Saturday, October 06, 2012

The various faiths have mutual respect for one another, Guan Eng admits

I find Malaysiakini's heading for the article Speak out against injustices, Christians urged misleading, to choose the kindest word. It seems to suggest injustices committed against the Church in this country, which the two paragraphs above totally contradict. In fact, YAB Lim Guan Eng clearly admits that he had not met with problems with any religious body in Penang since he took over. Of course, the "mutual respect" Guan Eng refers to could not have happened overnight as a result of the outcome of the March 2008 general elections. How can, right? It must have been there before Guan Eng became Chief Minister of Penang. A long, long time before that.

The fact is, the foundation for religious (and racial) harmony in Malaysia (not just Penang) had been laid down by our forefathers in the true spirit of oneness; that it remains solid despite the various attempts to shake it is a credit to our past and present leaders, and it shows that we the status quo, the multi-religious society that respect one another, are not swayed by those who want to see us divided ...

With regards to speaking out against injustices, we should all speak out against injustices, not jsut our Christian friends. In fact, Christians in Malaysia should speak out against injustices committed by fellow Christians against other people of other faiths in other countries. Just as Malay-Muslims must not remain quiet against injustices against other religions, even when they are committed by fellow Muslims.

In any case, I'm sure Malaysiakini was expecting its provocative and misleading piece to provoke a reaction. And of course it gets some ...
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  1. Anonymous9:34 pm

    nothing wrong with the christians, unless those christians are malaysian chinese just convert to christians. these people is just "bananas". yellow outside, thinking like those stupid white guys inside. often when the bananas becomes the opposition, they think they are god and righteous person. holier than thou.
    i hate those bananas.

  2. IT.Sheiss11:27 pm


    Christians have faced difficulties with the authorities regarding places to build churches. For example the Roman Catholics took about 20 years to get permission to build the Church of the Divine Mercy in Shah Alam and when they got it, it was on an industrial lot in the Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park.

    Then there is the issue of Christian use of the word Allah for God in Malaysia. This is not a problem in Indonesia or the Middle East.

    However, I do agree that there is a certain degree of politicisation of the issue by politicians, especially now.

  3. Anonymous11:47 pm

    This is what they do best
    using the victimisation theme yo won public support

    but when they are on the throne, they victimise others

    see how they behave in the low cost land for sale issue. NO S&P to be signed hence no terms of reference for the deal but asking for 100% payment first.

  4. Anonymous9:48 am

    So Latuk Rocky, clearly you are in the wrong because now from all religious point you are starting a fight with Malaysiakini.

  5. Anonymous10:01 am


    Tak Payah Nak Mainkan Title untuk naikkan Sentiment....

    Ini Tanda Journo Tak Laku Cuma Layak jual toilet Paper dan bukan Newspaper!!!


  6. Anonymous10:16 am

    Start with the home, then the neighbourhood and the country. Don't ask us to criticize others in far away lands when we can't get justice in our own.
    Don't be distracted by the local abusers.

  7. Anonymous12:42 pm

    What muslims faced in other countries far even worst than malaysian christians.... even australia the chinese being discriminated

    JUST SHUT UP!!!!!!

  8. Datuk.

    I would like to comment It Sheiss"s comment:

    Yes. Christians hv rights for place of worship. But what is the limit?

    Example; My neighbourhood there is only 1 mosque. But at least there are 7 different churches.

    How could the authorities allow so many churches for so many different sects of Christianity?

    Is there any co-ordination?

    Islam is the religion of the Federation. To build a mosque, the community needs the Jabatan Ugama approval, even when the mosque is build without Govt funding (in our case, our local mosque is money from community). List of mosque management must be submitted too. So is the weekly congregation sermon text.

    That is not withstanding the list of preachers who are allowed to give teaching time in the mosque. They must get JAIS approval first or risk be charged in syariah court for teaching without qualification.

    Now, which body is doing all these for the churches? Do the preachers in the churches submit the qualification, for approval before they can teach or preach?

    There must be some degree of control for the administration of Christianity. Christians can't simply open churches in corner houses, bungalows, shops or godowns, register thru cos (in the pretext of 'seminary' or 'Bible study research group' etc) and bring in who ever they want, from where ever to do all Christianity preaching all they like, without any co-ordination, monitoring or control.

    Imagine, for only 9% of Malaysians, how many churches exist in this country?

    That is most probably why churches are being abused for political purposes.

    On the issue of 'Kalimah Allah', why do something that definitely will invite negative reactions from the majority, regardless what is acceptable or not elsewhere. It is totally not necessary and completely avoidable.

  9. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Malaysian Christians with their antics. Sigh~

  10. Jasper Bloodstone4:43 pm

    Anon 12:42 PM

    First off, your command of English leaves much to be desired.

    That may be excusable, given the parlous state of the Malaysian public education system, and when even some of our better-known Ministers are linguistically and grammatically challenged in their facility in English.

    Be that as it may, I would question your assertion "What Muslims faced in other countries far even worst than malaysian Christians (sic)..."

    I don't see a wholesale exodus of these beleaguered and discriminated-against Muslims from these "other countries".

    The reality is that they are queuing up to get into these "other countries" - Afghans and Iranians to Australia, Muslims from the Maghreb region into southern Europe, and Muslims from most anywhere into Canada and the US.

    It's funny how reality can shine a cold, unforgiving light on florid claims of discrimination!

    And ain't that peachy?

  11. Anonymous6:31 pm

    You know something anon 9.34pm, bananas are heathy food. Besides, they are useful tools for pseudo-Malays like Azizah and Nurul Izzah to stuff up their cunts during their Chingkie cockhungry moments. Alternatively, Anwar , Hadi Azmin, Nik Aziz et al can use them to ram their buttholes with as substitutes for Guan Eng's pig cock or Kit's shriveled stick during their arseholes' dick starved nights, hahahahahahaha.......ROFL

    But ur wrong on one thing though, all Christians, especially the evagelicos generally hate Muslims. Check this out:

    Little surprise as to where the Chingkie evangelicals who people the DA Pigs take their cue from. And Hadi, Anwar, Nik Aziz et al will be allowed to survive and continue their arsing and cocksuckling antics because these murtads renounced Islam when they sold kalimah Allah on the altar of political expediency.

    Muslims here in Malaysia and elsewhere who are reading this: beware!

    Warrior 231

  12. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Anonymous 12.42pm
    You are so wrong.
    No races in Australia are being discriminated.
    No religions in Australia are being discriminated.
    In fact, Muslims are happiest when they come to Australia. So are all other religious zealots, so long as they abide by our laws.
    In fact, your PM and his wife make countless trips here whenever the heat gets to them in Malaysia.

  13. Anonymous7:04 pm

    When DAP in power in Penang,Guan Eng had given Majelis Ugama Islam PP,sixty million(60) ringgit to spent on Muslim in Peneng.Under BN and UMNO was Deputy CM,They give nly fifteen million rgt every year to spent.

    Who ia batter.

  14. Anonymous7:04 pm

    When DAP in power in Penang,Guan Eng had given Majelis Ugama Islam PP,sixty million(60) ringgit to spent on Muslim in Peneng.Under BN and UMNO was Deputy CM,They give nly fifteen million rgt every year to spent.

    Who ia batter.

  15. Jasper Bloodstone7:54 pm

    Anon 9:34 PM

    That's a remarkably crass statement.

    I would argue that there are fanatics and zealots in every religion.

    And some of these people are willing to commit murder and mayhem in the name of their religion. Examples abound in the recent past and in the pages of history.

    Hillary Clinton spoke about "freedom of expression" being more important than "freedom of religion". Maybe she was on to something there.

  16. Anonymous11:55 pm

    You selected paras to suit your convenience.

    Why not comment on :
    This division is created by BN to garner votes. Umno would frighten the Muslims about a Christian state and MCA would scare the non-Muslims about an Islamic state,” Lim (left) said.

    “No wonder you never see them on the same platform talking about the same thing,” he added.


  17. Anonymous2:46 am

    anon 9.34

    go fuck urself !!! what fucking religion u subsribe to... take ur fucking religion & shove it into ur mother ass...

  18. Anonymous2:52 am


    u want to run down penang ???

    dont play puck!!!

    my advice ... bertaubat... pls go earn a decent living...

  19. Anonymous9:02 am

    Why don't ask Harussani and Ibrahim Ali?

    Are thay angels, ah?