Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Diwali in Malaysia in 2012

My hope is that we will remain brothers and sisters, or bffs to borrow the lingo of the young ones, despite our diversity and differences, and in spite of the fact that there are more and more morons among our so-called leaders.

Like that assemblyman who said he wasn't going to pay for his seven tickets and urged traffic offenders of Malaysia to unite and not pay theirs. Turned out that he never got those traffic summons in the first place! I hope other assemblymen and MPs learn from his folly: just stick to the truth.

Other than hoping that these politicians will speak the truth and nothing but the truth, I also hope that some of our popular leaders and their running dogs stop blaming the past for their current mistakes (and imminent future failures). 

Take the Batu Caves condo-versial project, for example. Why blame the previous government or council (as theSun reports here) when you had all the time in the world - nearly five years since the March 2008 general elections, to be exact - to undo things, correct the so-called mistakes, effect the promised changes, and make the great difference you so casually said you would before being voted in?

To all my Dear Readers, and Malaysians wherever you are, Happy Diwali! 

p.s. I am grateful that I live in one of the few countries (11) in the world that have made the Festival of Lights a public holiday and that mine is probably the most peaceful and prosperous of them all (with the exception of Singapore, of course). But I doubt morons like our ticket assemblyman understand the significance of this ...  


  1. charleskiwi1:29 pm

    It is with regrets that it is only your hope that we remain as brothers and sisters instead of affirming that all we are brothers and sisters after so many decades of living in the same country.
    Or are you only hoping that we are ? What kind of mentality is that and is that why you are only hoping that we are brothers and sisters. Do we have to wait for another five decades before can all live in peace together ?
    Why are the Indians with even a smaller percentage of the Singapore population are so well represented in the cabinet and in the society of Singapore ? An Indian is one of the two DPMs and the Minister of Finance and when there are more Indians in Malaysia, not only the Indians are so marginalised and given a minor role in the cabinet. In a recent report an old Malaysian Indian woman passed away after waiting for more than 50 years without getting her application approved. Also why are there so often the deaths in the police custody happened to be of Indian descent ? So hoping and dreaming that we will ever be living together like brothers and sisters !

  2. Anonymous2:36 pm

    What about the developer? They have legally gotten the approval from previous government to develop the project. The developer have rights too.When they build the shoplots nobody complain for few years. Now when the election is near we have these BN goons and NGOs coming out of their nap protesting. Then they got found out that it was BN that apporved the poject.You know that shit hit the fan scenario.
    By what you write does it mean newly elected government can just ignore and cancel all agreements made by the previous government. If that is your way of thinking then we will very fast become a pariah state. Who would wanna come and invest here when we have no laws and rules to protect the investors.
    And today we have our PM promising to cancel the development if they win back Selangor.Damn thick skinned la..
    Tak malu ke..siapa yang meluluskan projek ini.Kerajaan BN la.


  3. Anonymous3:21 pm

    You are a sly Bru indeed.

    The BN Selangor government prior to 8 March 2008 approved the Batu Caves project.

    No whimper from the MIC goons after that, but when the project was about to start, the MIC and other BN goons make noise as though the present state government approved it.

    Get your facts right Rocky.

    You think can use your grandfather's money to pay compensation for something approved?

    Is that the kind of respect you have for the law and rules too?

    If thats the case NO difference between you and the guys in BN who also flout laws.

    Now Najib says the BN will scrape the project if it comes to power in Selangor.

    Hey, was it not the BN that approved it? Why now only promise this ? Janji apa ini?

    Its like saying, "I wrongly deflowered a virgin girl and if I come back to power, I will restore the girl again as a virgin'.

    Come up with more better examples -Let there be more light on this special day, so that you can see better.


  4. Anonymous3:25 pm

    That assembly probably just lucky to win in the last GE. Now trying very hard to save his backside, so anything goes, just to please his bosses.

  5. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Hellooooo.....BN approved the condo project in 2007 and now the same administration promises to cancel it IF they take over Selangor ? You mean you have been caught with your hands in the cookie jar, and now you promise to put the cookie back ?

    I really pity those Indians who can be taken in by these BN cowboys. Hee-hah !


  6. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Datuk Rocky:

    Gua dengar Najib cakap di Batu Caves tadi, dia janji nak return kedua2 submarine kpd Perancis. Dia janji kalau kembalikan submarine maka semua kes2 tentang submarine akan lupus. Itulah makna betoi "Janji ditepati".

    Salam 1Malaysia.

  7. Anonymous7:24 pm

    What brothers and sisters are you talking about? MIC brother goons ke?

    Indians are also treated like 2nd class citizens and the poor are 3rd class citizens.

    Stop hoping cos you are one ain't see the light in the darkness around yet.

  8. Anonymous8:19 am

    The Batu Caves issue is a fiasco gone awry.

    When the BN folks approved it, they saw $$$$$ in it. The PR folks also saw those $$$$$ too, but waited until they got to power to hijack those $$$$$.

    Simple as ABC but idiots still don't the drift.


  9. Anonymous8:33 am

    Dey Tambi charleskiwi,

    Don't you know that ....Singky's Foochow could share bowl of Bah Ku Teh with Singgky's Tamil...but could not share floor with Tamils at HDB Flatlets....Even House/Flat for Rent Notice mentioned Anyone But Indians (ABI)..
    so Malaysia is Tamil heaven better than Buddhist Singky Republic, Buddhist Sri Lanka, Buddhist Burma, Buddhist Thailand, Christian Fiji, Christian Oz, Kristian Kiwi, Christian Penang..

    Dollah Menguap

  10. Anonymous9:23 am

    Yo Bro,,,,

    Perayaan Ugama lain dari ISLAM di BESAR-BESARkan,,,,!!!

    Today,,TUESDAY,,petang nanti MAAL HIJRAH,,,apake JADAH,,,,NOT a single IKLAN di paper BN on this subjet,,!!!!

    BUKAN kah ISLAM,,,Agama resmi MALAYSIA,,???

    -AH JU BOR-

  11. Anonymous10:29 am

    Latuk Locky:

    BN has made an error on the Batu Caves fiasco, so why not do the honourable thing and own up ? Just say that they will support a decision to cancel the condos. Stop messing around with all the denials etc - there is documentation to prove who did what.

    You steal the rakyat's money, then promise to pay it back if the rakyat votes you in for another term ? Ingat kita orang bodoh ke ?


  12. Anonymous11:21 am

    "....when you had all the time in the world - nearly five years since the March 2008 general elections, to be exact - to undo things, correct the so-called mistakes, effect the promised changes, and make the great difference you so casually said you would before being voted in?"

    Hahaha, what perverse logic. You stole our money, and when exposed, you complain about the length of time it took for us to find out when and how you stole the money ? The statute of limitations hasn't expired yet. Some of you are going to have to answer to the rakyat. Some of you are going to jail.

  13. "Janji Lu Tolong Gua"11:34 am

    Janji BN approved tu Gua punya projek...
    Janji Gua tolong kasi cancel tu Gua punya projek!

    Janji 1Capati!!!

  14. Anonymous1:43 pm


    wat happen to your 1 race human race? kahkah kah crap.

  15. Anonymous2:12 pm


    Nak ucap Happy Diwali, ucap ajer ler. Ni kenen orang lain apahal? Telunjuk lurus kelinking berkait!

  16. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Dei Charleskiwi..

    You go and treat your fellow brother equally first before u question other people la..in this modern day you still allow caste... You marginalised the lower caste and yet you claim the government for not doing something... Pure hypocrite..

  17. Anonymous8:55 am

    I suppose being called a Moron is one better than being called a Monkey?