Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Musa Hassan's "interference'

"That was why (Anwar Ibrahim) was charged in court .. he interfered with police investigation".
- Tan Sri Musa Hassan, former Inspector-General of Police
A lot of people were taken aback by Musa Hassan's comments on "interference" in on-going police investigation, as reported by The Malaysian Insider a few hours ago [Ex-IGP says ministers meddle with investigations]. Well, they shouldn't, really. Musa had complained about "interference" in police work a week before he retired in September 2010 [IGP speaks out against third party intereference, The Star, 7/9/2010; see also KDN's prompt response Home Ministry denies Musa's "interference" claim, The Malaysian Insider, 8/9/2010]. What Musa said today isn't new but what makes it news, I suppose, is the timing: right on the eve of the annual general assembly of Umno, the country's ruling political party. Also, talk was rife about the ex-IGP being wooed by PAS, a major component of Anwar Ibrahim-led opposition pact Pakatan Rakyat. Could this be Musa's opening gambit as an Opposition politician then?

I wasn't taken aback at all by Musa's remarks; in fact, I kind of expected it. Two nights ago, Musa and I happened to be having a quiet dinner in PJ. I had asked to see him because the talk about him and Anwar "sleeping together" was too much for me to bear ... I had to ask him myself. Also, it had been quite a while. 

We talked about many things and one of them was of how politicians tried to interfere when he was the CPO of Johor and when he was the IGP, and how things may be now with the current IGP.  "They tried but they didn't get pass me," Musa said. I believe the man but others wanted Musa perceived as just another "yes" man (and corrupt, too, if RPK's stories were to be believed!). 

Take what Pakatan's Khoo Kay Peng wrote in "Too Late, Too Little" after Musa had spoken out about "interference" two years ago: 
"Musa is desperate to repair his image by pointing his finger at the Home Ministry. Predictably, he only voiced out his frustration and unhappiness after his contract was not renewed. If he gets another two years, Musa would have been more than happy to play along."
So what of Musa Hassan's latest claim, then - is he still trying to repair his image? Or is he rehearsing his lines as an election candidate for Pakatan come PRU13? 

Most of us know the man as an Allah-fearing cop. At the dinner two nights ago, I observed that Musa had not changed much since he retired from the force. Still very passionate every time he spoke of how the police can do better. He didn't seem to have aged, either: ramrod straight when he stands and never slouches when's seated. So he needs to be less harsh and a little more diplomatic, perhaps, but, hey, if he had thought he had it in him he would have accepted the Government's offer to be the country's Ambassador to Brunei two years ago, wouldn't he?

I asked him just now if he had started to be at loggerheads with certain politicians since our dinner. The way he was being quoted, people may think he was attacking the Home Minister again. No such thing, Musa assured me. A lot of politicians tried to interfere.

I had to ask him: Did Anwar Ibrahim try to interfere with police investigations back then? 

"That was why he was charged in court ...".

As for joining Pakatan Rakyat, he told me "NO" and there is no reason to doubt the man. He has never been a member of any political party and he does not wish to be. "As police officer, I can't be taking sides with any political parties." What he wishes to do is to help improve the image of the police and strengthen the force. "This nation's future depends on it."


  1. I had to ask him: Did Anwar Ibrahim tried to interfere with police investigations back then?

    He said that was why he was charged.

    Now he is accusing others of interfering, Hisham particularly, and Hisham is not being charged!

    Strange that your dinner friend is not riled about it and calling that unfair isn't it?

    Timing is also strange. Musa after Hisham, and Deepak after Najib and wife. And quite daringly too, don't you think?

    So who do you think is after the cousins? Who dares to go after the cousins like that?

    Surely both Musa and Deepak would not dare do this without some kind of encouragement isn't it?

    Get a feeling there is a puppet master? Hmm, better not say too much just in case one of the strings is attached to you as well!!

  2. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Musa Hassan's current posturing deserves nothing but derision. His lack of integrity has been well publicised by revelations during the Ramli Yusof and Rosli Dahlan trials and by Raja Petra. Am no big fan of Hishamuddin Hussein Onn but not renewing Musa's term as IGP was at least one right decision on his part. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Maybe the recent grand ceremonial send off given by the police force to Ramli Yusof was much too much for Musa to take. If the opposition parties think there is much political capital to be made from what Musa is saying now, they will be sorely mistaken. The man is perceived to be a jerk by the public. Embrace him now and you'll be seen to 'pikul a biawak', apart from displaying a complete lack of principles.

  3. Old Fart,

    Musa Hassan has been consistent when it comes to politicians trying to interfere with police investigation. (Keyword, trying).

    In Anwar's case, it was more than just "trying". He was charged for abusing power and interfering with police investigation. I may be wrong but I think he was convicted.

  4. Anonymous9:08 pm

    If Anuar becomes PM, he will probably ask the IGP to return the sentimental Omega watch which was handed over to the Police by one Azizah for safe keeping.

  5. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Damage control for UMNO. try ahrder.

  6. Anonymous10:58 pm


  7. Anonymous11:25 pm

    God fearing? I pity you rocky..dumno eunuch

  8. Wow, if you had to take all that trouble to "explian" what he said....

  9. So, justice being equal and all in semua bolihland, dare we hope that Kerismudin and "others" will be charged in court and convicted of abuse of power?

    "As police officer, I can't be taking sides with any political parties."

    Hello, have you forgotten your contract was not extended, and you are no longer a police officer? Premature onset of amnesia or senility?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  10. Something or someone must have pissed TS Musa real bad. This guy is as straight as an arrow, he is passionate about PDRM I hope his revelations this time will be seriously looked at. The integrity of PDRM is at stake here.

  11. Anonymous7:34 am

    Rocky the Doggie now Pally Pally with the Dirty Dealer and Mattress Carrier!!

    Just because he spoke to you doesn't mean he speaks the truth!!

    Maybe his conscience is getting to him!!

  12. Its called abandon the dumno ship...

  13. Anonymous10:31 am


    You no FIGHT like WINSTON CHURCHILL,,,!!!

    Pahlawan Bangsa Melayu,,mana ada erk!!!!

    Semua TIM/MENTERI dok tengok Najib merapu di PWTC,,UMM NO sidang,,,,Sidang di PARLIMEN apa jadi,,,,Baik kasi TUTUP la!!!!

    -Ah Jai Shan-

  14. good try rocky.
    You know you're not exacly bright, don't you?

    You cannot even differentiate bet what's right from what's wrong.

  15. damansaraman11:07 am

    Dear Rocky

    Musa Hassan was, and still is, one of my favorite police officer.

    For me he got class

    BUT I will be very sad if he enters politic. For me, he should remained neutral.

    Then he will be more effective.

    Just like all our Army Chiefs.

    1. Dear Damansaraman,

      We have seen judges, civil rights activists, transparency advocate, and cops joining politics after years and sometimes decades of pretend neutrality when they were in service of fighting against the very politicians they have chosen to later become. And we have lost respect for many if not all of them.

      I don't think Musa Hassan will go down that way.

  16. Anonymous11:20 am

    Musa an Allah fearing cop..Rocky you must have had one too many. That gut sleeps with the satan. His own men condemned him, the public spits on the mere mention of his name and here you go trying to white wash his devious deeds.
    May he and his henchmen burn in hell for all eternity. AMEN.

    1. Only his men who were corrupt to their core. And only a select few members of the public who were not able to have their way when the IGP was a man who could not be bought with land titles, ktv and women.

      The rest of us think an IGP should be firm, disciplined and poor like Musa Hassan.

  17. Of course he was convicted. Don't forget the judge who made relevant the proclamation of irrelevance to anything that might just be a little too relevant so that he does not have to see the whole of what might be relevant. A nice position to take without having to provide a basis.

  18. Actually in so far as that key word is concerned, how come Anwar was able to interefere whereas the others could only try? By interfere and abusng of his power it would mean, firstly he had the power. Then it should also mean that his instructions were acted upon. But by what Musa says, only the IGP can issue orders. Not any minister. Therefore, Anwar's instructions cannot be anything but just noise. Void!! Nothing!!

  19. Anonymous1:25 pm

    One peculiar habit

    the pakatan butt lovers still WANT to visit Rocky and place their inconsequential unsolicited rubbish garbage

    even though they appear to hate Rocky's guts in creative presentation of the TRUTH

    they call it spin, paid employee and other trashy comments

    and they always CLAIM to speak on behalf of the "rakyat"

    garbage as in trash, rubbish, junk, scrap, dregs, rubble, HOGWASH

    they belong to the incinerators - Malaysia will be more blessed with the extermination of such gibberish poppycock

  20. Anonymous2:14 pm

    kah..kah..kah.. Thursday Jokes from Rocky !!

    Someone say Musang "as straight as an arrow"...kah..kah..kah....

  21. LIM KIT SIAL3:49 pm

    i think those who condemned ts musa here are either stupid malays or the chinks who couldnt cari makan during ts musa time as IG. and to all stupidumbastard pakatan supporters who come here and condemn rocky, if he's so full of lies/spin whatsoever, why bother coming here? just want to try your luck to twist/cover the truth is it?

  22. Anonymous3:53 pm

    U no go to PWTC melihat SANDIWARA,,!!

    Dulu MAHATHIR menagis terkedu-kedu,,then keluar UMNO,,masuk balik UMNO,,!!

    Today,,,PRESIDEN UMNO minta maaf,,macam SANDIWARA radio,,or KEBUN PAK AWANG dulu-dulu,,!!!

    Hanya tinggal 13 Minggu before TERPAKSA call for ELECTION,,!!!


  23. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    Now Musa Hassan has said that Hishamuddin has interfered with investigations, so why was Hisham not charged ? All Hisham could explain was that the revelation was a "distraction".

    Why hasn't the AG's Chambers or the new IGP demanded action against Hisham ? There is definitely one set of laws for UMNOputras and another set for the rest of us.


  24. Anonymous5:18 pm

    What Anwar did was to ask Syed Awang,the CID chief to "GEMPAR" Umi Hafidah. Bagi orang Penang "gempar" mean joke .It different from GERTAK mean UGUT.

    Orang Penang kata hang GEMPAR dia sikit.mean valy light but Hang GERTAK dia mean UGUT dia.

    This is politik and he was jail for 6 years.

  25. Patrina5:51 pm


    I don't know who this commentator "Old Fart" is but someone did told me he's a blogger on PAKATAN RAKYAT's payroll by the name of BERNARD KHOO. Not too sure whether is this true but what I do know is that this so-called OLD FART is trying very, very, very, very, very HARD to justify his paymaster (ANWAR IBRAHIM) is somehow INNOCENT & play no part in this fiasco.

    BTW, did OLD FART justify the man in the Omega-Sex scandal is NOT his paymaster??? If yes, I believe he would surely say it's impossible for the said man to be his paymaster becos his paymaster prefer 'jantan' over 'pompuan'.

    I think I just saw OLD FART farting in his own chamber sharing it with none other than his family. How amazing!!!

  26. Jerry Chin6:03 pm

    It's very easy to understand lah....

    MUSA HASSAN is now no longer IGP. This means all his side income as the IGP are now gone. His underworld associates such as BK TAN & GOH CHENG POH also economy merosot becos their illegal activities are all now no longer protected but MUSA HASSAN still gotta eat, right??? come from where???

    Simple, simple, simple. ANWAR IBRAHIM knew this & is now offering nasi & makan to MUSA HASSAN of which the latter his desperately needing now. MUSA HASSAN now have no choice but to follow instructions from his new paymaster (Anwar). So, Anwar ask him to say this....Musa say this. Anwar ask him to say that...Musa say that.

    & now suddenly all the pro-Pakatan Rakyat bloggers are jamming up their comments here & had you ever wonder why??? Aiyah! Easy lah! Becos' these bloggers are afraid their salary would run dry if their paymaster keep paying Musa Hassan. After all, pro-PR bloggers also need to eat too, right??? Seeing others eating up your fair share is certainly NOT a pleasant sight. This is why, we see so many pro-PR bloggers coming in here to fight their stand not knowing what they commented all sounded so freaking stupid like a desperado trying to impress a toilet washing makcik.

  27. Anonymous6:46 pm

    The Puppet Master is the SodoMahathir!!

    This Sneaky Evil Old Guy Puji Najib in front of everyone whilst sodomising him using Musa and Deepak!!

    Well...What goes around comes around!!!

  28. Mustapha Ong6:25 am

    Dear Bru,

    Your story about Musa's interference when he was the IGP is rather stale as we all know that to a certain extent, there should be a "check and balance" by KDN as far as national sensitive matters are concerned.Is it wrong for the top cop in his powerful position as IGP interfered with our national security? If so I believe that Anwar is a security threat to the nation and the government until now has not stand firm in their actions against Anwar, despite all the proof and allegations about his wrong doings.

    By coincident, I happened to have met Fuad Hassan last evening and we shared our thoughts on the current political situation as well as touched on Anwar as the alternate leader if anything were to happen to Najib. Fuad is the current DG for JASA, a post that had involved in the strategic security matters and directions through their intelligence networking with the political messes and their agents. I was once the acting DG for some time when the late Ikhwan Nasir passed away in service during the time of late Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat in the mid 80s.Fuad is not an opportunist or a vindictive politician who had done well in UMNO when he was the MP/ADUN for Gombak.

    My last say in this issue is that if at all Pakatan Rakyat comes into power after PRU13, I bet you Anwar or Hadi will appoint a new IGP and also Armed Forces Chief who will follow their orders in all respect of national security and their espionage linkage to their foreign political connections.

  29. Anonymous6:58 am

    Hey Rocks, time to make your Plan B known to your readers!!!

    Where are you considering migrating to after PRU-13?

  30. Anonymous7:48 am

    Its not hard to see who is behind it all!!

    Musa used to take instructions from Mahathir even to the extend of personally carrying the stained mattress purportedly used by Anwar!

    He is still under Mahathir's Command! Now he is saying that the current IGP is wseak for not cracking down on the opposition!

  31. Anonymous8:51 am

    Musa Hassan is unbribable and respectable, period.

  32. Anonymous8:52 am

    pakatan dumbos believe anwar's lies about his death sometime back

    pathetic losers

  33. Bro, you realise that people like Patrina at 5.51 actually damage the value of your blog than contribute anything! But then again on both sides of the divide we do have senseless apes.

  34. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Ada BANGANG punya Melayu MENTERI cakap,,,FGVH(Pelda) share price drop tp Rm4.54 adalah kerana pengaroh OPPOPSITION,,!!!!

    Wow,,!!! terror lah OPPOSITION,,

    Sandiwara di PWTC,,!!!


  35. Anonymous12:21 am

    Wow now suddenly Musa Hassan's haters like Din Merican and Zorro and some guys here are so gleeful. Praising him. Same as in RPK's case.Last time prince, now pariah.
    Hello, hello. Read Musa's statement carefully. he said all politicians including oppositions are interfering in police matters.
    Can dream on he's joining Pakatan. That guy is so class conscious just like his brother the actor Jalaluddin. Syok man dapat Dato'. Also father religious man in Umno's fold. Takkan nak throw that away.

    Mrs Poofark

  36. Anonymous2:24 am

    Back from a jaunt away from humanity, far from the madding crowd, away from the rat-race, in the wide expanse of nature where communion with nature and His creatures are far more educative than any human contact would ever yield, I am sadly struck at the nature of the unchanging, the imbecility cloaking the impervious, the recalcitrance chaining the collective madness for an illusion, the delusions of desire muffling the screams of sanity......

    Yup, nothing has changed and will never change as change itself is a two faced tuppence made of the same essence. A coin landing heads or tails is still the same coin, right. And that faded insight learned many suns ago when I was a stripling was awakened by the absurdity of it all when I stumbled upon the article below during my moments of quiet contemplation (nope, I am not getting old yet at 42!). A moment of epiphany that is redolent as much of Malaysia as it is of the nature of humanity. Let me take you on a ride and see whether echoes of the extracts strike as equally sinister and discomfiting:

    1.“Mohamed Morsi’s function inside the Muslim Brotherhood was that of an enforcer. He would weed anyone out who didn’t agree with the Brotherhood’s strict doctrine or tactics,” says Eric Trager, a fellow at the Center for Near East Policy who has interviewed Morsi many times since 2010 as part of his dissertation on Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. “ He’s not and never has been a moderate.”

    Read more:

    My Observation = Remember Zaid Ibrahim or for that matter anyone questioning the Lord of the Flies for isnt dissent the bane of illusion. Enough said.

    2.In fact, one of the things most cited by Washington politicians when they speak of Morsi is his political skill, his chameleon-like ability to speak convincingly to Americans and Europeans as well as Egypt’s rightwing political parties and the street. “What’s interesting is he’s proven to be a politician who understands the different audiences that he’s speaking to which isn’t always the case for people who’ve been in the opposition for all, if not most, of their lives,” says a White House official. “He understands in Egypt there are very different audiences. There’s also an international community and a regional audience. He’s had a pretty nuanced in understanding how what he says is perceived in different places.”

    Read more:

    My Observation= Chameleon-like. Now that's pretty familiar isnt it?That artful skill of twisting the tongue to wax eloquent to serenade the hearer and dumbfound the skeptic.And, oh isnt that a familiar malady afflicting someone with an overinflated ego and overdeflated intellect in Malaysia

    3. “When I talked to Egyptians out there casting their votes, the Muslim Brotherhood promised jobs and promised to get the economy going and there’s been too little attention paid out there to getting Egypt’s economy back on track. I wish there’d been more of a laser-like focus on this.”

    Read more:

    My Observation; hmmm..interesting as since when people claiming to be Islamists have ever been laser-focused on the bread and butter of all democracies_ the economy (and by default your tummy). Ask Kelantan, Terengganu (1999-2004)on that.

    Warrior 231

  37. Anonymous2:39 am

    Part 2

    The end result is always the same for charlatans will always thrive where and when illiteracy in any form (including political) abounds. You may pat yourself as being informed, articulate ..ah so into civil discourse, ideology, civic rights.... blah blah blah..and thats where precisely the charlatans would love to have you- in ignorant bliss for you know so little of what crawls beneath that suave debonair, new age, post-modernist, post-history (to quote Fukuyama) absurdist angst rendered with elegant eloquence to beguile, to bewitch, to charm like the Sirens of yore. It is the ugly flipside of Democracy at work, a system that allow the dross and the clean to commingle, a system that tricks your mind's eye into believing the mirage beyond is an oasis of hope, a system that cannibalises morality to satiate perfidy.

    and in that system abounds the different types of leeches. You know the type that promises disillusion even as it sows illusion. You get suckered because you allow yourself to be bought over by the Lie, shortchanged by your narcissistic Self, deceived by your 'gargantuan' intellect, hoodwinked by a haughty moral compass. You pay the price for not heeding the Crier, the same price those in the townplace pay for their ignorance in Surah Yassin because they thought themselves too clever for their own good. Need I say more?

    Warrior 231

    p/s 1 :Arab Spring is for unsuspecting spring chickens ready for the pot, after all.

    p/s 2: Oh yes..I almost forgot...dont read, dont think, dont see, dont question...they are all dangerous toys that will blow apart delusions.

  38. Anonymous4:51 am

    Ada bangang punya pak turut jaki chan mali chan

    yang tk reti pasal saham tapi nak komen

    aksi terror tapi dunggu dan bebal sebenarnya

    alahai lembu pas pis pus

  39. Anonymous10:04 am

    Bro Rocky,
    Why is Pure Shiite not blogging since August? Miss is analytical minds. Is he alrite?

  40. Anonymous12:20 pm

    hishamudin kris mudin using the police coz he know the police sudah kena cucuk hidung kena buli aja .. So pakatan why u dont ambil peluang sokong demi kebajikan polis, i think they all or thiers family will sokong pakatan..tangan polis telah di ikat di belakang n mulut sufah di kunci..buat kerja tp hasil zero sebab politik atas campur tangan, ts musa ada byk lobang boleh korek info fm him..

  41. Anonymous3:35 pm

    If Musa Hassan is Unbribable and Respectable where does that Put the home Minister Hishamuddin that Musa claimed interfered!!?

    Then Hishamuddin must be Bribable and Non respectable lahhh

  42. Anonymous5:26 am

    spin spin spin spin spinning macam gasing

  43. Anonymous6:49 am

    That's why Anwar was charged, but Hishamuddin wasn't charged. One country two systems.

  44. Anonymous10:39 am

    Anwar was charged and convicted, while an offending minister was never charged. Mamakthir was the worst offender in terms of interfering with police investigations (e.g. with regard to Rafidah and Ali Abul Hasan) but he was then the king of the Malays and could do whatever he wanted.

    What say you, rocky ? Justice in Bolehland is nothing more than a mirage ?

  45. siewchin4:31 pm

    Warrior 231 is only 42??!! gosh, he writes like he was 420 and have gone through many lifes of pain, suffering and degradation thus embittering him :-D

    ahhhh he writes so cos he plays with dangerous toys LOLOLOL.....

    he is a much better read without all that cussing and swearing.

    but what do I know - i am not the sharpest tool in the shed :-D

  46. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Justice in Bolehland is gettig all cinapek sepet sengkelet back to communist tongsan to face the chinese tanks


    p.s. no one will miss them in the midst of billion others.

  47. Anonymous2:03 am

    Maybe critical thinking and analysis of issues is anathema to a large segment of the Malaysian polity especially those urban, suave, western educated liberal neophyte and sundry civil discourse wannabes because such thinking doesnt sit well with the prejudiced, jaundiced, biased and generally ill-informed worldview they reside in.

    That is why ideas from genuine statesmen go unappreciated and instead their honour and integrity dragged through the gutter just to satiate the overgrown egos of puny intellects. Tun, who says you cant have the last laugh now.:

    In some cases “temporary capital controls might prove useful,” Lagarde said in a Nov. 14 speech in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a country that implemented such measures during the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s and turned down IMF assistance. “Malaysia was ahead of the curve in this area.”

    Remember, very few believed and even fewer supported but now the majority, who laughed, must have fun tasting the shit on their lips courtesy of IMF closet gay arsewanker's squelching unwashed shit onto their faces with his every anus ripping thrust.....hahahahaahahahaahaha.

    But then again Tun, dont be surprised for such things are natural for scumdogs who will bite the hand that saved their wealth, their cushy jobs, their bourgeois lifestyles plus their sanity.

    Warrior 231

  48. Anonymous9:29 am

    Jaki Chan cakap,,,

    Kalu mau main saham,kena ikut trend Asia,,European and US market,,MALAYSIA nya fundermental and Technical analysis ta bole PAKAI,,?

    KALU dulu (80's and 90's) semasa GA Umno,,banyak counter GORENG kerana PROKY-PROKY nak pakai duit, tapi now BOLE BERANGAN je,,!!

    Tak salah berangan coz berangan FREE,,!!!

    Agak-agak harga buah kelapa sawit MELAMBUNG tinggi tak,,?!!!

    Saham FGV dah MENJUNAM 4.51,,macam AIR terjun erk,,!!!

    Ada Mat Salleh kata "What goes Up MUST come down,," and "Watch out for the CYCLE"


  49. atuk ko5:59 pm

    'Most of us know the man as an Allah-fearing cop.'
    please la, dont make a fool of yourself. kalau betui2 god fearing, takde la angkut tilam ke hulu hilir tahun '98 hari tu..
    hang pun dh ngarut banyak la.. mesti kepala penuh tahi ni..

  50. Anonymous2:32 pm

    atuk ko dah nak masuk kubur - janganlah merepek kat blog Rocky

    pegi tobat sebelum terlambat

    otak udang

  51. Rocky,

    Nice for you to quote an unknown blogger like me. But to assume that I am a Pakatan member or blogger is rather misleading. I have taken enough pain to ask anyone who wishes to quote me to credit me as an independent political analyst or blogger.

    Unlike you, I am not paid even a single cent by Pakatan and I am not a member, advisor, henchman or hired gun for any political party.

    Please get you fact right since you are a well known newspaper man and a big shot. Thanks!

    Khoo Kay Peng
    Straight Talk

  52. Anonymous11:14 am

    Nobody should be surprised with Musa's revelation of political interference. We all expect it being in Malaysia governed by that party. The mother of all interference is Anwar's prosecution (read: persecution).

    Grown up

  53. Dear Khoo Kay Peng,

    Thank you for dropping by.

    I must apologize to you for assuming that your heart was with Pakatan.

    Not many people reacted as strongly as you did when associated with Pakatan so I will surely keep that in mind when - if - I refer to your writings in future.

    In any case, the reference "Pakatan's Khoo Kay Peng" is an attempt to describe allegiance. The phrase does not in any way imply that you were a "hired gun". And I certainly made no suggestion anywhere in my posting that you were paid by Pakatan.

    Thank you.