Saturday, November 17, 2012

So, does the Batu Caves condo pit non-Muslims against Pakatan Rakyat?

Pitting the Christians against the BN government on Thursday ...
... and again, yesterday
The question is meant for my fellow journalists at the Malaysian Insider who published the article on Nov 15 (Kuantan court to hear Church argument against land acquisition) and the following day (Court suspends government's bid to acquire Kuantan church land).

Of course, the answer to the question is NO. The Batu Caves condominium controversy is NOT a case pitting non-Muslims against a Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state government. You and I know that. We are rational and reasonable adults. 

The Malaysian Insider has been reporting the Batu Caves issue and as far as I know, it has never once referred to the issue as a dispute pitting the Hindus or non-Muslims against the ruling Pakatan state government of Selangor. [See how MI reports the latest Batu Caves development here].

So why is it that in the case of the church land acquisition court case in Kuantan, the Malaysian Insider describes it as a "... case pitting non-Muslims against the ruling Barisan Nasional government"? 

Is it because the non-Muslims are Christians (and not Hindus) or because it is against the BN government (and not Anwar's PKR/Pakatan)? 

You tell me.


  1. Rocky...I think it is time you stop your fucking twisting by compiling issues to confuse voters.
    Why don't you ever dare to write about the 3 policemen raping Indon maid...and how good is that idiotic Home Minister?
    Every good Nation...the Minister will resign.
    In Malaysia...Home Minister said "What can he do?"...everyone shouting for his resignation....that's his reply.
    And you Rocky....what can you do?
    Your posts are not powerful enough to get votes for Najib.
    Change your attitude...and contribute to change of Govt.
    Don't tell are like Melaka Rustum...believing UMNO b will govern forever.
    You are not that stupid...but a snaky man you are for sure....all because of MONEY!!!

  2. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Latok, instead of playing with religion and race, why not you say something regarding the shameful promise by someone to stop the project if the rakyat hand Selangor back to BN? Some jokers approved this project when in power but blamed others for carrying it out and even blackmailed the people to give them back power in order to stop it. This act is akin to "You help me, I help you" which comes to play during election time. Surprisingly, you're pretending not to notice this.

  3. Just bcoz lots of Pariah-Dog in MI !

  4. Rock.
    Why you are so upset with Malaysian Insider.
    Batu Cave issue is vary simple.BN counsollar approve the condo and can put the blame on Pakatan.Including Samy Velu demonstrated infront of Batu Cave.

    Unfortunately Najib who make the biggest blunder.Instead of admitting the BN mistake,He make the statement if BN capture Selangor they will stop the construction of the apartment.
    He think all the Indian are dunggu like Samy Velly.At least if he admit the BN mistake,not so bad.

    Sorry Bro,look like the longer Najib not calling the election the more problem he is having.

  5. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Hey, this blog is still around. I thought it was extinct! My first comment and I am the first to comment. Not that this is much to go on about.

  6. Some if not all TM journos are the Batu Api types,they invite rabid anti BN commenters to have a field day commenting on their articles in the TM, seems some of the rabid anti BN commenters had overflowed into your blog post Bro. I am sure you don't mind their silliness.

  7. Anonymous12:48 am

    anon 8.50 pm
    you are so silly, almost stupid. no, you are stupid.

  8. Anonymous12:51 am

    hoi monsterbodo. itu loyer bunuh n bakar sosilawati ape pasal tu bar council punya kapla tak resign? kalau dah najis PR tu memang bodoh dan kuat menyalak saja.

  9. Jahabar shud be ashamed of himself and stop calling himself a journalist.

  10. Anonymous2:06 am


    Don't put your words in everyone else mouth. Stop implicating others that agree with stupid and corrupted mind. Why don't you blog about it yourself. Why bising in other people's backyard. There's a chinese adage "clean the snow on your roof and don't bother about other people's roof". You can give opinion abt Rocky's posting, but to ask him to write what you like to here, banyak cantik, itu macam ke? Free speech your foot. That's why we feel, democracy and freedom of speech are going to be worst off under PR rule.

  11. Anonymous2:29 am

    Typical of pro-opposition type of journalism. They all claim they are pro good governance but the truth is they are he biggest racists/bigots themselves.

    The more this goes on, the more I am convinced that the Malays especially will give back their votes to BN.

    You know why? Because many now realise that this is not about good governance at all. It is purely to get to Putrajaya and then dismantle everything Malay and Islam..

    Sorry. You can say anything you like but five years have shown enough of your true colour...

    Just go through the pro-opposition portals and tell me I'm much for neutral reporting...

  12. Suma issues...tak boleh cari Judge makan duit kopi......pergi mosque sumpah ku tak salah...pun boleh.
    Ini la Najib gomen.
    Anon 8.50 pm betol bodoh.
    Anon 12.51 AM anak Shaitan...sontoloyo...lebeh bodoh Anon 8.50 pm.
    Baca surat2...suma tau hantu kerchil sokong hantu2 Umno b...nak kereja di Najib gomen..makan gaji buta.

  13. If all the fucking shits passed on to arrests and court cases....what is the use to have Home Minister...Law Minister...Defense Minister?
    And if swearing at mosque can close a case...what is the use of courts....lawyers and judges??
    Fucking shit Umno b members keep diverting attentions and ignoring logic.
    For that...Rocky is the best Umno b blogger...keep twisting like hell.
    Big Dog no class...carry Mamak and Najib balls openly.
    Rocky has a "ceebai chew"..can twist like a snake...everything and anything put saying indirectly..Umno b is the best..Najib is the best...Anwar...Hadi Awang .no good..and DAP is a racist party...Umno b is not...on and on and on.
    He never dares to expose Chua Soi Lek is Najib's biggest Chinese balls carrier.

  14. Fire at KLCC..floods...where there should be no floods...famous words by that idiotic MIC ex President...Sammmy.."It is God's will"...and that why he can stay as Minster for more than 20 years.
    He showed Umno b to pass the responsibilities to others...and stay as figure head Minister...with a fat eat eat...until become so fat....cannot see his own balls.
    Every fucking Umno B minister is getting fatter and billions every payers money.
    Not enough...must steal....kill and rape too.
    Tak boleh tahan la.

  15. Anonymous7:20 am

    The Education Ministry needs a piece of land because the old school which bear the same name is going to close. Is that an issue of non-Muslims against the BN government? When it comes to education, there's no need for bipartisan politics. Each children in Kuantan entitled to have a quality education like everyone else.

  16. Anonymous7:29 am

    "Your posts are not powerful enough to get votes for Najib.
    Change your attitude...and contribute to change of Govt."
    Monsterball, at first you implies that Rocky's effort is futile and then you begged him to join you. His writings not powerful enough huh? I think Rocky is smart enough to make up his own mind.

    Comes the GE, I'll vote BN in a heartbeat.

  17. Ellese7:34 am

    TMI is under a siege mentality. They're utterly rubbish especially this jahabar sadik. They condemn Utusan but adopt the same practices. They censor contrarion views. Yet claim they believe in freedom of expression and free press. This jahabar and gang are utterly stupid and we get a lot of gullible goons like the above believing their gospel truth.

    They always see that non Muslims are under siege yet claim Malays under siege. Time and again they've been doing this. It started from the cow head issue. It's actually a case of residents unhappy with the planning process and the incompetence of Khalid Samad. I told this upfront in the commentary but they purposely censor it. They went to town starting the sensation that it's a case against non Muslims. They have no issue on playing the religious card. As we know when Khalid Ibrahim offered another location it was fine and when I commented their inflammatory reporting they censored again. That's the time I'm up in arms against the stupid jahabar and tmi. They have this siege mentality it's against non Muslims and play it to the gallery. And yet they spin Muslims are under siege mentality.

    They've played their cards to the max. Playing anything slightly related to bn and government as an affront to non Muslims. And played that PR is the champion of non Muslims. They potray theres one side only. To them it's a free media when they publish their one sided views and censor contrarian views.

    Just watch all the Islamic issues. From the Allah issue to the Damansara church issue to the Islamic state issue and even to nurul. They don't highlight the views of the majority muslims. Instead portraying it like its Umno views and that non Muslims under siege again by bn.

    Let me illustrate. We all know the dap and lim kit siang concept of secular state and mahathirs definition of Islamic state in substance is the same. Both abide by our constitution. It's PAS who wants to change our constitution by including hudud. But they potray as if mahathirs concept of Islamic state will affect the non-Muslims. Podah lah. So non Muslims is under siege again like as if mahathirs concept of Islamic state will affect the non Muslims. They use the term "Islamic" as a boogey term to rile up DAP as champion of non Muslims. Yet we know that their problem is with PAS hudud which we all know DAP is sleeping in the bed together. DAP condemns it but actually act in pushing for PAS. Then say DAP can agree to disagree and we should not make an issue out of this hudud. Huh!!!!! Pure stupidity politics but tmi chose to play it as a religious issue and put non Muslims under siege mentality.

    Similarly with Damansara issue. They potray it's bn against non Muslims again where we all know it's purely a selangor authority affair. It's under selangor lah. It's governed by pkr. So TMI creates a siege mentality on non Muslims, potray one sided only Umno to be blamed story and then saved by pkr when in the first place its pr own doing. It's under their jurisdiction. They think we're stupid not to notice this. Kepala otak punya reporting. Don't understand why they can't be fair and balance when they claim they practice it.

    I have more to write but as is its already long. I stop for now. Every time there's an opportunity tmi will play it as a religious and racial card. Yet they condemn this sort of reporting. Gila Babi punya editors. I think I want to start cataloging all this in my blog. We should get this non sense tmi to practice what it proclaims. Don't play with racial and religious issue for political purposes.

  18. Anonymous7:48 am

    Rumours abound in the blogs that Najib might be ousted at next umno Assembly
    What are you and the rabid pro Najib bloggers listed on the right of your blog-horrible bloggers like barking mad magpie out of the box syed and others going to do?

  19. The only hope for this country is for all to work together. Together to rid us of this parasite called BN. Journalists with any integrity are working towards that end. People like this blogger will either join the rakyat or quietly take their ill gotten gains from sowing crap amongst us all these years and fade away. Everyone knows, BN is just raping the country in its death throes. The sooner the elections are called, the better it will be for Malaysia.

  20. Anonymous8:53 am

    Monsterball...cant u do something useful...fuck your wife or wank yourself.

  21. Anonymous10:42 am

    Monsterbodo..u better shut up.go to other pro PR najis blogs.if rocky is so bad why bother coming here?you just want to deny truth by diverting issues and spreading PR lies.please shut up so that you wont look more stupid than you already are.

  22. Anonymous11:01 am

    These Pakatan Rosak fools 'tak ada modal lagi'.

    Nothing else but mamak, 50 years, money and other petty nonsense only.

    It is nearly 5 years now but lets do a report card on the Pakatan Rosak states. Are they any better or worse?

    Try comparing Malacca or Seremban for cleanliness and then go see Alor Setar, Kelantan and Selangor put together. These Pakatan Rosak states can easily get the award for being dirty.

    As for the Batu Caves fiasco, it is all $$$$$. BN saw it first. PR got jealous and hijacked it. Now it is blame the dog story.


  23. Ellese11:21 am

    Monsterball is a typical blind pr apologist. He has nothing upstairs. He can't hold down to one point and always resort to name calling.

    He is like a leper. Even pr bloggers shied away from him coz of his embarrassing deficient intellect. He likes to compliment idiocy of other idiots. Somehow in Malaysia idiots like to compliments each other and proud to show their idiocy. Encountered many of these idiots including him.

    I always find people like him straightforward to handle. Since he can't articulate any point he will resort to name calling. I normally start with them with the conclusion. Start the name calling. After all it will end up as such. Tak payah Pakai otak. Senang. Whatever he says just use inversely. Monsterball oh Monsterball. You've not learned your lessons yet. Please grow up.

  24. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Rakyat di dahulukan ? Atau rakyat di ketepikan ? Kalau Berani, panggil lah PRU. Don't hide underneath fat mama's skirt.....

  25. Anonymous2:01 pm

    PR teaches hatred so much, semua benda nak salahkan kerajaan, BN or UMNO. Tak tau bersyukur, dgn kemajuan, keamanan dan nikmat yg ada - no govt is perfect but their hatred has caused people to be blinded such that they blame every single wrong thing in this country on the govt.. Look at the track record of current PR states, lagi tak boleh pakai. They shout rhetorics and claiming they can give you the ideal country but in truth,it is impossible to be ideal and make EVERYBODY happy.and they are just equally corrupt as well... This PRU 13, we must ensure that BN wins big, and those who are bot happy, you can continue to enjoy the peaceful and reasonably prosperous lives you already live here in Malaysia without much hassle from anyone, or you can opt to leave and find yourself the ideal the country you dream of..

  26. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Their true color has revealed itself

    All has seen it

    and all are aware

    Just vote them outlah
    Can't wait till GE
    Salvage what we can

  27. Anonymous8:09 pm

    B4 you were a spin master you were not awarded the datuk title, You started your farting and walla you are a datuk and you were given cash for spin.
    Have you written any article that improves the image of BN, Have you written anything that can garner votes for BN, Have you written anything that can give confidance to the people about BN.
    Everytime you write BN is losing votes and get that into your thick skull.
    Now like a good boy, go read Bigdog, apanama and PK, They are doing what you dream of doing yet claim to be effective. You are full of Bull. Stop destroying BN .Stop it damn it.

  28. Anonymous8:44 pm

    You better check your brain..... i pity you ah pek.

  29. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Wow this son of a bitch "monsterball" is really a sicko to the bones. I think he is the most regular ass donor to the gila to be PM fellow till his ass is doing the talking....oops i mean the typing.

    Almost every blog you can notice this sob is giving his stupid comments. His pen name says it all.......big ball but tiny and useless brain only.

    Is this the kind of DAPigs that made the opposition? No way you can have my vote lah.

  30. Anonymous11:36 pm

    smallball is getting angry lah..

    because people already know his crappy ideology. a racist bigot who full of himself and thinking oneself a saint. A typified chingkies character. everyone is to blame expect himself. the mother of all stupidity and ignorance.

  31. Anonymous3:46 pm

    If I am Home Minister I revoke midgetballs' MyKad and send him off to tongsan for being an unpatriotic racist moron

  32. Anonymous3:52 pm

    midgetball personifies DAP, so vote them out and save Malays and Malaysia

  33. Anonymous7:04 pm

    My gosh....the pakatan haram goons especially from DAP have mulut longkang....i pity the countries that receive these pendatang ingrates when BN wins again....

    To DAP vags, better pack ur bags and get used to be called chinky migrants and ABC by the australians and british when you migrate there picking fruits and washing dishes.

  34. Anonymous10:27 am

    HEY! Monsterball keep writing like it is....for truth will zap some cow sense into this BN loovers....hehehe!

  35. Anonymous8:06 pm


    apa pasal kau tak mati2 lagi wahai tua terkutuk.

    tuhan pun takmahu terima kau.

  36. dragonball8:12 pm

    aaah...malaysian insider.

    wasn't it run by the 4th floor boys when it first started (during Pak Lah's time).

    it was pro-Pak Lah and pro- Khairy...

    it was the insider because they got the inside story from the 4th floor boys. and the boys connection with NST at that time..obvious, right.

    when pak lah stepped down, the malaysian insider -- surprise surprise -- turned around and became anti-government, specifically anti-Najib.

    MI journos have no credibility to criticize any other for bias, spinning, etc etc..

  37. Anonymous6:00 pm

    2008,saya kerja utk Pakatan dan undi Pakatan.2013,insyaallah saya akan undi BN,dan kerja untuk BN.belang Pakatan sudah jelas,saya tak mahu bangsa saya tersepit,dan ugama saya di pinggirkan.