Saturday, December 08, 2012

Lynas: A report by the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining

"Much has been achieved by Malaysia in its development path and as with any industry from palm oil plantations to oil extraction to mineral process, there are trade-offs." - Bernadetta Devi, Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining

Politically radioactive. In Reconciling with Rare Earths in Malaysia, we learn that the demand for rare earths is likely to grow dramatically in coming years. In the US, they have even revived a rare earth mine in California to meet global demand. 

The author says Malaysia can lead the way and showcase "how a modern processing facility can be effectively managed to minimize risk'. But what's lacking is "constructive engagement between civil society and industry'. 

What the author hasn't touched on is the political radiation inflicted on the parties involved in the Gebeng facility. And just as well, too, because this is not unique to Lynas. Political poison is released on about every major project, from AES to the latest skyscraper. 

Whether you are anti or pro-Lynas, please read the article featured in the National Geographic's newswatch, 


  1. This is a conspiracy, whatever or whoever they are who claimed to be socially responsible people, the conventional wisdom says that MONEY TALKS AND BULLSHIT WALKS, National Geographic's journalists have been bought by RosNajib's regime.

    (BTW, not my opinion, am representing the opinion of PR's bigots)

  2. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Nothing much to say except DAP is chauvinist and racist. an epitome of chinese malaysian who never appreciate but rather greedy as the old china country. even in china, the chinese there learnt tolerance and harmony.
    again, the greedy and stupid malays PAS as the suporters, readily gave their religion and soul for nothing.
    the other party, PKR, another malay stupid would sell the country and whatever necessary to get into power, even their own dick and ass.

    and rocky, yes, this radioactive pakatan has done it again. destroy the country they love so much.

  3. the gaffe guy who know's11:50 pm

    For once can you pls be more objective than be subjective.A parrot will always be a parrot.Move to be neighbours to Lynas,if the supporters of Lynas thinks that the project is safe.

    For heaven's sake for once try not to be partisan.If the Aussies export an industry with high paying jobs,as what is deemed safe and claimed by experts,very high paying jobs,they must be crazier that the gods are crazy.

  4. manmanlai2:43 am

    Rocky,it is time to be smart by not trumpeting the ills of your political masters as angels.Be smart by hedging your bets.Bet on the two horses.Just like the big cronies Deepak and Musa.

    Remember Umno b and Semangat 46.Marina Yusof the most prominent backers of Ku Li was demolished to be a bankrupt.Remember RPK.He had his beehoon factory stolen right under his nose in an Umno daylight robbery.You?You will end up a pauper if you are not smart.

    1. Anonymous2:59 pm

      Lu crita apa bodoh

  5. Anonymous4:44 pm

    The gaffe guy,

    Macam itu kau punya lojik? Kami yang tak kena juboq dek Anuar macam kau tu, tak kan pakai lojik ni.

  6. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Just because there is demand, we should take the risks ? Like nuclear power since we need more and more energy ? Wait till you see the results of the GE. That should tell you if the people of Kuantan or Gebeng agree with your views.

  7. Anonymous11:45 pm

    anon 7:51 PM

    the risk and demand is very much like the lgbt and paedophile pull

    risky but fun, so demand is high

  8. Anonymous1:20 am

    There is no risk in materials that rate lower in terms of 'radiation' in the natural environment.