Monday, November 19, 2012

Malaysians against the unjust war in Gaza

Malaysians care ...

Date: Tuesday, 20 Nov 2012
Time: 8am
Venue: Putra World Trade Centre

Gaza Emergency Fund. The Perdana Global Peace Foundation is inviting all peace-loving Malaysians to join Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in launching this Fund and listen to pledges by peace-loving non-governmental organisations and corporations. 
The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission Hearing on Palestine starts after this "emergency event", at 10 am.


  1. Anonymous4:54 am

    Tun Dr M and peace-loving Malaysians are the best. This is true leadership.

    Where is the voice of that aged sodomite?

  2. Anonymous7:34 am

    I want to contribute to the people in Gaza. But with Mamak Khutty, a racist and a pseudo-Malay, launching it, I am NOT contributing.

  3. hahahahahaha....Satan reincarnated man..raising funds...some for Gaza...some for cronies...the rest for his sons.
    Check his account...very clean.
    That's how he steals for decades.

  4. Anonymous10:48 am

    This is a Lose - Lose War..

    Mahathir the Mother of all Racists wants to be known as the champion of Arab Cause!

    What is the Arab Cause? To remain in the 15th Century and Insist that others do so!

    As long as they remain barbaric and uneducated they will forever be left behind complaining that they are being unjustly treated!!!

  5. Anonymous11:44 am

    I dont want to waste my money and time with Gaza and Palestine people.Hamas leaders are a bunch of idiots.They know they dont have fire power,their home make rocket just like fire crakers,yet they want to attack Isreal.

    They deserve what they did to state of Isreal.Isreal want to make sure they regret for live.As for the victims of the bombing,the children,the inncent man and women,dont wiorry.Allah will take care of them.They surely will go to heaven.

  6. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Mahathir's Theory that CIA and Mossad planned and executed 9/11 is the same as his cooked up conspiracy on Anwar;'s Sodomy with the help of the Hellfire Hafilda and others!!!

    Those who believe in Mahathir believes in all that is untrue!!!

  7. Anonymous12:20 pm

    May meteorite from the sky as big as Rapid KL Bus smash onto monsterball bunglow/Apartment/link/corner lot/semi D tonite whilst he and his family fast asleep inside it ...the prayer of the traumatised Gazans....oh Mighty Lord K.O monsterball, K.O monsterball, K.O monsterball

    Dollah Menguap


    Anwar malu-malu babi bila tun mahathir nak balun sepupunya kat tel aviv.

  9. Anonymous12:27 pm

    The unjust war in Gaza.

    Shooting rockets into Israel aiming at civilians is not unjust.

    Israel Defence Forces shooting at Hamas terrorists is very unjust.Go figure,bro.

  10. Jasper Bloodstone12:29 pm

    Realpolitik against idealism?

    Look at the "big guns" in Asia - China, India, Japan, S Korea. Are any of them vocal on the Palestinian cause and the ongoing strife in Gaza?

    In Asean, apart from Malaysia, and possibly Indonesia, has any other country come out openly to protest against the Israeli air strikes on Gaza?

    In the Middle East, apart from Iran and Syria, who else has voiced support for the Palestinians? The Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt is carefully hedging it's bets. Turkey, the epitome of a secular state where Islam is the majority religion, has other factors to consider. Even the petrodollars rich GCC are noticeable by their circumspect silence.

    Let's not even consider Europe and the UK, where their sympathies are well known.

    Dr M can emote for all he wants. The rest of Asean and Asia will be focused on what Barack Obama says at the East Asian Summit in Cambodia, and whether China will take umbrage at the US "pivot" into Asia.

    Unless, of course, PM Najib and Anifah Aman can raise the issue one-on-one with Obama and Hillary Clinton respectively during their meetings in Cambodia. Can they, or will they?

  11. Anonymous12:31 pm

    ISREAL will INVADE Gaza anytime!!!

    Dah Berpuloh tahun,,,KUTUK-KUTUK,,minta DERMA,,,,sama je!!! Cerita da BASI,,!!!


  12. Anonymous1:39 pm

    No comment on the daily rocketing the past 2 years. Fighting against "occupation"? The last IDF soldier left Gaza years ago! Fighting against "blockade"? All shipment of supplies for Gaza (including those intercepted at sea) are being routed to Gaza via Israel (after extremely stringent checks). Their largest Arab neighbour, Egypt, has closed its border to Gaza. Why not fire rockets into Egypt instead of Israel?
    Why didn't Malaysia send rockets to the Moros in Mindanao, instead of working with the Philippines government (that was "massacring Muslims") to negotiate a peaceful settlement?
    What has "unbiased" Malaysia been doing towards helping Gazans to establish their peace and prosperity? By egging them on against the "oppressive" Israel?
    It's easy to "talk big and biased" when the issue is half the world away.........
    We should be focused on our own internal "oppressions", instead of commenting on the speck in others' eye.

  13. more of this should be generated though i doubt that it would do anything in suppressing the aggressions by the Israel. Prayers to all the Muslims in Gaza.

  14. charleskiwi1:57 pm

    What do you expect the Israeli to do ? Just to sit still and let Hamas, who started sending the rockets to Tel Avi, bomb them into extinction.
    The Hamas should consider themselves very lucky that the Israeli has not used their atomic bomb yet but that does not mean the Israeli will not.
    It is so easily to protest from thousand of miles from Israel, what the shenanigan Mahathir should do is to go to Palestine to demonstrate his anger
    and displeasure and so should you. Remember actions speak louder than words, after all the shenanigan Mahathir loves traveling especially on transit in London !

  15. Salam takzim, rocky bru,

    Beragai alasan dan suara sumbang kedengaran.

    Kalau nak derma dermalah !! kalau tidak, DIAM !!

    Semuanga adalah anasir ZIONIS dan Pro Amerika.

    Iran buat nu-clear untuk keamanan, mereka buat KEPOH sedunia.

    Israil buat bom nu-clear mereka membisu seribu bahasa.

    Iraq perang saudara, mereka kacau daun,

    Israil bunuh orang Palastine, mereka buat tak nampak/pekak.

    Sikap ini diikuti oleh setengah-setengah orang malaysia yang dah termakan tahi palat orng yahudi.

    Mana perginya semangat Malasia !!

    Dah hilang di timbus George Soros??

    Inikah demokrasi ala amerika yang mereka banggakan ?


  16. Dr MADhathir2:46 pm

    A Devil is killing his own fellow muslim kind in Syria, its funny he's not barking madly!

  17. Jaguh Kampong3:00 pm

    "Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has killed more than 9000 innocent fellow Muslims..."
    itu apa nama Mahathir tadak bisik-bisik jerit-pekik bising-bising pun!

  18. From Dr M? Sorry it is an insult to humanity and my dignity

  19. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Who is real racists? Who cares and wanting to help when those muslims in Bangla-Burma border are subject to chaos? Who raise a finger?

  20. Anonymous5:16 pm

    MonsterBall....u are a zionist staying in Malaysia. Get out

  21. Anonymous6:51 pm

    We have a lot of problem not address like the poor indonesian girl bully by police. if we have problem other country sure have bigger problem lah! Cannot solve our problem who are we to talk of others problem?

  22. Anonymous7:10 pm

    The hypocrisy of DAP gansters cybermorons that attack rocky bru is appalling, u guys cry for equality, hate racism yet call mahathir a mamak kutty.

    You call the arabs stupid for bein discriminated, touche..sincyou think you are being discriminated, then it means the pendatangs arebteh biggest dungus who got tricked by the malay that you look doen upon..oh the irony.

    Palestine will get its duly justice, meanwhile Malaysia socio political landscape will change thankto the impudence othe kurang hajar chinese anglophiles with their bile language...thank you for opening our eyes to the uselessness of MCA....UMNO wil never rely on another fucking chinese political party.

    Thanks to all the chinese who voted BN all thestime in ensurimg lim kit siang remains loser, we malays will put him to shame by voting BN or make Hadi Awang the Prime Minister.....soon you chinkies will flee to some god forsaken country to run away from hudud anhaving your forreskin cut by PAS.

  23. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Tapi kan ISREAL,,,UNITED STATES and THE EUROPEAN UNION considered Hamas are TERRORIST,,!!!!


  24. Anonymous10:03 pm

    You see when the Israel gave up ocupied territory in Egypt they used earth moving equipment form a certain Scandinavian country to demolish what they claimed to have built in that area. But when the left Gaza in full view of the world media and internet they refrained form doing the same thing. Now they are doing what they forgot or were unable to do when the left Gaza.

  25. Anonymous11:18 pm



  26. Anonymous10:11 am

    Year in , year out its the same with the Gaza wars.... Look who started firing rockets first? It's been peaceful all the while but those trigger happy arabs love to start a war.....look at how bloody stubborn they are...
    Expects muslims countries to assist them always and we have clowns like that mahakutty to be a firebrigade commander to beg for M O N E Y AGAIN AND AGAIN.Hehas been made suckers umpteen times but this old fool of a donkey still never learns.
    Stop the flow of aid and the war stops automatically....thats it.!
    Why must malaysians be against this unjust war ? The Israelis will also say they are against the unjust threats from this arabs.
    In real life the gazans never had it better ...go see their houses and the sattelites dishes and the amount of food and aid sent there...its paradise for them . No war means no money in! So whats a few colleteral damage compared to millions suckered.And whoa! good old Maha is SELLING HIS SUCKERED CAUSE to us public.
    Dont malaysians learn?

  27. Anonymous12:31 pm

    monsterbodo u n your likes.. u never fail to show us how stupid u are..

  28. Anonymous1:32 pm

    This Hamas does not need any help from anyone especially from racist Mahathir, they are getting everything including thousands of rockets they are firing at Israel from Iran.
    In so doing Iran is able to divert attention from their nuclear plan and at the same time getting more time to develop their nuclear bomb. Iran just wants Israel to focus their attention on Hamas instead of planning to bomb the nuclear plant out of this world.
    Believe me the present scenario of bombing between Hamas and Israel will go on for as long as Iran is still in the process of building a nuclear bomb. Where do you think Hamas is getting all these rockets they are firing at Israel.
    May be Mahathir can donate the billions he has hidden away or get his billionaire son to donate what thousand of Malaysians can all donate.

  29. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Who and which organization in Palestine will ultimately get the money either in cash or via goods? How certain can we be that in both cases (money or goods) it does not boil down to appropriation by rebel leaders or faction heads to be used for their war and not to spread it to innocent population? Remember Somalia, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and numerous other war stricken country where international contribution is abused by local patrons?

  30. Anonymous3:45 pm

    woi anon 7:10pm....dah mabuk ke ??


  31. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Do yo guys noticed that TheMalaysianInsider are being bias towards Israel, take a look at the the insider's big pictures and the world news for example:

    This is image for Israel:

    "An Israeli rescue worker is lifted by a crane as he surveys a building damaged by a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip, in Rishon Lezion, near Tel Aviv"

    and this is for Palestinian side:

    "A member of the Palestinian community in Chile paints a Palestinian flag on her face during a protest against Israel’s military operations in Gaza, in Santiago "

    Also read the world news headline

    Gaza shakes, ISRAELIS KILLED as Clinton seeks truce

    What do you think Rocky?

  32. Anonymous12:06 pm

    PARLIMEN Malaysia kutuk ISREAL serang GAZA,,,!!!!

    Tapi US tolak kenyataan PBB,,,

    Siapa kuat Ek,,!!!

    ISREAL Senyum je,,!!!


  33. Anonymous12:43 pm

    What the fuck does we need to worry about Gaza when in Malaysia, the evil BN is destroying Malaysia via rampant corruption and even polluting the environment thru Lynas. Damned fucking UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan.

  34. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Ayam Jantan BUNG sudah BERKOKOK tapi EKOR penoh TAIK,,,!!!


  35. Malay Muslims are all about Gaza. They support the terrorists organisation Hamas & their ilk. Sorry will not contribute. It's been made clear in Malaysia, if you support Israel, you are told to be quiet. The Palestianian have been very good at playing the victims.

  36. Malays have always supported the Palestinians. The rest of us are told quite loudly to be quiet. Racism! Palestinians have become very good at playing the victimhood. Sorry will not support.

  37. Anonymous5:23 am

    Needs to appease their fund masters.

  38. Anonymous9:25 pm

    yet some bastards here is supporting isreal...damn you bastards

    anti bastards isreal dick suckers

  39. Anonymous9:47 pm

    we can see through the comments that the kafirs laknatullah in malaysia are becoming more and more biadap and kurang's time for the muslims to unite and oppress these kafirs.we can definitely do that with our numbers.

  40. Anonymous7:11 am

    Umah Hewitt

    oh you mean babies and toddlers were also playing victims??

  41. Anonymous7:23 am

    Muslims in Malaysia please note the voices of satan denying palestinians hour of need against the zionists aggression

    so remember NEVER VOTE for pr coz Muslims here will be suppressed and exploited

    once in power biaDAP especially will say, 'Constitution? what Constitution?'