Sunday, December 16, 2012

DAP and its Melayus: How they both blew it!

A RACE LOST. Nearly nobody had anything good to say about the 8 Malays who lost in the race to be elected leaders of DAP, a predominantly, traditionally and spiritually Chinese-based party.  I don't have any good word for any of the 8, either.  Of course, I don't like to think that they lost because they are Melayus but because they are not good enough as well. In other words, if they were to contest in Malay-based parties such as Umno, PAS, PKR or even KITA, I don't think they would do any better.

Could the Lims and the other DAP leaders done more to get the members of the party to vote for a Malay or two for the 2013-15 line-up? They could have. And they should have. After all the hype about not being racist or race-based, the DAP failed to take the chance to prove that they really are multiracial and multi religious. The Malays in DAP have lost face and lost yet another battle to turn the party into a movement where they could compete based on merits. But to me the DAP is the bigger loser: it lost a big opportunity to walk that big talk ...

I don't think there will be another one.

Excerpts from the Unspinners:

Keputusan undi DAP ternyata menunjukkan kecondongan rasisma dan calun-calun Melayu semua kecundang. Keputusan yang diperolehi oleh 7 calon melayu dan 1 calon menyamar Melayu adalah berikut:
AHMAD TON - 347, ARIFFIN OMAR- 348, HARUN BIN AHMAD - 28, SULAIMAN SYED IBRAHIM - 98, TENGKU ZULPURI SHAH 121, ZAIRIL KHIR JOHARI - 305, ZULKIFLI MOHD NOOR - 216, dan bakal Melayu yang akan dikuda sebagai MB negeri Sembilan, LT COL (B) ROSELI ABDUL GANI- 39. 


  1. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Melayu Melayu yang tak sedar diri...

  2. Anonymous5:35 pm

    As long as the mainstream medias and government controlled tv stafions and pro BN bloggers like you keep scaring the Malays of the DAP being racists and all other accusations causing very little Malays joining the party, the chances of Malays being elected to the DAP central commitee is difficult.The only way the Malays if they really wanna shine in DAP is by joining DAP en masse. This they can do cos DAP do accept Malay members unlike UMNO who dont accept chinese. By joining DAP en masse the Malays can come one fine day be in control of the party by virtual of their population. And if you people will to accuse that the LIMs and the Karpals will not let them happen, well, they will die one day but the Malays will still be here..Its about time the Malays think long term instead of just the present where of cos they could never get into the central commitee of the DAP cos of their lack of members in the party.
    But of cos these Malays must believe in the struggles of the DAP party for good governance, fair play and anti corruption.
    As to why LKS and LGE are elected ,dont accuse them of a dynasty.They have paid their dues for the party.They have went to jail and being harassed for their believes.These are sacrifices many politicians in BN have never experience before.It's only now that they are getting some reward for their effort all these years.


  3. Anonymous5:43 pm


  4. Anonymous5:53 pm

    We knew DAP is A CHINESE based party but this is no big deal. At least this is a cleaner party compare to UMNO which put cows in condo and cheated the FELDA settlers to give up their lands

  5. Anonymous6:07 pm

    those malays in DAP aint human..thay are pigs

  6. charleskiwi6:17 pm

    And I always thought that to you all Malays are the best of the human race especially so in Malaysia. May be I should say only the Umno made Malays are the best kind of Malays just like the shenanigan Mahathir or the billionaire with the surname of Syed or the former home minister also with the surname Syed. As far as I know the Malays have no surname and after several generations the descendants don't even know who their cousins and who their ancestors are.

  7. A very interesting party election. Crystal clear what DAP is all about & who they really are. Reflective of the 101% Chinese chauvinism; in spirit, attitude & even trust.

    If you’re Non Chingky; forget about getting anywhere within DAP. M Kula very well know that. He’s been denied Perak DAP Chairmanship coz Tokong Lim prefer & trust fellow Chingkies.

    In the case of Zairil, a very interesting case indeed. A Chingky by birth, he adopted a Malay name after his mother married this nation’s founding father closest friend.

    Even as a political secretary to the Dictatorissimo Tokong Lim, the Malay name obviously a bane for this Malay-wannabe pathetic young man. Can’t even get half the votes the 19th CEC runner up.

    These incredibly seven-stupid-Chingky wannabes should be pelted with literally 100 yr old eggs. They’re sordidly pathetic; three of them can’t even get 100 votes!

    One even got 28!

    The stupid retarded colonel, who in his neon purplish-pinkish-colored-sky-psychedelic-world-of-opium-addicts wet dream of becoming the next Negeri Sembilan MB, got only 39!

    Even a standard one running for his class president can get three times that support!

    We saw how these incredibly cheapo & pathetic Chingky-wannabes be dangled with political crumbs & scraps, which is worth worse than subsidies.

    Today’s CEC announcement is reflective how the DAP Chingkies treat the Chingky-wannabes; like side show gypsy monkeys!

    The deserve to be treated that way!

    Just one Chingky-wannabe Melayu appointed as a token side-show gypsy monkey (I don't consider Zairil a Melayu! He was never one, since the day he was born!)


  8. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Vote dap. Non chinkies will be reduced to toilet cleaners.

  9. Anonymous8:07 pm

    And they did ask for the 12 seats from pakatan. Wonder whether these seats are in Kelantan or Terrangganu?

  10. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Taht's all from the so called elite blogger? Bayaran kurang kut....

    Do not belittle some of those Malays in DAP. They are far better off then bloggers who live on hand outs from the politicians!

  11. damansaraman11:43 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Our biggest challenge today is our own race

    A lot of us are FASTER THAN SUPERMAN in 'agreeing' that the DAP's are a bunch of God-Sent-Angels

    Our JATIDIRI are at the alltime low

  12. This clearly shows that BN structure of having component parties representing the respective races is the best mechanism in ensuring that participation of the various races in nation building is well represented.

    The CEC results clearly shows that Malaysia isn't ready for single party representing all races. The voting pattern indicate that votes were made based on the race of the candidates and thats a fact.

  13. The voting pattern from DAP CEC has shown that the country isn't ready for single-party system. BN's structure of having component parties representing the interest of various races has in the past and until today proven to be a working formula.

    If DAP members finds that there is no room for Malays to be included even in their own congress, is it not wrong to assume that the DAP's alliance with other component parties within Pakatan that has strong Malay support are just merely a marriage of convenience?

    Give it a thought.

  14. Anonymous3:02 am

    another SOLID confirmation that DAP = komunis cinapek sepet sengkelet

  15. Anonymous3:04 am

    Latuk Locky:

    Look at your own party first. Does Umno have a Chinese or Indian in the supreme council ? Even ridhuan tee Abdullah could not make it despite claiming himself to be a melayu.

  16. Ellese6:19 am

    LGE thinks we are stupid. He says DAP will fight for equality for all Malaysians. Always lying. He is actually fighting for equality of non Malays. He doesn't care about Malays. Otherwise how can DAP and LGE support the application of different laws between Muslims and non Muslims. The Kelantan government actually used local laws to apply to both Muslims and non Muslims. This is correct. But when under pressure, dAP ask it not to apply to non Muslims. Mana boleh? Unconstitutional. It's not equality before the law. And going forward we will see more and more of this. Different laws for Muslims and non Muslims being put in by PR. Don't say you fight for equality for all Malaysians lah. You should say a fight for equality for Chinese. And be frank. You also want to amend the Malay privileges under the constitution. Otherwise it will not be equality. We are going into a deeply messy Malaysia.

  17. Anonymous8:03 am

    And You do have details of how multi-racial parties in BN, like PPP and Gerakan in Semenanjung, as well as SUPP, PBRS also 'elected' Malays into their parties.

    Plus also details of how UMNO elected non-Malay ethnic fellows into its set ups. (The likes of the mamaks who claim they are no more Malaysian Indians, the Orang Aslis, Malaysians of Siamese and Portuguese origins who are in UMNO?

    Care share them with us?


  18. What you wrote I for once agree. DAP are the losers for it. I cannot say much about the Malays there as I have not been following their political pursuits. As for the unspinners, I do not really care for what they write. Mostly crap anyway. Way back in 2007 I did suggest to a senior PKR member that PKR should wind up and they should all mostly join DAP. Had that happened and you had a sizable Malay presence in DAP, that would have reflected better on them.

  19. Anonymous9:24 am

    This is so called Meritocracy and Malaysian Malaysia party where the best will be elected. What a bullshit, do u think all these Malays candidate are not competent enough to lead. DAP full stop is a Chinese and chauvinist party. "Malaysian Malaysia" is totally a crap and will be failure same as PAP in Singapore. Merit is the holy word to be misused by the crony with selected race. They may similar to UMNO except they want to portray themselves as less racist but still racist.

    Hate Racist

  20. Anonymous10:12 am


    the daps chaps mostly chinese had a bad experience of that trojan Aziz snake who took them for a ride ....Those poor malays were in the election on the wrong time !!!cannot trust those frogs especially the fake ones.After that experience voting malay into cc place is a 50/50 decision.You would 'nt want snakes in sensitive positions would you?
    Look at your love party umno first before commenting or spin....

  21. Meleis10:23 am

    DAP is a big time racist party. Period.

    It is essentially anti malay and anti muslim.

    Look at their plans:-

    1) They wanted to reduce Civil Servants once they are in power. Why? Simply because majority of Malays livelihood depends on working with the Government.

    2) They wanted to stop our Police Force intakes. Why? Simply because the majority of the police force personnel are Malays. But, at the same time they barking like dogs when the crime rates goes up.

    3) They did not built any low-cost or medium-cost housing project in Penang. Why? Simply because they knew the majority of Penang Malays can only afford to buy low-cost or medium-cost housing project.

    4)Tony Pua of DAP is acting like mad dog when Syed Mokhtar Bukhary is awarded with mega project, but he kept silent when YTL or any Chingkies based companies are awarded with so many mega projects. Why? Simply because Syed Mokhtar Bukhary is a Malays.

  22. Anon-Anon, especially those who love to compare DAP and UMNO when it comes to being race-based. Don't go missing the point. We all know UMNO is a Malay party, just as MIC is an Indian based party and MCA is a party for the Chinese. The respective races' names/identities are clearly and proudly spelt out in each party's name (and constitution).

    The difference is simple: DAP claims to be NOT a Chinese-based party, not a party that promotes the interest of one race above others, Malaysian Malaysia, etc. Yet the truth/fact is, DAP is all that it claims it is not.

    If there had been doubts about this before, the latest party elections would have cleared the air once and for all.

  23. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    If a party has members of its central executive committee comprising of Chinese, Indians and Malays, is that party not multi-racial ? Does it matter to you what the percentages are of each race, when race is not supposed to matter ?

    We should not compare UMNO with DAP, I agree, but what about the civil service which has 90 pct Malays. Do you regard the civil service as multi-racial ? What about the GLCs, with very few employees who are non-Malay. Still, we regard them as multi-racial, no ?


  24. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Heya Dato Rocky

    An interesting take on this :

    The BN Media 'scaring tactics' mentioned by anon 5:35 has nothing to do with the CEC election result, as you do not need Malays to join DAP en masse for the DAP Malay candidates to win, do you? Because if anon 5:35 says so, that means he agrees that DAP is A RACE-BASED PARTY???


  25. Anonymous1:08 pm

    I don't know when will the malays realise that the only reason the DAP is making all the sweet talks and quotes, like multi-racial party, malasian malaysia, classless, and all the jargos that come out from the mouth of LIM KIT SING and his son LIM GUAN ENG, are uttered just to ENTICE the malays who are dunggu's to vote them ini, in the next general election. This is clearly show in Penang when the took over the government, all the property of the malays in penang were conficsicated under the guise of making way for the development of penang. But after some time the thruth prevail that they took the properties to give give to their supporters and cronies..when will the malays ever learned that they have been robbed as in daylight robberies..

  26. charleskiwi1:29 pm

    To Meleis,

    Syed Mokhtar is NOT a Malay so is shenanigan Mahathir just to name a few examples. They are Umno made Malays and not Malays, period.
    Stop claiming that these mixed bloods or 'Chap Choong' , do you know the meaning of that, as Malays. For your benefits 'Chap Choong' means mixed blood. Do the Malays have surname like Syed or Merican ? Can you tell me who your great great grand father is ?
    Your son might carry your first name but not your grand son and great grand son, your great grand children might even marry each other without knowing who they are marrying. Do you know the consequences of their off springs ? Go ask the shenanigan Dr. Maahthir what will happen when closely related DNA marries each other. Now you know why one particular are so retarded, once again Syed Mokhtar is NOT a Malay and if Allah wanted him or all the half breeds in Umno to be Malays, they would have been born Malays. Above all why do you think Umno needs to pass legislations on how to become Malays ? You are either born a Malay or otherwise, no one, including especially Umno can take the place of Allah, regardless of who they are.
    There is only one person and that is Allah, so stop this illusion that the half breeds are Malays.That is why there are eurasians when an off spring is born from the marriage of a european with an Asian. This off spring cannot claim to be European or Asian, with that explanation stop calling these mixed bloods to be Malays ?

  27. Goatfarter writes ...

    Latuk Locky:

    If a party has members of its central executive committee comprising of Chinese, Indians and Malays, is that party not multi-racial ? Does it matter to you what the percentages are of each race, when race is not supposed to matter ?

    We should not compare UMNO with DAP, I agree, but what about the civil service which has 90 pct Malays. Do you regard the civil service as multi-racial ? What about the GLCs, with very few employees who are non-Malay. Still, we regard them as multi-racial, no ?


    12:24 PM


    Our civil service is nto as multiracial as it should be. Take our armed forces, for example. But unlike a political party, the mainly-Malay armed forces will protect the King and defend the nation at all cost, and that means defending and protecting Malaysians regardless of race and religion.

  28. Meleis2:12 pm

    To Charleskiwi,

    Apparently u r a bloody idiot and not a Muslim. No right minded muslim will refer to Allah as a "person". Stop pretending like u care about Muslim and their well-being. Your comment alone indicates you are a racist at heart and a pretentious at best.

    Syed Mokhtar Bukhary is a Malay by the definition under Federal Constitution. Again, u r a bloody idiot, I never said anything about mix blood and what not. Who gives a fuck what "Chap Choong" means? WTF man. How old r u? I bet you r some motherfucking senile pretentious Apek.. that's why you cakap meleret-leret.

    You want all those Bumiputera Privileged and Malays clutches? Convert to Islam, speak Bahasa and practice Malays customs.

    Well mr Charlesfuckingkiwi, Syed Mokhtar Bukhary in his Biography admits that he is a Malay by definition and he thanks the NEP for his success in business. So, who r u to tell me he's not a Malay? Fucking slanty eyed bastard!

  29. arizmaya3:04 pm


    5:35 PM

    in essence.. what you are saying is if malays join DAP en masse.. by virtue of their numbers then there is the possiblity of Malays being elected leaders of DAP.

    Therefore what you are saying is.. the Malays in DAP will still have to depend on Malays votes to get elected into the mainstream leadership.

    Indirectly you are also saying that as it is the Malays in DAP who are aspiring to get elected into the mainstream leadership of DAP cannot rely on the votes of the non Malay members

    The question is since DAP is supposed to be race blind.. why cant the Malays in DAP rely on the non Malay votes? What happen to the chinese and indian votes.

    Therefore no matter what ever rhetoric you may say.. still at the end of the day.. in DAP too it is all about race... read: the malays in DAP cannot count on their non Malay members' support.

  30. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Let face it, Melayu, Cina, India dll what shall we address our self if are in oversea? Shall you call yourself Malaysian or others?

  31. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Ah, Latuk Locky, gua feel so honoured that Latuk takes the time to reply to my riposte.

    "Our civil service is nto as multiracial as it should be. Take our armed forces, for example."

    So if DAP if not as multiracial as it should be, why do you say that they blew it ? Why should you say the Melayus in DAP blew it, just as it will not be right for me to say that the few Chinese and Indians in the armed forces or civil service or PDRM blew it ?

    Lu mahu debate sama gua, lu kena ambik training dulu. Nanti kecut macam Najib, tak berani debate sama DSAI pulak.


  32. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Can we rely on DAP to defend our country, if attacked (especially by Singapore)?

  33. Anonymous5:45 pm

    anon 3:04

    You are such a silly fool. UMNO has never said it is a multi racial party. So is the same with MCA and MIC. You dont know history, do you? That is why we have BN (formally Perikatan) to represent the three major races. DAP claims it is multi racial. Is it?

  34. Anonymous5:49 pm

    The CTC of DAP is a malay. Who says DAP is not multi racial?

    CTC - Chief Toilet Cleaner. Currently held by sakmongkol.

  35. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Yup I agree that somehow DAP has not lost its party FOR the chinese image and its cult inbreeding.
    When I went for the fisrt DAP fund raising i was aghast to note that the crowd was creating a commoton in the middle of the PAS Commissioner's speech. Why?, because CM of Penang wanted to make a grand hero's entrance. A true leader in an alliance of equals will not do this. He will show respect to his fellow leaders.

    I will still vote in this election for the opposition and hope they will form the next government. In the next election i will vote for the opposition(it will be BN i hope. As Malaysians need to send a loud message to policitians that they serve the people, not the people serve them and now their children.
    we need to do this for the next generation!

  36. Wave339:06 pm

    Latuk Locky,

    I think most people are missing the point. We want the best person (politicians) to run the country. It could be a Japanese Malaysian, Portuguese Malaysian or a Mamak.

    Opps... did we have a mamak putting Malaysia under dictatorship control for the pass 22 years? Apanama, saya dah lupa...

    Why complaint when there is no rotation on race base PM? Why complaint there is no rotation on MB base on race? Why no rotation on Vice Chancellor on race base?

    Why Abdullah Tee is not offered as ulamak?

    Latuk Locky, I don't care what the answer to the above. I just want the best person to bring Malaysia out of the corrupt regime and prosper.

    If Samy Vellu can do it, I would vote for him.

    Aiyo yo... Samy what say you?

  37. Anonymous9:14 pm

    A gangster known by all as a gangster is less dangerous than a gangster who presents himself as a pastor.

  38. Anonymous9:41 pm

    So clear for all to see:

    DAP practises cronyism, nepotism, racism

    perhaps also corruption, power abuse and collusion

  39. Anonymous9:45 pm

    The election was orchestrated and planned? Nay, it is and was true colors of Chinese DAP intentions... criticise UMNO, insult PAS and reject any sorts of Malays.

    UMNO and PAS are Malay parties... reject them n lets see if DAP can make way to Putrajaya on their own

  40. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Salam semua,

    fell free untuk baca Analisa berhubung Konvensyen DAP oleh Datuk Dr. Hasan Ali, bekas Naib Presiden Pas di

    terima kasih

  41. Doctor Who10:27 pm

    Meleis 2:12 PM

    I suppose, going by your nick, that you are one of the "privileged"?

    And that's a clever play on words, mashing the name of an ethnic group into something that could be found in a French literary text. It's good to know that our education system hasn't entirely gone to pot.

    Tell me - how does it feel to have "privileges" handed to you on a silver platter, courtesy of legal documents and laws?

    It must make you feel all macho and gung-ho, eh? It must give you the feeling that you are the master of all you survey and that the world is your oyster.

    Well, guess what, bro? It's time for a reality check. And if the financial crisis hasn't done it for you, then the awakening, comeuppance and reckoning could be downright devastating.

    (maybe the Shahrizat lady was on to something when she made those remarks. But, as they say, that's another topic for another day).

    I just hope that your blithe assumption of rights and privileges will stand you in good stead in the less hospitable environments outside Malaysia. I really do, because the disheartening disenchantment otherwise could put paid to a lot of preconceived notions and ideologies.

  42. Anonymous10:41 pm

    “GEORGE TOWN (DEC 17): DAP secretary-geeneral Lim Guan Eng said today (Monday) the party was not anti-Malay just because no Malay candidate was elected to its central executive committee (CEC).

    …Lim, who is Penang chief minister, urged the media to stop carrying reports which could incite hatred in the people toward the party. “We do not control who the delegates choose. We accept the results (of the elections). This is democracy.” – TheEdge

    Kesimpulannya samaada Melayu dalam DAP memang tidak diterima dan didiskriminasi oleh parti yang rata-rata ahlinya berbangsa Cina dan pada pandangan ramai bersikap rasis serta chauvinistik, atau

    Melayu dalam DAP memang tidak berkebolehan, justeru tidak layak untuk diberi kepercayaan dalam apa-apa hal sekalipun.

    Alangkan ahli DAP yang sudah puluhan tahun bersekongkol dengan mereka sekalipun kalau berbangsa Melayu ditolak mentah-mentah, apa pula pendirian mereka tentang orang Melayu lain yang bukan ahli, atau lebih khusus lagi Melayu yang tidak sebulu dengan DAP?

    Bagaimanakah dengan nasib mereka jika DAP dan PR menang PRU 13 nanti? Ada lagikah rumah murah? boleh lagikah azan berkumandang? Mampukah Melayu dan Islam kekang pengaruh LGBT dan pluralisme? terbelakah nasib penjawat awam, polis dan tentera? Terbantutkah usaha kerajaan untuk menaikkan taraf ekonomi peneroka FELDA? Dimana peniaga kecil Melayu nak mengadu? Akan dibangkrapkankah jutawan Melayu?

    Kalau DAP mengamalkan prinsip ketelusan kenapa takutkan bayang-bayang sendiri, sedangkan bila ada (atau di ada-adakan) laporan yang negatif tentang UMNO/BN bukan main lagi ditambah asam garamnya.

    Semoga episod ini membuka mata hati orang Melayu tentang agenda DAP yang sebenarnya.

    Masak Lomak

  43. Datuk,

    I would like to say something about ATM (Malaysian Armed Forces) and Royal Malaysian Police.

    Very few Chinese turn up for any of the recruitment drives. Especially the for the recruits level.

    Career wise, everyone stand equal chance. And ATM or Police had never stopped or inhibited any Non Malays, incl Chinese, to progress in any of the services.

    The immediate past XO for the No 11 Sqdn (which is the Su30MKM air superiority fighters) is a Chinese. There were CO of combat warships and battalions who are Non Malays, esp Chinese.

    There had been more than several two stars or three stars Non Malay officers in all services. Even present day. In fact, the first Malaysian Chief of Navy is a Non Malay.

    I think the full list somewhere in Apanama's blog.

    Many Chinese demand for equality, in rights. But present day, so few of them willing to risk their lives for this tanahair. The expect the defense of this land be born by the Melayus.

    They hardly turn up for Reservists Corp too. Even in the IPTAs, where there are PELAPES Corps.

    Someone should seriously challenge DAP to dispel their Chinese Chauvinism, then they should be very active in ATM and Police recruitment drives. DAP should ensure at least 26% of the applicants are Chinese.

    Of course they won't do it. Saturday's party election says it all.

    If the majority of Chinese support Chinese Chauvinist party DAP and all Chinese Chauvinist agenda, then it would be hopeful if not wishful thinking to see these same lot would volunteer to be part of those who are willing to defend this nation.

    And thats a very painful but shameful fact!

  44. charleskiwi9:33 am

    To Meleis,

    Your response is a typical and expected answer from your kind, using vulgar, abusive and filthy languages or even threat of violence are always used and not reasoning. Anyway, threatening words or actions don't stop or impede me from expressing the truth no matter how hurtful they are especially from your kind. Anyway if the cap fits you, wears it.
    Ever heard of 'It is when the heart overflows with filths that the mouth speaks' is just a true reflection of what you are.
    No matter what the law or you say, Syed Mokthar is NOT a Malay, period just like the shenanigan Mahathir and all the half breeds in Umno, the morons in Umno can legislate laws to make themselves to be lawful Malaysians and nothing else. They must not try or attempt to make or change divine laws on how to be a Malay, European or even a human being. Only the retard and the stupid and no doubt Umno and people like you think they can !

    They all claim to be Malays just for the benefits plus the rights to steal and rob in the name of being Malays. It is for these very reasons these thieves, robbers and the corrupted ones have such legislations passed.
    I am proud to be what I am and no matter what benefits and privileges there are to be a Malay, I will not attempt or pretend to be a Malay. In other words I don't live on hand outs or have other people squat so that I look taller.
    Please remember on one and no laws can make a Malay, only Allah can, that is also why Syed and all the half breeds in Umno are not born as Malays but are claiming to be Malays. You are always what you are and not why you claim to be.

    Please answer why Umno or the law makers made rules on how to be Malays it must be their fear to loose the right to rob and steal plus also all the hand outs given to Malay that prompted them to claim they are Malays, when they are not.

    Also are you saying that this Ridhuan Tee who is born a Chinese, no matter what religion he embraces or what he wears pr eats and practices he will always be a Chinese and dies as a Chinese. Even though he claims to be a Malay, just because of his say so ? By the same token can you claim to be Isaac Newton, you are just a bloody retard hanging onto the more fortunates and the corrupted ones. And above all claiming them to be Malays when they are not, or is it because you are unable to find more cunning Malays than the half breeds or should I say lack of the more intelligent Malays. That is why Allah didn't have them born as Malays.

    Finally are you saying the Umno or man made laws are greater than Allah ? Don't try to argue or convince anybody that Umno or the lawmakers of Malaysia are greater than Allah !

  45. Anonymous3:43 pm

    You umno bastards will never learn. There is more to life than race. Hope you guys get well and truly ducked during the next elections.

  46. KY Ong5:55 pm

    The existence of DAP will only divide the Chinese & the Malays further. The Malaysia I know as of today is already very divided. In the past, we could see Malay kids playing with Chinese kids (just like my childhood days) of which you could hardly see it these days.

    DAP constantly brags itself as a multiracial party but they seems to have hard time voting beyond the racial lines. Not even 1 Malay voted in to be their elected leader & they are talking shit hole crap such as multiracial?? DAP seems to think 'the rakyat' are made out of STUPID people, don't they?? Personally I foresee the existence of DAP will only lead to another unfortunate May 13th tragedy.

  47. Anonymous8:41 pm

    poor pathetic charleskiwi

    not fully conversant with the federal constitution, he/she/it has exposed his frustrated rantings for being born a non-privileged MALAY Malaysian

    and also his substandard IQ

    P.S. if only he/she/it cares to dissect the concept of "Malay" in Malaysian context, he/she/it will come to the ultimate conclusion that the Malays are the least racist vis-a-vis the chauvinistic chinese aka cinapek sepet sengkelet tak cebok

  48. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Kim guan eng has no real talent to be the parachuted CM of Penang

    His reasoning is always to blame UMNO and his arrogance reveals a definite insecurity

  49. to charles kiwi,

    Please, stop pretending to be Muslim, or caring about Muslims. Your biggest mistake is how you described Allah as a "person".

    Seriously, you've lost your credibility as someone who should be taken seriously.

    I'm really tired of two-faced people like you, and I've really met a few.

  50. Anonymous10:28 pm

    We must remember UMNO and several responsible non Malay leaders work together to bring independence to Malaysia. And DAP and PAS is nowhere to be seen. And UMNO, MCA, MIC and other component parties have worked together to bring economic development to the country till today. And where are DAP and PAS, again nowhere beside making stupid remarks, theoretical assumptions and debates. So not simply blame UMNO and component parties. And do simply say UMNO racist, DAP is equally racist too. And PAS fight for I don't know what.

  51. dap is definitely and hundred percently racist.

  52. Anonymous8:47 pm

    LMAOROTF - You are basically saying that Chinese in DAP would not vote for the Malay, and the only way Malay can get any votes is that if other Malay join and vote them. Doesn't this conclude that the Chinese in DAP are racist?

    Godfather - I'm sure you understand that the civil service don't require votes from its members to have you joining it or taking post. To equate DAP and the civil service is hilarious. And on GLC - so what if the majority of its staff are malays - do we care that this majority are only in the mid management to lower grades staff only? Look at senior management of GLCs and you will see a good mix of malays, chinese and indian (some even have more chinese - i.e. CIMB).

    Charleskiwi - I don't think Allah defined who is a malay or not or other race for that matter. The federal constitution does - I don't care if you have a problem with it - least because the definition of Malay is nothing like any other purist view (remember the Aryans?)