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Race matters in Malaysia (esp to people who say it doesn't)

Read also Discrimination or Prejudice? Business or Racism? by A Voice“Our study has shown that quality matters but it matters less than ethnicity.” -  Dr Lee Hwok Aun, senior lecturer at UM's Department of Development Studies and UKM research fellow Dr Muhammed Abdul Khalid 

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I met a guy who said he's Malaysian first and X (his race) second and then he was going on and on about his "Mother Tongue". You'd think a Malaysian's mother tongue is Malay (or Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia), right?

Anyway, according to a new study, racial discrimination is alive and kicking in Malaysia: 
On an overall basis, Malay candidates are on average 16.7% less likely to be called, and the effect is stronger in engineering than in accounting. On a side note, the overall call-back ratio is just 13.1%.Some of the other findings: 
1. Chinese language proficiency matters more than English (in fact it appears to be the single most important determining factor, apart from race), and the effect is stronger in engineering jobs; 
2. Which university you go to matters, but even more so for Malays – being a UiTM graduate appears to be a relative handicap, though less so in engineering than in accounting;  
3. Academic qualifications also matter, but is also a more significant factor for Malays than for Chinese candidates; 
4. And before anyone starts grumbling about racism, the preference for Chinese candidates is pretty much across the board, whether the company doing the advertising is Chinese controlled, foreign controlled, or (astonishingly) Malay controlled.
Read the piece by Economic Malaysia,  Race Discrimination in Hiring Practices in Malaysia.


  1. Jasper Bloodstone3:02 pm

    So, what's the answer?

    Mandatory hiring quotas by race/ethnicity?

    Favoring local university grads over foreign university grads?

    Making fluency in Bahasa Malaysia mandatory for all recruitments in the public and private sectors?

    And if foreign investors don't like it, just tell them to go take a hike - we can do without their money, thank you very much!

    What happened to the notion of getting the best person for the job, regardless of race/ethnicity?

    But how to define "best"?

    Maybe the UM academics can do another series of surveys based on clearly defined criteria?

    In the meantime, let's see which political parties and NGOs start emoting on this issue.

  2. That this country run by bunch of nasty Malay nazi group called UMNO and hell bend on keeping the hidden apartheid system forever. Yet you can't or pretend not see it.

    You are really made of shit bru!

  3. Anonymous3:53 pm

    setuju!! haiyoo, what's gonna happen if they took control of the job la for other races. dalam iklan jawatan kosong, siap letak kelayakan bahasa kena ada english, bm and mandarin (or other chinse dialects). yg lebih halus, akan tambah pada bahagian mandarin tu "as an added advantage". puii la, x yah pandai english or malay pun. janji cakap cina, terus dapat.. yg lebih ganas, "chinese male or female only".. kalau female tu tau la, cnfm utk position yg jual body punya (tu je la bagus pun, jual body cina je). igt cina je ke pandai keje..pandai ampu ade la..tulis english pun cam haram, name je graduate oversea..grammar bersepah..kipas kuat..meritocracy? my arse..

  4. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    The biggest employer in Lululand is the gomen. They hire 1.5 million people and practise the most racial discrimination of all. They don't practise meritocracy and they don't assess performAnce. Those who are supposed to assess performance don't know how. The gomen as an employer is the worst kind in this country.

  5. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Just see across GLCs, the so called last bastion of malay opportunities in the real business world. Who were the key leadership in them? In some, there are more non malays than malays.

    Prime exmaple in CIMB, with its root in Bank Bumiputera, Najib's own sibling had turned it into a virtually non malay camp.

    Don't balme the chinese, its the malays who betrayed its own race.

  6. dear bro, is a toughest think to comment. As myself, working in the international firm with the chinese dominants..I have experience in observing my junior staff from various races. My perception is very simple:
    1. Malay grad - can write better english, but shy to speak. In overall some of them is quite lazy and rebel. Many malay staff dont like to stay back compare to chinese collegue. The reason is becoz they said that they have more life to acquire. Thats y they like to work in government and GLC as they are not stress compare in private.
    2. Chinese grad - can speak english but very poor in writing. Hardworking but very low social skill in the sense they dont know how to tackle multiracial clients even the chinese clients except if they are total mandarin mentality.But in term of working for long hour late, they are quite consistent and efficient coz most of them they dont really have other life except that go to pub during weekend or stay at home in their room.
    Indian fresh grad - Good English Speaking and writing. Good social skill but lazy and very political.
    Foreigners - is not my choice at all. If u get mat salleh i am 70% keen and trust to our local.

    Anyway they must be a reason why private dominant chinese company prefer the chinese grad:
    a. Social, cultural and language factor.
    But I think is more on the social factor as many Malay staff would prefer to avoid social parties that serve drinks.

    Hope dont put this as political issue as I dont think any political party can blame this situation.

  7. Anonymous6:12 pm

    The filthy pig is a known racist to the core. This slimepoop plus scumbag is a bane and shame to the human race. The vermin is at its best when it is ascendancy. Melayu Islam Bermaruah everywhere is amply warned:

    while this is for weekend entertainment ONLY and not to be construed as anything otherwise.

    Warrior 231

  8. Anonymous8:26 pm

    It matters only because it matters to too many people for too long, it is practically in their blood.
    Sad but true.


  9. Anonymous8:35 pm

    how about race discrimination in public employment and university ?

    Majority discriminate the minority !!

    All the race discriminate policy are well carried out by UMNO/ it's time to kick UMNO/BN out !!

  10. damansaraman8:56 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Its an open secret; but one that is a no no to be raised in the open, or else you'll be labelled as a RACIST

  11. Anonymous9:13 pm

    be careful rocky, only CHINESE can speak, go to chinese school and argue about race in malaysia
    Other than Chinese, all other people are racist.

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  13. Anonymous12:15 am

    Yeah these sepet sengkelet will advertise "MUST be able to converse in Mandarin for communication with chinese clients"


    Then an Indian girl who could converse in mandarin applied and was told she must also WRITE in mandarin???

    They are the most racist but will be first to condemn others of such labels.

    They indulge in racism on the quiet and when caught - justify it with nonsensical reasons.

  14. Anonymous12:29 am

    This is nothing new or should be surprised about. the only surprise it took so long for everyone to cotton on to the obvious. The Chingks are bastard racists to the core and hypocrites lie the best when cornered with facts...."oh we are not racists, we are talking about meritocracy, justice" would be their namby pamby lame hackneyed cliche answer when caught with their cocks in a pig's arse.Fact of the matter, the non-Chinese will be discriminated against by this sickminded supremacist, sons of heaven crazy bastards come what may:

    "This paper examines ethnic income inequality in Singapore from the perspectives of labour‐market segmentation and human capital. The findings of this study show that neither perspective is useful in explaining ethnic income inequality in Singapore. Further, the analysis shows that educational differences among the Chinese, Indians and Malays account for very little of the income gap. Much of the income difference is due to discrimination. The source of this discrimination lies in the segregation of ethnic minorities in lower‐paying jobs and occupations across all industries, reflecting Chinese domination in the economic and political spheres".

    and this teaser from the paper:

    Table 5 shows the results from GLSE technique of pooled time-series regression
    analysis of the three base-income models. The findings show that Malays and Indians have
    greater returns from education than Chinese do. But when holding education at constant, Chinese have higher returns (S$8,239) for being members of the majority group. Malay workers receive S$5,958, and Indian workers receive S$3,247 for being members of minority groups. This reflects discriminatory factors that work against Malay and Indian

    Now, any bastards from the usual suspects variety care to debunk that with FACTs of their own instead of cocktalk...come on if you got the balls that is!

    Warrior 231

  15. Anonymous1:02 am

    Rocky we don't enough time left, if you still don't write more article to paint PR in bad light we are slowly going to see BN losing power. So please write more, especially Anwar and LGE.

  16. trifling-jester3:24 am

    the final statement that the hiring policies are biased regardless of whether its even a malay company examplifies how affirmitive action, when used indiscriminately, can paralyze a large portion of an entire race so much that it has created stigma against them, even in their own backyard!

    Employers (malay ones included) have no confidence in young malay youth. this is because you cannot instill confidence in your child when you tell him from a young age that he needs to be protected in order to compete with his neighbour. we've deprived a generation or two of malay youth and indirectly empowered non malay youth so much so they have become ultra competitive and successful. very unfortunate, but a natural consequence.

  17. Anonymous6:32 am

    What happened to the notion of getting the best person for the job, regardlyss of race/ethnicity....

    aiyo .. Jasper Cekekdararah, you are totally out of sync ?? Are you in Msia?? May be news for you but the usual practice is requirement of knowing a certain language not BM, as a main criteria to getting a job especially in the private sector.Also why fluency in BM be questioned when you are in Msia??? Foreign investors don't like... wtf...making BM fluent as mandatory? They are not as paranoid as you are mah.Get real lah.

  18. Mustapha Ong7:59 am

    Hi bro,

    I agree that race matters too but more than that the following traditional, heritage and life style of Malaysian's attitude in life deserve a bit of my personal comments:-

    The Malays:

    Suka sangat menunjuk tunjuk dan membuat perbandingan dan saingan di antara mereka, sejauh mana kekayaan kebendaan dan status keluarga mereka;

    Suka mengumpat dan cerita di belakang orang;

    Apabila ada banyak duit, bergayalah seperti suku bangsa boyan. poket kosong orang tak nampak, tetapi gaya mesti mahu;

    Sembong tetapi kurang berisi atau tiada berisi langsung;

    Cemburu yang ketelaluan dan banyak lagi perangai seribu dua;

    Itu sebab "Melayu Mamak" lebih berjaya dalan negara dibawah topeng beragama Islam. Mereka bukan bangsa yang malas dan hidup dengan pemberian subsidi;

    The Chinese:

    Bangsa yang benar-benar ada wawasan hidup untuk mencapai kejayaan dalam apa situasi yang mereka menghadapi dalam fitrah hidup mereka semass susah dan miskin.Mereka amat rajin dan suka tolong menolong di antara keluarga;

    Kaum Cina mempunyai daya pertahanan yang lebih yakin, kuat dan berdisiplin jika diperbandingkan dengan bangsa-bangsa yang lain;
    Kebanyakan Cina bermula daripada peringkat bawahan (kemiskinan) dan selepas bertahan sekian lama dalam fitrah penghidupan mereka akhir nya mencapai kekayaan, kemewahaan dan status. Di negara mana-mana pun ada cerita kaum Cina "From rags to riches."Tidak ada pendidikan "formal" tetapi masih boleh berjaya di "negara orang tetapi bukan lah pendatang.";

    Kaum Cina lebih bermuafakat dengan persatuan dan kesatuan perniagaan, sosial dan profession mereka. Mereka suka menghulur pertolongan kepada bangsa nya sendiri untuk menantikan pencapaian hidup yang lebih sempurna yang boleh mengubah nasib hidup mereka yang sama dalam keturunan keluarga;

    Kaum Cina jarang nak "jaga tepi kain orang. amat takut dengan kuasa pemerintah negara dan pengamal Undang-Undang. Tetapi meraka mengamalkan gejala "rasuah" oleh disebab keadaan pemerintah sesuatu Kerajaan yang lemah dan tidak mengambil kira suasana sosial budaya negara-negara yang berkenaan;

    Kaum Cina lebih bermurah rezeki dan sebab itu mereka adalah kebanyak "risk takers" dan kaki berjudi;

    Kaum Cina juga bertawakal kepada kebesaran Tuhan kepercayaan mereka, termasuk mereka yang menganut agama Islam. Boleh dikatakan hampir semua wanita-wanita Muslimah Cina di mana sahaja menutup aurat atau bertudung dan lelaki mereka memakai kopiah;

    Sesungguh nya "karma mereka lebih menarik atas kepercayaan mereka";

    Kesembongan dan keangguhan mereka selalu kena pada tempat nya;

    The Indians including Sri Lankas:

    Kaum India dan Sri Lanka juga mempunyai trait dan budaya falsafah hidup yang seupama dengan akum Cina;

    Mereka selalu suka mengambil kesempatan yang menjayakan penghidupan mereka, tak kira pada keadaan kaya mahupun miskin;

    Mereka juga suka lebih menunjuk tunjuk apabila sudah kaya dan berstatus dalam sosial kemasyarakatan;

    Anak-anak mereka dan keturunan bangsa mereka juga boleh mencapai kejayaan di dalam pendidikan dan profession seperti juga kaum Cina;

    Mungkin banyak lah fitrah hidup dan tradisional yang kita tidak mengetahui;

    Mengambil kesimpulan di atas, saya tidak berasa hairan bahawa pada suatu hari bangsa Melayu dan bumiputra yang masih lagi hidup sebagai satu bangsa yang bergantung kepada subsidi akan mundur dan terus akan jua hilang semangat dan keyakinan untuk hidup berdikari tanpa bantuan Kerajaan.Bangsa Melayu sentiasa mencari kemudah hidup tanpa usaha yang semulajadi.

    Saya tidak hairan jika satu hari mendatang (10 atau 20 tahun dari hari ini) negara ini akan ditakbir oleh kaum Cina yang berjaya dalam segi politik, ekonomi dan sosial apabila negara Cina akan terus maju kehadapan di dunia ini. Maksud saya DAP boleh mencapai kekuasaan mereka dan jika ketika itu, tidak hairanlah seorang bangsa Malaysia keturunan kaum Cina (beragama Islam atau yang lain) boleh dilantik sebagai seorang pemimpin Kerajaan.

  19. Anonymous10:38 am

    Salah kan kerajaan la. Kuasa ada tapi tak pandai manage. Tak tegas. Itu saja perkataan yang sebaik di katakan. TAK TEGAS !!!

    Lihat saja Singapura, pemerintah nya tegas, TERDUDUK melayu sana dibuatnya. Perkara & peraturan yang tak baik kuan yew buat untuk melayu dan Islam pun dah di katakan yang terbaik oleh orang melayu sana.
    Respek dgn ketegasan Kuan Yew, walaupun aku tak setuju dia senang-senang dapat Singapura. Dia boleh control cina dan melayu dengan jari telunjuk saja. Singapura dah terkenal diserta dunia.

    Itu saja yang boleh aku katakan.

  20. Anonymous11:26 am

    Rocky I was the one already kena.
    I graduated from australia.
    Having working in more than 5 countries with more than 15 yrs experience, came back to malaysia, was called in for an interview for a whole day by that company, located in one of klcc bldgs. At first was told not to worry for that global work, fillup the necessary forms and salary agreement with the HR, but a few days later was told not successful. The person who called me for the interview has resigned the next day afte my interview!!! I called the non-malaysian director, and the next day received an email to pickup the offer letter by the HR, but then was told by the HR on the phone not to come over since the email was a mistake !!! see, i realised the HR dont prefer malays to work with them. And that was the company who getting hundreds to billlions RM of projects every year form the gov and the glcs. I just decide not to pursue the ugly scheme and by that time I had already got an offer with another job outside malaysia.

  21. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Want to lead by example and get other to comply?

    Malaysian Civil Service, GLCs, Armed Forces and Police better follow the need to ensure equality for all in employment based on quota.

    The private sector will have no choice but to follow in all 'HALAL' operations/businesses.

    But it is a known fact that you will not want to lobby for this.

    Your personal agenda is so different.


  22. Anonymous1:10 pm

    pekerja non byak memburukkan/mencaci melayu bila bekerja dgn syarikat bangsa asing. Satu lagi, melayu susah nak bergaul dgn bangsa2 asing - tak bole ke pub, etc. Terlalu serius tentang agama sangat dari membina friendship dgn non. Bila cuti sikit2 nak balik kampung lah etc. Aku sendiri dengar dari expat2.

  23. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Memang betul. k'jaan TAK TEGAS. Melayu tak ada personality mah.Suka jilat j*bur jenis ni dan bangga sambil membuatnya.

  24. Anonymous2:25 pm


    You are one of the many I have across and there many in the States, UK and elsewhere who are not interested in coming back as long as private sector is reformed and the pathologically chronic racism of the Chingks curbed with force if need be. It is not because of any damn lack of competitiveness, English, laziness etc....recycled myths of the Chingks favie cocked Brits whom cocksuckled like mad during the heydays to wangle for contracts, concessions, land, infrastructure etc. it is there in our history, they cannot deny that try as they might.

    It is simply because the Chingk hate Malay guts as Malays empowered are definitely better than the Chingk shits. For so long they have ruled the private sector roost with Brit cocksuckling and later by hiring their own stupid kind to inbreed more stupidity that they now fear of being cheating lying nincompoops who cant even produce anything worthy of note. Proof:

    1. heard of any Chingkpig local, Singaporkian, Taiwan or mainland company that is a global brand like Samsung, Sony, Apple, Toyota etc? Zilch.... or maybe ACER but that was a long time ago so what does that tell us?

    2. if Malay run education syytem is so inferior and crappish, why are bastards in Singapork poaching our students. After all they would steer clear like crazy, right since as they shittily claim theirs is a superior system.

    3. If the Chingks are so good how come there are no Chingk startups who made it big in the US, why invariably we see a Jew, a White, an Arab or some other race helming innovation while the Chingk pariah sits in middle tier, twiddling his thumb and jerking his cock

    4. How come Singapork that supposedly scores tops in PISA studies is languishing at the bottom in the innovation stakes?

    What has been fed to Malays and non-Chingks everywhere are myths..rags to richeslah, hardworklah, business senselah blahblah blah to hide their racist, supremacist leanings when the only company on Forbes 500 is a MALAY run one called Petronas and till today for all their shitty antics, the Chingkpigs cant even smell our arses..enough said

    Warrior 231

  25. JohorMali3:10 pm

    My personal experience and observation on a Chinese can be related by the following :
    Venue: a popular roti canai stall in JB
    Me (sitting) : ..dek, roti canai kosong dua ...

    Chinaman : coming from nowhere, with an empty plate in his hand, would simply go straight to the tabar area and pick up whatever roti canai just cooked by the mamats . Kuah, sambal etc everything self service:

    Me: wait and wait for the roti canai.

    So, am I a lazy Malay bump and the Chinese a very hardworking and resourceful person?

  26. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Chinese in private firms are racist.
    There is no denying that.
    They will comfortably exchange important information between them in Chinese excluding you from the conversation.
    If a Chinese candidate score slightly lower in academic achievement or presentation during interview, they will be hired over the other races, Indian included, because "I can relate to them better".
    Meritocracy? my foot!

  27. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Rocky the Donkey, his Fat Dog and the Voiceless Idiot Are Back on their Racial Prejudice Bandwagon for Votes!

  28. Anonymous5:18 pm

    No wonder the Malays flocked to Gomen for jobs. Can't really blame them I think. Malaysian first, race second. I bet you stand with what you said.
    Send your children to vernacular schools. Hardly fluent in Malays. Don't even show enough effort to master it. Mingle with their own kind. Show little interest in police and army jobs. Shunned the civil service. With all the time they have, they rather plunge themselves into business. Keeping the wealth circled and distributed among themselves. Paid some taxes to show some gratefulness and the rest of the time is for concerted effort of making as much money as possible and save them for during hard times.
    Are these instances show of an individual of Malaysian first, race second? think about it..
    but yet still, some of them even have balls to rap Muhiyddin for saying he is Malay first and Malaysian second.

  29. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Mustapha Ong,

    Chinese lagi kuat mengumpat tetapi sesama mereka saja, depan kaum lain pura-pura tak faham sebenda, however they know who is whose mistress and whatnot who hutang Along etc.

    My brothers and sisters look chinese, chinese educated and mix well with their ex-classmates like buddy buddies, not many will know they themselves are Malays.. so I am fully aware of what goes on behind the curtains.

    Rajin? Maybe some but not all. Infact the reason they look so busy is becos of their communication problems and very suspicious of everything. Eg: My neighbours, don't use teller machines, insist on lining-up daily for the slightest of banking transactions, also as they are Malay/Eng illiterates so this make them look very rajin. I even volunteered to teach them how to use e-banking, no they prefer the old ways... of cos very sibuk in and out of the banks everyday.

    Daily the nombor ekor fella will be on his rounds to help them buy numbers. The nbr ekor book available on their counter, hear of an xcident or biawak masuk rumah, out comes their ramalan ekor. They told me thats the best way for them to save money, menang ekor!

    And they teach their kids, evenif you have not a single sen in your pockets, biar maggie or moi everyday, never let anyone know, gaya mesti ada, kereta mesti besar!!

    I can go on and on... lots of hypocrites trying to show they are "on top" to jaga muka.

    Kawan Rapat Apek

  30. Anonymous7:27 pm

    We have to do what ever takes to survive.

  31. Anonymous7:28 pm

    My hubby, a bumi, struggled to prove his worth in a multinational just because he's a MALAY! He more than qualified and was promoted a few times.
    Yang tak happy tu suku sakat/bangsa bukan Bumi yang kononnya nak succeed based on merit but was very greeneyed and unhappy to see him on the pedestal....and all because he's a Bumi! This is what I call the new breed of ugly Malaysian...hiding behind the word 'equality' tapi cakap tak serupa bikin.


  32. You know what is deafening. The silence of lim kit siang and DAP supporters against racism. Where's don play puk? We're all one race konon. They're all racist but pretend to say they're against racism. Practicing selective racism. They think we're stupid not to see it.

  33. IT.Sheiss4:08 am

    Without being idealistic, the fact of the matter is that race and perhaps one's gender matters, and this is true even in the western countries which officially have anti-discriminatory and equal opportunity legislation in place, and even affirmative action programmes to help visible minorities.

    When the economy is doing well or booming, racial differences drop below the surface, since almost everyone has a job or a thriving business, so are comfortably off.

    But during tough economic times, with rising unemployment, a tough business environment with fewer opportunities, people compete harder for a slice of a smaller or shrinking pie, which is when racial tensions come to the fore, as is evident from the riise of ultra-right wing parties in Europe.

    I remember Malaysia in the early 1990s before the Asian Economic Crisis. Back then there were plenty of jobs to go around and the business climate was good and race relations were OK and we got along.

    While non-Bumitutras had difficulty finding government jobs or in GLCs, it didn't matter so much, since we could easily find work in the thriving private sector and even Malays could, so whatever preferential government policies were in place, it did not matter so much, even though we did at times grumble privately.

    However, after the economic crisis, Malaysia's economy has never been the same again and while it may have improved, we are not back to thos economic go go days.

    So yes, race has come to the fore again, and I don't think it will ever go away permanently, even if the government abolishes preferential policies and replaced them with equal opportunity policies.

    At the end of the day, it's the state of the economy, even if there is a Pakatan government running the country.

  34. Anonymous10:13 am

    The red dot education system basically relies on rote learning based on hard work, burning midnight oil and 10 year series.

    That is why they still NEED foreign "talent" to do the analytical thinking and decision making.

    The red dot scholars are mere obedient robots pampered and propped up with tuition 24/7/365.

    The tuition industry is a billion dollar machine - to provide many leg-ups to the rich and penalise truly talented non-chinese.

  35. Jasper Bloodstone6:40 pm

    It's no surprise to see the warrior emoting again....and again, ad nauseam.

    The posts must have hit a lot of tender spots, hence the sensitivity.

    I daresay that Singapore Airlines is better known globally and carries a stronger brand equity than, say, MAS (or BA, Qantas, Air France or Lufthansa. Or Garuda or Lion Air - the erstwhile heart throb of the Malindo Air boosters).

    And insiders in the oil & gas industry can vouch for the bonafides of companies like Keppel Corp and Sembawang Corp. They have won a lot more international business than, say, Scomi, Dialog or Sapura Kencana.

    Let's see - there is China's Huawei and ZTE in the esoteric field of telecoms equipment manufacturing. And let's not forget SingTel which has a bigger global footprint than Telekom Malaysia.

    All these are neither here nor there.

    The topic is hiring preferences and prejudices, and alleged discrimination therein based on race/ethnic factors.

    Have the MNCs that have invested in Malaysia complained about the paucity of local skills and talent? What are the views of MIDA and Miti on this, as they are the agencies responsible for attracting FDI into Malaysia?

    The international chambers of commerce (such as Amcham) have regular dialogues with the government. Have they raised the issue of the "employability" of local graduates?

  36. Jasper Bloodstone8:19 pm

    FutureBrand Country Brand Index 2012-2013. I note that Singapore is ranked 14th in the top 25 list.

    Funny - I don't see Malaysia in this top 25 list....

    Maybe the FutureBrand pundits got their methodology screwed up.....

    It hurts, doesn't it, if Singapore has a better "brand" than Malaysia, according to the FutureBrand criteria which appears to be reasonably exhaustive.

    Maybe the people running Singapore must be doing a few things right....more so since the Singaporean bloggers criticizing Singapore are not quitting the city-state en masse.

    Which, among other things, means they must be doing a good job of talent spotting, nurturing and recruiting. Regardless of race/ethnicity/religion/sexual orientation.

    At least, the Singaporean Malays and Indians that I have the privilege to be acquainted with in university and the workplace have no hangups about being discriminated against in jobs recruitment and promotions.

    And with English being the common lingua Franca in schools, universities and the workplace, it's a lot easier to get things done in Singapore.

    Just ask the Yanks, Brits, Aussies, Japs, China Chinese and India Indians. Not to mention the French, Germans and Turks........

  37. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Very true Rocky. A Malay company gladly take non-Malays and give them due promotion.
    Look at NST, TV3, Utusan and BH for example. So many nons hold important positions. So many nons in TV3 are in the limelight.
    Compare that to The Star. No Malay at senior editorial level. Only as foreign editor.
    Malays are just decor to show to the government that the Chinaman company are following the affirmative action.
    Go to any banks like Public Bank. Only Chinese rise to the top. Compare that to CIMB where Chinese and Indians hold top posts.
    Malays are known to be accomodating. We allow and accept Nons to be citizens. If you ask Chinese or Indians who they think should rule the country, the Chinese will say please not Indians and the Indians will say tolonglah no Cinaman who are first class racists.
    Just look at DAP Chinese leaders and it's enough to show you.

  38. Anonymous2:26 am

    Mustapha Ong

    Shut the fact and stop using the Ong in your name.

    Heard you are as bad as any Malay in peddling Najib's name.

    Heard your son is corrupt!

  39. Anonymous2:37 am

    y de fuck wan to join de cinapek co ?

    if those fcuking cinakui r so fcuked... boikot dem...

    teach dem cinapek a lesson, fcuk dem, we join de public sektor !!!

    tomolo all we melayu only aply to govermen job!!!

    rdewise we r look like parasite in dis country...

  40. Bedul8:40 am

    Sibuk cakap pasal equality. Marah kalau orang Melayu cakap I am a Malay first.
    Kononnya semua mesti cakap I am a Malaysian. Betul ke?
    Cina terutamanya bangga sangat dengan bangsanya. Kalau mereka yang Bumiputera, sorrylah kita kalau nak dapat apa-apa.
    Running a company alone they show their racism. Mesti memberitahu kita awak bekerja di syarikat Cina tau.
    Nasib baiklah Allah memberikan Malaysia ni negara Melayu dan Islam. Kalau tidak kita ni macam Singapork lah - ditindas tak bersuara.
    Cina manalah reti berkongsi. Tengoklah at sales saja. Kiasu. Berebut like there's no tomorrow.
    On the road too, they must always be winners.

  41. Anonymous11:07 am

    Cina banyak kaki ampu, happy hours dengan boss mat salleh. Kerja hampes.

  42. Anonymous11:57 am

    U all smart, intelligent, hardworking malays have sapu all the jobs in the public sector...

    don't also want to whack all the jobs in the private co.

    Bagi la chance to the lazy & stupid chinese to cari makan.

  43. Where is we are all one race: the human race donplaypuk? This is the problem with us. Always practice selective racism but proclaim against racism of any sort. Those who espouse racial education segregation policy from young should stop being hypocritical against racism.

  44. Anonymous9:51 am

    I read all your comments and I hate the politics for exactly this reason. Whatever, my race may be, I am always Malaysian first. All three races have their strengths and weaknesses, and no race is perfect. Lets get that into everyone's thick skull. I curse the insecure thieving bastards up there who turned this country to this..

  45. These prejudices reflect objective differences in attainments of the various races and bias against science but the extent shown by the figures don't seem alarming and confirm success of NEP and Vision 2020.

    Multimedia Super Corridor and internet freedoms we enjoy will continue to assault our prejudices more surely and deeply than anything else.

    Opposition's harping on perceived issue has only helped to retard the breakdown of biases, which are a natural part of our situations and history.

  46. UMNO pejuang hak Melayu2:44 pm

    Blame UMNO President for not fighting for the Malays and promoting Chinese and Indian first. Especially that pariah Mahathir.

    Betul kata anon, kena tegas macam Lee Kuan Yew tekan Melayu di Singapura.

    Tetapi lain pula Presiden2 UMNO, subsidi berbilion untuk Cina, rm500 untuk Melayu.

    Ahli-ahli UMNO perlu sedar penipuan yang dilakukan oleh mereka yang merebut kuasa dalam UMNO telah dirasuah oleh orang Cina seperti Vincent Tan, Yeoh Tiong Lay dan lain2.

    YTL dengan anak-anak Presiden UMNO bersekongkol mengaut keuntung dari TNB melalui IPP. YTL dengan Muhyidin kontrak Bestarinet jadi education blueprint apahal?

    Ini baru satu. Anak-anak Presiden UMNO, Mukhriz, Mohkzano, mirzan, MArina di lantik menjadi Pengarah dalam beratus syarikat Cina diantara mereka berempat.

    Lihat lama blog UMNO zaman paklah.

    Kepimpinan UMNO perlu dipulangkan kepada Melayu yang memperjuangakan Melayu.

  47. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Blood is thicker than water despite of its redness,DNA sucks!!!

  48. Rocky love to accused others...for what Umno b..racists bastards are.
    He has learn the art of twisting very well.
    Minorities have to defend themselves...and in doing so are labelled as racists.
    This is an old trick...used cover and over again.

  49. Anonymous8:05 pm

    This is one of the few articles i agree with Rocky.

    The main reason why i work in a multinational.

    The Caucasions bosses hate all of us equally.

  50. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Oh i see, Mr Delusional Jasper is back after giving his mother her mouthfuck, the right dose for a street bitch who birthed an arsefucking and arsefucked useless, loosescrewed, stumpycocked troll.

    All those garbage he quoted doesnt answer 4 simple questions as is so typical of the rubbish he spouts here oftentimes:

    heard of any Chingkpig local, Singaporkian, Taiwan or mainland company that is a global brand like Samsung, Sony, Apple, Toyota etc? Zilch.... or maybe ACER but that was a long time ago so what does that tell us?

    2. if Malay run education syytem is so inferior and crappish, why are bastards in Singapork poaching our students. After all they would steer clear like crazy, right since as they shittily claim theirs is a superior system.

    3. If the Chingks are so good how come there are no Chingk startups who made it big in the US, why invariably we see a Jew, a White, an Arab or some other race helming innovation while the Chingk pariah sits in middle tier, twiddling his thumb and jerking his cock

    4. How come Singapork that supposedly scores tops in PISA studies is languishing at the bottom in the innovation stakes?

    For after his masturbation, the droplet of semen, he is able to muster amounts to nothing more than the pathetic rant of a madmna trying to talk up names of companies built on thieving, cheating and moneylaundering.

    ah, yes i forgot, Singapork is still good at one thing, though:

    as all pimp and whore paradises must be...hahahahahahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  51. Anonymous3:29 pm

    The sex blogger kept his place at NUS but had his scholarship withdrawn for the final year.

    He got off lightly indeed.

    Just wondering what will happen if he is not a chinese??

  52. Anonymous12:44 pm

    singpork education system is full of crap, those that ace it were "imprisoned" by tutors, 10 year series and midnight oil

    that crappy system is propped up by billionaire tuition industries cropping up like poison mushrooms

    the scholars are rote learners, robotic and super subservient - no innovative cells in their brains - suitable for yes-men bent on following big brother's demands

    NOW big brother got to employ foreign talent (trash) to do all the analytical thinking and decision making

    while the scholars sit in their ivory towers buying and selling stocks and shares

  53. Jasper Bloodstone4:12 pm

    Doesn't matter lah - the meanderings of the warrior in his solitary crusade to highlight the evil doings and shortcomings of what he fondly calls "Singapork".

    Alas, it's a pity that the rest of the world doesn't buy into his fetishtic arguments which, by now, reek of desperation.....

    FATCA, anyone?

    Oh, btw, coming back to the topic. It's very simple. Just get the government to impose mandatory hiring quotas on the Malaysian public sector, including MNCs and foreign investors.

    The so-called "bill of rights" for the Multi-Media Super Corridor and Iskandar Malaysia can be easily repealed.

    After all, it's not the first time that the government has "flip flopped" on policy matters.

    So, if desperate times call for desperate measures, what's stopping the government from doing so?

    Maybe the warrior and those who subscribe to his thinking and philosophies can stage a hartal in the salubrious environs of Putrajaya to publicise their agenda. Given the ubiquity and global reach of the social media, such an event will easily go blockbuster viral.

    It's a challenge for the hearts and minds of Malaysians, isn't it, when push comes to shove?

  54. Jasper Bloodstone5:26 pm

    Let me nail the warrior on his question 4 ("innovation stakes") in his post of 5:02 PM.

    Funny thing that, when there's such a thing called the Insead Global Innovation Index 2012 (go Google it).

    Let's see now- Singapore is ranked #3, Malaysia #32. Oh, bollocks - score 1 for the Singaporkians!

    Btw, the top 10 in the Global Innovation Index 2012 rankings are: Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, Finland, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Hong Kong (China), Ireland and the USA.

    Delving into the minutiae of the Index:

    - Innovation Input Sub-Index: Singapore #1, Malaysia #29

    Innovation Output Sub-Index: Singapore 11, Malaysia 38

    Institutions: Singapore #8, Malaysia #55

    Human Capital & Research: Singapore #2, Malaysia #42

    Infrastructure: Singapore #9, Malaysia #41

    Market Sophistication: Singapore #4, Malaysia #14

    Creative Outputs: Singapore #37, Malaysia #42

    Business Sophistication: Singapore #1, Malaysia #11

    Knowledge & Technology Outputs: Singapore #3, Malaysia #36

    The tale of the tape ain't pretty, izzit?

    Or, maybe, the oft-derided Singaporkian education system ain't that bad after all - compared with it's Malaysian counterpart.

  55. Anonymous9:02 pm

    so the study has been done and the report was publicised.
    the question now, what actions the govenment is going to take on this issue?
    1. keep quiet
    2. let malays handle issue by themselves
    3. let chinese-controlled foreign companies continue with the grand design
    4. give more contracts valued hundreds millions to billions to foreign companies so that they dont run away
    5. give more opportunities to chinese graduates & professionals
    6. give something to malays graduates & professionals
    7. do not know what to do ( as long salary keep continuing credited in bank account at end of every month)

    Where is umno? where is PKR where is PAS?
    Do we need to ask DAP o r MCA to help the malays?
    Do we need to ask MIC to help the malays?
    It seems malays has nothing to turn to since umno and PAS and PKR are busy with the coming elections, and will always keep busying themselves after the election too...

  56. Anonymous7:22 am

    Hahaha....Chingkpig is scrapping his shit barrel in desperation. After giving his mummy his obligatory cunt, arse, and mouth fucks of course with his unwashed stumpy cock.....ROFL

    at 4.12pm, the effects of fuckservicing his one and only whore ( u know who folks) must be so bad that he does not know what he is rambling about. Be that as it may, no amount of codswalloping will ever erase a moneylaundering tag, indelibly etched here for posterity:

    Prattle what he may, fact is Singapig earned its way via moneylaundering, period. And until mr arsefucking pig can write in to US State Department to get his Singapig off the list, that reality remains uncontested, mr motherfucking, pa arse raping pig. Talk about fetishes for delusions! Enuff said.

    In a desperate attempt, his SB handlers have fed pig with a little quoted obscure document of inconsequence to show Singapig or Singapork as some great Edison paradise. Edison Chen would be more like it, pig. Don't give us ur garbagefed to you by your SB handler, dog! Yeah, when even your fellow pigs know the reality better than any Singapig government corrupted index creator :

    a reality that is as palpable as it was ten years ago:

    So try harder, filthy cocked mother fucking Chingkpig of a jester.....oops Jasper! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    And try answering ALL the questions for a change instead of feeding us some gibberish gleaned from your mother's cockhungry whelps and howls,what a pariah bitch, you have there.

    Warrior 231

    By the way, the only innovation SIngapig is known for apart from moneylaundering is producing sex blogs, ask a certain Adrian, MALAYsian educated but Singapork corrupted....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ROFLMAO

  57. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Doesnt matter. It is all back to individual belief.
    Malay no need to be rich, can't bring the money to the grave.
    Chinese on the other hand, need the "fake" money (that bought using real money) to be use in their heaven.

  58. Jasper Bloodstone4:23 pm

    Ah, yes - the US State Department!!!!

    So, it can't entirely be a coincidence that Hillary Clinton is visiting Singapore soon (hmm - I wonder why she's not visiting Malaysia. Eh, JJ - everything peachy in Malaysia-US bilaterals?).

    Maybe Hillary is going to be talking tough with the Singapore government about "money laundering" and "tax havens"? LOL.....

    I am surprised that an Insead survey is so cavalierly dismissed as "a little quoted obscure document of inconsequence...." Perhaps that protagonist's brainpower is superior to that of the Insead boffins......

    Anyways, I am done answering your "questions". Let the tale of the tape decide who wins the race in Asean and East Asia?

    Oh, just to put matters in context. The Singapore Straits Times today had a nice photo of the Sultan of Johor being entertained to dinner in Singapore by PM Lee Hsien Loong. Under the caption "PM Lee hosts dinner for Johor Royalty", the report said that "Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Mrs Lee yesterday hosted dinner for the Sultan of Johor, his consort Raja Zarith Sofiah and their family....Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, who was on a private visit to Singapore, visited the Johore Battery in Changi and the Changi Museum earlier in the day....."

    It's nice to see that the fear and loathing inspired by the "little red dot" is not shared by all quarters in Malaysia ("KL-Singapore venture unveils plans for Bugis project" - Singapore Business Times, November 15).

    Now, can we get back to the topic of this thread?

  59. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Jasper 5:26,

    You can put any statistic in world to glorify your country, but you cannot deny the fact that those creative force is those foreigner who doing their business in Singapore. Not Singaporean and they are not even educated in Singapore.

  60. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Dei pig, don't spin your cocktales here. Hilary Clinton and before her condolezza rice visited Moneylaundering cum tax haven Switzerland during the height the UBS tax scandal. Redacted diplomatic notes are accessible here:

    For a timeline on UBS, folks wiki gives a concise take:

    Match them up, visitors and scandal I mean, and you will see piggy Chingkie cunty cuni is spinning another LIE in desperate to cleanse Singapig's moneylaundering slur.

    Folks, this clearly shows that diplomacy has litle or nothing to do with legal issues and regulatory report compilation. If not the Swiss would have been fucked big time diplomatically, and literally made a pariah state.

    Now if we were to extend pig's diseased logic to its delusional end, how come Clinton skipped your pigsty back here

    And why is Obama giving your fucked up crooked, moneylaundering banana republic the big miss when he can waste his time fucking around in Myanmar.

    Now that delusional logic of yours is down the shithole, right? But that is to be expected since you were from a diseased womb, the filthy chancred cunt to which was rammed by a syphilitic stumpy pig cock of a pimp who spilled his diseased sperm on his whore during his cockhungry moment of unmitigated angst many moons ago.

    Hei Chingkie pig, dont spin whoretales when you should be smooching on your whorestwat. Each and every time your LIES will be exposed. We know who are your handlers and what they pay you to troll. For the moment, you are safe hiding there but there will come a time when they will cut your cock loose when you are of no use or value. Then we will see.....

    By the way, INSEAD who? Some Swiss funded or Singapig bankrolled feel good cocktalker who spins lies for his masters' stash of illegal cash, eh pig? As if we are stupid enough not to see the obvious when it comes to innovation in the world. Singapig and for that matter, INSEAD shitcoated Switzerland and Sweden don't figure tall, just inconsequential shit stains on a toilet bowl, get it?

    And using your demented, logic seems to me your bastard arsefucker Harry and that piece of shit you call an education minister are idiots, plain and simple based on what they spouted in the links I provided. Now, note, I dint say that they are idiots, you just did given your penchant for brainpower measures. Now you got knotted up in your own words for you can never square your shit INSEAD garbage with those bastards quotes in the links.......hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ROFLMAO

    I reckon INSEAD is just like TI spinning shittales about Switzerland , Singapig, HK being the least corrupt when the whole world knows that they talking up moneylaundering paradises for a reason. Don't take us for fools, Chingkie pig. U can do that with your mum as you arse, mouth and cuntfuck her all you want. Try harder next time, pondan

    and don't beg to go back to the topic when you started the game...getting too hot eh, balless trannie? Next time try staying the course and playing it like a man if u have the balls. Failing which, hide in whichever shithole you can find and read this as you munch mummy's cunt,feckless, cockless pig!,-locals-could-lose-jobs

    Warrior 231