Friday, November 02, 2012

A Pokok Sena tragedy

Five in a family perished in a head-on collision involving a lorry yesterday.  [watch the NTV7 clipping h e r e ]. The driver of the lorry was believed to have lost control of his vehicle. The accident happened in Pokok Sena.

A hundred lawyers to help traffic offenders
Just hours before the accident, the MP for Pokok Sena, blood not yet in his hands then, was urging Malaysians to ignore summons issued under the AES, a new high-tech system that catches traffic offenders on camera.

MP Mahfuz Omar means, if you were caught on one of these cameras going twice or three times the speed limit, in which case you would probably lose control of your vehicle, just ignore the summons. Mahfuz said he will even provide you with legal aid if they charge you in court.

What will Mahfuz tell the family of the five who perished yesterday? 


  1. Beruk Nasional12:31 pm

    Like this also want to whack PAS ah...

  2. Anonymous12:38 pm

    What we should tell the family of the deceased is this: Mamakthir caused this problem. By protecting Proton and Perodua, he prevented cheaper and safer cars from entering our market. The poor can only afford a Saga or a Viva which until very recently had no airbags. The metal is said to be made from recycled Milo tins.

    Last week, a mother and child perished in a collision in Trengganu. The Proton saga was a twisted piece of wreck. Again, no airbags and poor tensile strength of metal.

    Yes, Mamamkthir has killed a lot of people, especially the poor who could not afford Toyotas or Hondas or Nissan.

    And Rocky, before you post anything stupid, you better understand that such tragedies had nothing to do with the AES. The victims were not speeding. It has everything to do with extremely poor quality local cars.

    1. Anonymous1:43 pm

      Well said.

    2. Anonymous1:28 am

      Anon or Anu..12.38pm,..kepala hotak lu..stupid..

  3. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    Lu mahu spin apa ? Kemalangan ini bukan sebab speeding. AES boleh cegah head-on collision ? Mana lu belajar ?


  4. Anonymous1:13 pm

    stupid Rocky...AES a not a life saving device ....

    Rocky makin lama makin bodohlah !!

  5. Have you found out if these people objected to the AES itself or the short-comings (eg 2 secounds amber light that is too short) and manner it is implemented?

    And in this incident, has a detailed investigation being done and concluded on the cause(s) of this accident?

    Was it due to carelessness?
    Was it due to speeding?
    Was it due to any other reasons?
    Was it due to sleapiness?
    What was the real cause?

    Have you found out if the driver/victims (may they rest in peace) was in favour and actually supported the MP for Pokok Sena on this issue?

    Or have they even heard of AES or known of the MP's call???

    Please DO NOT make use of the misfortunes of others to further your agenda.

    There are better and morally upright ways of earning a living.

    You are obviously one very sick man, rocky!

  6. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Kalau AES tu betul-betul baik kenapa letak kontrak di bawah akta rahsia. Apa mau lindung brother? Saya tak takut kena saman brother tapi saya tak suka perjanjian antara kerajaan dan swasta dirahsiakan.

  7. Anonymous1:45 pm

    This is truly called spinning out of control.

    Why bring the dead into a political posting.?

  8. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Tell the family that this is a perfect example that AES WILL NOT prevent this head on collision. In fact the poor quality stupid 'national' car they used should be blamed for their inferior quality. If they were to use some branded foreign cars, their lives may be spared.

  9. Anonymous1:54 pm

    AES is one of the efforts by GoD (Gov of the Day) to alleviate tragedies on our roads and hiways. It may not perfect, and definetely is not a form a direct "life saving" device. Thats why it is being categorized as "effort". Of course there are other elements that can cause tragic accidents etc, some are beyond of our/GoD control. At least, GoD has shown it seriousness to improve safety for people while on the road. So why sabotage it?. Why politicised it? Why we are putting "cronyism" here?....Life must go on and somebody must have got other contracts somewhere for other projects it in KL, Perak...or Selangor..or Penang etc.

    Lets be fair in our argument.

  10. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Aku tak sangka begini teruk dan jumudnya pemikiran kamu Rocky. Kamu belajar dengan Parpukari lagi bagus. Sekurang-kurangnya dia tiada ilmu kewartawanan!

  11. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Depa nie semua yang dok comment mengaku clever. Biasanya depa nie menyalak jer pandai penyelesaian tak ada. Kalau negara kita pengeluar besi dunia hang nak buat kereta proton macam kereta kebal pun boleh. Bangga dengan keta jepun sangat lebih bagus orang macam nie baik dok jepun. Malaysia tak bagus serah jer kerakyatan buat apa bising-bising.

    1. Anonymous7:02 am

      Penyelesaian tak ada ? Baca betul2. Kita ada penyelesaian yang tidak ada faedah kewangan (seperti penggantungan lesen atau masuk penjara) yang berkesan untuk matalamat kurangkan kemalangan. Tapi cadangan ini tak beri faedah kpd kroni2 BN.

    2. Anonymous7:05 am

      Pencuri2 wang rakyat lah yang dikehendaki serahkan kerakyatan. Atau dimasukkan penjara.

  12. Anonymous2:46 pm

    It was stated in a blog that the actual equipment cost plus installation for AES is RM 400+ million. Why then must the cost be RM 800+ million ? Why must we award overpriced contracts to cronies and then make the public pay for it ?

    Isn't it better to suspend drivers after 3 offences and if they continue to drive while under suspension, put them in jail. Oh I forgot, this sort of action doesn't bring in money for the "piratisation" project.

  13. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Tu la asyik mentedarah duit upahan UMNOH, makin lama makin bengap si blogger high profile ni. We fully understood that you were paid to bark....salak la di tempat yang betul. Takkan nampak pokok pisang bergoyang pun nak salak sedangkan pencuri yang menyamun khazanah negara kau anjing buat pekak badak.

    Its so difficult to defend a corrupt regime....the topics of discussion were so limited. Nak cakap pasal lembu terinagt NFC, nak bincang pasal LRT projek teringat Najib dah fuck Ampang LRT project bersama George Kent, nak cakap pasal senjata teringatkan rasuah kapal selam. Serba tak kena dibuatnya. Tapi duit dah ambil. Mahu tak mahu kena menyalak la juga. Satu dunia orang condemn AES, ada juga makhluk dungu yang mempertahankannya. Blogger besar konon! bangang mengalahkan mamak Penang ahli PUKIDA

  14. Anonymous3:29 pm

    yang dok komen ne bila nak bini kaum keluarga kena langar dengan speeding car yang out of control baru rasa

  15. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Let us ask ourselves the main objective of fixing such device? Is it for Fun, is it for Political mileage or is it for public safety? Prior to this device, the authority conducted road blocks..the public claim it is creating unnecessary inconvenience to road users. Launching all kind of "Op"- Not so effective-death toll remain the same almost every year. Now our gvt is experimenting the usage of the said device.. give it a chance. If it is effective there is no reason to object the initiative. This is not a political issue, it involves lives and safety of road users.

  16. Anonymous3:57 pm


  17. Anonymous4:09 pm

    kesian pulak dgn import cars worshippers nih...sikit2 nak salahkan proton/perodua..bila accident involve local cars mesti nak blame mader..what the hell..tak puas hati?go to hell la

  18. Anonymous4:47 pm

    anon 12:38 --- how come you can be so stupid? so if you drive a mercedes carelessly you cannot get killed? Lady Diana?
    It is how you drive, not what you drive. use your brain. unless its missing.

  19. Anonymous4:49 pm

    anon 1:50 --- branded? Lady Diana was killed in a mercedes.

  20. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Pls translate to bahasa Melayu, Mahfudz ni faham ke English..... Lunch = Launch, Speed = spit ??

  21. Anonymous5:26 pm

    The driver of the lorry lost control of his vehicle and rammed head-on with Produa Viva. The cause of the 'lose control' has yet to be established. It might be due to break failure, DUI, over speeding, or lapse in concentration but the probability that he's speeding could is there. So to raise up the issue of AES is relevant here. Rocky tried to emphasize the relevancy of AES and to let the AES take its course without being politicized beyond the sphere of logic. To prepare legal aids for those being brought to court for refusing to pay summonses,I mean come on, that's how far politicians prepare to go to shore up their support!..
    And those who resort to calling rocky names, swearing with expletives-laden comments, you at least should be grateful to him as your comments appeared and you know your comments will 100 percent appear the way you write them. Give me one popular blog where you could get that kind of privilege. It shows Rocky uphold your right to express yourself; no matter he agree or not with you. And he's also not the one being personal with you. He is free to write anything the way you are free to give your two cents worth. He is a true believer of freedom of expression. But you came out here calling him UMNO lackey. So why are you here if you don't like him? Why bother to read at all? Why don't you just go and spew your venom somewhere else. You are not supposed to be here if you can't hold thoughtful discussion and healthy debate. This blog is unlike other blogs and news portal who preach relentlessly about free speech and press freedom but published comments that only suit their view and interest. Now who's lackey who here?

    1. Anonymous7:58 am

      Hahahaha pemimpin mereka majoritinya hipokrit dusun. Jika pemimpin dah perangai macam sakai ini kan pula perabgai para pengikutnya.
      Semuanya tidak betul. Semuanya tidak bagus. Semuanya tidak kena.
      Mereka sahaja yang bagus. Mereka sahaja anugerah tuhan kepada Malaysia.
      Inilah manusia-manusia perangai serupa kera. Dapat bunga habis dilanyak secukup rasa. Kera punya manusia.


  22. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Moral of the story...samaada ada AES atau tidak, pandulah kereta tu berhati-hati..jangankan Proton, Mercedes pun hancur kalau di pandu laju dan bertembung dengan lori...Jangan dok ikut cakap Mahfuz sebab dari dulu sampai la ni dia memang suka langgar peraturan.

    1. Anonymous7:59 am

      Sakai mahpudz ni mana penah cakap ada ilmu. Dok merapu je dari dulu. Ini jugak yang dipilih manusia2 PAS.

  23. Anonymous6:11 pm


    kalau nak comment biarlah yang logic. janganlah comment macam budak mentah. tunjuklah kematangan dan bukan kebodohan.

  24. srizals7:41 pm

    If you don't speed, abide the speed limit, then it is more likely you won't "loose control" of your "faulty" vehicle. Chances are, people can dodge your not so fast "ignored condition" vehicle. Kindergarten logic. Plain and simple. Stupid arguments by stupid PKR lovers of "milo grade local made cars". Talk about nationalism! No wonder you'll lose the upcoming PRU. Bye suckers. And Lady Di died in a crash of a overly priced luxurious Western made sedan cum "tank". It doesn't save her as well from that accident, freak! And for those who still consider PKR aka illegal entity, get a life! How stupid can you get?

  25. Anonymous8:17 pm

    So murah lah u rocky

  26. Anonymous8:49 pm

    All these Pakatan clowns here all I sense their feelings only of $$$$$.. The real issue here is speeding over the permitted limit.

    What has it got to do with our National car, submarines, lembu or what the hell are you all trying to sampaikan disini? If there are elements of corruption, bring them out in the open, kecut telor ke? ..sekadar pandai tembak2 like the "Rosmah ring" fiasco, tu semua kerja bahalol.

    Accident Victim

  27. i think the principle of "better let 5 guilty men go free than convict an innocent man" should be relevant here. show me that AES can work without victimize innocent people, show me that AES can be applied to all without fear and favor. show me that when AES made mistakes or being tricked, victims have easy recourse to plead their case. above all show me that AES was done in good faith and not to fleece money. so far i have read that the cameras are place inappropriately, so far i have read report that plate number recorded from AES camera belongs to a different color car and the person victimized was given the run around by authorities when he want to plead his case. AES is not smart enough to detect a photo of car it snap actually belongs to a motorcycle for example. it is a machine, it also does not have emotion it does not understand a driver in emergency driving his pregnant wife to hospital to give birth. so the day a man becomes a father for the first time in his life and have another mouth to feed and we celebrate this joyous occasion by giving him 10 speeding summons?

  28. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Have you got a growth in the vicinity of your brain, Rocky? Have you got a brain in the first place? This latest spin of yours surely must qualify as the most idiotic and pathetic ever. But keep it coming, old man - at least you're good for a laugh.

  29. Anonymous9:32 pm

    The two companies that have been awarded to carry out AES were:

    BETA TEGAP SDN BHD which was incorporated on 07-02-2004.

    It is a dormant company with no account submitted to the SSM.

    The directors are:

    Nik Ismail bin Nik Mohamed
    To’ Puan Roazana binti Hj Redzuan
    Dr Andreas Teoh who is also the manager.

    The shareholders are:

    Nik Ismail bin Nik Mohamed 3,080,000 shares
    Dato’ Mohd Yunus Bin Othman 280,000 shares
    Yap Kim See @ Yap Ai Lin 700,000 shares
    To’ Puan Roazana Binti Hj Redzuan 5,740,000 shares
    Dr Andreas Teoh 4,200,000 shares

    It is using the AES by Redflex, which is based in South Melbourne, Australia.

    COMMERCIAL CIRCLE (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD which was incorporated on 06-06-1985.

    It has been submitting its account yearly in accordance with the rules.

    Its nature of business are:

    License holder and supplier of Defense and police equipment to Government Departments

    Supplies amd installation of traffic surveillance camersas and law enforcement equipment as well as the maintenance and servicing of such equipment.

    The directors are:

    Wong Ah Nooi @ Ng Siew Bee
    Foong Yook Seng @Lawrence Foong Yook Seng
    Norsiah binti Abu Asid
    Md Sepian Bin Ramli

    The shareholders are:

    Foong Yook seng @ Lawrence Foong Yook Seng 120,002 shares
    Michael Foong Ka-Meng 240,005 shares
    Norsiah Binti Abu Asid 240,005 shares

    It is using the Robot system which is from Germany.

    It was strange that these two companies were awarded the AES in 2005/2006 when YB Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy was the then Minsiter of Transport. Recently he has been charged with three counts of cheating the then Premier Abdullah Badawi by deceiving him into approving the turnkey project in PKFZ .

    So, you see.

    Who make all the money? - the chinese
    Who get killed on the road? - melayu
    Who started the hoo haahh - chinese politician
    Siapa yang mencacai? - malay politicians

    Can we say this is one classic example how melayu always kena tipu?

    1. Anonymous8:05 am

      Melayu melompat2 memekik sumpah seranah kerajaan untuk 0.05% daripada cina. Cina duduk diam2 bawak duit 99.95% ke bank tokey cina.
      Melayu jadi pailang cina.
      Melayu buta.
      Melayu hamba.
      Melayu gila kuasa.
      Melayu bodoh ikut telunjuk bangsa lain.

  30. damansaraman9:38 pm

    The point of US, THE PRO AES is simple; if safety and common sense can't handle those Stupid-Law-Ignoring-Drivers, then LET HEAVY SUMMONS handle them.

    It works tremendously well (high non negotiable summons) in Singapore, lets try it in Malaysia. UNLESS we Malaysian think Singaporean are a bunch of law abiding morons

    From the tens of thousands already caught with AES Summons within a very short span of time proved that Stupid-Law-Ignoring-Drivers are aplenty in our society.

    Moreover why the big fuss if you are not one of the Stupid-Law-Ignoring-Driver? Why defending those stupid drivers who don't give an minute care about the safety of our love ones and us?!!!!

    And if you are one of those Stupid-Law-Ignoring-Drivers....SERVE YOU RIGHT!!!!

    1. Anonymous8:06 am


  31. Anonymous9:52 pm

    entahlah, teringat nfc,teringat lembu tak cukup utk makanan kerana nfc dipolitikkan dgn pembohongan rafizi.

    teringat lrt ampang teringat rafizi buat isu untuk tolong ramlimusa dan ingress dpt kontrak tapi salahkan george kent. britau la ingress guna pm britain utk lobi.

    kroni pm british rupanya, . . .

    rafizi rafizi . . . . kuatnya bohong. sapa mak bapak kau yg ajarberbohong? atau didikan baik mak bapak hilang utk taksub keanwarberahi.

    baik2 sapa di sme bank. bini rafizi kerja situ. nanti laporan bank kamu didedahkan.

  32. Anonymous10:14 pm

    I hope, you believe in karma.

  33. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Who here actually read the article. The driver of the lorry is the one who lost control. Now, kalau bawak kereta kebal pun, airbag ade 6 pun, if the lorry plough into you, your chance of survival is pretty low - nothing to do with Proton, Perodua, Honda, Merc, etc. This just show how perverted some supporters are in defending a bad logic.
    A better car doesn't mean you can speed more because your chance of survival is higher in an accident - that is sick and perverse logic.

    Any studies done outside this country would have tell you that speed kills. Learn some physics if needed. The impact of a 80km/h accident is twice of a 60km/h.

    No one needs to be educated on speeding and obeying speed limit - kalau tak reti, bagi balik lesen memandu. Masa ambik test apesal tak cakap kat test instructor speed limit tak payah dipatuhi - retilak nak ikut undang2 - camna dari educated ke tak educated?

    All I've heard so far from people opposing is that, oh this jalan tak patut 50km/h, 30/km/h, etc as if they are the expert. Semua ikut sedap aje, janji cepat sampai. Peduli ape org lain terbabas ke, mati ke, bukan hal gua.

    Aku tak pernah tengok orang complain kat negara luar camni. Patutlah lesen malaysia tak recognise kat Europe/US, kebanyakan driver bebal.


  34. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Who here actually read the article. The driver of the lorry is the one who lost control. Now, kalau bawak kereta kebal pun, airbag ade 6 pun, if the lorry plough into you, your chance of survival is pretty low - nothing to do with Proton, Perodua, Honda, Merc, etc. This just show how perverted some supporters are in defending a bad logic.
    A better car doesn't mean you can speed more because your chance of survival is higher in an accident - that is sick and perverse logic.

    Any studies done outside this country would have tell you that speed kills. Learn some physics if needed. The impact of a 80km/h accident is twice of a 60km/h.

    No one needs to be educated on speeding and obeying speed limit - kalau tak reti, bagi balik lesen memandu. Masa ambik test apesal tak cakap kat test instructor speed limit tak payah dipatuhi - retilak nak ikut undang2 - camna dari educated ke tak educated?

    All I've heard so far from people opposing is that, oh this jalan tak patut 50km/h, 30/km/h, etc as if they are the expert. Semua ikut sedap aje, janji cepat sampai. Peduli ape org lain terbabas ke, mati ke, bukan hal gua.

    Aku tak pernah tengok orang complain kat negara luar camni. Patutlah lesen malaysia tak recognise kat Europe/US, kebanyakan driver bebal.


  35. Anonymous1:40 am

    Dear Rocky...there are so many hopeless people making stupid comments here. Blame the make of a car for the accidents ? Stupid or the speed and the erratic driving that causes most accidents. Where's they're logic man? or they and some of our politicians are just plain stupid. I do pray that their love ones became the victims of reckless driving so they would feel the grief of other victim's family and loved ones !

  36. Anonymous3:32 am

    Condolences to the family.

    Curses to everyone else.

  37. Anonymous6:58 am

    heheh... Yang liat dan takut AES ni mesti suka speeding, selalu kena saman dan tak bayar saman dan menyelesaikan dgn *cara* yg kita dah tau sangat.

  38. Mustapha Ong9:26 am

    Dear Bro Rocky,

    I think it's timely for you to have highlighted the rates of accidents in the couple of weeks and the death of some many motorists and other innocent people on the road.In this context, I wish to condemn the recent press and electronic media statement posted by Lim Guan Eng who had the cheek to threaten the BN Federal government's national AES project that had been implemented in September 2012 after due in depth assessments since 2003 with the Consultant, local and foreign agencies involved in the project.

    In a nutshell, DAP leadership has deliberately politicised the AES project in order to suit their political agenda as part of their PRU13 election campaign. LGE has instigated to suspend the AES project not only in Penang but also Selangor, Kedah and even Kelantan. LGE had criticized the petty issues pertaining to the installation of the AES Hightech cameras and also the speed limits enforced by RTD.

    LGE is a lawyer but he does not seem to know and respect the law of the majority. In my opinion, I have already responded a few times through my postings on the various criteria and reasons for the implementation of the AES project, which will impact more positive public civic interest rather than being so negative and going against the national project.

    Lastly, I have also suggested that MOT should be more proactive and efficient to encounter such unworthy criticism by the DAP and other opposition members. Although the prime minister is firm in the AES project issue, MOT Minister should draw up a cabinet paper on the legality of the matter being challenged by LGE for the perusal of AG Chambers.

    I believe under the law any Federal national projects could be not challenged by any state government authority, BN or the opposition Pakatan Rakyat.

    I hereby humbly advise Lin Guan Eng to clean up Pakatan state government's backyard especially in Selangor and Kedah before he opens his big mouth to condemn the BN government under Najib's leadership and administration.

    Just look at the issue of thousands of massage and reflexology centers, SPAs and other illegal entertainment centers especially in Selangor and Penang today. These are illegal entertainment centers for the PR administrators, cronies and supporters to make millions of Ringgit at the expense of the nation.

    BN government under PM Najib is trying to clean up the mess, but PR state governments especially DAP and PKR are trying to encourage illegal businesses, more opportunities for corruptions by the enforcement agencies, including the police, city and local councils and other authority including Immigration and the Religious anti-vice departments.

  39. Dear Dato',

    Buai laju laju.
    sampai pokok sena,
    dibalik pokok nangka;

    Pandu laju ;aju,
    Jasi trajidi Pokok Sena,
    Baru padan muka.

  40. Anonymous10:38 am

    Do you guys really thinks that AES is for saving life? It is there for the cronies and police to reap money from the rakyat. Balik kampung is an enjoyment but with this stupid AES you don't feel like balik anymore because you don't enjoy driving on the highways. Why? Instead of concentrating on driving on the road and enjoy the surroundings you keeps looking for speed signs everywhere which instead of helping may result in making you loss concentration on the road. For those who says that AES is good must be those who always sleep at home without travelling anywhere. Careless drivers will do careless things whether AES or no AES.

  41. Even UMB is sending their troopers to whack you Datuk.
    I bet they were laughing on seeing you being bashed by some goons from opposition and they had decided to join the party. This is presentable to their Unit's head (read: dickhead)

  42. Anonymous11:03 am

    apa punya bodoh punya komen la. apa jenis kereta pun kalau di pandu berhati-hati taklah seteruk kmalangan di atas. Masalahnya bukan kereta tu tapi pemandunya la bongok. Si Mahfuz ni pulak aku doa kaum kerabat dia maut ditangan pemandu laju atau trafik light beaters..baru dia ada akai....dia ni lebih nakkan undi dari selamatkan nyawa.

  43. IT.Sheiss3:48 pm

    In general I agree with Mustapha Ong, though he's wrong to say that LGE is a "lawyer." No, LGE is an economist who worked as an accountant. Mustapha Ong must have confused Lim Kit Siang, who is a lawyer, with LGE.

    If Penang state can block AES deployment, why could it not prevent the demolition of Kg. Buah Pala or provide more low-cost homes for people on Penang island.

    Sure, AES will not solve all problems of traffic violations but will at least solve some.

    While speed alone does not necessarily kill, still in a collision, the faster both parties are traveling towards each other, the more likely they can be killed.

    Also, if a car goes out of control at a higher speed, it is more likely to do more damaged and be more damaged if it collides with anything.

    Also the possibility of skidding is greater at higher speeds, though it would be vary, depending on the car, its size, weight, road conditions at the time (dry, wet, oily, sandy), the condition of its tire tread, etc.

    Some years ago, I was driving along Jalan Gasing in Petaling Jaya after midnight and upon the green light, started to turn right into Jalan Changgai 6/22 and a car coming at high speed in the opposite direction on Jalan Gasing zoomed past the front of my car, barely missing it. Had I not stepped on the brake in time, there would have been a serious accident and I would have been badly injured or killed.

    It's such drivers which AES will help control.

    If anyone says speed does not kill, challenge them to drive their car at 160 km/h into a solid brick wall and see whether they will accept.

  44. IT.Sheiss4:08 pm

    Check out:-

    Four killed as boy, 14, crashes father’s car

    AES would most probably not be able to detect the age of the car's driver but will at least be able to help curb some traffic offences.

    To those who oppose AES or how it has been tendered, contracted out or implemented should offer alternative solutions to curb traffic offenses, dangerous driving and general misbehaviour on roads.

    It's easy to criticise and provide a long laundry list of reasons as to the traffic violations which AES won't help solve but don't offer alternatives to address the problem.

  45. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Anon 9.32 pm:

    Sounds like a MCA-UMNO joint venture.

  46. Anonymous6:24 pm


    Dulu tahun 1988,,kamu ada naik itu Mazda,,,kasi langgar itu DIVIDER at Section 14 PJ,,,,Apa hal tada kasi blame THE STATE GOMEN,,!!!

    Itu saman ada BAYAR ka???


  47. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Mahfuz memang meroyan nak jadi menteri pengangkutan agaknya....tapi otak terlalu kecik macam otak ikan.

  48. Anonymous8:39 pm

    What can possibly be so bad about a system that aims to discipline motorists?

    The RM16 per summons? Don't speed, don't pay la.

    Motorists should be warned where the cameras are? Stupidest argument yet. Are we expecting announcements on where vice raids are going to take place as well? The brain doesn't quite compute this.

    Government should be able to undertake this project and not give it out to two private companies? Is this also the practice in selnagor, Penang, kedah and kelantan? The state governments doing everything on its own without privatisation?

    Personally, I support this. I am tired of watching morons zig zagging their way through traffic, express buses being driven at break neck speed, those who flout the law because they are just damn arrogant.

    And I think JPJ should also take up the suggestion by the anti AES people and suspend ALL licences of those who reach the limit of the demerit points. After all, this is what they want...

    Of course, if that happens, then they'll be the first to label this government as uncaring...

    Typical morons...


  49. damansaraman8:51 pm

    Anonymous 10.38 AM

    What a pathetic person you are! I really pity you. How on earth did you end up having such sorry state of mind?

  50. JinoSan11:07 pm

    Lately, have read and seen grotesque pictures of car accidents. Rakyats cough up money for the additional air-bags features. Wonder whether the air-bags actually deploy? Have seen expensive cars with front smashed in too- did their air-bags trigger? Can safety dept or transport department people give us some assurances?

  51. IT.Sheiss5:31 am

    Anonymous wrote:-

    "Who here actually read the article. The driver of the lorry is the one who lost control."

    If you look at the NTV7 video clip, you will see that the left side - i.e. the passenger side of the lorry is dented in, so the lorry must have been on the wrong side of the road when the accident happened.

    Also, while the front part of the car is all crumpled, the passenger compartment is still relatively intact, though the people inside were most probably killed by the impact.

    Anyway, the front and back of modern cars are designed to crumple upon impact, so as to absorb the force and lessen the force on the passengers.

    We'll have to wait till the investigations discover why the lorry went out of control.

  52. AES has been in Australia for decades. The people there...tak bising pun. They receive the fines and pay them.

  53. Rocky is a Sicko11:41 pm

    You are sick Rocky.

    One dont make fun or capitalised on the death of other peoples relatives.

    My, you are losing your touch and humanity.

    AES is not even installed yet and you crow your points.

    AES has been dismantled in US. Read Wee choo Keong.

    But its your gloating over other misfortunes that make you and the people you defend sickos.

  54. Anonymous1:20 am

    By the number of anti AES people you can judge the percentage of Malaysians who drive like idiots.

    They give all sorts of excuses like the don't want to pay cronies, not enough signs, limits too low, sudden change of limits, police can enforce the law, rakyat already poor, AES won't save lives, speed does not kill, Proton/Perodua kills as thought as a Beemer crashing a lorry won't, education is better way, saman too expensive, instead of AES roads should be fixed, traffic offenders are not criminals so the government should focus on real criminals etc.

    Long list of excuses because they cannot just abide the law. Today LGE ask those to pay summonses, wonder what these people will say?

  55. Anonymous1:28 am

    People also have the misconception that the Pro AES people are also BN people. NO WE ARE NOT.

    We are people who are pissed off with our stupid, reckless road bullies. We have enough of your terror and it is time to teach you people a lesson, an expensive one.

    AES FTW!!

  56. Anonymous11:09 am

    The issue is simple - how many lives can we save if we emphasise on safety features such as airbags and stronger steel ? I was involved in an accident in the UK many years ago, when a Jeep rammed into my rental car. My car was a total write off, but the airbags deployed and that saved me and my wife.

    Instead of giving billions to the AP kings, why didn't the Mamakthir government retain the AP fees (this is just a tax) and use it to develop safety features, and to subsidise things like airbags and maybe even the AES system. We could use it to develop more energy efficient hybrid drivetrains too.

    But no, Mamakthir wanted to give fish by the buckets to UMNOputras, and the tax revenues from APs went straight to their pockets.

    In conclusion, Mamakthir missed the chance to do something useful to the rakyat, and has to be held accountable for the sub-standard cars with little safety features that we produce today.

  57. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    So now the gomen admits that the police will set up parallel speed traps with the AES traps. One reporting to PDRM and the AES reporting to JPJ.

    What say you now to the complaints of the rakyat that AES is just a waste of money, and does nothing to reduce deaths on the road ? Or you have nothing to say ?


  58. Anonymous4:25 pm

    IT Sheiss, 5.31 pm

    Yes, the car hit the lorry's side, so it was not a head-on collision. A car with airbags most likely would have saved those poor people. A person familiar with car manufacturing says that the addition of airbags would raise car prices by about RM 12k - RM 15k. Instead, Mamakthir chose to give billions in APs to his cronies and relatives.

  59. Anonymous9:31 pm

    and again..those pro-pakatan comments as above just show us how moronic they are..

  60. Anonymous10:57 pm

    rocky, for once..I would hope the Gov of the Day just QUE SERA SERA WHATEVER WILL BE WILL BE coz the future is ours to see........... If all that the gov wants to improve iis so negative to some..

  61. Bro, I am not sure about others who against AES, for it's simple - you don't "outsourced" law enforcement to profit-oriented corporation!

    I would like to believe the government wanted to benefit rakyats with AES, but why the 2 companies? What is the real purpose of AES and how the 2 companies contribute towards that purpose?

    I live in Klang Valley and according to JPJ website there are a few AES cameras installed along the route from my house to office. Why don't I see any warning signage telling me where they are actually installed? Isn't the purpose of AES to let us more careful while driving to avoid being fined? Why be so secretive? So that they can have more unaware road users to be fined to reap maximum profit?

    Like most government projects, the intention might be good but the execution is very questionable..

  62. I am not against the idea of AES but the implementation of it..

    why should we "outsource" law enforcement to private corporations? how would that help serve the purpose of AES?

  63. alexander9:32 am

    tbh : oh dear...
    the one who is sick is YOU.

    anon 1:22PM: pasal tu tak sokong AES?

    Godfather: Lu punya otak mana tarok? Lu nak belasah Latuk Locky macam ini senang lah, Tapi gerenti lu kencing kalau depan dengan latuk rocky.

    Anonb 1:45PM : you understand or not the meaning of "out of control"?

    Lu tukar nama lah.. Godfather itu orang berani. Lu manyak pengecut. Telor pun sudah tak ada.

    anon 1:13PM : kalau kau dah bodoh..
    tak ada modal..pegi lancap lah.
    nobody said AES is a life-saving device. Asshole.

    anon 1:58PM : tak sangka ada komentor di laman ini sebodoh kamu.

    1. Anonymous7:20 pm

      Bukan gua satu orang belasah Latuk Locky. Semua orang mahu belasah UMNO. Kalau berani, implemen lah, nak tunggu ape. Tengok PRU 13 macam mana.

      Perompak negara akan habis kuasa. Kena lari ke UK, Australia, Switzerland, Canada.


  64. johan9:34 am


    nampak nya banyak budak2 Khairy belasah hang.

    atau budak2 unit media baru Pemuda Umno.

    I see...mungkin tak dapat kontrak.

    tapi..that would be imputing motive.

    budak2 ni should really really sedar sikit lah.

  65. Johan said...
    Bro, nampak nya banyak budak2 Khairy belasah hang. atau budak2 unit media baru Pemuda Umno. I see...mungkin tak dapat kontrak. tapi..that would be imputing motive.
    budak2 ni should really really sedar sikit lah.

    9:34 AM


    Bro Johan,

    Diorang ikut perintah saja bro. I know some Pemuda who are really level-headed and matured but the ones that the existing leadership seems to count on for the movement's "strategic comm" leave much to be desired.

    It's the exitsing leadership's grave, not mine.

    Thank youj