26. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Why is that no comment from malaysian reader. it may be the people of Malaysia is already fed up of the long waiting for PRU13. It may be they would think that Najib will let the Parliamant dissolve automatically. As for moral case the Parliament has already clock it five years term on 8th March 2013. Still no news from Najib. In future make it a ruling that the Parliament should automatically ended when it clock five years starting from the General Election date not before and not after (extended). It is easy for the Malaysian to know the election date. As it is now the people keep waiting until fed up of waiting and could'nt careless about election as it is now. God bless the Malaysian people.

  27. Anonymous10:59 pm

    "Not to mention the most fair and free".

    This is a terrible insult to Dr M, under whose leadership - elections were already the best in terms of 'fair' and 'free'.

    You do not realise that you are biting the hand that feeds you.


  28. damansaraman11:03 pm

    Dear Rocky

    For as long as PR failed to win the election, nothing is fair and free

    In fact, even if they win they will say that the victory should have come much earlier

  29. Anonymous11:24 pm

    Fair and free election?

    Yea right. Pigs can fly...

  30. Anonymous5:45 am

    We will not allowed and tolerate any dynasty lim,karpal, Ibrahim,nik aziz or Hadi rule this country!!!! Kick them, vote them out!!!

  31. Anonymous6:00 am

    There is no better time to bury UMNO than now. ABU

  32. Anonymous7:53 am

    Ya lah Rocky, this election is the most free and fair macam election kat mugabe punya zimbabwe..

  33. Anonymous8:00 am

    Time to send the crook BN politicians to political retirement or Sungei Buluh jail. The first investigation must start on the corrupted wealth accumulated from the old mamak, his family and all his cronies.

  34. Anonymous8:01 am

    Rocky is notorious for spinning half truths & cooking up lies. So when he claims that this is the most free and fair election, it is anything but.

  35. Anonymous8:10 am

    just imagine if our election is to be headed by LGE or Pkr...ha ha sempoa is more reliable than computer!

  36. Anonymous10:17 am

    so what happens to M Dutti, Garibar and BMW if Opp Alliance wins

  37. Anonymous11:28 am

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  38. Anonymous1:58 pm

    anon 8:00

    Mahathir retired 10 years ago. until today no one has come up with a shred of evidence of wrong doing on his part. not even the best lawyers. not even anwar. so dont behave like a stupid child. easy to accuse. get some proof. dont show how stupid you are.

  39. Anonymous2:01 pm


    awak memang suka dengar cakap orang. ini bermakna awak tak boleh berfikir sendiri oleh kerana awak tak ada otak.

  40. Anonymous2:07 pm


    Go ask Chinese leaders why until now no free and fair elections. Maybe they still have not mustard the courage, as you said. Maybe you should go to china and teach them something.

  41. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Anon 6am

    another ungrateful pig bastard. hidup sudah senang sekarang mau buang umno. your kind will sell your own mother for a few $$$.

  42. Anonymous2:13 pm


    half truth and lies. but still following his blog. you must be an asshole.

  43. Anonymous2:16 pm


    no one has seen any hard evidence. just plenty of talk. and you believe in gossip like grandmothers.

  44. Anonymous2:18 pm

    hey 8:59

    keep on dreaming.

  45. Anonymous2:22 pm


    Pack and go to Australia. Dont step on Malayian soil anymore. Take your mother with you. Dont leave her in old folks home, something your kind are good at.

  46. Anonymous2:57 pm

    hello 12:40

    why didnt lim tokong dissolve his assembly earlier? he could have done so.

  47. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Early or late why care? Perfectly within the law.