Friday, December 07, 2012

Buy Brutish Last: Say No to Thug Politics

UPDATES: For "Anwar wants Musa Hassan to join PKR, not PAS" and other revelations, please read Former IGP bombarded with questions of the past featuring bloggers from Gelagat Anwar to former Information Minister Zainudin Maidin.

Original article:

"... massive problems can occur when it is understood that a change of leadership can be done via a revolution." - Musa Hassan

Those who were hoping that the ex-IGP would continue to slam politicians in the ruling Government were absolutely disappointed yesterday. The Tan Sri stuck to the forum's topic and whacked all political gangsters. Not too far from where the forum was held, a prominent Selangor politician was threatening to dismantle traffic cameras in the state in a blatant display of power, something Malaysians have been seeing a bit too often lately.

Real also; "Tak perlu reformasi kalau nak demokratik ..." - Musa against street demonstrations: Akta Perhimpunan 2012 boleh cetus hura-hara


  1. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Let's see how quick those who have waited for so long to be the first to jump with rebuttal whenever Rocky comes out with a new entry..

  2. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Here he goes again. 5 years back everything the government did were wrong even they may be good but today everything the government does no matter how bad are still good for him. You guys notice the difference?

  3. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Bro bru,

    You are good, very very good i might add. Cant wait for godfarter's ranting....


  4. don't hold your breath... LOL

  5. spencer6611:04 pm

    as usual, it is a very witty combination of two separate issues merging with the main plot. one that said of political change via demonstration while the other about dispute of policies.

    but then, the general reading population and the state of our education up bringing have brought most to a level of accepting anything that is in paper as the gospel truth.

    we dont question critically, and we do tend to get our emotions in and challenging on a personal level.

    in short, there is simply no relevancy to the two issues mentioned here.

  6. the insider11:23 pm

    Who were the thugs under?Umno youth.And Umno youth is under who?Which political party?Go figure,rocky.Hehehe.

  7. Anonymous12:33 am

    Dismantling AES cameras is brutish behavior ? Really ? Any blood spilled except for the bloodsucking Beta Tegap ? Stop talking nonsense Rocky. You never used to cry wolf until recently. Baling batu sorok tangan. Tak malu ke ?

  8. Anonymous1:10 am

    Latuk....did u achieve the KPI as set on you when the two cousin sent you as a messenger to neutralise a former mattress carrier now turned a recalcitrant?


  9. Anonymous11:35 am

    That guy had the POWER and was GOD LIKE to do anything when he was King TUT of the Police force....
    Very sad he ain'nt worth anything to the government directorship like old Hanif earning millions as sleeping chairman....oh it hurts this poor guy now an unknown and laughed at behind his back...
    Oh Rocky stop painting this guy like he was THE LONE RANGER fighting for law and order....
    All of a sudden he was soooo up right and all that jazz...but like BODOWI MOST TIMES SLEEPING on the easy to start blame game this days....
    Pity him because reputation is hard to buy mater what he does good or bad he is finishto lah!!!!better he shuts his gap and retire growing durians in the orchard....

  10. Godfather,

    Sorry I had to not publish your "smelly" comment. Be a good sport and respond politely to Shalela or diam saja.

    Have a good weekend, smell the coffee