Sunday, December 09, 2012

Focus Malaysia

Updates: My friends Toh Lye Huat and Charles Raj, the deputy EICs of Focus, can expect some major complaints on their inaugural issue. Their article RM1 b fuel card fraud (pg 14) is pitting Shell against the authorities, basically making all of them look like fools. More seriously, the piece on DRB-Hicom gets Audi blow (page 20), quoting sources, is seriously flawed, according to my sources. The article says distributor Euromobil may lose rights in Malaysia because Audi "is "unhappy with the performance of the DRB subsidiary for not delivering the targeted numbers ...". Well, let me tell you, a lot of people will be wagging their tongues. Many would be too happy to take Euromobil's place, if the story is true. But if the story is not true, the new mag's critics and rivals will be too happy to tsk tsk at the sloppy reporting ..

Holy cow! Tong's the Edge set to get a run for its money
Halim Saad the "White Knight", Syed Mokhtar viewed in a better light (and deservingly) and a lovely Poo with shapely acumen ... Focus Malaysia, the new weekly business magazine that has its guns aimed directly at The Edge, the hugely successful weekly owned by Anwar's pal Tong, is making a great first impression.

Chermaine Poo
The people behind Focus Malaysia have "deep pockets", I was told by a leading advertising industry man. How deep? "RM200 million deep". Deep indeed, if that is so.

Editor-in-chief Chong Cheng Hai, in his first editorial, says there is a shortfall in rational, authoritative and holistic articles out there.

"Our job is to provide clarity to readers long deprived of factual, non-partisan and apolitical news and views. We vow to do so without malice. And we promise to be free*, faithful. fearless and fair in our reporting". 

Comeback kid Halim Saad?

Syed Mokhdar: Usually painted by the other mag as bad or ugly

* The first edition of Focus Malaysia is "free" as in compimentary but I don't think Cheng Hai means MF will be given out free forever .. 


  1. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Rocky How come you are not recruited by this mob to be their star journo?

    Itu lah once you have established a reputation nothing will touch you even with a 10 foot pole!

    Why not change the image and be a proper journalist? Maybe they will give you one last chance!

  2. Anonymous5:07 pm

    don't be jeles lah Rocky, you only good at carry Madey and Najib balls !!

  3. Anonymous10:29 pm

    rather thn anwar and hadi balls ya

  4. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Halim Saad are working now with his lawyer to file a billion dollar suit against Noor Yaakop and Khazanah or taking over his Renong group of company without paying the agree price.

  5. Why Charmain 'Poo'?

  6. Anonymous11:32 pm

    better than guang eng and kit siang balls. Drmuzi

  7. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Hey Rocky

    Clearly they still miss and love you.

  8. JinoSan12:40 am

    So real the observations from just 3 commentors. Time to close shop ya? Be true to yourself and you will sleep well. BS is an art and if you arent serious, it shows after a while. Looks like it has also shown. wakakaka. Shame-lah.

  9. Anonymous9:05 am

    Reason is mainstream media carries cock articles, biased and slanderous. Same with blogs such as Rocky's. So in addition to alternative media, you have now a new alternative to print media. Run bu experienced journos.

  10. Anonymous10:13 am

    Latuk Locky:

    How does one get in touch with Ms Poo ? It's more important to me, than all the political shenanigans. Lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu ?


  11. Anon 2:54 and 5:07
    Here's your answer :-
    (and he had to guts to describe the stench of other blogs)

    Read the unprofessional report by this fella

    versus :-

  12. Anonymous11:13 am

    Eh, anwar n hadi got balls ahhh...?

  13. Anon 1041 writes
    Halim Saad are working now with his lawyer to file a billion dollar suit against Noor Yaakop and Khazanah or taking over his Renong group of company without paying the agree price.


    Anon, I think he'll win.

  14. Anonymous3:25 pm

    anon 11:13

    See the video again. I want to know too. Or else can ask the china doll.

    Hadi sure dont have.

  15. Anonymous12:09 pm

    how to subscribe this newspaper? i tried to search but couldnt find