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Umno Youth joins Pakatan Rakyat for delay in AES

A life-or-death issue - The Choice
Updated: Don't flip-flop, Sir ... - The Mole
Pro-AES protest in Penang - NST

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A good time to make demands. With GE just round the corner, anything's possible. If we haven't heard KJ speaking the Guan Eng lingo, now we are hearing it. Or perhaps in calling for the AES to be delayed, he hadn't known that all four Pakatan states had just demanded for the very same thing. See the two reports below.

The AES, a (BN) government-initiated state-of-the-art anti-traffic offender system, was proposed years ago, had obviously approved by Cabinet and had gone to Parliament for debate after debate. Why all of them are having second thoughts is not what irks me - they all sway easily; what troubles me is that these politicians had all the time in the world to make up their minds, demand and get briefings, inform their constituents, get feedback from the people, etc.

But they have all chosen to speak up now after the system is up and running and after thousands of traffic offenders have been booked. Why?

I was told that when the GE is just around the corner, the PM will be more "willing" to make all kinds of concessions. I know what Guan Eng and the Pakatan people want but I am not too sure what KJ and Umno Youth are asking ...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
  • AES
Umno Youth wants campaigns to be organised to educate the public on the necessity of the AES system
KUALA LUMPUR -- Umno Youth wants the government to defer implementation of the Automatic Enforcement System (AES). 
Its head Khairy Jamaluddin said a review of the system was necessary to rectify weaknesses in it.
"The system itself is very good but from feedback, we found that there are too many weaknesses that need to be rectified, among them, location and its practicality in certain areas. 
"It isn't that we are not in favour of the AES; in fact we fully support it as it can discipline road users. We only want to ensure that the people would not be encumbered by the weaknesses if it is implemented now," he told reporters after chairing Umno Youth's executive committee meeting at Putra World Trade Centre here today.
Khairy said the government should also organise campaigns to educate the public on the necessity of the system. - Bernama

Pakatan states to block AES cameras rollout

The Malaysian Insider's report here


  1. I think it is also a "failure to communicate." Read here

  2. Anonymous10:34 am

    Maybe they are more people against it than for it. It makes sense if people changed position. Maybe KJ and his youth wings could sense the groundswell. You can't really swim against the tide. In the end, you'll be in the wrong side of the road.

  3. Anonymous10:44 am

    Are you so ignorant, Rocky??


  4. Anonymous10:53 am

    I think this is a good sign that BN/UMNO is actually have no confidence in next election. A good sign that our pray of gov change may be granted.

  5. Bro,
    Where are the UMNO/BN strategists and think tanks this time around?
    They could have whispered to the PM and mentris many moons ago to keep AES under wrapped and only introduce it after the GE. Now PM is really in no man's land, to go head or gostan!

  6. Mazlan11:06 am

    Here we go again....
    Najib must be wondering who the hell he can trust?
    He should have sacked and replaced his cabinet and his UMNO team years ago when he had the chance....

  7. Anonymous11:46 am

    Good on You KJ

    The only one with Balls in UMNO!!!

  8. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Rocky, you know nothing other than polishing Najib balls !!

  9. Anonymous1:55 pm

    AES is noble idea. If it is were to be implemented let it not be a way of monetary punishment but a disciplinary action. For example there are several method to justify disciplinary action than monetary action. We can have a system where every third ticket you get you will be banned from driving for three month. If repeated 6 month banned. For heavy repeaters 1 year banned. This will teach the person to be disciplined and by removing him from the road system, speeders are not a threat to the users. This will teach them a lesson to obey the speed limits. If monetary the person will still be on the road and a menace to society. If implemented this way the loser is the user and no one gain from the loser behavior if implemented thru monetary punishment the loser have to pay and the the receiving party will gain (thru money) but he is still a threat to society by allowing him to drive. Is like you play sport like football the system should be like that. First foul yellow second foul red card and one game ban.

  10. Anonymous1:58 pm

    with people like ahmad maslan and rais, how do u aspect umno to think?

    anyway, pm no balls to decide.

  11. Anonymous2:26 pm

    The inconsequential and nincompoop trojan horse SILhoutte aside, there should be no backtracking from the AES.

    It is a good system and only the samsengs will be afraid of such a system for its capacity to nab them pants down in the midst of their dastardly deeds.

    and I am not meaning for traffic offences only. Who knows for buttfucking in the car too??....hahahahahahahaha

    AES- Sistem untuk Keselamatan Semua Pengguna Jalanraya. I support this wholeheartedly and may Najib have the cockmuscles to see it through..unlike the ISA, The Sedition Act etc..etc..etc

    Warrior 231

  12. Anonymous4:23 pm

    He he he kalau pak lah, ini flip flop, najib roti canang kosong. Pendek kata dua dua Perompak duit rakyat.

  13. Anonymous4:30 pm

    AES is a big politicl issue for BN and Najib.IYou ave nothing else to collected the money ftom public.What about police traffic summon.
    I think Khairy is right.He only ask fr pospoment and not scrap.
    Why get MCA involved in the project.

  14. Anonymous5:49 pm

    KJ jas different reasons than the Pakatan states.

    KJ's is political party statement.
    Pakatan's ones are government statements.

    Masih tak faham.

    Just because the view is the same does not mean the intent is the same.

    To make it simpler, here is an example:

    I don't eat chicken because of the taste

    Another does not, because he is vegetarian

    You dont lump the two as having same reasons for the decision not to eat chicken.

    (OK, now you whack lah)

  15. Anonymous6:05 pm

    KJ must have remembered his FIL gave the police the approval to issue arrest warrants to traffic offenders who ignored their summons.
    Now where are all the cabinet members, MPs and BN politicians on the AES.
    Semua tido kaa...

  16. Anonymous7:04 pm

    I told you so. This bastard corrupt SIL and his super bastard FIL should be introgetd in keep in jail long long time ago.

    Now, obviously dia dah jadi bukti duri yang selama ini menjadikan umno sakit sana sini.

  17. Anonymous8:45 pm

    For Pakatan I can think of only these reasons;

    With this sys. offenders need pay and no chance to kaw team sliding ie notes when handling they driving license. Therefore less corruption, so less opportunity for them to shout "RASUAH".

    For KJ n team, the increase of offenders by having this sys raised questions. How come before using there are less being caught, is it due to "RASUAH?".

    2 X 5

  18. KJ still did not give satisfactory response to why he personally went to Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's house, upon his release by Dollah Bodoh-wi, to hand Anwar his passport. I still want an explanation! With his action protesting in tandem with Pakatan protest over AES I am wondering if he can actually be trusted as UMNO politician?!

  19. Anonymous9:52 pm

    If the authorities is sincere in reducing accidents, abandon the AES.

    Introduce new laws such as the death penalty for those found guilty of causing deaths on the roads. Jail those for causing injuries.

    It won't cost a bomb to implement, and there will be a significant drop in road accidents. Don't believe? Just give it a try.


  20. Anonymous10:58 pm

    It's waste of money to buy Ferrari,Supercar or Impreza in Malaysia. They can't use more than 35% of their speedometer limit.

    I'ts not a proper way to monitor civilian their speed all the time.

    In politics, we have democracies system to vote.

    In driving , we have democracies to speed but without monitoring by camera 24hrs.

  21. Anonymous12:07 am

    Heard on the grapevine that during a discussion to prepare for the AES debate, someone mentioned that the acronyms stood for "Arsefuckers Eradication System"

    Almost all the PR men went ballistic including even some from PAS. And that was the beginning for vociferous campaign to rid Malaysian motorists of a road safety ensuring device.

    As for the Chingkies' opposition, tau tau ajelah...their low fertility rates kinda explains exactly into which orifice the male pigs ram their stumpy pigcocks into.....hahahahahahaha ur own conclusions folks suffice to say he will be dumped by the voters in GE 13. Yeah...he has lost a lot of votes from the pals of this writer already and more are on the way. We, Melayu Bermaruah, have had enough of suave talking empthy headed beanie headed trojan horses who dont have the cockmuscles to stand up for what is right!. Saifuddin got a pal on the dole queue already...hahahahahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  22. Khairy is only looking after number one.. himself...

  23. Anonymous12:44 am

    Simple conclusion = KJ has always been the trojan horse

    he delivered passport to peliwat tua
    he married slumberjack's daughter
    he got parachuted into power
    he is rich and unemployed
    he was praised skyhigh by tony tan
    he singlehanded destroyed UMNO's brand name that led to tsunami 2008
    he won position thru money politics

    therefore he is in cahoots with pakatan

  24. Anonymous1:18 am

    Negara akan hancur dan kucar kacir jika rakyat tidak dapat mematuhi peraturan jalanraya yang begitu mudah. Mereka yang mengecam AES adalah jenis pemandu yang suka bermaharajalela di jalanraya yang membahayakan nyawa pemandu lain dan orangramai. Mereka yang mengecam AES memakai kacamata politik! Kerajaan tidak perlu jadi populis untuk mengikut kata yang boleh menghancurkan negara.

  25. KOZEK8:26 am

    Bro, lu backing up AES ni macam ada share je dalam concession company?

    Banyak ke lu pegang stake AES ni bro?

    Your act looks like lebih sudu dr kuah compared to the politicians.

    You should be the winnable candidate that Najib looks for, should contest for Lembah Pantai, not the slow mo Nong Chick.


  26. Anonymous11:01 am

    Since traffic offenders AES is acceptable by gov, I am proposing a new AES. 400 million only (half the cost of traffic AES).

    Auto-compound every gov servant for tardiness, wasting time in the office, misused gov vehicles, absent in parliament, failed to do their job, (add more here).

    Currently public servants only given warning or keep on doing. I say let them pay.

    What say you? No? Hahaha


  27. Hello to all UMNO lovers,

    Mark my words, the UMNO president will soon do a flip flop on the AES system. He will offer a lame reason for it .

    just wondering , what will you guys say then

  28. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Thousands lost their lives in road accidents because of over speeding and beating traffic lights. There are other causes as well too. So AES was introduced to ensure that traffic offenders are duly punished. The whole idea is to reduce road accidents. There have been calls from all quarters for the Government to act. But, now there are selfish groups who because of wanting to secure votes among traffic offenders call for the ban of AES. Here, I appeal to the Government to be firmed and not to bow down. We back the Government on this.

  29. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Yes, KJ is right to say to delay in AES. He definitely has a bright future in UMNO. We will give him our support if he intends to to nominate himself for next President of UMNO.

  30. Anonymous6:21 pm

    If the government bow down to these threat, I am afraid, they just lost my votes at next GE.

    I thought Najib was better that the infamous Slumberjack and I don't mind putting up with the so-called antics of his wife, but to risk lives of million by calling of (or even postponing) AES, is already going too far.

    I will urged people around me to vote anything but BN.

    ps. The opposition is no better than BN but what the heck!!

  31. Anonymous7:27 pm

    implement it so that everybody will follow the laws. now if you go around the country almost all traffic lights are just for show.if BN don't implement it and flip flop then BN is not worth voting for.I want a government that will do good to the rakyat not to please the rakyat. please remember not all are against it.

  32. Anonymous1:15 am

    Puhleeeezzz delay and study more on AES!!!

    anyway, iam sooo impressed with anwar picture in this international blog, palestinian i think; he look soo young and hensemlah :-)

    yes brother!! salamoalaykum brother!! dasat brother nih!!

  33. Anonymous7:30 am

    KJ has more balls than Pasquale -that guy who likes to refer to our opposition leader as BABI

  34. Anonymous7:32 am

    "It's waste of money to buy Ferrari,Supercar or Impreza in Malaysia. They can't use more than 35% of their speedometer limit." Anonymous 10:58

    google up "race track".. its an odd shape design where no body gives a fuck how u wanna drive..

    -cam shial-

  35. Anonymous10:41 am

    aes darn good system... now everyone have to abide.

    cruising at speed limit in fast lane & if some fcuking vip with outriders try to force you off... just shows the middle finger & tell them to fcuk-off.

    just can't wait for them to implement it...

  36. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Rocky The donkey with his mates the Obscenely Fat Dog and the One who lOst his voice will continue to splutter Bn Propoganda on the Net...

    All for The Devil Muhyideen Versus Musa Hitam and Hishamuddin..

    Johor UMNO now split and we know who The above Obscene Trio belongs to!

  37. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Datuk, u tak tahu why Pemuda UMNO tak suka AES. Mereka bawa Cayenne dan Hummer le Datuk, mana boleh bawa pelan-pelan. Btw, how is your BMW x5?

  38. Anonymous6:04 am

    Ini saya bagi free kat PM kita.

    "I know the AES is deeply unpopular. I am also aware many are trying to bury the initiative by suggesting that something is not quite right with the terms of the tender or contractual agreements. Let me spell this out very clearly to those who question the Government's resolve on the matter. The AES is here for one and one reason only - to improve road safety for everyone's sake, be it the traffic offenders or the innocent victims of such violaters. If the Government of the day needs to consolidate its coffers by punishing errant road users, the Opposition can help to thwart our plans by asking everyone to keep to the speed limit. I consider it a win-win situation. What I cannot fathom honestly, is the obvious short-sightedness of some politicians who believe that some leeway in law and order is necessary to pander to weak-minded constituents. Our police have often been accused of taking bribes from traffic offenders. Today, the AES has clearly plugged one potential leak and loophole in the rule of law. We have over 6000 fatalities and over 16,400 injuries caused by traffic accidents in 2010, not to mention the 392,000 damages to vehicles. We have heard of young and promising lives thrown away by a moment of poor judgement on the road and the death of entire families because of a lethal combination of circumstancial and intrinsic factors. The AES is not a silver bullet that will magically make traffic accidents disappear - it has limitations, imperfections, and I will guarantee you that there will be disputes. But as your PM, and with my colleagues and the related civil authorities on the matter, I can promise you that the AES will do what it was planned to do - to check the driving speed of road users at dangerous stretches of the highway. We welcome any feedback on the AES' implementation, in particularly on the location selections and rationale, or the method of punishment and disciplinary alternatives. What I am willing to do here is the RIGHT and RESPONSIBLE decision, unpopular as it may be, because on these matters we can ill afford to play the usual game of partisan or party politics."

  39. everyone wants our roads to be safe.

    so why are you all angry with AES.

    becos some people got the contract?

    bodoh or what -- some one will get the contract.

    This AES thing was approved in 2006 under Pak Lah.

    Ini kalau Pakatan buat -- palat2 diorang will tepuk tangan. Sebab BN buat, attack attack attack.

    Ini untuk kebaikan lah.

    You dont speed, you dont pay the fine, that concessionaire don;t get their cut -- if that is what you are worried about,.

    typical opposition mentality.

    Yang si Khairy ni pun...apasal membontot Opposition?

    at the same time, saya merayu kerajaan tolong naikkan sikit speed limit di setengah2 tempat di highway dan expressway...

  40. bro,

    Rashid Yusof -- Khairy's guy is now the deputy group editor NST.

    Boleh percaya?

    NST known to reward people yang 1. tak bekerja 2. yang pandai nampak macam kerja 3. yang pandai main politik,....

    what had Rashid done to earn that post?

    now that Khairy's operative is in NST, you can be sure stories will either promtoe him or protect him.

  41. Faisal11:44 am

    budak2 Pemuda Umno ni never learn, ek.

    Betapa rakyat menyampah diorang.

    Pernah suatu ketika, seragam Pemuda cukup di benci rakyat sehingga sesetengah ahli2 Pemuda takut dan segan to be seen in a Pemuda uniform.

    Kahiry Jamaluddin was one reason the rakyat voted for the opposition nin 2008. don't anyone forget that!

    Lupa, ke abuses and excesses Khairy semasa bapak mertua dia Perdana Menteri malaysia.

    Khairy buat keputusan for almost everything and anything...

    Have we forgotten? have we forgotten how we had asked ourselves how this young punk who studied in an iconic university could get it all wrong -- returned to his country and behaved like the son of some president of a banana republic?

    he was arrogant, ok. and he knew it was WRONG to abuse his position as the son-in-law of the PM but he didnt care becaus ehe was arrogant. he was greedy.

  42. Khairy may well be convinced that yes we should delay this.
    but come on lah...people and i mean the opposition attacking the AES and you echoing them.

    As a concerned citizen -- I say...let the AES stay and catch those speedthugs on camera.

    opposition leaders and members mana respect the law. They think it is a bad law, they break it.

    laws are made in parliament. your reps part of that process to approve those bad laws.

    Apasal you assholes tak bantah masa planning stage?

  43. yahya said...

    Rashid Yusof -- Khairy's guy is now the deputy group editor NST.

    Boleh percaya?

    NST known to reward people yang 1. tak bekerja 2. yang pandai nampak macam kerja 3. yang pandai main politik,....

    what had Rashid done to earn that post?

    now that Khairy's operative is in NST, you can be sure stories will either promtoe him or protect him.

    11:40 AM


    Dear Yahaya,
    Before serving KJ, rashid worked as press secretary to Daim Zainuddin. After Pak Lah stepped down, Rashid was considered for a position at the Press office of the Deputy Prime Minister/Education Minister. This appointment was famously blocked by bloggers who were suspicious of Khairy (and by association of Rashid). This was soon after the Sleepyhead's era, understandably so.

    Rashid was accepted back into the NST during Zainul Arifin's tenure as the Group Managing Editor. Najib had just become PM and this was a period of reconciliation, or something like that.

    Before he joined Daim, Rashid was NST an NST journalist. The late Pak Samad wwas quite fond of Rashid.

    A newspaper promoting/protecting a politician is fine by me, but will Rashid do it with fear or/and favour? We will see. I think Rashid knows he's under close scrutiny from all quarters. Some people will be curious to see if he will promote/protect Daim and if he will NOT promote/protect Muhyddin.

    Time will tell.

    p.s. And there's also the fact that Rashid is just the DGE and not the Group Editor .. (yet)! Traditionally, Deputy GEs don't get to call the shots.

  44. Anonymous10:59 pm

    When the election comedy nearer all the trojan horses will drop cover and show their faces

  45. Anonymous10:26 am

    Hi There
    Happy Deepavali to you and your Hindu friends.

    Here is something for your reading pleasure, on this subject matter.

    The AES is just an excuse to make some selected people rich.

    (2) Its a lazy approach to solve traffic problems.

    (3) it’s a stupid move- when one can have full receipt of revenues, only the stupid will agree to have it divided.

    The economics of outsourcing what is basically a law enforcement agency’s primary responsibility, has enormous ramifications.

    It shows the bald stupidity of the government in not being able to appreciate the interest of the greater good.

    If the AES nets 500,000 cars a day; that would earn the AES 500,000 x RM300= RM 150,000,000. Multiply that on an average 30.4 days a month your get 4.560 billion.

    Multiply that number for 12 months, you get RM54.72 billion a year.

    Now if this is the level of revenue expected on an average of 500,000 cars netted a day, why is the government so stupid as to outsource this revenue earning resource?

    This is the result of 55 years of economic management by the UMNO/BN government.

    First they socialize the means of production, now they are socializing the results of production. Among themselves that is.

    What is your share of this RM54 odd billion?