Saturday, February 02, 2013

Why some of us demonize our own police

Watch this video. The baseless accusations. The mindless chants. The shameless political manipulation of a grieving mother. Watch these people who claim to represent the future of my country and yours.

Read the accompanying story h e r e. 

Listen to the MP, defensive and clueless, pronouncing the protest as "Ini bukan isu orang India"  (not an Indian issue). Wtf? Who said it was, Yang Bingai? Yes, we can see that the deceased was an Indian and the majority of the protesters in the video were Indians, but who said it was an issue affecting the Indians?

Ah, I see, the last much-politicized death in police custody also involved an Indian - A. Kugan, an alleged member of a brutal car syndicate. In death, Kugan was turned by Pakatan Rakyat into a martyr while the cop alleged to have caused his death was accused of murder and demonized together with the entire police force.

Constable V. Navindran, 28, was later found not guilty of murdering or causing Kugan's death. He was released by the Court on Jan 28, 2011, h e r e. But they didn't care? Kugan had already scored major political points for them.


  1. booyah4:40 pm

    they just ungrateful son a bitc*. Thats all. no other reasons.

  2. Anonymous5:39 pm

    This shows the low mentality and the scum of the earth of people who exploits everything for political gains. Its has been a trend for the opposition to exploit every grieving families or mother of their mishaps, these people could not care 2 hoods how the parents or the families fell as long as they can use the issue for their for some political gains. Malaysian can just reminise all the cases of sufferings of families which was exploited to see how low our opposition has gone down in this country, just because they have no more issues left to exploit.I just cannot believe this is the type of leaders that we are going to have if the opposition wins in the 13 GE. Its about time the people of this country have a loong look at the leaders in the opposition who are not competent and will definetly bring down theprogress that we have achieve so far..

  3. Anonymous5:44 pm

    But you too will not want to know how very healthy suspects (Chinese, Indian, Malays etc) die within hours while in police custody,?

    Very foolish of you to ignore the obvious.

    What happended to all your investigative credentials acquired during the time of The Paper That Cares?

    All gone with the wind, ever since you and your gang of bloggers started charging hefty sums on the government of the day to spin and spin in their favour?


    You and your gang are blinded by the money.

    This is what you all compromised for!


  4. " A. Kugan, an alleged member of a brutal car syndicate."

    Four years onwards, the police have not tendered a scrap of evidence to show Kugan was part of any sybdicate. He had a clean record all his life!

    At the recent (ongoing) civil suit re Kugan's death, two senior police offers testified under oath that Navindran had not reported for duty when Kugan was found dead in that USJ 10 police station lock up! So, on what basis and evidence was Navindran alone originally convicted of causing grevous bodily hurt to Kugan, when 12 other officers were implicated and the AG first classified it as murder?

    Before Kugan there was Francis Udyappan and many others; after him, Teoh Boon Hock, Aminulrasyid, Sarbani, Guna and now Cheah and Sugumaran! Officially, there have been over 1,500 cases of unexplained deaths in custody over the last 10 years, and hardly an inquest as statutorily required.

    We don't hate cops. My generation was taught to respect and support them from day 1. We still do. Equally, we MUST NOT allow rogue cops to tarnish and bring the good name of the police into disrepute. I see the low cop recruitment bar set as the main reason for the obvious decline in standards.

    The 2008 RCI suggested the setting up of an Independent Police Complaints Commission. If Badawi and Najib had the balls to overrule successive IGP's, this Commission would by now have been set up, and isolated the majority of good cops from public vilification and humiliation.

    It's not too late for the IPCMC!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  5. The usual half truths art that Rocky is very good at.

  6. n when somethg bad happend to them , they will look 4 the police 4 help~ hmm soon PRicks will comes in droves to bash this post...

  7. Anonymous6:20 pm

    for political mileage bro
    like bro anuwar and israel.
    like guan eng and chrisians
    like hadi and his amanat
    like nik aziz and his paradise
    like mahfuz and his stupidity
    like kak jijah and anuwar's coffee boy

  8. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Let PR rule and see if the police is cleaner..
    Let us all BN supporter do the same this coming GE and instead of the usual let us all vote PR, let them be the government and see what they can do.

    Vote PR even if you are a die hard BN supporter. This coming election all UMNO members or whatever party you are supporting is not a problem, just vote for PR to let them do the cleaning us job.

  9. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Damn those lawyers.
    Whenever a crime is committed, they can makan both ways. Defend criminals and advocate for the victims. No wonder, TDM had once said: Kill the lawyers, first. Or something to that effect.

    When the crime rate seems to increase, they blame the police.

    Parents should be held responsible, if their sons committed a crime. If you run amok and destroy public property, you cannot expect the police or the public whose belonging you have damage to be kind to you.

    If a Malay criminal dies in custody, nobody would say anything, except, pada muka. Siapa suruh buat jahat.


  10. Anonymous8:24 pm

    No lah, not everyone is angry with the entire police force. Its just a few rogue policemen; therefore cannot condemn all! The target of the politicising is NOT the police force who is also facing problems with interference form the politicians. The target is the inept politicians who is interfering with the work of the police!

  11. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Hello Rocky. Ini macam punya orang you jangan layanlah. Dont give them any publicity.

  12. Why u ask? Because the 2 coppers who killed altantuya had no motive to kill her,just suka2 C4 her....mangkuk hayun....
    Yr spins tarak ooomph nowadays la latuk....

  13. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Mereka mengadu pada goatfu*ker', samseng, along, & komunis..

    Samseng akan Revenge puak2 mereka kena tembak & PKR biasanya jadi ULAR yg mengapi2kan..

    dah nak AJAL..maut di tangan Tuhan

  14. damansaraman12:06 am

    Dear Rocky

    That's the only political platform they knew - the POLITIC OF HATREDS

    Blame all to the government and its agencies, and rest assured the LOUD POLITICAL THUGS will echo the nonsense and make sure it sound very believable.

    Teoh Beng Hock, Hindraf, Lynas, the word Allah etc are good case studies

    Even the poor young boy, the late William, was not spared. Too bad for Kit Siang the body was found too soon!


  15. Anonymous12:40 am

    Malaysia's Opposition: The Ultimate Political Pariahs

  16. Anonymous3:05 am

    with no proven track record, even after winning few states years ago, they are in need of issues to fish for votes

  17. Anonymous3:49 am

    next time if you see or suspect crime in progress go call these ngos to take action.

    bro bru, can you please display these ngos hotlines?.

    to answer your question bro bru, all boils to "money" lah. there is no such thing as free show or lunch or free samsu for that matter.

    wow, these guys must enjoy life lah, they have time to demo while others are busy working to make ends meet.

  18. Anonymous6:18 am

    Rocky love to be f#@*ed, that why he is writing shits nowadays.

  19. We must stop this seditious spin of tmi. The recent police bashing was again sparked by jahabar tmi. Pua was a case of a person resisting arrest and deadly force was used. Tmi wrote about this relying on hearsay and not getting the other side of the story from the police. Then they did the unforgivable. They relate this to death in custody cases and then to ipcmc. All these are unrelated but was inserted to provoke anger against police force.

    Death under custody is a separate issue from resisting arrest. In the former you cannot use force. In the latter you are permitted to use force even deadly depending on circumstances. The thing is tmi doesnt know the facts but saw the opportunity to hentam. Then insert ipcmc as if its related. We need to know the facts first. But tmi became the judge first. They distort and manipulate events. We cannot condone this rubbish jahabar. And every time I tell him like this he censors it at tmi. Stupid jahabar.

  20. kalau melayu mati kat penjara, kita akan kata 'padan muka gangster mampuih dlm penjara. dari hidup menyusahkan orang'

    kalau india, itulah hero, itulah pemuda harapan bangsa.


  21. Yes, why indeed? Why do some Malaysians demonize their own police force? But why do some policemen terrorize and demonise some Malaysians in the first place, Rocky. Who is the Yang Bebal now?

  22. Anonymous11:48 am


    What makes you think those lawyers and those they represent are not blinded by money.

    Wonder how much those criminals who died under the police watch got from the government, minus the lawyers charges, of-course.

    Beng hock's family should be rich by now. After all, he is politically associated and is the prosecution witness. As for the corrupt politician, the authorities is trying to nail, is scotch free. Wonder who actually gains from Beng Hock's death.

    The majority rakyat sure lost. The money could have been put to better use.


  23. Anonymous11:56 am

    Monsterball aka no ball,

    The usual half truths art that Rocky is very good at


    So can u give us any substantive, hard evidence of the whole truth evidence?

    monsterball or no ball clit... ???

  24. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Yes, Mr Monsternoball father of racist n hatred mongers.

    Half truth my foot. Pls substantiate your claim by evidence.

    No more bullshit.

    One very true about you and yr species is that you are the evil racist. Period.

  25. Anonymous1:35 pm

    these people thinking , they are shooting tamil movie eh

  26. Anonymous3:41 pm

    I like the part when the busted Surendran fella said something like this- kita bayar cukai, ini bangunan polis siapa bayar?...kitaaaa....ini gaji polis siapa bayar?...kitaaa.

    Those who replied ...kitaaa...are BRIM recipients, and MPs who are exempted from paying tax. Hehe, Surendran, surendran...what an ungrateful fool you are racist bigot.

    And that suaram woman who generally accused police as murderers...well, what shameful people are these.

    But one thing i absolutely agree with that fat chap calling menteri amaran hishamuddin to resigned. Yeah, he should, for being lame duck against ungrateful demonstrators like this group.

    And that fat cap Adun look well breed with enough food and great dress, how come their type always claimed they are being oppressed in this country? Semua cukup makan wat, ada yang terlebih makan macam the fat chap wat. Mebbe the skinny Surendran terkurang makan kot.

    And the Koya fella, whenever these species are, she's always there too. Whenever malay police got killed by thugs, was she there too? Koya k lu

  27. Anonymous3:43 pm

    monsterball said...
    The usual half truths art that Rocky is very good at.

    ---so ahpek, tell us the other half! Or you dont have any?

  28. Anonymous3:53 pm

    555Dpp:we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

    Ah so, you must be very proud of the Malaysian UMNO government too dpp ya- for giving 1 million citizenships to unqualified pendatangs from india, china and most recently to the more deserving borneos of filipino and indos in Sabah.

    Ever think other country would do same thing like Tunku Abdul Rahman and UMNO eh? He was trully 1race type wat, unlike the racist DAP chinese only christian only type wat.

    Helo dpp, abandon your motto lar, you make people laugh lor

  29. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Anon 634
    Let PR rule and see if the police is cleaner..

    Agreed bro, and lets put Ronnie Liu as CPO and we'll see how many thousand more thugs and massaga parlours will be protected by this DAP CPO.

    Better still, bring back Kugan and appoint him Deputy CPO. Okay wat, the PR people's champion.

  30. Anonymous4:06 pm

    But you too will not want to know how very healthy suspects (Chinese, Indian, Malays etc) die within hours while in police custody,?

    Yes Param, we want to know. Please provide us the facts, breakdown and source.

    Any we want to know too how come comparatively so many indians in custody and jails compared with chinese, malays? Sure u know what, and why, tell us.

    Or shall we call you poodah, thambi?

  31. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Monsterball "half truth" comment. Hehe, no wonder even PR fellas have little respect for this dickhead with 4 ex-wives. Coz they know all women run away from this racist setapak chap,bincluding his ex indo wife.

    If you find this chink kopi o type in kopitiam, he is with loudest mouth but full of nothing. Always has grudge against Rocky but has only empty vessel in tank.

  32. Chris4:25 pm

    Rocky -- as i have said so many times for pakatan and vote for criminals to be defended and protected. Yes they mada a martyr of kugan, can u imagine that? He of The brutal anD notorious carjacking and robbery gang...they terrorised people along highwys ans rhey will be making sure that sugumar and thatt chinese woman who was shot by police when she was in a car with a crook...Will be used to demonize the police. Frankly i think the police should stop melayaning these people.. If the have to shoot ...shoot...They have permission as a rakyat. What? What if it was my mother or sister, did i hear someonen ask? Haha...what a stupid question...then my mothwr and/or sister better had a good reqson to be wiith a crook in a stoeln car. So you see...they will do what it takes to smear the image of the police...even if they have to make heroes out of crooks...and play the race card..oh come on...

  33. Anonymous6:03 pm


    next time you kena rompak panggil ronnie liu and the underworld

  34. Anonymous6:07 pm

    strange ...

    the ones complaining are the descendants of pendatangs from eunuch communist country and the keling kasta gang-rape country

  35. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Anonymous @ 6:18 am said...
    Rocky love to be f#@*ed, that why he is writing shits nowadays.


    Nahhhh ... Rocky realised that pandering to the antiMalay and antiIslam jerks is the road to marginalisation for the BUMIPUTERAS.

    And he is writing the truth altho it hurts the keling pariahs and cinapek sepet sengkelet

  36. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Everytime a suspected indian thug dies while under police custody or when police try to arrest him, he is being championed by Pakatan wanabes, especilly the suren and koya types.

    Do you often seen a suspected malay criminal being championed by these same wanabes?

    If ever Pakatan ever rule this country, i will volunteer to be recruited as thug and criminal. Why? Coz Pakatan will protect me from police.

  37. Anonymous7:13 pm

    I am wondering what is the standard of Malaysian police compared with Republic of India police. These Surendran type is so critical of Malaysian police, why not he tell us more about Indian police.

    I saw some Tamil movies and the indian police are very cunning. The indian gangsters and mobsters are terrible too. Probably Surendran too shy to watch tamil movie, try hindustan then Suren.

  38. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Why not Pakatan go into all estates and recruit hundreds or thousands indians to become police. He accused police of continually killing indians in custody. So if there are more indians in PDRM, it wont be an issue to Pakatan anymore.

    But then, Pakatan will start accusing police of killing snakes. Especially PKR snakes.

  39. Anonymous7:25 pm

    "Donplaypuks® said...
    " A. Kugan, an alleged member of a brutal car syndicate."

    Four years onwards, the police have not tendered a scrap of evidence to show Kugan was part of any sybdicate. He had a clean record all his life! "

    How about this;- all Indians have clean record all their life lor! Ooi pakatoons, ok? Satisfied?


  40. Anonymous10:31 pm

    I love Pakatans.

    Pakatans are the champion of People.

    They fight for the freedom of All People, thugs, thieves, robbers, criminals, murderers, con lawyers, sodomizers, adulterers included.

    Dear all thugs, thieves......sodomizers, cast your votes for Pakatans. The very least Pakatans will do if you really are sodomizers, are to postpone your sodomy 2 court hearings for at least 66 times.

    Ya kawan kawan, 66 times...but must be on Sodomy 2, not Sodomy 1 ok!

  41. Anonymous10:53 pm

    PKR Tian Chua spread false news that PAS Taib Azamuddin has died!!!!

    Will Surendren demo on this too?

  42. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Alamak Tian Chua, what have you done?

    Monsterball fool, this news is not just half or quarter or one sen true, but a blatant full lie by PKR to whack PAS.

  43. josie5:15 pm


    oh come on-lah. you must be blind, stupid or simply a racist.

    This Kugan gangster who your people decided to make a martyr -- led police to the site where all the stolen cars were.

    You want more proof?

    you are so stupid or you pretend to be stupid.

    This Kugan was a crook. period. he didnt deserve to be clobbered to death by that policeman.

    but he and his ilk were and probably still are responsible for terrrorizzing people on the road.

    please-lah...don't be stupid.

  44. sangam5:18 pm

    vpb said...
    "Why u ask? Because the 2 coppers who killed altantuya had no motive to kill her,just suka2 C4 her....mangkuk hayun....
    Yr spins tarak ooomph nowadays la latuk...." ada baca, kah? polis dua orang itu sudah kena tangkap, masuk mahkamah, sudah kena hukuman..
    apa lagi lu mau?

    sebab lu mau tuduh siapa lagi?

    itu anwar ibrahim main pelacur sudah kena camera, lu apa mau cakap?

    lu bodoh, kah?

  45. goter5:19 pm

    yes yes for Pakatan -- they will protect all the crooks.

  46. podah-lah -- bila cina atau keling mati, they all will bising-bising...that said, the fatal shooting of 14 year-old Amir was God sent to them.

  47. a malaysian5:28 pm


    i think the government should not bow down to these people..'

    the way Kugan's family went about --a real circus.

    just my observation -- the Keling really trying to exploit the issue. China pun sama.

    Melayu -- they all believe in "ajal" the case of Amir -- it was exploited by Pakatan -- even went to trial..not a circus macam Keling ni semua.

  48. muthiar5:30 pm


    you live in a cave or what.

    i know lah you are an Indian like Kugan, but come on, man. get real.

    Kugan was a crook.

  49. victor5:34 pm


    since pakatan took over selangor and make martyrs and heroes of criminals, criminals rule the state.

  50. Anything Anon 10.58 pm hypocritical dimwit.

  51. Bru: i've come to realize that the Pakatan leaders - big the lesser ones -- are championing criminals.

    Vote for Pakatan is a vote for criminals to bermaharajalela.

    and when that happens - when criminals are just to huge to handle -- you know what they will say -- the legacy of the BN. the baggage they inherited..when if you study them since 2008, they have made it difficult for the enforcement agencies to carry out their duty.

    Pakatan leaders and supporters are an irresponsible bunch of people who are Malaysians only because they are born here.

    They make a mess of the country in teh name of human rights and fair elections (tell me elections are unfair???!!), justice (haha...go-lah now and say that the courts are unfair now when guan eng and anwar have won their suits)..

    I say they are bad medicine, they spell big trouble...

    and miore dangerous -- Anwar's intimacy with some US "leaders"..he is beholden to them..
    having ties with the US is quite different than you know....