Monday, October 29, 2012

Crooks United gets two new heroes

How a Malaysian physics grad swerves in and out of a ticket after he got caught beating the red light!

Apanama has the story in Why Malaysia needs AES.

Here's another why: An elected rep who's quick to condemn the authorities for every crime that happens is a serial traffic offender himself (and he hasn't denied it!). The PKR assemblyman from Teja refuses to pay up the fines because he said he'd be enriching some so-called cronies.

A Chinese daily says it's Teja assemblyman

PKR rep is defiant, see his tweets here

 What's the message he's sending to the people? That it is OK to beat the red? That it is OK to break the law?


  1. A physics grad? The guy shd take up Law as a second degree, crooks will pay handsomely for his services in Court.

  2. miniclubman2:16 pm

    1) he'll pay up when the magistrate issue a warrant of arrest for non appearance of a court date and by virtue of having 7 summonses the assembly is in fact enriching the cronies!

    2) the policeman in the video should have been more professional in carrying out his duties...just issue the summon and let the magistrate deal with the physicist!

  3. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Bodohlah Rocky... AES ni nak kayakan krono-kroni UMNO saje, takkan PDRM tak cukup pegawai menjalankan ops sebegini !! Selama ni siapa yg buat samam ekor ni ?? Polis jugak !!

    Esok hari UMNO akan swastakan semua tentera di negara, lepas tu Rocky akan jerit sana, jerit sini kasi sokong sama UMNO atas alasan perlunya tentera untuk keselamatan negara !!

    Rocky, your are the blardy UMNO Crook !!

    1. Anonymous12:07 am

      Argument seorang bahlul

  4. Anonymous2:23 pm

    This video could be fake. Just a video clip make for a laugh. Video starts at 9:00 but ends at 9:54. Only 3 min shown, obviously an editted video. Anyway you can't blame the rakyat as BN has a very bad reputation of using rakyat's suffering formtheir own and their cronies pocket gain. Maybe this is the result of political donation which the cronies got these lucrative contract to make money from rakyat.

  5. drMpower2:31 pm

    jesus christ what that assemblyman is on about. enriching cronies?

    he broke the law. he sped. and he got caught. AES or not, he did all the wrongs.

    so if he really not in the mood to pay up - in his own words 'enriching cronies ' - then what he got do is TO SLOW DOWN AT AES areas.

    christ. these people want to rule my beloved nation? jezzzzzz

  6. Kenny2:33 pm

    I'm no supporter of either BN nor PR. I think they both sucks (& sucks big time really) but judging from this particular issue involving this PR chap by the name of CHANG LIH KANG, all I could say is that this guy abused what god gave us him called "BRAINS"!!!. He speaks & tweets like a genuine pure DUMB F*@K of whom I feel sad for his mother whom had spent 9 months bringing this donkey to this beautiful world.

    Malaysian politicians like to politicize & oppose everything regardless it's beneficial or otherwise. They just simply can't SHUT their mouth for the simple sake of gaining publicity. As long as they could capture publicity over some issues, they would speak, tweet & blog stupidly.

    By the way, who the F*@K is this Chang Lih Kang??? I'm not sure whether did he embarrass his political party or did he embarrass his parents but what I'm very sure is that he had embarrassed all MALAYSIAN CHINESE with his comments. What a wanking arse this dude is......*sigh*

  7. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Rocky usah bising sana sini, tolong jawab siapakah dibelakang Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd and Commercial Circle Sdn Bhd.....adakah ini RM2 punya company ?? ataupon ni syarikat milik kroni-kroni UMNO ?

    Apa pasal AES ni dua company yg control ?? dan bukan PDRM ? takkan PDRM bodoh sampai tak tahu kendali system AES ??

    1. 9 companies proposed through a tender process. two of em were selected. no such fucking thing as cronyism. Suruh baca tak mahu, pura pura bijak pula tuan hamba ini.

  8. Anonymous3:33 pm

    As an assemblyman, this guy is a real ashole, whatever his feelings are as an elected representive he should respect the law, passed by parliament, and show a good example to members of the public. This is the kind of behavior that every civic minded malaysian should abhor and purged them during the next election. Every citizen of this country should bear in mind that this is the type that has no moral value and should not be given any vote. The judges should met out the maximun penalty on him, just becos knowing pretty well he has broken the law, he has shown his arrogance and disrespect for the law of this country. The judges are duty bound to ensure that the law of the country is respected by everyone especially for those who claim to be an elected representative. The judges should not let the law be trodden like rubbish and its their duty to ensure that this does not happen.In fact as far as I am concern he has no matigating factor to justify his bahavior.

  9. as a wakil rakyat, one ought to be civilized, wise, law abiding, intelligent & speaks using his/her brains to digest 1st before any word comes out from the mouth.

    the example shown by Chang Lih Kang is a total embarrassment to the country & our nation's political system. Chang Lih Kang deserve his rights to oppose but at least he should oppose it using a more sensible way.

    No wonder they said Malaysia is destined for chaos & we should thank this to such politician.

    Malaysia Boleh!!!

  10. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Is Chang Lih Kang from:

    A) D.A.P. (Dumb Ass Party)
    B) P.K.R. (Parti Kongkek Rakyat)
    C) Al Qaeda (oooppss...I mean PAS)

  11. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Thats why we call them assemblyman. They know how to assemble only..kahkahkahkah...Its always the cina who tak pandai assemble. Selalu nak potong queue. hahahahaaa...Silap sapa bagi citizenship dulu kat depa. Biggest mistake.

  12. Anonymous4:05 pm

    This is what PR people are preaching, break the law and defend their actions in their own twisted political motives. I'd love to see this brand of irresponsible politics hit them back in the face - and it will soon enough. Keep it up PR!

  13. Anonymous4:28 pm

    The law should come down hard on those who openly defy it. Regardless whatever excuses given the bloke is just simply kurang ajar and need to be taught a lesson

  14. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Anonymous 3.14 pm - how stupid can you get by claiming why the PDRM can't handle the AES. In the first place, this AES project is under MOT and not the Home Ministry. Since it is under MOT, JPJ is the dept who issue the summons. Secondly, the two company set up the AES system without the gov. paying a single cents thus the operational and maintenance cost is borned by the 2 companies. That's why they claim RM16 for each summons. So do some readings before you come out with the comments.

  15. IT.Sheiss5:02 pm

    Oppose, oppose, oppose. I get tired of that.

    If they have better ideas to solve a problem in the public's interest, why not mention it.

  16. Anonymous5:05 pm

    For all commentaters here don't politiced the issue, the issue here is to enforce tighter control of traffic offenders and to reduce the accident/death rate, for the bebefit of the people/public and other road ushers.Public is alarm at the high accident rate, and efforts to reduce that should not be politiced. One of these days yr family members can be victims also, so be more matured. AES is one of the steps to achieve this goal.

  17. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Just throw the book at him.

  18. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Malaysia rated 10th most friendliest country in the world by Forbes:

    Well Done!!

  19. Anonymous6:19 pm

    While the AES is ia public inconvenience, it is still an easy way to legally extort money.

    The slimy physics grad is a great comedian, and deserves to be given a slap on the wrist.

    But the Assembly man does not amuse at all, and is setting a very bad example for law abiding citizens. He will probably get his party to pay for his lawyer's fee too.

    In any case, the AES is a bit too much.


  20. Anonymous6:28 pm

    you have the law, act on it. if the elected rep is not going to follow the law enacted by Parliament , we should not have any MPs or state rep. let us be a lawless country and see what happens.

  21. Anonymous6:53 pm

    The peril of being Malays in their Motherland..

    1. Malay -Law illiterate but law abiding
    2. Tamil and Singh-Laws savvy but lawless recalcitrance
    2. Chinese-Law illiterate and lawless recalcitrance

    In the end it's the Malays who pay all the fines

    Salleh Telegu

  22. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Or that it is not right to farm out such process to a crony?


  23. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Anon 3.14

    Please stop embarassing Malay population with your shallow thoughts.

    Lain kali pikir dulu.

    Kau sponsor la PDRM banyakkan duit tabung nanti boleh labur projek IT juta2.

    BTW can somebody discuss about a more strategic issue for the nation rather than this AES?

  24. Anonymous8:38 pm

    You guys please don't give silly comments till you experience it yourself. You will know why many don't like AES if you take a drive to Ipoh or Penang. By nature, I am always a careful driver by following the speed signs but still got flagged down by police when reaching Tg. Malim. There were already about 20 cars by the road shoulder doing "negotiations" with the police. This policeman who came to me said the saman will be at least RM300 but I can "settle" with him by giving him a reasonable amount. No point arguing with them as you will never win. This system is designed not for safety driving but for cronies and police to make $$$. Don't believe? Take a drive down north, observe the road speeds and see for yourself before talking nonsense.

  25. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Salleh Telugu--6.53pm.
    Who says malays are law abiding ?GO ASK the pdrm who pays their fine ...Mostly chinese ,the indians like to go back door...
    Malays wait and wait for government to give discount but that even dont work...they want polis to write off and forgive them ..???
    Just check the rempits and those taxi specific..

  26. polis layan laa kaa berlakon kaa?

  27. Anonymous12:12 am

    It is perfectly alright to award such concessions to friends and relatives. What do you folks expect ? To award to enemies ?

  28. IT.Sheiss3:54 am

    "KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 29 ― All four Pakatan Rakyat (PR)-governed states have decided to suspend the federal government’s controversial Automated Enforcement System (AES) that detects speeding motorists."

    Ah. Now Pakatan state governments can say boo to federal government initiative but when people ask why they don't build low cost housing for rakyat in their states they give excuse that Pakatan is not the federal government, so they can't.

    These Pakatan fellers only good at oppose, oppose, oppose with no constructive suggestion for an alternative.

    Maybe when I go to vote, I'll write on my ballot paper "Dua pihak pun tahi." (Both parties are shit."

  29. Anonymous6:32 am

    How much fines do the Malays pay? And how much income tax do the Chinese pay?All this hue and cry over a speeding fine? What about the billions lost in mismanaged projects over the years...recoverable?Ask the cronies to repay all they have siphoned away-then I believe what you are saying.Start with the NFC and work BACKWARDS and count how many billions will never be recovered. BN-MALAYSIA MEMANG BOLEH-TIPU!

  30. Anonymous6:52 am

    born an indian half a lawyer; born a singh is 100% lawyer, hahahaha

  31. Anonymous7:34 am

    That's why the British segregated these people from the locals.

    Feel sad and really pity them,


  32. Anonymous8:45 am

    Wahhhhh!!!! This fucker got BIG BALLS ahhhh!!!!

  33. Tks D'Rocky - Both the cop and the grad/politician are a disappointment.

    At least the cop had patience!

  34. Anonymous9:34 am

    najis breaks the law, rosmah breaks the law, you break the what

  35. Just issue the summon and ask him to explain it in court.

  36. you know i hate this tired line "their cronies"..
    "why should i enrich their cronies"..

    Fuck these PKR and DAP bastards..

    cronies cronies cronies.
    do they udnerstand at all the concept of cronies?

    This Teja son of a bitch -- Anwar pun ada cronies..Abra and so on?

    Only thing Anwar's cronies plundered and fled with billions.

    Mahathir also had cronies. Some did their job some failed.

    But not all contracts are given to cronies.

    Guan Eng and Kit Siang also have cronies.

    As for AES -- so what if they are given to cronies. Someone has to do the job and get the contract..crony or not.

    This TEJA fucking wakil rakyat represents the type of people the opposition have.

    have no respect for the law.

  37. randhir10:31 am


    Shut up lah you.

    go tell your masters to get their house in roder first-lah. you even understand it? be leader, you probably will give contracts not only to your friends but to your family.

    crony doens't mean friends. still if your crony can do the job, why not?

    but your masters even "better" -- they give to their cronies, friends, wives, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters...

    so dey -- fix your house first-lah or shut up lah.

  38. Anonymous11:50 am

    He maybe right on one hand rgds to benefit cos if anyone can look closer and probe deeper who the directors of the company are ..u can link the dots to who's time the ministry was under. Tell me which project has no politician's hand directly or otherwise, are not mired in ? Both sides of the divide has not done anything to appease the normal people from thinking that they are there only to line their pockets to the hilt. But this guy is also not setting his principles in perpective so how can anyone trust him to take on bigger issues I said to choose????

  39. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Just read in the NST today(pg8)these MPs are paid RM15,000 a month...damn good pay just for main wayang and being parasites

  40. Anonymous3:26 pm

    It is not right to stereotype certain race by behaviour of some but these two typified the vast number of them.

    The malays (muslim), don't despair. They will get the all the world but none hereafter.

    So let us be law abiding, because that's why our religion thought us.

  41. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Bangang CHANG LIH KANG ni.

  42. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Shudder to imagine the quality of leaders they have in Pakatan. No wonder the crime rates in Selangor is getting out of hand!

    So a leader gets away with paying his fines, what more those under him?

    Well, how to blame him, deeply implanted in his DNA ..his roots and culture I suppose...wonder as to the reasons why his ancestors migrated and left their country of origin in the first place?

    Bak Kut Teh

  43. Hi Rocky

    Any comments regarding the Batu Caves condominium issue? Is Khalid putting a spin on this or is Kohilan telling the truth? Can we have some balanced reporting?


  44. This is the worse kind of citizen Malaysia ever have. Apparently this is what he got from university. Does his former university proud of him ?

  45. Rocky loves to confuse voters to BN advantage.
    His kopochi has no limits.
    "Malaysian People Vs Mahathir Mohamad"...saying Mamak is the king of all crooks....headline at Malaysiakini blog....attracting 100s of comments.
    Why don't Rocky talk about Angels and Devils...instead of be8ing a kopichi...a one sided busybody.
    Why don't Rocky give us a post...
    "Why Najib is holding back 13th GE??"

  46. Anonymous8:56 am

    yes to AES.. why should we pay policemen to sit under a bridge taking pictures? come is available.use them.
    wonder whats the hype about it.

    If this guy dont wanna pay..just blacklist his license or roadtax..whats the problem..

    --cam shial--

  47. Dear Monsterball,

    I actually thought of you when I wrote the posting about "... Crooks United .." Hehe

  48. Dear cam sial,

    Crooks won't mind a bit if ALL cops are permanently assigned to jaga trafik

  49. Anonymous9:23 am

    Standard kaum hindraf.. Bayekkk punya pusing.. Hahahaha

    Bloody dumb fuck police, just issue the fucking ticket and let the hindraf pariah deal with the Magistrate's in court.

  50. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Many of the PKR reps now are the unexpected beneficiaries of the rakyat backlash against the sleeping PM in the last election. (The classic example is the correct-correct goon at Kelana Jaya) .Just like BN some years ago, where "kuda kayu" also can be elected under BN ticket.

    That say so much about their capabilities. We will see just how may will survive the coming GE.

    As for the physic grad, it say so much about the quality of out local graduates, where much of the learning are about using whatever tactics for survival in our system and not for doing good to oneself, family and society.

    I bet he was very proud of himself. Now that he is famous, he will probably try to sell his mother if he is caught again.

  51. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Charge the policeman. First for not issuing summon to the offender, but most of all for BEING STUPID.

    If the offender is a labourer on a kapcai, sure tak kasi can. Bila kena kelentong denganh hindraf, kecut teloq.

  52. Anonymous4:49 pm

    aiyoyo...last time, when the police officer duduk sembunyi2 tangkap had laju smp kena saman..bising..cakap not fair.

    skrg dah terang2 kamera aes kat situ..dah bagitahu pun the exact place of that camera...suruh polis pulak?

    dey..pencacai PR..shame on you all.

  53. The guy wasn't smart, the COP was an IMBECILE! That would never happen in the US. He would have been cited and asked to save his smart ass mouth for the court.

    The policeman was an idiot. He asked for the license and ID, the guy complied, a ticket should have been issued instead of venturing into a debate knowing full well that he was only trained to escort VVIPs with sirens and guide the traffic instead of talk!

  54. AES project kroni Chan Kong choy11:11 pm

    Read Wee Choo Keong.

    The AES system has been discontinued in the US.

    Found not effective. Waste of police time.


    And no reduction in accident!!!

    Ada faham?

    Crony project Chan Kong choy yang tipu kabinet...hehehe

    satu tipuan.. company dipilih pada 2005. Mcm mana tu.. mcam Blueprint Education.. crony project lagi.

  55. Anonymous11:24 am

    There was this guy who said that that the AES is there to be abuse by the Police to extort money, and he challange us to drive north to Ipoh or Penang where u c cars line up at police blocks "negotiating". Now if u are caught in the trap, don't abet the Police by paying up. Just asked the police to issue u the summons and either u pay up at the traffic Police HQ, or defend your case in court. If you pay bribe to avoid the summons u are actually commiting an offence of bribery and abeting a corruption by a policeman, for which u can be charged. So in your case, u can assist to prevent corruption and uphold your right by going to the court of law, that would be the right thing. When there is no givers there if no corruption, so what are u so afraid of, unless its benifit u by paying up.So corruption in not because of the AES system, but condone by people who pays up, and yet make complains.

  56. Mustapha Ong8:27 pm

    Just to clarify a point or two as follows:

    - the PDRM or DBKL enforcement officers do not have the authority to issue summons for traffic offenses on their own. They issue summons on behalf of JPJ under the MOT acts;

    - not all cameras installed belong to the two companies and these two AES companies had be designated in certain areas only. I therefore confirmed the the camera located at Tanjung Malim is under PDRM as they too have hundreds of all kinds of cameras installed everywhere but not under AES and neither high tech cameras approved by MOT and most of it are outdated and lacks maintenance.

    Blaming the wrong party may end you up in court! Right you want to defy the law and protest by not owing up or pay the fine, just wait for the court order and let the magistrate decides. In conclusion the Crony ADUNS who had refused to pay the fine will have to face court action....stupid Assemblyman who had brought shame to his own party. I

    I wish to challenge Lim Guan Eng, whether he will pay the fine if he is caught speeding or other traffic offenses while on the Federal or State roads! LGE is a law student and let us see whether as CMP and MP, he will defy the law and challenge the court order.

  57. Mustapha Ong11:12 pm

    I am amused by the above comment that had carried the news that Wee Choo Keong stated that USA discontinued the AES system. I lived in the US in Virgina near WDC for a number of years recently and I couldn't believe that AES was scrapped due to them. reasons stated by this particular MP. I had seeked clarification from the US Embassy and was told the news was incorrect.

    So MP Wee had bullshited us again! Let's play to the the parliamentary tune of Wee, the most outstanding microphone news caster and assumed that AES was indeed scrapped for whatever reasons thinkable. If it was true, then I wish to congratulate the Obama administration for having successfully educated the road users the safety aspect while driving on the roads and supper HWays. Firstly, the civic awareness on the prevention of road accidents had been successfully created. Secondly, the police could no longer be responsible on the traffic preventive AES as the system was successful and no more corrupted police on the roads, as more road users and motorists had improved their awareness in ,order to avoid accidents and save lives. Congratulations to Obama but I believe the spokesman of the US Embassy rather than listening to the trash expressed by Wee Choo Keong!m